Saturday 29 June 2019

Another win for Rudy Hesty

There was a Melbourne TFC presence this week in Singapore. Jurong Central SC organised the Arjuna Hanafi Visit WASPA Challenge which was taken by the recently crowned Asian Champion Encik Rudy not before being pushed real hard to the end by Nic who just returned and did very well in Spain playing in a FISTF European Circuit going on beyond the group stages!

"Thanks people for hosting and the schooling! You guys were awesome as usual! Had loads of fun", reported Arjuna after the event.

(Round 1)
Rudy 3 - 1 Ashley
Nic 4 - 0 Arjuna
Enzo 1 - 2 Vikas
Rizal T bye.

(Round 2)
Nic 2 - 1 Vikas
Rudy 3 - 0 Rizal T
Arjuna 0 - 0 Enzo
Ashley bye
(Round 3)

Nic 1 - 1 Ashley
Rudy 3 - 0 Enzo
Vikas 4 - 2 Rizal T
Arjuna bye

(Last Round)
Rudy 0 - 0 Nic
Vikas 1 - 0 Ashley
Arjuna 1 - 2 Rizal T
Enzo bye

Final Placing. 
1st - Rudy 10 pts
2nd - Vikas 9 pts
3rd - Nic 8 pts
4th - Rizal T 6 pts
5th - Ashley 4 pts
joined 6th - Enzo & Arjuna 4pts

Thursday 27 June 2019

Torben Pfister winner in Singapore

TFAS Asian Cup 2019 Plates WASPA
The Table Football Association of Singapore organized one of its biggest tournaments in the recent Asian Cup 2019, where players from Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia come together to compete in this prestigious tournament.

After the group stages of the Individual Open category, the players who got knocked out were eligible to play in the Plates WASPA. 16 players took part in this WASPA, and a series of knockout rounds followed.

The Plates Final was an all Australian match, with FISTF President Steve Dettre against a young talent, Torben Pfister. It was a tight final which ended 1-1. Torben managed to keep his cool and won the shootout afterwards. Congratulations Torben!

Results are as follows:

Last 16:
Naoto Tanaka 0-5 Kenzo Koi
Paul Mercer 3-1 Nigel Foo
Mohd Rizal Taib 3-1 Isaac Lim
Chris Thorn 0-3 Steve Dettre
Hideaki Wada 2-1 Kousuke Mukai
Tan Yi De 1-0 Vincenzo Coco
Torben Pfister 3-0 Irwan Iskandar
Takafumi Kido 3-1 Hugh Best

Kenzo Koi 0-1 Paul Mercer
Mohd Rizal Taib 1-1 Steve Dettre (Shootout: 1-2)
Hideaki Wada 2-1 Tan Yi De
Torben Pfister 2-1 Takafumi Kido

Paul Mercer 1-2 Steve Dettre
Hideaki Wada 0-2 Torben Pfister

Steve Dettre 1-1 Torben Pfister (Shootout: 0-2)

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Brian Daley winner in Wales

The London Road Subbuteo Club tournament was held this Sunday at the Parrot, Drury (Wales).

It was a double round robin with five players involved. After home and away sessions, Brian Daley was the winner with 24 points while Cayne Matthews was runner-up. Dave Merrilees-Kelly was third, Ruby Mattews fourth and Lucasza Whittle fifth.

A good day was had by all.

Monday 24 June 2019

Carlos Flores wins WASPA tournament in Alicante

I Demo Fun Subbuteo Tournament & VIII MontGoal Subbuteo Tournament, 21-22-06.2019 Ondara, Alicante, Spain

The two events organized last weekend by Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club have been an organizational success, registering a good number of visitors. Thanks to the support of the Portal de la Marina Shopping Center, the environment has been outstanding.

A lot of interest from children and adults, who have been able to discover Table Soccer for the first time with the help of great players. It has been proven that playing in public places represents a great opportunity to promote our game in the most effective and direct way.

The competition for beginners Demo Fun has been won by Fernando Gonzalez, while the pro event, the VIII MontGoal Subbuteo Tournament has registered the triumph of multi world champion Carlos Flores after an exciting final against Alberto Mateos.

Brilliant third has been Julio Candelas who has won the consolation final against David Somoza. It has been surely two days of great fun for all.

