The popular tournament systems

In this page, you will find shorts stories about some of the popular Subbuteo tournament systems used in the WASPA circuit. Every "system" is presented by a famous player.

The 5 players league (by Luca Rajna)

"Well, what could I say? The five players formula is now well-established: that's amazing! It is perfectly suited for small tournaments during the evening when players are already a consolidated group of friends and they want also to spend some time together tasting beers, cheese and other specialties.
Being five (but probably in the future we will add a pitch to play in six) still allows to well communicate all together: the group is "compact", excluding any loss of communication due to multiple separate groups.
The "vintage" formula allows us to maintain contact with the historical past of our game, discussing about the table soccer history, checking materials and their evolution. This is also a mission of our forum:
For this reason, the choice of using "vintage" rules (usually WASPA-ETF) is well motivated by the fact that we still are part of a larger group with a regular weekly meeting at the Table Soccer Location in Cologno Monzese (close to Milan ), playing with modern materials.
It is not excluded that in further small tournaments will also use the historical Subbuteo rules to get closer to the resurgent World Retro League circuit or experience the formula "by speciality" ("monomaterial") recently invented by my actual team, the TSC BlackRose for their internal tournaments."

Coming soon: the Swiss sytem

(Last updated on March 13, 2014)

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