Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Christmas time in Western Belgium

Players at the Tournai tournament

Top 3 of the Tournai tournament

The end of the year is comping quickly and the clubs of Western Belgium had two great tournaments to celebrate the end of the 2022. The Tournai tournament was played on December 9 with 8 players competing in Swiss system. Geoffrey marain was the undisputed winner after he won his four games. The fight for the second place was very close. A shootout was organize to decide who would be runner-up and Vincent Copppenolle defeated Benjamin Marain.

The final between Geoffrey Marain and Pierre De Leeuw

On December 17, a good field of 17 players attended the Templeuve Christmas tournament. Players were divided in 3 groups and then all players had knock-out games to decide places 1 to 17. Pierre De Leeuw (Bormla) was the clear winner, defeating Geoffrey Marain (3-1) in the final while semi-finalists were David Wouters and Vincent Coppenolle.

More importantly all players had a minimum of six games and all matches were played in a fair spirit so everyone was happy.

Magic Team Tournai end of the year tournament:

1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
3. Benjamin Marain (AS Hennuyer)
4. Michaël Dupret (MT Tournai)
5. Stéphane Lambert (OSC Yokohama)
6. Sébastien Sorge (Templeuve)
7. Jocelyn Celton (Templeuve)
8. Loris Celton (Templeuve)

Templeuve United Christmas tournament:

1. Pierre De Leeuw (Bormla SC)
2. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
3. David Wouters (SC Flanders)
4. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
5. Geert Leys (SC Flanders)
6. Michaël Dupret (MT Tournai)
7. Matthias Averlant (AS Hennuyer)
8. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux)
9. Jean-Pierre Genart (SC Temploux)
10. Steven Delfosse (Templeuve)
11. Jos Ceulemans (SC Flanders)
12. Sébastien Sorge (Templeuve)
13. Richard Boulanger (USC Huy)
14. Benjamin Marain (AS Hennuyer)
15. Didier Moons (Templeuve)
16. David Boulanger (USC Huy)
17. Jean-Luc Platiaux (Templeuve)

Monday, 19 December 2022

Bernard Lim wins on the day but Anas Rahamat emerged overall champ!

The November session of the 2022 TFAS SG League took place at the Singapore Sports Hub Library.  A total of 5 players gathered for the final League session of the year for a full round-robin format with each player getting 4 games.  While Bernard Lim won on the day with a perfect record of 4 wins; in the grander scheme of things, it was Anas Rahamant who emerged as the overall 2022 TFAS League Champion over the 9 sessions throughout the year!!

Congratulations Anas!

Sunday, 18 December 2022

Vicenç Prats wins again in Barcelona

The big final

The consolation final

The second tournament of the "Circuit Català" took place this week-end in Barcelona. 20 players were competing and they were divided in five groups of 4 players in the first round.

The final was no surprise with the top seeded players meeting to decide the winner. Vicenç Prats defeated Ferran Coll in the final (2-1) while semi-finalists were Ricard Carles Prat and José Luis Márquez.

Guillem Balaguer defeated Toni Hernández in the consolation final.

Congratulations to Ricard Carles Prat and his clubmates for organizing another good tournament under WASPA banner and for helping to put Spain on the map of the WASPA circuit!

Merry Christmas to all our Spanish friends!

Friday, 16 December 2022

Edin Mulasmajic wins the Stjepan Filipović Cup

Back-to-back titles in Hannover for Edin who already secured the Drugova Cup in September.

Not an easy task! Because this time the German record  female champion Victoria Büsing from TVG Kaiserau was among the 9 participants of the Stjepan Filipović Cup.

After 9 long rounds, Edin confidently reached the final - without losing a single game. He scored a total of 19 goals and only conceded 2 goals. Great performance. 

It was a hard fight over who would play against Edin in the finals. Carsten Bock from SC Berlin, the Hanoverian Fred Elesbao and German female champion Vicky Büsing all had good chances. In the end, the experience paid off for Vicky. She won against Carsten 2:0, beat Fred 1:0 and secured her place in the final.

The final turned into a great Subbuteo lesson for the public that stayed until the end. Edin and Vicky showed great quality in an open game with many goals. Victory for Edin in a 4:2 score.

Congratulations Edin! And many thanks to Vicky and the other players for their visit to Hanover! We hope you'll come back soon!