(Report by Marina Citerior SC)

Marcos Kapsabelis wins Asian Cup tournament

Finalists Nikos and Marcos

16 players competed in the recent Flaming Flickers WASPA version of the "ASIAN CUP 2019". The tournament took place on June 1 in Kallithea, Athens.

There were many great games and the final winner was Marcos Kapsabelis (and his team of Uzbekistan) after a close final against Nikos Liakopoulos (Japan).

Congratulations to the winner Marcos for one more title and to all the participants for the great games!

Saturday 22 June 2019

The "Bonanza" in Bonaero Park

Saturday 15 June 2019, Kempton Park, South Africa : 
Firstly, a big Thank You to Gary Downs and his wife Carol-Lynne Downs for hosting this event, and the serving of a fantastic lunch on the day!
Pretoria Flickers Club returned to Bonaero Park - the home of the 2018 PFC League 1 Cup defending champion Gary Downs.
What then unfolded on the day has been dubbed as the "Bonanza in Bonaero Park", as we were treated to great companionship, fun & thrills as only the sport of
Subbuteo can produce.
Round 1 action saw the 2018 defending champion Gary Downs hold his own in an entertaining 0-0 draw against the much fancied Jayden vd Merwe. After being
frustrated by Conway Julie in previous events this year, it was Bevin Reed who eventually recorded a 1-0 victory over Conway. Elsewhere, Kegan vd Merwe and
Julian vd Merwe played out a thrilling 0-0 draw.
By the end of Round 3, the standings already took on a familiar look - with Bevin topping the standings, Jayden in 2nd whilst Conway and Kegan were scrapping it out
for 3rd spot. Round 4 then produced the match of the day as Bevin raced to a 2-0 lead over Jayden, but even Bevin stated that the "job was not done yet" as Jayden
stepped up his game to pull one goal back, but eventually ran out of time as Jayden suffered his only loss of the day by 2-1 over Bevin.
In the return fixture (Round 8) between Bevin & Jayden, it was Jayden who dominated the match - but Bevin defended well as that match ended 0-0.
In Round 10, Gary needed a draw to clinch 4th place overall, but Bevin triumphed by 1-0 over Gary with Bevin just confirming his dominance on the day!
Conway clinched 3rd place overall on the day - with three consecutive draws against Gary, Kegan and Julian in Rounds 8,9 and 10 respectively. It is also worth mentioning
that Conway only suffered two 1-0 losses all day - those losses coming against the top two players of the day - Bevin & Jayden respectively.
The number 13 will have new meaning for Bevin Reed after this event - as this triumph marks Bevin's 13th WASPA title, and interestingly enough this was Bevin's first
triumph in 13 months - as he last captured the 2018 PFC Challenge Cup in May of 2018 !
Joke of the day : the organiser (Julian) made the trip all the way to Bonaero Park, and forgot the PFC League 1 trophy all the way back in Pretoria. Gary's wife quickly improvised
and purchased a small momento to ensure the day's winner did not leave "empty handed". Then the race back to Pretoria to present the League 1 trophy to Bevin, as the photo
portrays a different (more familiar) background. I promise that the trophy will now be the first item to be packed when we make another trip like this (chuckle)!!!

Individual acknowledgements on the day :
"Goal Blitz" : Bevin Reed ended the day as the top scorer
"Player of the Day" : Conway Julie for a well deserved 3rd place finish

As always, a big thank you to all who attended to make the day a great success. The next event - the PFC Gold Cup, played under an "international theme".

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

Wednesday 19 June 2019

News from Belgium: the first outdoor tournament

Tournaments have recently been held in Hofstade, Templeuve and Vresse.

A great turnout of 12 players
The SC Flanders club had a great turnout of 12 players for their last tournament of the season with visitors from Templeuve United but also a special guest from Romania. David Wouters was on fire in the first three sessions, being the only player to win his three games but in the last sessions, Wouters was defeated by Vincent Coppenolle who managed to win the tournament with 10 points. There were many close games and some surprises but all games were played in a fair spirit.

Final table:
1. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
2. David Wouters (SC Flanders)
3. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
4. Geert Leys (SC Flanders)
5. Bart Van de Vliet (SC Flanders)
6. Jos Ceulemans (SC Flanders)
7. Johan Lourdon (SC Flanders)
8. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux)
9. Cezar Stoilescu (Bucuresti)
10. Willy De Bandt (SC Flanders)
11. Jordan Bonte (Templeuve)
12. Danny De Greef (SC Flanders)

Players at the Warcoing Ducks tournament
Three days later, as the stay of Cezar Stoilescu in Belgium allowed him to play some more games, a last minute tournament was organized by the Warcoing Ducks. This time there was no surprise with geoffrey Marain winning all his games to claim another trophy while Michaël Dupret was a well-deserved runner-up.

