Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Aussies keep on flicking

The situation is still difficult for some parts of Australia but players in Brisbane and Perth had their monthly tournaments in September as usual.

In Brisbane, five players turned up and they had a great time. Giuseppe Tardiota defeated Kevin Halliday in the final. Gerry Vickers was third and Gareth Whalley beat Wayne Miller to win the Wooden Spoon. The event took place at Gareth's as the club room was not available.

For interested players, this are the next dates at The Community Center North Lakes QLD: 11/10/2020, 08/11/2020, 13/12/2020, 17/01/2021, 21/02/2021, 14/03/2021, 11/04/2021 16/05/2021, 13/06/2021.

In Perth, five players competed in a round robin format with Alan Kimber winning his four games to claim the title. there was a very close fight between other players and Chris Thorn was runner-up with five points while Noel Mani (5) was 3rd, Ron Byrne (3) 4th, and Adam Taylor (1) 5th.

Next club meeting will be the 18th of October at the club house. Address: 22Titchborne st Cockburn. New players always welcome.

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1233903783292458

Monday, 28 September 2020

Jurong Subbuteo is Back Flicking

26 Sept was a delightful flicking session for us, after being absent for several months due to  COVID-19 pandemic & our country strict safety measures. Jurong club Captain hosted the session with stringent precaution made before, during & after every games with 5 players turning out to play a round robin session. 

The long layoff from table football showed on the players form. However with every play, the players began to recover their mojo, & they began playing with more finesse & confidence.  

In the end of the session, the victor of “the come back WASPA” was Rudy, who managed to win all his games. The runner-up was Anas who shared the points with Kok Wee & edged the latter on goal difference. Rizal Taib came in 4th with the rusty Vikas finishing last. 

Eventhough the world is progressing in the combating of the virus, we should never let our guard down & continue to be vigilant & take the necessary safety precaution during this new normal. 

Stay safe to all & continuing flicking.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Sven Schilling wins Sankt Pauli tournament

Tuesday 15th September saw the Subbuteo Sankt Pauli monthly WASPA return with 5 regulars taking part. 

Fred, Simon and Sven started with two victories over the rapidly improving Andre and Ralf to take an early lead. Indeed Andre played well, leading Simon 1-0 for a long period before the Irishman scored twice to snatch the victory, also holding Sven at 0-0 until conceding late in the game. 

It was to be a three-way shootout then to declare a champion. Fred & Simon played out a competitive and attack-minded draw whilst Sven edged Fred 1-0 with a controversial goal. Sven only needed a draw against Simon to take the title which he got thanks to a superb performance and cracking opening goal. Simon huffed and puffed but couldn’t break Sven down until the last minute, scoring his equaliser with just 20 seconds remaining. 

Sven then keeps up his good WASPA form to maintain his strong world ranking. 

Ralf Offenborn - Fred Elesbao   1-2
Andre Lange - Simon Stewart   1-2

Sven Schilling - Andre Lange   1-0
Simon Stewart - Ralf Offenborn   2-0

Fred Elesbao - Simon Stewart   0-0
Ralf Offenborn - Sven Schilling   0-3

Andre Lange - Ralf Offenborn   1-0
Sven Schilling - Fred Elesbao   1-0

Simon Stewart - Sven Schilling   1-1
Fred Elesbao - Andre Lange   2-0

Final standings 

1. Sven Schilling   6-1   10 P.
2. Simon Stewart   5-2   8 P.
3. Fred Elesbao   4-2   7 P.
4. Andre Lange   2-5   3 P.
5. Ralf Offenborn   1-8   0 P.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Morgan takes the Spring Title

Sean Morgan returned to the Subbuteo tables in sublime form by winning the annual Spring Tournament proudly hosted by the Johannesburg TFC aka the Joburg Eagles.

Liam and Sean after the Spring Final

A very good field of 11 players including two juniors, one Malawian, one Zimbabwean and a local sports journalist from the local newspaper, The Northside Chronicle, contested the annual tourney at Randburg AFC.

All the players were divided into two groups and Sean Morgan qualified as group winner without dropping a point and conceeding a goal. The other group was a titanic struggle that was only finalized via goal difference between Liam Chapman, Jason Kennedy and Carl Bolweg. Liam edged out Jason and Carl to qualify as group winner. This is a tremendous feat by Liam as he only started playing recently in the South African Solo league and to make the final in only his second tournament is great news for the ETS Subbuteo Club.

