Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Geoffrey Marain does it again

29th WASPA title for Geoffrey Marain
The school holidays can be the main reasonf or the poor turnout at the latest Templeuve tournament on tuesday with 5 players competing in a group to decide the winner. Geoffrey Marain was the man of the evening, scoring 32 goals in four games to claim the title. Vincent Coppenolle finished second and Michaël Dupret was third. Renald Deloose and Matthias Averlant were the other entries. 81 goals were scored in 10 games so the evening was quite exciting for all. Hopefully there will be more entries at the next tournament as we will have 2 events in Templeuve on November 11: a FISTF in the morning and a WASPA tournament in the afternoon.
Michaël Dupret vs Matthias Averlant

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Action in Cape Town

There was some Subbuteo action this monday evening in Cape Town where the local group of players hosted Julian van der Merwe from Pretoria for a few games. Cape Town players have plans to hold their first WASPA tournament later this year, hopefully with visitors from other clubs.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Dave Allen wins in South Queensferry

8 players attended the most recent WASPA event at the South Queensferry Rugby Club, home of Hot Club D'Ecosse. A few regular players couldnt make it but still a good turnout regardless including 1 new player in the shape of Shinpad Smith from South Queensferry.

The format of the event due to time constraints was for 2 groups of 4 with the group winners going straight to the final.

Malc was always going to be hot favourite for group 2 and so it transpired as he made light work of all the players. However it was good to see a new player attending the club and having his first taste of subbuteo and hopefully Shinpad will keep coming back for some more Hot Club Subbuteo action.

Group 1 would be a tighter affair with Mike and Dave starting as favourites but the recent form of Craig meant he couldnt be ruled out and the ever improving "Crazy" John Marshall looking to throw a spanner in the works somewhere along the line. Mike and Dave both started off with comfortable wins with neither Craig or John able to trouble them. The second round of group games saw Craig take a tight 1-0 win against John whilst the virtual group decider between Mike and Dave finished 1-1. Dave took an early lead and Mike equalised before half time. The second half saw no more goals so it went to the last round of games and it would go down to goal difference in their respective last matches to see who would go to the final against Malc. Mike with a slight goal advantage beat Craig 1-0 but Dave showed no mercy and against John to win 4-0 and take top spot in the group on goal difference.

Dave and Malc would play out a tight, tense match which could have gone either way. Malc took the lead with a long range vital strike and dave equalised in the 2nd half with a well worked goal down the left hand side and scored before Malc could set his keeper. The match went to shots and Dave took it 2-1 scoring his first shot and his last shot but missing the 11 shots in between! Malc scored to make it 1-1 with his 3rd shot but a mixture of erratic shooting and amazing goalkeeping saw the shots go to the 2nd round of sudden death shots where Dave planted his shot in the onion bag over Malcs keeper and with Malc having to score to stay in it he hit his shot high wide and handsome to give Dave his 1st WASPA win and deny himself of a second title!

All the players enjoyed the evening and welcomed playing matches that had a friendly but competitive edge. Special mention to Shinpad for playing in the event at his first ever club meeting and picking up the rules so quickly and a second mention for the Rugby Club who provided the players with some tidy pies on a cold evening in South Queensferry. We hope to build on this for our next WASPA event, "The Pizza Invitational" and look forward to welcoming all the Hot Club players back (and anyone else that wants to play) for that event next month!

(Report by Mike Burns)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Den Mulia wins the 'Orchid WASPA Challenge'

The players
Due to the absence of the Malaysian players, only 14 players from Singapore and Hong Kong attended the 'Orchid WASPA Challenge' this sunday.
Tan Kok Wee and Yusni Den Mulia
Yusni Den Mulia won the tournament while Tan Kok Wee was second.
Team Bravo
The friendly team event was won by Team Bravo, comprising of Den Mulia, Antonio, Rizal Tayib and Anas.
Den Mulia and his trophy

(More news about the tournament soon)