Final table:
1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Michaël Dupret (MT Tournai)
3. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
4. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
5. Eric Caillaux (Templeuve)
6. Benjamin Marain (Warcoing Ducks)
7. Jordan Bonte (Templeuve)
8. Cezar Stoilescu (Bucuresti)
9. Sébastien Sorge (Templeuve)

Finally, this Sunday, the club of SC Semois had a very first outdoor tournament in the center of Vresse. The main goal was to show the game to potential new players and the 8 competitors played in a very fair spirit. After the seven session, Michaël Roberty (JSC Rochefort) was a proud winner, celebrating his come-back to the game while Michaël Hallin was runner-up. A good day was had by all and hopefully the host club will get some new players in the future.

Final table:
1. Michaël Roberty (JSC Rochefort)
2. Michaël Hallin (SC Temploux)
3. Jean Grosdent (Wamme SC)
4. Richard Boulanger (Wamme SC)
5. Raphaël Maillard (JSC Rochefort)
6. Pascal Droeven (Semois)
7. Marc De Vos (Semois)
8. Tom Léonard (Semois)

Three in a row for Simon Stewart

A small turnout for Derry City TFC's final WASPA tournament of this season. An extra time golden goal, over Martinog Bradley, saw Simon Stewart win his third WASPA tournament in a row. Small numbers didn’t lead to small fun though, with a great deal of craic had on a very friendly night. DCTFC return to action in August!

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Andrea Lessona wins Summer tournament

Andrea Lessona won the Open category
In the welcoming venue of the Borgo Vercelli's Parish Oratory, on Sunday 16 June, the "1st Summer Tournament" of Subbuteo was held. The event was organized by the local club TSC 69ERS under WASPA banner. Despite the period of the end of the season, there was an excellent turnout of public and players divided into two categories. In the adults, Andrea Lessona won in the final 7-0 against the surprise of the tournament, Riccardo Bruno. In third place, Cristiano Gallo who got the better during extra time on the excellent Ferdinando Marino (2-1). Fifth place went to Andrea Gernnari, a bit subdued about his potential and the placement of previous events. Sixth, Emanuele Gianesini that improves so compared to the last tournament. Seventh the very good Gabriele Montaldi at his absolute debut.

Junior champion Alessandro Cirio
In the Children category, which has always been the most followed and appreciated, Alessandro Cirio beat Edoardo Montaldi 2-1: thus resuming the scepter of "Number 1" after losing to the placed shots, just with Edoardo, the V Province of Vercelli March tournament last. In third place, Marco Vaccarella: at his debut, he beat Mattia Gasparini 1-0, still in the placed shots. In 5th place Edoardo Beccati and in the 6th place Matteo Comello, retired for a family commitment.

Thanks to Agricola Perazzo and Bresciani SRL, Balzaretti Agri-Business SRL, Generali Insurance, Enterprise Video and Patrucco Bakery and Food and the international sponsor Tchaaaa Table Soccer Equipment, all participants received an award from the hands of Carlo Rigolone, who officiated the awards.

Ranking Adults:
1. Lessona Andrea
2. Bruno Riccardo
3. Gallo Cristiano
4. Marino Ferdinando
5. Gennari Andrea
6. Gianesini Emanuele
7. Montaldi Gabriele

Ranking Juniors:
1. Cirio Alessandro
2. Montaldi Edoardo
3. Vaccarella Marco
4. Gasparini Mattia
5. Beccati Edoardo
6. Comello Matteo

(Report translated from the Italian courtesy of TSC 69ers)

Thursday 13 June 2019

First trophy for Dana Stitt

Sporting Club 18 hosted another monthly WASPA in County Down Sunday 9th June. Club newbies Claire and Dana continued their rapid improvement with some good performances including Dana’s 2-1 win over last weeks club-meet winner Lochlin Bradley.

After the six-game round robin league,  WASPA #30 Simon and Dana were tied on points and goals after their 0-0 draw. Only a shoot-out could separate the pair with Dana pulling off four great saves to take her first WASPA title 2-0 on shots.

