Monday 29 October 2012

Pictures of the tournament in Jambes

Action in Jambes. The belgian club from the Namur area is back. There were only 5 players this time but hopefully more players will attend next time.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Farrell Wins Dunmurry Open

Mark Farrell vs Barry Spence
Republic of Ireland's Mark Farrell, won the first Irish Circuit Event of the new season at Beechlawn Hotel, Dunmurry. He finished the day unbeaten in a six-player league, only dropping two points in a 1-1 draw with 2nd-placed Kenny Beggs, from Northern Ireland. History was made as it was also the first Irish event played under the banner of World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association (WASPA).

Another tournament in the US

We are pleased to announce that the forthcoming 2012 Delaware Valley Open in Newark, Delaware will be part of the WASPA circuit. The event will take place on November 4.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Vincent Guyaux wins the tournament in Jambes

First tournament win for Vincent Guyaux
After years of only internal play, the club of SC Jambes in Belgium hosted a WASPA tournament on friday night. Only five players were competing and Vincent Guyaux (SC Flanders) won the tournament after dominating the group stage of 5 players. Steve Filee was 2nd, Ralf Grégoire 3rd, Pol Serwy 4th and Kevin Sorlin 5th. There are plans for another tournament on November 23 and hopefully a few more people will take part.

Friday 26 October 2012

Third Trophy for Mark Gauci

The final between Joseph Mifsud and Mark Gauci

Hector Scerri, 4th place

Angelo Borg, third place

Action in the final

Joseph Mifsud, finalist

Mark Gauci, winner
Mark gauci won the 12th WASPA tournament organized by Attard Subbuteo Club on wednesday, October 24. There was a strong field of 12 players and the level of the tournament was high with excellent players reaching the semi-finals. Hector Scerri and Angelo Borg could not qualify for the final while, in the ultimate game, Mark Gauci (Atlas TFC) beat Joseph Mifsuf (Stabiae) by a clear 2-0. It's already the third victory for Mark Gauci in a WASPA tournament.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Diego Tagliaferri wins in Rome

Diego Tagliaferri became the youngest winner of a WASPA tournament. The Lazio player won the tournament held in Rome and organized by his club. Well done Diego!

Monday 22 October 2012

Vasilis Vavourakis in WASPA history

Vasilis Vavourakis (black shirt) won the tournament. George Zangylos (white shirt) was the finalist
Vasilis Vavourakis became the first player to win a WASPA tournament in Cyprus. The event was played in Limassol by 12 players on sunday and Vavourakis beat George Zangylos on shots in the final. It was also the very first WASPA tournament held in Cyprus. Well done!

Congratulations Mike Newton

Mike Newton won the second tournament played under WASPA banner in Australia. The event was held in Penrith and six players took part. Brett Davis was 2nd, Jay Porter 3rd, Braydan Howell (the first Bolivian player ever) 4th, Aaron Daniels 5th and Anthony Ilacqua 6th. Here is a video with Mike Newton in action!

Thursday 18 October 2012

Northern Ireland is now part of WASPA

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that the forthcoming Dunmurry Open in Northern Ireland, played on October 27, will be a WASPA tournament. Interested players can check or contact Kenneth Beggs at to enter.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

First victory for Shane Hoopfer

Shane Hoopfer won the second tournament held in Calgary. Shane beat Nathan Haylett in the sudden death of the final to claim the title. "I got a little fortunate that Dave Baxter couldn't make the event", commented the winner. The next tournament in Calgary will be held on November 18.

Monday 15 October 2012

Geoffrey Marain wins again

Much too easy for Geoffrey Marain
Geoffrey Marain won the WASPA tournament in Templeuve on sunday. There was a poor turnout of 5 players (including 2 beginners) but there were some good games. Geoffrey beat Vincent Coppenolle in the final by a clear 8-1. The tournament had some positive feedback as two new players showed up in the afternoon to discover the "professional rules" after they read in a local newspaper a tournament was going to take place. Hopefully they will attend the next tournament.

Peter Alegi wins in Grand Rapids

Four players were competing on saturday in Grand Rapids (USA), the first WASPA tournament held in the State of Michigan. Peter won two games and tied with Mike Ewer white Paul Pate beat Mike Ewer and Brian Lambert to take the second place.

More tournaments in the agenda

A few tournaments have been added in the WASPA calendar.
- October 21 in Limassol (Cyprus)
- October 24 in Attard (Malta)
- October 26 in Jambes (Belgium)
- November 18 in Attard (Malta)

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Some good news from South Africa

WASPA just got some good news from Clifford Graaff in South Africa:
- Randburg Tournament: the third Randburg Tournament and fourth WASPA Tournament in South Africa will be held at Randburg Club on the 26th of October from 19h00. Contact:
- Panorama Club have approached Clifford Graaff for another event before the close of season (our seasons run from January to December). They are EXTREMELY keen on hosting a tournament.
- Another smaller club have also asked Clifford Graaff to host a tournament at their club (Marks Park Rangers) before the end of the season. The chairman and his wife have become very good friends of Cliff as he referees the senior team quite often. Will probably have about 12 players - which will be a small tournament by SA standards.
- The finale will then be the annual SA Open Tournament - busy finalizing dates and venues presently.
- Vikash Ramnath has also great news on a potentially new subbuteo club in Durban. Vik is busy trying to organize this club and possibly the first ever tournament under SATFA in Kwazulu Natal. Clifford Graaff is very excited about this new development and he really try to attend the first tourney if possible.
Subbuteo celebrations in South Africa

Monday 1 October 2012

Updated results file

You can now check the updated results file by clicking here.

A few numbers will tell you more about the activity over the last month:
7 -> like the number of tournaments played this month
18 -> like Canada being the 18th country involved in the circuit
52 -> like the number of players who played for the first time in a WASPA tournament this month
272 -> like the total number of players in the ranking

In October there will be tournaments in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium and Italy. We are waiting for news from South Africa and Japan. It's not too late to add more tournaments! Stay tuned and have a regular look at the blog for more updates! I hope you will enjoy the file with all the updated statistics and rankings!