Jayden van der Merwe wins the SILVER CUP

Saturday 25 October 2014, Pretoria, South Africa : After an absence of 4 months, Subbuteo action finally returned to Pretoria as 6 contestants participated in "THE PFC SILVER CUP".
Pretoria Flickers Club introduced two new players (namely Bevin Reed and Justin Thumbran) to the beautiful game of Subbuteo. In the opening match of the day, debutant Bevin Reed caused a huge shock by beating two times champion Kegan vd Merwe by 1-0. The other debutant of the day, Justin Thumbran, set himself a personal target of 1 point for the day - in the end, even he surpassed his own expectations by accumulating 3 points for his efforts on the day ! And 1 of those points was thanks to a 0-0 draw against pre-tournament favourite Jayden vd Merwe.
The day belonged to Jayden once again, as he ended the day undefeated and without conceding a goal in all of his 5 matches. This triumph marks Jayden's 3rd WASPA title for 2014.
Thanks to all for attending, and we at PFC are especially upbeat about the two new players within our ranks!

Final Standings
1st Jayden vd Merwe 7p
2nd Chessray Jooste 6p
3rd Bevin Reed 5p * by GF
4th Julian vd Merwe 5p
5th Kegan vd Merwe 4p
6th Justin Thumbran 3p

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Poster of the first tournament in Indonesia

The 3rd George Best Subbuteo Cup for Alberto Gagliardi

Last week 8 players met in Macerata to play the "George Best Trophy", the first WASPA tournament of the season with the old rules.
A round robin was organized so that everyone played 7 games before the next round. In the end of the forst round, everyone one played the final.
Alberto Gagliardi beat Mauro Cionfi (1-0) to claim his 7th WASPA title. Stefano Gambella was third and Alessandro Mattioli was fourth.

Monday, 20 October 2014

More Subbuteo action in Toongabbie

There was a tournament scheduled at MegaGames at Penrith for Sunday, October 19. However, with only two confirmed entrants (one travelling up from Berry), our ever wonderful hostess, Christine, was forced to cancel a couple of days out. Still wanting to have a flick, Adrian decided to open up his garage for the afternoon. A later starting time than was possible at MegaGames, and being much closer to home, meant that Steve and Gordy were able to join in while Raffaele, the other original entrant, managed to drag along his brother for his first games of Subbuteo in 20 years. The respectable field of five meant an official tournament could still take place.

A full league was played, with the Lombardi brothers drawing each other in the first round. To everyone’s surprise, including his own, Daniele took an early lead, quickly refinding his touch. Raffaele had to dig deep to graft out a hard earned 2-1 victory by the final whistle. The games across the afternoon were all tight with no scoreline blowouts. Highlights included Daniele scoring in the opening 15 seconds against Adrian with a sublime series of moving ball passes and shot, and an all out attack minded game between Gordy and Steve, where both players were only let down by poor finishing before Steve slipped one in to take the victory.

At the end of the league, Raffaele came out on top with a perfect win-loss record, followed by Adrian, Steve, Daniele then Gordy. Keen to keep playing, a finals series was set up, 1v4 and 2v3. This is where the day’s most intense game took place, with the Lombardis going at each other again. As Italian profanities flew about the room, the two couldn’t be separated by full-time, so extra time was needed. A few minutes in, Raffaele managed to carve a space for a shot, only to see it kept out by Daniele’s ‘keeper. However, the shot was called back for a goalkeeping infringement (the ‘keeper being outside his area) and Raffaele made no mistake, a devastating way for Daniele to relinquish bragging rights over his big brother. In the other semi, Adrian ground out yet another 1-0 win over Steve (the third such result in competitive matches in 5 days!). However, Raffaele made it 6 wins from 6 games with a 2-0 victory in the final, repeating the score he had beated Adrian by earlier in the afternoon.

A fun afternoon salvaged, with another promising new (old) player joining the ranks.