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Promotion for forthcoming events in June 2019

A quick look at the promotion of forthcoming events with the great job of some of our active clubs.

In Italy, the "69ers" will hold a tournament in Borgo Vercelli and they proudly told the local newspaper the tournament is played under WASPA banner, which is a great form of respect.

In South Africa the Pretoria Flickers have revealed the poster of their next tournament.

In Derry (Northern Ireland), the next DCTFC tournament will be held next Monday.

Finally, the amazing job done by our Spanish friends of Marina Citerior SC who have had support of local sponsors and will hold a special tournament on June 21&22. Rumors said Carlos Flores Lopez will be taking part, which is fantastic for WASPA. there will be a prize money and all details are available from

Thanks once again to all organizers for the efforts to promote the game!

Western Flickers Waspa #35 – The Jules Cup

Luke Radziminski won the tournament
Players gathered from around Melbourne for the inaugural Jules Cup with all 3 Victorian clubs represented. Pre tournament favourite Luke Radziminski strode in with his Arsenal 2nd kit team confident of victory in yet another WASPA favourite. Hoping to knock him off his Highbury strut were Paul Mercer and Kevin Grant from Northern Phoenix, Juliette Browne and Steve Wright from host club Western Flickers and junior Flickers Billy and Charlotte Wright.

By fluke of the draw, the title deciding game took place in Round 1 of the round-robin FAST 20 competition with Luke drawn to play Paul. In a close fought battle, Luke came out on top 2-1.

His next five games saw him dominate beating Charlotte 1-0, Kevin 2-1, Steve 1-0, Juliette 3-1 and Billy 4-2 to take an unassailable lead before his last round bye.

Despite his round 1 loss, Paul bounced back quickly beating Kevin 3-0, Steve 3-0, Billy 1-0, Charlotte 3-0 and Juliette 4-0. He ended the tournament in 2nd place with 15 points but perhaps most impressively only conceded 2 goals, both to Luke, and scored 15 to be the tournaments highest scorer and least concede.

The remaining spots were extremely closely fought. Steve started brightly defeating Charlotte 1-0 and Juliette 3-0. Two losses to Luke and Paul dented his charge and his inability to score grew to haunt him.

Billy started well with a 0-0 draw with Kevin and a controversial 1-0 win over Juliette, followed by a loss to Paul. His goalkeeping was exceptional throughout the tournament.

Kevin started with the draw with Billy and back to back losses to Paul and Luke left him struggling with 1 point. Charlotte suffered consecutive 1-0 losses to her dad and Luke before securing her first point in a 0-0 with Juliette. Before her draw with Charlotte, Juliette suffered a 3-0 loss to Steve and a 1-0 loss to Billy. All to play for in the last three rounds.

Round 5 saw Kevin defeat Charlotte 2-1 where all 3 goals were scored in the last 3 minutes of play with Kevin coming back from 1-0 down to score the winner in the last 30 seconds. Juliette took a goal off Luke but succumbed 3-1 and Steve inexplicably picked up the ball in the penalty area to hand Billy a penalty, who then held on with some majestic goalkeeping for the rest of the game.

Billy on 7 points, Steve on 6, Kevin on 4, Charlotte and Juliette on 1. Round 6, Steve with the bye saw Juliette take a point with a 0-0 draw with Kevin, Billy lose to Luke 4-2 and Charlotte lose to Paul 3-0. Kevin had moved to 5 and Juliette 2.

Round 7 saw the Wright Siblings battle with Luke as referee to split the warring clans. Juliette succumbed 4-0 to Paul and with Steve and Kevin unable to break the deadlock, it was left to Billy to take a possible 3rd spot if he could get a draw. However, he was left disappointed as his sister took a 2-0 lead and despite pulling a goal back, he could not get the draw he wanted.

The Junior WASPA took place featuring the Wright siblings (Charlotte and Billy) and the Browne brothers (Liam and Sean).

Another closely contested tournament ensued. Billy quickly got revenge for being left disappointed in the Open event by beating his sister 1-0. Liam eventually overcame a stubborn and rapidly improving Sean 1-0. Charlotte and Liam played out an entertaining contest, end to end table football finally resulting in a Charlotte equaliser in the last minute of play for a 1-1 draw. Billy again scored twice to defeat Sean although it was a much tighter contest than the scoreline suggests.

