Wednesday 27 June 2012

Another tournament in Templeuve

The belgian club of Templeuve United will hold another tournament on July 12. It will already be the 7th tournament held by this club. Kick-off at 6.45 pm. The first round games will be played in 20 minutes. Details are available from Vincent Coppenolle at

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Updated results file

Damien Denooz (Belgium/JSC Rochefort) is the top entry of the month in the WASPA ranking
The updated results file (named "Golden Book") is available in the download section of the blog (right column). There are some more statistics for those who like the small details about the WASPA circuit. Enjoy!

Sunday 24 June 2012

Damien Denooz stops Geoffrey Marain's winning streak

Colin Tarry and Jean-Luc Platiaux in the Consolation final
It was a aspecial day this saturday in Templeuve where the local club dcided to hold two different tournaments. The first one counted only for the belgian ranking and Grégory Puissant (France) beat Stelio Tsangouris (SC Eugies) in the final. In the afternoon, Elodie Bertholet had to leave due to family duties and only 10 players competed in the WASPA tournament. There were two groups of five players and the draw made the two groups were not balanced. In the "big roup", Geoffrey Marain was very motivated after he won the last three WASPA tournaments held in Belgium. He came top of the group while Damien Denooz was second. Tsangouris and Puissant were out of the group in spite of very good performances in very close games. Colin Tarry from England was 5th of the group. In the other group, Vincent Coppenolle came on top but the other four players could still qualify before the last gampe. Finally Pol Verhaghe was the surprising qualifier! Denooz and Marain gave no chance to their opponents in the semi-finals and the met again in a close final. Damien Denooz (JSC Rochefort) finally won the title after he score the golden goal after a 2-2 draw. Colin Tarry beat Jean-Luc Platiaux to win the consolation tournament.

Damien Denooz (left) won the final against Geoffrey Marain (right)

Thursday 21 June 2012 is online

Our friends from SUBBUTEO have officially launched their website at

There are tips for new players, a list of available products and even the list of retailers. The game is currently available in Portugal, the UK, Spain, Italy, Singapore and Australia. Many more nations should have distributors soon.

Hopefully this will help to get a lot of new players interested in the beautiful game.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Welcome Basel United

We wish a warm welcome and good luck to the new club of Basel United in Switzerland. Discover their website at
Special thanks to this new club for also promoting WASPA on their website!

Wednesday 13 June 2012

SuperFooty Europe is WASPA partner

We are very pleased to announce that SuperFooty Europe recently accepted to support WASPA. We thank SuperFooty Europe for trusting and encouraging the WASPA project and we hope that we will have a good cooperation in the future. Our players will be invited to buy material from SuperFooty Europe while customers of SuperFooty Europe will be invited to take part in WASPA tournaments and also to organize WASPA tournaments. For more details, check the SuperFooty Europe website at

Monday 11 June 2012

Second WASPA trophy for Clifford Graaff

The second WASPA tournament in South Africa was held on friday at the Randburg Sports club in Johannesburg. 20 players were competing and the organizers had decided to play 3 different categories. In the seniors section, Clifford graaf won his second tournament after he beat Jason Kennedy in the final (1-0). Tristan Berry beat Connor Andrew in the junior section and Tayla Kennedy beat Claire Figuero int he ladies final. It was a great event with many players competing in a tournament for the very first time.

There are good chances that a new club will be set up at Randburg sports club and Clifford Graaff has also been in contact with a Chairman of one of the other football clubs in Johannesburg and they are very keen to have a Subbuteo tournament at their club in the not too distant future. Jason Kennedy, Fernando Rodrigues and Clifford Graaff will also be holding an Indaba to plot the next few successfull years of Subbuteo in South Africa, with a very exciting possible host venue for this years South African Open.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Novak Djokovic having a good time in Paris

Here is a picture Novak Djokovic published on his Facebook page on June 5, 2012. Looks like the world number 1 tennis player also likes subbuteo. And we all love it!

Monday 4 June 2012

WASPA goes back to South Africa

There are gret news coming up from South Africa as Clifford Graaf just confirmed the second tournament in the country will be held on June 8.

Despite Clifford's long absence dur to his work commitments, there was still some interest from South Africa. Clifford was contacted by Randburg Sports Club to host a Subbuteo Tournament at their club this Friday evening (8 June 2012). Randburg Sports Club hosted Honduras at the recent World Cup Finals in South Africa in 2010. Clifford and his friends are expecting a good turnout and will be sending a lot of photos through to WASPA. The main aim is to start a new Subbuteo club at Randburg after the conclusion of this tournament and hence spread Subbuteo to a whole new audience. Randburg Sports Club is one of the biggest amateur sports clubs in South Africa and field teams from Under 6 to Veterans (over 35) every week. The Chairman is also an ex-football professional who used to play Subbuteo many years ago, so Clifford would like to get a photo of him playing our great game.

Good luck to Clifford for setting up the event and hopefully many players will have a great time :)

Contact: Clifford Graaff at