Wednesday, 31 March 2021

South Africa: Sean Morgan wins Easterns TFC tournament

The Easterns TFC inaugural tournament was a resounding success. Five guest players arrived and succeeded in making the day a lot of fun with a lot of banter throughout the day. 

"We started with a league type system where each player had to play a home and an away leg. There were a lot of upsets and a few unexpected results too. The players that attended were from Jo’burg Eagles, ETS Table Football Club and Easterns TFC. Unfortunately, due to certain restrictions and health concerns, Pretoria Flickers were not able to attend. The winner was Sean Morgan, who was also unbeaten on the day. The most improved player went to Liam Chapman. Liam has come along in leaps and bounds since starting with the sport less than a year ago. Well done to both Sean and Liam", commented organizers Gary downs.

Easterns would like to thank all the players that attended and look forward to hosting more players at their next tournament.

Final standings

1. Sean Morgan -  Johannesburg TFC 18 points
2. Clifford Graaf -  Johannesburg TFC 11
3. Liam Chapman - ETS Subbuteo Club 8
4. Gary Downs - Easterns TFC 8
5. Jason Kennedy - ETS Subbuteo Club 7

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Subbuteo results from Australia, Italy, South Africa and Norway

Some short news from around the world as Subbuteo fans from several countries continue to play when local rules allow it.

In Australia, the club of Sydney TFC was back in action after a long break. Six players were competing. and Eliot Kennedy managed to defeat Fabrizio Coco on shots after a draw (1-1) in the final. Steve Dettre and Paolo Credentino were the semi-finalists.

In Italy, the club of Teramo organized a tournament earlier this week. Germano Di Corinto managed to win his first tournament. Thanks to Massimiliano Bonomo for organizing the tournament.

South Africa was also in action with a tournament held in Cape Town. "Great to have a few flicks again! Just 4 stalwarts gathered to have only the second event in Cape Town since the advent of Covid. It did mean that it could be played in a garage, which is always a fun throwback to days of old. Wayne hadn’t played for a while, but was back at his absolute best, winning the round robin event by some margin", commented clinton Gahwiler. Congratulations to Wayne McKenzie for winning the tournament.

Destefanis and Ellefsen

Finally, 2 WASPA lockdown test matches were played in Norway. On Saturday, Terje Ellefsen (Kragerø BFK) met Riccardo Destefanis (Subbuteo Oslo). Terje won the test match after winning three individual games. After the games both players had a shoot-out just for fun, Terje won 2-1 but Riccardo had the best goal (always important). :-)

Terje Ellefsen is the current Norwegian Champion and also no. 1 in the Norwegian rankings so he is a tough opponent for Riccardo who is back playing Subbuteo after 30 years away from the subbeatiful game. But Riccardo is learning and improving for every game and he hopes to reach a better level of play soon through playing games and practicing on his excellent training pitch. He also plays against two other Italians who live in Oslo (Alfredo Gianoglio and Alessandro Cataliotti) as well as the very experienced Norwegian Svein Arne Brekke (Skien Wildcats). Destefanis is doing a great job at promoting Subbuteo in Oslo and is hoping to find and recruit even more players in the near future. Please check out Subbuteo Oslo on facebook:

Destefanis and Gianoglio

On Sunday, Riccardo Destefanis played another test match against clubmate Alfredo Gianoglio. Results were close (0-0, 1-0, 0-0) and Riccardo won the series. We wish a warm welcome to Alfredo in the WASPA circuit.

There should be more results coming up in the next few days so stay tuned!

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Thursday, 25 March 2021

Adrian Grunbach wins Northern Falcons tournament

The Northern Falcons and friends battled the rain that has plagued Sydney for a week -- not to mention COVID -- to stage their March WASPA.

Six brave souls turned up, to play and share a few amber ales.

Jonty Brener opened the evening's scoring before Steve Dettre scored a late equaliser in Group 1. 

Meanwhile Adrian Grunbach scored in his first match in more than a year, beating Neil Brener.

Steve claimed Group 1 with a tight win over Adrian Elmer, who then grabbed second place by beating Jonty.

In Group 2, Tony Credentino beat Adrian G and then Neil to claim the group.

In the semis, Adrian G struck twice with lightning counterattacks to beat Steve, whole Tony outscored Adrian E 3-1.