Raffaele 2 v Daniele 1
Adrian 2 v Gordy 0
Raffaele 2 v Adrian 0
Daniele 0 v Steve 1
Raffaele 3 v Steve 1
Daniele 1 v Gordy 0
Raffaele 3 v Gordy 0
Adrian 1 v Steve 0
Daniele 1 v Adrian 1
Gordy 0 v Steve 1

Raffaele Lombardi 12
Adrian Elmer 7
Steve Dianisos 6
Daniele Lombardi 4
Gordy Dudley 0

Raffaele 2 v Daniele 1 (golden goal)
Adrian 1 v Steve 0

Raffaele 2 v Adrian 0

(Original report from

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Christian Haas wins in Wien

This sunday the tournament in Wien had thirteen players from four different clubs on the pitch. Organizers were very pleased that in addition to some Austrian top players two Hungarian Subbuteo friends found the way to vienna. And for Adrian Szaki today's tournament was the first in his career! At the end of an exciting day full of table soccer, Christian Haas took the victory in the final against David Busch.
The third place went to Alexander Haas, right behind him ended the talented Marios Strommer as 4th. A great performance of all involved, we look forward to the next time!

(Report by Thomas Eppensteiner)

More pictures

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Roger Trouillard wins the very first WASPA tournament in France

This friday evening, 12 players attended the very first WASPA tournament held in France. The event was held in Puylaurens and was the first stage of a long week-end of table football with two more national tournaments scheduled for saturday and sunday. Games of 2 halves of 10 minutes were played. In the end, Roger Trouillard beat Ludovic beauvais in the final was Serge Leroy was third. Congratulations to the club of Puylaurens and all the players involved.
Serge Leroy, Roger Trouillard and Ludovic Beauvais

The first WASPA tournament in Hungary

On November 30th, the very first WASPA Santa Claus Subbuteo Cup will be held in Budapest. it will also be the first WASPA tournament ever in Hungary. Interested players should contact Gábor Baross at

The first suBButeo Grafix Cup for Peter Erb

On Friday 17th October 2014, Subbuteo Basel United held their first WASPA tournament. 3 clubs were represented (Subbuteo Basel United, Subbuteo Players Aargau Süd and London & Essex United). The event was held at the clubhouse of Basel United. It was decided that on the 1st Friday of every month, the club would hold The suBButeo Grafix Cup which will be a WASPA event and it will be open to everyone. 5 players turned up so it was decided to play a round robin format with everyone playing 4 games.
The final standing of the evening was as follows:
1. Peter Erb (7 points)
2. Brian Butterworth (6)
3. John Imbrogiano (4)
4. Leo Cavallaro (3)
5. Saverio Albano (0)
(Report by Brian Butterworth)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Eddy Beernaert wins the promotional event in Templeuve

Left to right: Matthias Averlant, Olivier Bodelle, Eddy Beernaert, Jordan Bonte
Despite there was a small turnout, the Templeuve United tournament was great last thursday. All present players played a group stage with many games and the games between the four players allowed to play promotional events counted for the trophy. Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders) had a perfect evening with a lot of wins. Matthias Averlant was the finalist while France's Olivier Bodelle was third and Jordan Bonte was fourth.
After the final

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Greg Dand wins in Arbroath

The first tournament of the Scottish Circuit was played last sunday in Arbroath. 15 players from three different clubs were taking part and they were dropped in three groups. In the semi-finals, Greg Dand managed to beat Steve Bennett on shots while Gareth Christie defeated Tom Burns. Int he final, Greg Dand took the honors by beating Gareth Christie (1-0). The final ranking of the tournament was as follows.

1. Greg Dand (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
2. Gareth Christie (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
3. Steve Bennett (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
4. Tom Burns (Glasgow TSA)
5. Scott Fleming (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
6. Andy Beskaky (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
7. Rob Conway (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
8. Dave Butler (Glasgow TSA)
9. Martin Campbell (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
10. Dave Gladman (Glasgow TSA)
11. Baver Bari (Hot Club d’Ecosse)
12. David Baxter (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)
13. Martin Phee (Glasgow TSA)
14. John Halpin (Glasgow TSA)
15. Craig Thom (Tayside Kickers ’91 TFC)

Gerald Brightwell wins in Couldson

The Couldson players met last friday and had a blast, playing a Swiss system in four sessions with 5 players taking part. Australia's Gerald Brightwell took the honors, winning three games and finishing the evening with a draw 2-2 against Jonathan Lopez-Real. Scott Freeman was finally second, Jonathan Lopez-Real third, Lee Fenton fourth and Colin Lindsey 5th.