Results after Qualification Rounds:
1. Edin Mulasmajic (USC Wuppertal) - 24 points
2. Victoria Büsing (Germania Kaiserau) - 21 points
3. Fred Elesbao (SG '94 Hannover)   - 18 points
4. Carsten Bock (SC Berlin)  - 15 points
5. Leon Schneider (SC Berlin) - 12 points
6. Luc Kaouane (SG '94 Hannover)- 7 points
7. Noah Wulff (SG '94 Hannover)   - 4 point
8. Fisnik Sopa (SG '94 Hannover)  - 3 point
9. Linus von Schultzendorff (SG '94 Hannover) - 1 point

Final : Edin Mulasmajic vs.  Victoria Büsing  (4:2)

Wednesday, 7 December 2022

A very international tournament in Karlsruhe

Last week-end 12 players from five different countries met at the Serbian Cultural Center in Karlsruhe, Germany. More than the competition itself, it was amazing to see guests from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Serbia meeting around the green pitches. It was nice to see two French players of the new "Alsace Subbuteo Club" taking part.

"It was an outstanding friendly tournament under WASPA banner, it was nice to see old but also some new friends, and that is the most beautiful thing, the connection with people from Germany and other countries. This is the Power of Subbuteo, to connect all people from around the World, in our case Europe", commented organizer Milan Knezevic who insisted on the friendly side of the tournament. "We played and have fun the whole day and after tournament we went to dinner all together. Thanks to Serbian Cultural Center we could organize this event and this is not the last one, we have the Green Light to organize it again."

As for the results, there were two groups of 6 and then players competed in knock-out games. The final standings were as follows:

1. Pedro P. (Italy)
2. Janus Gersie (Germany)
3. Milan Knezevic (Serbia)
4. Eric Lienhardt (France)
5. Pana Krommydas (Germany)
6. Lorenzo Lo Preti (France)
7. Peter Erb (Switzerland)
8. Maurizio Zironi (Italy)
9. Martin Wiesmann (Switzerland)
10. Pierre Troestler (France)
11. Matthias Stechern (Germany)
12. Frederic Staine (France)

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Kenny Beggs Wins Wexford Open

A fantastic Saturday of action in Wexford as Kenny Beggs pipped Mark Farrell to jump to the top of the Irish Subbuteo Championship. Mick O’Brien’s 3rd place propels him up 7 places to 9th but it looks like a straight shootout for the championship between Mark and Kenny at the final round to be hosted by Derry City Table Football Club on January 14.

Kenny Beggs (right) taking the honors

Ten players attended the Wexford Open. Northern Ireland's Kenny Beggs topped the table, 2 points clear of Dublin's Mark Farrell. Mick O'Brien also had a very good day finishing 3rd on goal-difference above John Moore. Great to have Gerry Harrington travelling from England again and David Elton from Tralee. Junior player, Daniel Kalezewski continued to improve against the more senior opposition, picking up 6 points and Tommy Fitzpatrick took part in his first tournament. Thanks to John Moore, Mark Farrell, Nicky Moore and Andy Fitzpatrick for organising in the Community Hall in Monamolin.

Another good club night in Tralee

After the excitement of the Irish Open it was back to the bread and butter of club Subbuteo in Tralee. On Monday evening (November 28) we finally hit 4 players at one meet with a big welcome back to the game to Greg Molone. We had 2 tables in at our venue The Klub Bar, Strand Rd Tralee. The results were as follows:
Dave v Greg 2-0 and 2-0
William v Cian 0-0 and 1-0
William v Dave 1-2 and 0-0
Cian v Greg 0-0 and 0-0
Dave v Cian 1-0 and 0-0
William v Greg 0-1 and 2-0

1. Dave Elton 14 pts
2. William Magnier 8 pts
3. Greg Molone 5 pts
4. Cian Hogan 4 pts


TFAI website:
Tralee and Munster SC:

Monday, 5 December 2022

The WASPA rankings of November are out!

Dear all, you will find in the attached files the updated rankings and results of the WASPA circuit.

Excel file (rankings)
PDF file (results)

Germany's Sven Schilling visiting Cape Town players

We had another amazing month with 41 tournaments played under WASPA banner. The amazing fact is that 20 events took place in England but other nations have been involved with great events.

If you see some missing results, don't hesitate to contact me. The best way to send results is to send an e-mail to

Don't hesitate to run tournaments under the WASPA banner. It's a great way to promote your club, to attract new players and to create local or regional development and we all agree this is what the game needs nowadays.

Dutch players visiting SC Flanders players in Belgium

All your ideas to make the WASPA circuit more attractive are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your feedback. We also hope to see more and more clubs running events under the WASPA banner in the future.