So Billy needed a draw to take the title, Liam needed a win and Charlotte and Sean were playing for bragging rights only. Congratulations to Sean who scored the goal of the day against Charlotte, but sadly couldn’t maintain that and went down 2-1. Billy took an early lead against Liam and despite Liam attacking well throughout, Billy’s goalkeeping exploits continued as they had done for the remainder of the day and he held on for a 1-0 win.

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Big success for the Dutch championship

Ladies in action
After a few years of low activity, the Netherlands had a great national cup this week-end in Ijsselmuiden where 20 players from all over the country competed in a fair and positive spirit. Besides the open category, there were junior and ladies events. In the ladies, Mirjam de Jong finished on top of a group of three after home and away fixtures. Patrick's daughter could proudly celebrate her victory after being undefeated in four games. In the juniors, there were also three players taking part. Martijn de Jong won the cup after finishing on top of the home and away fixtures with more goals scores than Fedde Aret while both players had three wins in four games.

The Open category was very interesting with some players doing a come-back after a long break but in the end, there was a classic final between Maikel de Haas and Patrick de Jong with Maikel, currently player of SC Charleroi, winning the game 2-0. Fabrizio Cavazza won the game for the third place against Nico Marks.

Congratulations to the winners but also to the organizers for managing to offer superb prizes for the champions.

Monday 10 June 2019

Alekos Apatzis wins Gagarin Cup

A few weeks ago the Flaming Flickers in Greece organized the third edition of the Gagarin Cup in memory of Zaharias Pitihoutis.

The tournament was played with old subbuteo teams and old rules.

Players followed the  teams of the 1963 greek championship and the winner this year was "PAOK" (Alekos Apatzis).

The team defeated "Aigaleo" (Vangelis Scotiniotis) in the final.

Congratulations to the winner and to all the participants for another great tournament with the old rules.

Sunday 9 June 2019

Tokai Garage Classic in Cape Town

Sunday, 9th June 2019
Cape Town City Subbuteo club recently went ‘retro’ by taking the game back to its roots - into the garage! The Tokai Garage Classic was a relaxed, fun event, which climaxed however into a tense penalty shoot-out between Wayne and Clinton.

We were very pleased to add a new junior to our team in Jeremiah Sanya, who impressed with his determination, focus and enjoyment of the game. It very much looked like we can look forward to his on-going participation. Quite possibly, Jeremiah is also the first Ugandan player to take part in a WASPA event. A note of thanks also to his father Tom who helped with the organisation.

Regular Mike impressed with some fine performances which saw him topping the table at one point. We also welcomed Lyle to his first WASPA tournament (having played a few times at work before), and it was great to have David back for his second event, who looks very much like he’ll also be a regular moving forward! Last and certainly not least, it was really great to have Wayne back and playing again. It’s just not the same without his energy in the room. Er, … garage.

Results were as follows:
Jeremiah v Wayne 0-1
Lyle v Mike 0-3
David v Clinton 0-1
Wayne v Clinton 0-1
Mike v David 0-0
Jeremiah v Lyle 0-3
Lyle v Wayne 0-1
David v Jeremiah 2-0
Clinton v Mike 0-1
Mike v Wayne 0-3
Jeremiah v Clinton 0-3
Lyle v David 2-3
Wayne v David 1-0
Clinton v Lyle 2-1
Jeremiah v Mike 0-2

Final standings:
Clinton 12
Wayne 12
Mike 10
David 7
Lyle 3
Jeremiah 0

Penalty Shootout:
Wayne v Clinton 2-3

Saturday 8 June 2019

WASPA standings in the end of May 2019

Dear all,
here are the updated records of the WASPA circuit after the 39 events held in April. We added 36 "Regional" tournaments, one tournament with old rules and 2 "Promotional events" in the records.

WASPA Season results 2018-2019

WASPA ranking - May 19

Great turnout for the tournament in Heraklion (Greece)
A lot of good things happened in the circuit in May:
- an amazing turnout of 31 players in Wolverhampton, England;
- first leg of the Scottish circuit held in Letham with 10 players taking part;
- several events have been held in Wales;
- another event in Angri (Italy) run by the club of Castello Doria CT;
- the Northern Falcons tournament in Australia had a great turnout of 17 to say goodbye to Hermann Kruse and Olliver Ollnow who will soon move to Germany and start a new Subbuteo project in Berlin;
- Greece had events in Heraklion, Kallithea, Athens, Tavros, Thessaloniki;
- support from our usual partners in Northern Ireland, the US, Belgium, Australia, England, South Africa and Singapore.

