Thursday, 18 December 2014

Interview of Gianpaolo Vitulano

Today's interview is all about Pianpaolo Vitulano. the Kent Invicta player started playing in his youth in Italy but came back last year in England. Gianpaolo has already won a few tournaments in the WASPA circuit and hopes to become a strong player in the FISTF circuit as well soon!

Gianpaolo (right) with English star player Chris Thomas during the FISTF European Cup in Frameries, Belgium
When did you first start to play Subbuteo and what was the first team you got bought? 
GV: I first started when I was 8/9 years old in Castellammare di stabia, Italy. First team bought was PARMA (my favourite team) Hasbro LW.

How many years have you been playing and what are the main titles you have achieved in any level?
GV: I won some in club tournaments but nothing international. I guess the best win was the XMAS cup. I played until I was 15/16 and then left it for various reasons (school, work, etc.) just got back into the game last year

What is the best thing about this game and why would you recommend it to someone? 
GV: Great way to increase your skills and abilities like: strategy, physical emotions, etc.  but the real best thing is that the game in itself is fantastic and fun! I would recommend it because why would you waste time on a videogame if you can be the part of the real game by playing subbuteo!!!!

Your most memorable moments from this game happy or even sad? 
GV: The most memorable happy moment was realising that we were 100 kids playing in the club in Italy.. all my age... so many friends after starting playing subbuteo... at the age of 10 I organised the first tournament (we can say WASPA) at my home where 23 people show up ahaha it was awesome! The only sad moment was last year when during a tournament, just back in the game, i got nervous and instead to have fun I was complaining on my bad playing... there was no arguing with anybody but I did not enjoy the game and I felt sad when I got back home. So from that time onward I promised to myself to never get nervous anymore whatever happens.

Who was your strongest opponent and who is your favorite player and why?
GV: Strongest I have ever met is Flores. He won 9-1 at the Naples IO in the turn before the quarters of final. I like a lot the way he was playing fast.
However my favorite player is Nastasi of Eagles Napoli. The way he plays is so clean and precise that you really enjoy the game by watching him

Is it a sport or a game ? what is your opinion about this question that many people ask?
GV: I believe it is a sport. A sport and a game also. This is a sport because it requires discipline and training, for both physical and psychological attitude.

What improvements would you like to see in the future and what would you suggest to improve things?
GV: Well definitely a little more clarification from the FISFT on the smashing rule and on the spare goalkeeper use. For example when the smashing rule is actually intentionally and when not and about the goalkeeper would be nice to know what to do when flicking the ball out of my shooting area, if it touches my player, can I reuse the goalkeeper where it is? Or do I have to continue with my team players? Also if I am attacking and almost at the shooting time runs out... can I still complete my action  and shoot?

What would you recommend to someone who starts the game now? What are the secrets for top performance?
GV: Basic practice it is essential to start in the right way. First off read the rules correctly and fully.. then start to practice the basic of flicking, controlling, defending, and shooting...then after masterised that move forward to strategies.. use two teams and try to attach and defend and see from both sides the best options you with chess.

What are your feelings about how FISTF and WASPA are working and doing something for the game nowadays?
GV: I think they are doing a great job!

What would the WASPA rankings? Do they mean something for you?
GV: since I discovered WASPA yes. I am starting from WASPA in aiming to win as many tournament as I can. from that I will move to FISFT.

Gianpaolo's passport
Name: Gianpaolo Vitulano
Age: 29
Nation: Italian
Club: Kent Invicta Club
Type of figures/bases used: Bertu Barcelona on Extreme Work Universal
Job: Business Analyst
Hobbies: Painting subbuteo figures, playing chess and risk, collector of unusual things.

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