Wednesday, 3 March 2021

WASPA standings of February 2021

 Dear all,

you will find in this message the usual files with the updated results, rankings and statistics of the WASPA circuit.

Excel file (rankings and statistics)
PDF file (results)

First WASPA tournament for the new club of Naxxar TFC in Malta

We are still aware that it(s complicated to run tournaments under WASPA banner in many countries but we are glad we added 11 tournaments and 4 "lockdown test matches" in the records.

February was a special month. Our friends from Singapore sent us three sets of results of past tournaments and we were glad to add them in the results. In italy, our mates in Firenze held their first two tournaments after a long break. We also got results from Patras (Greece), Brisbane, Perth and Sydney (Australia), Johannesburg (SOuth Africa) while the new club of Naxxar (Malta) held a very first tournament under WASPA banner.

WASPA test match in Norway between Riccardo Destefanis and Terje Ellefsen

The "WASPA lockdown test matches" are a new idea to give the possibility for isolated players to play some official games from times to times. We received results from Norway, Italy and Belgium and thanks to these "WASPA lockdown test matches", the clubs of Oslo, Kragero and Teramo managed to get their first ranking points this season. Maybe it's an idea to follow for those who are eager to play!

As you maybe know, we will celebrate the 10 years of the WASPA circuit in May. Your ideas to make something special are more than welcome. If you know what should be done to celebrate this important anniversary, your feedback is more than welcome.

The club of Firenze was back in action in Italy

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