Philosophy and tournaments


The philosophy of the WASPA is to make unity between all amateur subbuteo players in the world, to organize tournaments and meetings between players at regional, national and international level.
There are world rankings organized.

Players of every country should have the same importance. There should not be difference between players in or outside Europe. Players from small nations should have the same rights and duties as those from bigger countries.

Rules of the game

The WASPA events are played with the same rules of the game as in FISTF tournaments. There is a handbook released with all tournaments regulations. Some tournaments can be played with the “ETF rules”, with the “Advanced rules” and with the “Finnish rules”. Organizers can also decide to organize tournaments where Subbuteo material only is allowed.

Different types of tournaments

National Cup Challenge
Every country can host a “National Cup Challenge”. The winner of the tournament will be called “National Cup holder”. There are some specific rules for these tournaments. You can see the details in the WASPA Handbook.

The regional tournaments
Regional tournaments can be played in the premises of clubs and will have the vocation to get players from the same area together. The tournament should be played in a public place, which means spectators are free to attend the tournament. Low standards of organization will be requested.

The promotional tournaments
Rules are very similar to the regional tournaments but there are restrictions: every player is free to take part in a promotional tournament but only players who are not in the top 50 in the last WASPA ranking are allowed to take part. 2 wild cards are possible for players not ranked in the top 25 and who have not won a Regional tournament in the last 12 months.

Tournaments can also be played with the “ETF rules”, with the “Advanced rules” and with the “Finnish rules”.

To be noted that you only need 3 players to homologate a tournament under WASPA banner.

For more details, please check the WASPA Handbook (see the download section in the right colomn)..

Who can organize WASPA tournaments?

Every club is free to organize up to 2 tournaments every month: one Regional tournament and one other event (promotional tournament, or a tournament with a different set of rules).

(Last update on April 16, 2014)

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