We also take to opportunity to thank our partners:

- SubKits at

- Flicks for Kicks at


Singapore players having a pizza break

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at

We also have a WASPA page here:

Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for new partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each  other), don't hesitate to contact me at or

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Vincent Coppenolle, WASPA organizer

Monday, 28 November 2022

Vittorio de Pascale winner in Osmate

Last week six players met in Osmate (Italy), in the Varese area, to play a tournament with the old rules. The IV Osmate Cup (Endurance Challenge) was a good day of Subbuteo table football with players competing in home and away games. Vittorio de Pascale was the big winner of the day while Claudio Colpani was runner-up!

Thanks to the players for running another good event under WASPA banner!

Final standings:

1. Vittorio de Pascale (Ligures Genova)
2. Claudio Colpani (Papata Group Ponticino)
3. Enrico Frisone (Ligures Genova)
4. Giancarlo Riva (Ligures Genova)
5. Mirko Balio (Macerata Subbuteo Club)
6. Luigi Bauleo (Ligures Genova)

Cape Town: German visitor at the November tournament

Cape Town City Subbuteo Club were very pleased to be able once again to welcome Subbuteo Sankt Pauli player Sven Schilling. A highlight of the afternoon was the tight tussle to separate him and Cape Town player Neil Hampton - they drew 0-0 in the first round, drew 0-0 again in the 3rd and 4th place play-off, 0-0 still after extra time, 1-1 after 5 penalties each, before Sven finally snatched it on the 8th penalty!

A high enjoyable afternoon as always, and a special thanks to Mike for the awesome Biltong… :)

(Report by Clinton Gahwiler)

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Patrick de Jong winner in Antwerp!

Top 3 of the night

Belgians and Dutchmen sharing a good moment

This month's WASPA tournament in Antwerp was a special one with four Dutch players visiting the Belgian club. A total of 9 players competed in Swiss system and after the four session,s the big winner was Patrick de Jong who was the only player to win four times. Marco de Bruin was runner-up while Jos Ceulemans took the third place. A good time was had by all and more importantly players from Belgium and the Netherlands spent some good time together.

Final standings:

1. Patrick de Jong (Valletta Lions TFC)
2. Marco de Bruin (Dutch Legends)
3. Jos Ceulemans (SC Flanders)
4. David Wouters (SC Flanders)
5. Johan Lourdon (SC Flanders)
6. Stéphane Lambert (OSC Yokohama)
7. Geert Leys (SC Flanders)
8. Rinaldo van Dijk (SC Flanders)
9. Xavier Aret (Dutch Legends)

Monday, 21 November 2022

Rudy Hesty wins at Vikfield

The October session of the 2022 TFAS Singapore League had to be postponed to November 13 due to the Omicron wave taking out majority of the players in October. A total of 8 players gathered at VikField - Home of Vikas - for a 2 groups of 4 round-robin format. The top 2 players of each group qualify for the Cup event while the bottom 2 play in the Plates. In the midst of all the pizzas, chips, fun & laughter, Rudy Hesty took home the crown by beating Kok Wee Tan 3-0 in the Cup Final while host Vikas took home the Plates title. Congrats Rudy! And many thanks to our gracious host Vikas!

Friday, 18 November 2022

England: summary of WASPA events held in October 2022

England has become the power of the WASPA circuit. Many events have been held in October and it's almost impossible to publish separate stories for all tournaments. Here is a summary of results we collected during the month.

Tournaments with FISTF Rules

Morecambe Bay (October 2)

1. Brian Daley (London Road)
2. Shaun Dunne (Manchester)
3. Dan Nicholls (Wales/London Road)
4. Luca Lanzani (Morecambe Bay)
5. Lucasz Whittle (London Road)
6. Rob Wilkinson (Morecambe Bay)
7. Keith Carman (Morecambe Bay)

Chasers Open (October 2)

Alberto Borsani - Kevin Cordell 1-0
Simon Goodman - Martin Bellefontaine 0-1
Rudi Peterschinigg - Victor Jones 3-0
Brian Butterworth - Elliot Bellefontaine 1-2

Alberto Borsani - Martin Bellefontaine 0*-0
Rudi Peterschinigg - Elliot Bellefontaine 1-2

Alberto Borsani - Elliot Bellefontaine (not played)

Rochford and Southend (October 4)