For different reasons stories of all events held in May have not been published yet on the WASPA blog. Please accept my sincere apologies for that.
Now that my term as president of the Belgian Association is over, I will obviously have more free time to focus on the WASPA circuit.

Hermann Kruse wins an emotional AGFA Cup in Australia
Special thanks to the organizers of FISTF events who support our circuit by organizing consolation events or small events during their week-end. We enjoyed being present in FISTF tournaments in Michigan, Belgium and Australia in May.

June will be another promising month with great events coming up including the national cup in the Netherlands.

In case some results are missing in the records, please don't hesitate to drop me a line! We can add them next month!

London Road SC winners of the team event at the Wolverhampton tournament
If some juniors (born in 2002 or later) don't appear in the ranking, it means we don't have their birthdates so please send your feedback.

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group
We also have a WASPA page

Players at the latest Toronto tournament in Canada
Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each other), don't hesitate to contact me at

Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit, to get new clubs/nations involved or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle,

Friday 7 June 2019

May and June 2019: news from around the world

Here is a quick look as some of the events held around the world in May and early in June.

Western Sydney tournament
An all Western Sydney Subbuteo saw two of the Micallefs, along with Paul and Adrian, do battle at Good Games Bella Vista. A simple round robin, with each player playing the other was run. In the opening round, Paul put two goals past Louis while Adrian scored three against Vince, his new bases adding some chipping to his shooting. The same scorelines followed in the next round, with Paul slotting two past Vince and Adrian three past Louis. The final matchups were much more even affairs. In the father and son battle, neither could take the advantage with a 1-1 final result. Meanwhile, Paul conceded his first goal in his last six competitive fixtures to also finish with a 1-1 draw against Adrian, leaving them ties at the top of the points table to share the honours.

(Report by Adrian Elmer)

Giuseppe Tardiota winner in Brisbane
Brisbane had a small turnout of three for their monthly tournament but there were many close games with Giuseppe Tardiota finishing on top of the group after home and away fixtures to claim his 17th WASPA title. New Zealand's Gerry Vickers was runner-up while Gareth Whalley took the third place!

Steve Bennett wins Scottish circuit tournament
In Scotland, Steve Bennett won the first stage of the Scottish circuit held in Letham, finishing on top of the ladder after four sessions played in Swiss system. 10 players from Glasgow and Dundee were taking part. Here are the final standings:
1. Steve Bennett (Dundee United)
2. David Baxter (Dundee United)
3. Dave Gladman (Glasgow)
4. John Halpin (Glasgow)
5. Andy Beskaby (Dundee United)
6. Malcolm Lees (Glasgow)
7. Colin Berry (Glasgow)
8. John Mathieson (Glasgow)
9. Baver Bari (Glasgow)
10. Brian Spoors (Glasgow)

Christos Agrios does it again
In Thessaloniki, Greece 9 players competed in the club's monthly tournament. Christos Agrios defeated Stavros Giapoutzis (2-1) in the final and Ilias Galanopoulos won the game for the third place against Constantios Giapoutzis.

First trophy for Nathan Urbaniak
In Melbourne, the consolation tournament of the recent FISTF tournament was played under WASPA banner and Melbourne TFC's Nathan Urbaniak took the honors after defeating local player Anthony Madiona in the final.

Eliot Kennedy on fire
The Chastwood players had a small WASPA tournament with 6 players taking part.

Final standings:
1. Eliot Kennedy
2. Hermann Kruse
3. Steve Dettre
4. Olliver Ollnow
5. Jonty Brener
6. Neil Brener

Great event in Liverpool
Liverpool TFC keep on developing with some very motivated players. The club's monthly tournament had a good turnout of 8 players. Brian Daley defeated Anthony Dry in the final while Steve Santo won the consolation tournament.

Singapore champion in Perth
In Perth, Australia, the club's monthly tournament saw Tan Yew Loy emerging of a group of four players. Hugh Best was runner-up while Ron Byrne and Chris Thorn also managed to grab a few points.

Howard Christie wins in Canada
Finally, the monthly tournament of the Toronto Subbuteo club saw five players competing with group games and knock-out games. Howard Christie defeated Richard Ruffolo in the final to claim the trophy. The next Toronto tournament will be played on June 15.

