Sunday, 14 December 2014

Serge Leroy takes the second WASPA tournament in Puylaurens

A nice selfie
11 players attended the WASPA tournament held in Puylaurens (Toulouse area in the South of France) on friday. Among the players, Samuel Houplin was a newcomer who recently bought a Subbuteo set and was keen to meet experienced players. Players were dropped in two groups and games were played in two halves of 10 minutes. In group A, Jean-François Balard was surprisingly beaten by Alexandre Marc and drew with Mathieu Gironis and therefore he couldn't qualify for the semis. In group B, Roger Trouillard won all his games while Alex Durand also managed to qualify. In the semis, Serge Leroy let no chance to Alex Durand and won 4-1. In the other semi, Roger Trouillard was the clear favorite against Alexandre Marc. The game finally ended on 0-0 with a sudden death in the shootout and Alexandre surprisingly won.
The final: Serge Leroy vs Alexandre Marc
In the final, Serge and Alexandre met for the second time of the evening. Serge took an early lead and finally won 4-1, offering his first WASPA title. It was a nice evening and the next appointment is already in the agenda as there will be a third WASPA tournament in Puylaurens on January 16th. Some older players who don't want to play in official events will take place. As a conclusion, WASPA events are very positive for isolated clubs like CFT Puylaurens. Well done to all.
Presentation of the trophies

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