1. Stewart Grant (Rochford)
2. Kevin Dyson (TSPA)
3. Joe Playle (Rochford)
4. Mark West (Chasers)
5. Graham Boyd (Rochford)
6. Neil Sparks (Rochford)
7. Ian Horncastle (Rochford)
8. Gary Gladwell (Chasers)
9. Adam Jackson (Chasers)
10. David Horncastle (Rochford)
11. Dan Brown (Rochford)
12. Eddy Wilding (Rochford)
13. Jack Baxter (Rochford)
14. Lee Walker (Rochford)
15. Mark Francis (Rochford)

Pedmore (October 6)

1. Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)
2. Rob Paterson (TSPA)
3. Graham Harwood (Leicester)
4. Richard Roper (Wolverhampton)
5. Simon Bodily (Pedmore TFC)

Surrey (October 10)

1. Alan Lee (Woobly Hobby SC)
2. Lee Fenton (Surrey)
3. Tony Banks (London SC)
4. Simon Goodman (Surrey)
5. Mark Hammersley (Surrey)
6. Chris Philips (Surrey)

Haverhill (October 12)

1. Martin Bellefontaine (Wales/Cardiff)
2. Valter Baroncini (Haverhill)
3. Marco Barqueiro (Haverhill)
4. Mike Williams (Haverhill)
5. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)
6. Peter Holmes (Haverhill)
7. Gerry Harrington (Ireland/Haverhill)

Yorkshire Phoenix/Dewsbury Moor TFC

Another cracking night at Dewsbury Moor Sports Club - some close games and a close table in the end. Five round Swiss was the order of the night.
It went down to the final round of games where Martin Blanchard edged out Craig Heward 2-0 to take the nights spoils. 

1. Martin Blanchard (London Road)
2. Dan Nicholls (Wales/London Road)
3. David Russell (the Glide, Slide...)
4. Andy Boyer (TSPA)
5. Craig Heward (Yorkshire)
6. Paul Lawrenson (Yorkshire)
7. Russ Harker (Yorkshire)
8. Kevin Adderley (Yorkshire)
9. Darren Brook (Yorkshire)

Badmore (October 14)

1. Richard Badger (Wolverhampton)
2. Mick Hammonds (Wolverhampton)
3. Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)
4. Gage Badger (Wolverhampton)

North East Midlands (October 18)

1. Dave Collett (North East Midlands)
2. Colin Fletcher (Yorkshire)
3. Andrew Forster-Fake (Chesterfield)

Solent (October 20) - Final club league

1. Jason Christopher (Solent)
2. Paul Pearson (Solent)
3. Malcolm Jamieson (Solent)
4. Corey Martin (Solent)
5. Paul Izard (Solent)
6. Steve Smith (Solent)
7. Nigel Morgan (Solent)
8. Dave Hunter (Solent)
9. Tony Martin (Solent)
10. Roger Duckworth (Solent)
11. Kyle Jamieson (Solent)
12. Tim Hill (Solent)

Worthing (October 20)

1. Shaun Allison (Worthing)
2. Nigel Pestelle (Worthing)
3. Steve Taylor (Worthing)
4. Ian Maskell (Worthing)
5. Joe Currey (Worthing)
6. Chris Stapleton (Worthing)

Badmore/Wolverhampton (October 21)

1. Mick Hammonds (Wolverhampton)
2. Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)
3. Richard Badger (Wolverhampton)

Wolverhampton (October 23)

Another fabulous afternoon's play at Wolves TFC! 16 players took part in the Wolves October WASPA event. 

The final was a superb battle between Wolves club mates Mick Hammonds and Chris Bedford. The game switched from end to end in an enthralling 3 all draw. Extra time couldn't separate them either and so it was decided on shots and Mick took the title. In a very strong plate event, Dan Nicholls beat Rob Paterson by 2-0 to take the trophy.  

Well done to everyone that attended and played the afternoon. Thanks also to The Claregate Pub for hosting and their hospitality.

Aaron Skinner - Cayne Matthews 1-1*
Chris Bedford - Steve Wannacot 7-0
Mick Hammonds - Justin Scott 3-1
Tom Heslop - Ruby Matthews 1-4

Cayne Matthews - Chris Bedford 1-2
Mick Hammonds - Ruby Matthews 3-0

Chris Bedford - Mick Hammonds 3-3*

Plate Semi-finals:

Graham Harwood - Dan Nicholls 1-4
Nick Pearson - Rob Paterson 0-1

Plate Final:
Dan Nicholls - Rob Paterson 2-0

Dagenham (October 26)

1. Stephen Moreton (Rochford)
2. Gary Gladwell (Chasers)
3. Adam Jackson (Chasers)
4. Jonathan Beales (Chasers)
5. Mark Francis (Rochford)
6. Samantha Levy (Chasers)

Leicester (October 26)

