WASPA in the world

One of the goals of WASPA is to be resent in as many countries as possible. Right now 45 nations have players ranked in the WASPA ranking.


Some nations have a long tradition of subbuteo tournaments and have naturally become forces in the WASPA ciruit. ITALY (with many different clubs involved), MALTA and BELGIUM are among the most active nations but ENGLAND is now one of the nations with another high number of tournaments with many different active clubs. CYPRUS players have regular events in Limassol, IRELAND and NORTHERN IRELAND have their circuit of events (6 tournaments a year) run under WASPA banner, FINLAND have run a few events as well, just like SPAIN (in particular in the BARCELONA area). PORTUGAL started organizing WASPA events in September 2013 with good field of players (with an everage of more than 20). GERMANY, SCOTLAND and WALES have also run a few tournaments.

The first months of 2014 saw more european nations such as GREECE, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA and the NETHERLANDS hosting their first events. HUNGARY became the latest nation in Europe to host a WASPA tournament and the CZECH REPUBLIC is part of the circuit as well since January 2015 before running a few events.

Players from FRANCE (most of them living close to the Belgian border) and the ISLE of MAN are also ranked. FRANCE have run some events in Puylaurens since the end of 2014.

DENMARK and SWEDEN have hosted tournaments in the early days of the WASPA circuit but it seems these nations might disappear of the ranking soon. SWEDEN has only one player left while DENMARK disappeared in April 2014. Hopefully they will be back soon...

ROMANIA was the latest organizer with a first tournament in the Summer of 2016. We have also some representatives of the ISLE of MAN and SERBIA in the ranking. Last but not east, in 2015, two players from AFGHANISTAN attended tournaments in Austria.

North America

The very first WASPA tournament was held in California. Since then the USA and CANADA have organized many events and it's not a surprise if CANADA became number 1 in the ranking of nations for some time. Since then, unfortunately, activity has slowed down in Canada.

South America

CHILE was the only place in South America to have organized a tournament under WASPA banner but BRAZIL followed in 2014.


SOUTH AFRICA is an active nation with events in Johannesburg and Pretoria. WASPA has also tried to help local groups of players in IVORY COAST and BURKINA FASO but material is always a problem. Players from ZIMBABWE and TANZANIA have already attended events in South Africa.


SINGAPORE is a very active nation. HONG KONG and JAPAN have also organized one WASPA tournament. Hopefully they will be back in action soon. MALAYSIA has recently appeared as a new Subbuteo nation as there is a club in Kuala Lumpur and the first tournaments have been held in May 2014. INDONESIA also organized their first tournalent late in 2014. The latest entry in the circuit was a player from NEPAL who is currently living and playing in Japan.


AUSTRALIA has become a hot place for the WASPA circuit with tournaments in Penrith, Brisbane, Perth, Parramatta and Toongabbie (these cities are located near Sydney) and Melbourne but we have other contacts in Canberra, Adelaide... NEW ZEALAND has now a group of players with a first tournament planned for December 2016.

But also...

Players from PAKISTAN and JAMAICA living in London have taken parts in tournaments in England. A guy from BOLIVIA has played a tournament in Australia. Another player from TURKEY and two from ZIMBABWE have played in South Africa. ECUADOR and NEW ZEALAND have been added in the list of nations in April 2014.

Do you want to contact other players from your country? Then drop a message to the WASPA organizer at vincent.cop@rsca.com

(last update on November 22, 2016)

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