Bristol WASPA Tournament
The Curtain closer to the season was a WASPA tournament. In an attempt to level the playing field players were seeded and then the higher ranked players were handicapped with less players on in their team. Thought it did not seem to slow Aaron down as to romped, Manchester City like, to 16 goals scored in 3 games without reply to pick up the latest WASPA tourney.
Outstanding result of the WASPA event was Barry’s 1.0 win over Malcolm and 2 narrow 1 goal defeats which underlines the progress that he has been making on the arena of baize.
Peter Marshall's 1.1 draw with Adam was a fine result and earmarks him as a dark horse contender for Division 3 next season.

Group A
Andy Jarvis 0.1 Phil Bryant (-1)
Aaron (-3) 6.0 Andy Jarvis
Aaron (-3) 5.0 Phil Bryant

Group B
Peter Marshall 1.1 Adam Fraser (-1)
Peter Marshall 0.4 Gavin Gurney (-3)
Gavin Gurney (-1) 0.0 Adam Fraser

Group C
Malcolm Jarvis 0.2 Taylor Randle (-1)
Barry Dymianczuk 0.1 Bob Fairbrother (-3)
Bob Fairbrother (-3) 2.1 Malcolm Jarvis
Barry Dymianczuk 0.1 Taylor Randle (-1)
Bob Fairbrother (-2) 2.0Taylor Randle
Malcolm Jarvis 0.1 Barry Dymianczuk

WASPA Tournament Final
2 of the top 3 finishers qualify for the final both had 100% records.
Aaron Skinner 5.0 Bob Fairbrother

In tonight’s games Aaron had rattled in 16 WASPA goals and 5 ‘retro’ goals – that is some going and makes him a hot favourite to improve on this season’s finish in the BSFC Division 1 - could he bring the title home? As for tonight’s Final it bore some resemblance to the FA Cup final at Wembley, like Watford Bob played quite well had did very little wrong but, like Man City, Aaron just had the mood and the knack of opening up Bob’s tight defence with skill, speed and a deft touch. It was 1.0 at half time and Bob was still very much in it...then the floodgates opened!

(Report by Bob Faibrother)

Tea time tournament in Javea
The Marina Citerior club in Spain played the "13th Tea Time tournament" on June 1. Pasquale Carrassi won once again but this time there were many close games and after home and away fixtures, Pasquale took 7 points in four games, just enough to win while David McAulay had 6 points and Bill Dunham 4.

Monday 3 June 2019

TFAS League 2019 Match Day 4

The fourth day of the TFAS League 2019 was held on 26 May, with 6 players playing a full round robin. This match day also serves as a warm up for the prestigious Asian Cup 2019 in June!
Anas came out on top, winning all of his games, with Rudy in a close second, after losing out on a  tight game against Anas.

Saturday 1 June 2019

Latest results from Belgium

Some tournament have been held in the last few days in Belgium.

Raphaël Maillard
In Bande 8 players competed in Swiss system and Raphaël Maillard, currently member of JSC Rochefort but new player of Wamme SC for next season, took the honors with 10 points in four games. Jean Grosdent was runner-up.

Final standings:
1. Raphaël Maillard
2. Jean Grosdent
3. Henri Grosdent
4. Junior Travieso
5. Bruno Mottet
6. Jérémy Ancion
7. Pascal Droeven
8. Aurore Grosdent

Players in Huy
At the FISTF Satellite of Huy, six players played the consolation tournament under WASPA banner. Bruno Mottet (Temploux) defeated Ralf Grégoire (USC Huy) in the final while Geoffrey Kelner beat Dany Mlynek in the game for the third place.

Top 3 of the evening in Templeuve
Finally, the Templeuve United club had a gathering on Wednesday with 8 players taking part. This time there were surprise with Geoffrey Marain only taking one point in his first two games. The leader of the WASPA ranking was not in a good day and finished in fourth position. Vincent Coppenolle took the honors with 3 wins and a loss in the last session against Matthias Averlant who ends the tournament as runner-up with 8 points. Eric Caillaux managed to take the third place.

Final standings:
1. Vincent Coppenolle
2. Matthias Averlant
3. Eric Caillaux
4. Geoffrey Marain
5. Michaël Dupret
6. Jean-Luc Canfin
7. Djessy Dardenne
8. Géry Dardenne