1. David Rogers (Leicester)
2. Graham Harwood (Leicester)
3. Trevor Arthur (Leicester)
4. Sean Wenlock (Leicester)
5. Alex Ashcroft (Leicester)
6. Paul Taylor (Leicester)
7. Mark Weaver (Leicester)
8. Matt Baum (Leicester)
9. Scott Hunt (Leicester)
10. Kevin Coleman (Leicester)

North East Midlands (October 26)

1. Dave Collett (North East Midlands)
2. Brian Kinrade (Isle of Man/Moralzarzal Subbuteo CAD)
3. Andy Henly (Leicester)

Chesterfield (October 30)

Brett Price - David Rogers 1-0
Graham Harwood - Sam Curtis 0-1
Jeremy Boothman - Trevor Arthur 2-1
Paul Lawrenson - Andrew Forster-Fake 4-0

Brett Price - Jeremy Boothman 0-3
Sam Curtis - Paul Lawrenson 0*-0

Jeremy Boothman - Paul Lawrenson 0-3

Plate Semi-finals:
Simon Bodily - Richard Roper 0-2
Colin Fletcher - Luca Lanzani 3-1

Plate Final:
Richard Roper - Colin Fletcher 0-3

Tournament with Old rules

Surrey (October 10)

1. Simon Goodman (Surrey)
2. Tony Banks (London SC)
3. Gianluca Zucchelli (London SC)
4. Lee Fenton (Surrey)
5. Laurent Zecchino (London SC)
6. Chris Philips (Surrey)

Tournament with Advanced rules

Andover (October 10)

A big thank you to all the players that took part in the first The Rowland Lyons Memorial Trophy. It was a fun night playing 1968 advanced rules Subbuteo using Rowlands own HW teams. 

Two groups of 4 competed with the group winners playing the final and the group runners up for 3/4th places. The 4 other players then played off for the Andover Subbuteo Club monthly trophy which Steve Smith won.

A big thanks must also go to Paul Jeans at the Masonic Hall and for presenting the awards and donating the hall for free plus the bottles of drink to the winner and runner up.

Rowland would have been proud.

Nigel Morgan (Solent) - Jason Christopher (Solent) 1-2

Plate event:
1. Steve Smith (Solent)
2. Kyle Jamieson (Solent)
3. Shaun Ellis (Andover)
4. Jon Willing (Andover)

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Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Fabrizio Coco wins Birthday tournament

The Northern Falcons celebrated their 4th birthday at Willoughby Park Bowling Club with a tournament featuring players from all four Sydney clubs: Northern Falcons (Steve & Louis Dettre, Eliot Kennedy, Adrian and Katelyn Grunbach, Neil and Jonty Brener); Sydney TFC (Fabrizio Coco, John Palamara); Western Sydney Subbuteo (Franck Cozzarin); Hipfingerz (Geoff Sirmai). In additon we had special guest Martin Kennedy visiting.

Fabrizio claimed the event with a 2-1 win over Eliot in the final, after some close and entertaining games.

It was great to see John Palamara back in action, and to see Katelyn continuing her Subbuteo journey.

Franck scored two wins, but Adrian got the points to qualify for the semis.

Steve avenged his loss to Louis last month with a narrow 1-0 win, with Louis hampered by the eternal Subbuteo injury: a broken nail.

Geoff was looking in fine form, with a brilliant display of keeping but conceded a dramatic last minute goal to Steve to drop out of semi contention.

In the semis, Fabrizio outgunned Adrian 1-0, while Eliot took the other match on shots 3-1.

In the final, Fab scored first, then made it 2-0 before Eliot staged a late fightback for a 2-1 result.

Thanks to all members who came, and we look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the Christmas Cup & Party (December 15).

Sunday, 13 November 2022

Matthias Averlant claims first WASPA title

On Friday the Templeuve United club had a good turnout of 16 players from 7 different clubs for the "Remembrance Day" tournament. Players were put in 4 groups and then knock-out games decided positions 1 to 16. There were many close games and several matches ended in sudden death or shootout. in the semi, Matthias Averlant (AS Hennuyer) had to wait the shootout to beat Jean-Pierre Genart (SC Temploux). Averlant defeated Frank Lannoy (Temploux) 3-1 in the final to claim his very first title.

It was a well-deserved win for Matthias who had been runner-up in WASPA tournaments 28 times but never won a final (!!!)

Michaël Dupret (MT Tournai) was the other semi-finalist.

Loris Celton won the Junior final against Lucas Rivière. Hopefully more juniors will join the club in the near future.