In the final matches, Steve beat Adrian E for 3rd place, capitalising on a goalkeeper mistake before notching a fast break goal to win 2-0.

Meanwhile, Adrian G took the title with a 2-1 revenge win over Tony, scoring the winner with 30 seconds on the clock.

Once again thanks to all who came and to the Willoughby Park Bowling Club for hosting us.

(Report by Steve Dettre)

Monday, 22 March 2021

Eliot Kennedy wins in Perth

Eliot and Brian

The Perth players had an amazing tournament on Sunday with a great field of 10 players taking part. Among players, Eliot Kennedy (from the Northern Falcons) and Arjuna Hanafi (Melbourne TFC) were the special guests besides seven players of the local club and Hugh Best (Sports TFC of Western Australia). Dur to time restrictions, the tournament was played in three groups and a knock-out round. In the barrage round, Eliot Kennedy defeated Arjuna Hanafi in the game between guests (3-0) while Brian Pearson defeated Hugh best. In the semis, Eliot Kennedy took the honors against Alan Kimber (3-1) while Brian Pearson scored the winning goal in the sudden death against Ross McNulty (1-0). The final between Eliot and Brian was also close but the man from Sydney managed to win the game in the sudden death (1-0) while Alan Kimber won the game for the third place against Ross McNulty (2-1). It was a great day had by all. Congratulations to all players involved!

Sunday, 21 March 2021

MarchFlicks Pennsylvania/Virginia Test Match 2021

Bryan Arnold hosted Andrew Zunino in Alexandria, Virginia, USA for today's test match series. Bryan and Andrew represented their home-states of Virginia and Pennsylvania respectively. The series was very close between the two players: Bryan and Andrew played 3 test matches with each winning a match and then drawing the final match.

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

News from Australia, Italy and Wales

The circuit is in a calmer period with only a few events held around the world.

Giuseppe Tardiota wins Brisbane tournament

In Brisbane, Australia six players met on Sunday to play the monthly tournament of the local club. The group was glad to meet a new player, Rob Seychell, and everyone had a great time.

Giuseppe Tardiota defeated Kevin Halliday in the final (3-1) to claim the trophy. Gerry Vickers was third, Gareth Whalley 4th, Wayne Miller 5th and Robert Seychell 6th.

Follow more about Brisbane Subbuteo club on Facebook here:

Traditional rules are still popular in Terni

In Italy, the club of Terni held two small events played with te old rules (also called "traditional rules") in the beginning of the month. Emanuele Perotti won the first tournament while Simone Perotti won the second event.

More about Subbuteo table football in Terni on the club's Facebook page here:

Lockdown test match in Wales

Finally, we are glad to publish results of a "WASPA lockdown test match" held in Wales. Cayne Matthews won his three games against his daughter Ruby. 

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Be sure we appreciate. Until then, stay safe and keep on flicking!

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

WASPA standings of February 2021

 Dear all,

you will find in this message the usual files with the updated results, rankings and statistics of the WASPA circuit.

Excel file (rankings and statistics)
PDF file (results)

First WASPA tournament for the new club of Naxxar TFC in Malta

We are still aware that it(s complicated to run tournaments under WASPA banner in many countries but we are glad we added 11 tournaments and 4 "lockdown test matches" in the records.

February was a special month. Our friends from Singapore sent us three sets of results of past tournaments and we were glad to add them in the results. In italy, our mates in Firenze held their first two tournaments after a long break. We also got results from Patras (Greece), Brisbane, Perth and Sydney (Australia), Johannesburg (SOuth Africa) while the new club of Naxxar (Malta) held a very first tournament under WASPA banner.

WASPA test match in Norway between Riccardo Destefanis and Terje Ellefsen

The "WASPA lockdown test matches" are a new idea to give the possibility for isolated players to play some official games from times to times. We received results from Norway, Italy and Belgium and thanks to these "WASPA lockdown test matches", the clubs of Oslo, Kragero and Teramo managed to get their first ranking points this season. Maybe it's an idea to follow for those who are eager to play!

As you maybe know, we will celebrate the 10 years of the WASPA circuit in May. Your ideas to make something special are more than welcome. If you know what should be done to celebrate this important anniversary, your feedback is more than welcome.

The club of Firenze was back in action in Italy

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