Ryan and Finn after the junior final

Clifford narrowly defeated Carl by a solitary goal for 5th place.Due the fact that we had two juniors partaking in the tournament, a Junior Final was held whereby Finn pipped his friend, Ryan by the odd goal in a penalty shoot-out.

Jason also defeated Angus by the odd goal to secure third spot.

Action shot between Liam and Sean

The Tournament Final pitted favourite Sean Morgan from the Joburg Eagles against the up and coming Liam Chapman from ETS Subbuteo Club. Liam showed some sublime defensive touches, however the classy play by experienced Sean Morgan proved a bit to much for Liam. Sean's continuous pressure counted in the end and he claimed the annual Spring Tournament title by scoring two unanswered goals.

Once again fun and enjoyment was the over-riding result and all players left Randburg AFC looking forward to the next tournament!

(Report by Clifford Graaff)

Thursday, 3 September 2020

More wins for the Bellefontaine family

Two more events took place in England in August. The Bristol tournament played on August 10 had a good turnout of 12 players with representatives from the local club and Cardiff TFC but also Alan Lee (TSPA) and Elliott Bellefontaine (Royal 78). Elliot Bellefontaine defeated Aaron Kineer (3-1) in the finals while Welsh players David Samuel and Darren Barnes made it to the semi-finals. Alan Lee defeated Gareth Thomas (2-1) to win the Plate final.

The second Haverhiil tournament played under WASPA banner took place on August 30 with 8 players from different clubs taking part. Martin Bellefontaine (Cardiff) won his very first WASPA title after defeating Alan Lee (TSPA) in the final. Haverhill players Joe Harrington and Marco Barqueiro reached the semis and Jason Christopher won the Plate tournament.

Forthcoming events in the UK

Sunday 6th September: WASPA event at Ty Pawb Wrexham. From 10.30am. Hosted by London Road SC. Contact Cayne Matthews for details.

Monday 7th September: Bristol Subbuteo Club WASPA Event at Bristol Manor Farm FC. The Creek, Portway Bristol BS9 2HS. 7pm Start. All Welcome. Free event with Trophies. Contact- Bernard OConnor 07720593398.

Tuesday 8th September: Surrey Saracens tournament. Contact is surreysaracens@gmail.com

Wednesday 9th September: WASPA event at Stanway Rovers Flickers SC. Flick off 7pm. All welcome. The venue is at Stanway Rovers FC, Colchester. Contact Alan Lee Email: alanlee@lewiswaterman.co.uk 

Sunday 20rh september: Liverpool TFC Tournament in Wrexham. Contact is Brian Daley.

Monday 21st September: Cardiff Bluebirds WASPA Event at Bristol Manor Farm FC. The Creek, Portway Bristol BS9 2HS. 7pm Start. All Welcome. Free event with Trophies. Contact- John Lauder or Bernard OConnor

Wednesday 23rd September: Solent Subbuteo Club WASPA Event at QE2 Activity Centre Southampton. 7pm Start. All Welcome. Contact Corey Martin Email: coreymartin89@hotmail.com or 07947471078

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Guido Cerullo wins in Trieste

In Italy the club of "ASD CRAL Subbuteo Triestina" held a very first tournamnt under WASPA banner on August 23. It was a good event with 9 players in the Open category and 4 juniors. The Open section was played in Swiss system and Guido Cerullo (DLF Gorizia) won his five games to claim the trophy. The junior section was won by the young Valerio. Huge thanks to the Triestina players and welcome int he WASPA circuit! Thanks also to Gianpaolo Abagnale for his work to develop the WASPA circuit in Italy!

Standings of the Open tournament:

1. Guido Cerullo (DLF Gorizia)
2. Daniele Della Monaca (Hawks Treviso)
3. Alex Cafiero (DLF Gorizia)
4. Dario Bilucaglia (Subbuteo Triestina)
5. Alessandro Spiller (Subbuteo Triestina)
6. Gennaro Mancini (DLF Gorizia)
7. Alberto Spiller (Subbuteo Triestina)
8. Matteo Fumai (DLF Gorizia)
9. Federico Del Ben (Hawks Treviso)