Couldson will hold some more events on the following dates:

October 31: promotional tournament
November 21: regional tournament
December 5: promotional tournament
December 19: regional tournament
The contact person for interested players is Scott Freeman at

Home win for Andrea Pagano

The club of Catanzaro organized their first WASPA tournament of the season last saturday with a small turnout but great fun. Andrea Pagano took the honors while Alfredo Priamo was second and Sandro Vasapollo was third.

Monday, 13 October 2014

WASPA comes back in Portugal

On November 9, there will be a tournament in Foz do Douro (Portugal). The contact e-mail is is

Another win for Chris Thomas

The monthly tournament of the NETFA Teesside club took place last week in Thornaby with a turnout of siw players. Chris Thomas (Valletta SC) was the winner of the evening, taking three wins Neil Youngson was second, Chris Kaberry 3rd, Ben Staples 4th, Jeff Jordan 5th and Andy Mill 6th.

Friday, 10 October 2014

News from around the world

Australia: the Northern Falcons TFC has a new home. The club from the Sydney area will play at the GOOD GAMES store in Chastwood ( "The first games night will take place on October 22", reported Steve Dettre.

Austria: "Champ 22" is the new table football center in Vienna. The guys from TSC Royal 7! are putting a lot of energy to promote table football in thr main city of the country and to attract many young players. Well done!
Facebook page:

Czech Republic: there are plans to see the first WASPA tournament in Czech Republic soon. Things are moving in Prague and the country will hold a FISTF Open on February 28 and March 1.

South Africa: Johannesburg and Pretoria are not the only cities where subbuteo is alive in the country. A group of six players is now meeting in Cape Town and will soon have their first WAPA tournament. More to follow soon.

USA: the 2014 Delaware Valley Open will be held on Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 10 AM in Avondale, Pennsylvania. Cost of the event is $5.00 with food and drinks provided. If interest, please contact Andrew Zunino at

Thursday, 9 October 2014

9th WASPA title for Jos Ceulemans

Bart Van de Vliet, Jos Ceulemans and Frank Lannoy, the top 3 of the evening
The second tournament of the SC Flanders series took place last monday in Hofstade-Zemst with a good field of 10 players competing in Swiss system with 4 games for everyone. Jos Ceulemans was in a great day, winning his four games and claiming the trophy. The fight for the second place was close but Bart Van de Vliet took the honors with 2 wins and 2 draws while Frank Lannoy had 7 points. The next 3 players had 6 points and 3 other players had 4 points. Congratulations to Jos for his wins.

Final ranking of the evening:
1. Jos Ceulemans (SC Stembert)
2. Bart Van de Vliet (SC Flanders)
3. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux)
4. Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders)
5. Geert Leys (SC Flanders)
6. Johan Lourdon (SC Flanders)
7. Vincent Guyaux (Bormla SC)
8. Danny De Greef (SC Flanders)
9. Steven De Greveleer (SC Flanders)
10. Bert Feyens (SC Flanders)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

End of the league in Savona

The final match between Costantino Bevilacqua and Enrico Demutti decided the fate of the first Savona Subbuteo Championship. Costantino showed an incredible performance, winning with the score of 3-0 the match and the Championship.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Next event in Singapore with guests from Malaysia

On October 26, Singapore will host the first tournament in Asia this season. A good turnout of 20 players is expected with 4 players from Malaysia and most of the top local players, including France's Ouabi Rouis.Bernard Lim, Den Mulia and michael Choong will be the other seeded players. Good luck to everyone involved.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Jeff Parsons wins the first "Copa del Darlo" in Darlington

Jeff Parsons was victorious in yesterday's first Copa Del Darlo, which was held at the Longfield Cosmos stadium in Darlington.

All six entrants were very closely matched and the pre tournament betting was that anyone could win it.

Neil Youngson provided a Dutch master class in group one winning both his matches.

John Bottomley's typically English tournament performance left him bottom of group two without a win.

That left Holland to face Belgium (captained by Mr P "I pity the fool" Parsons), and Austria to take on Spain in the semi finals.

The resulting final (expertly officiated by Mr Youngson) was a close affair and was finally settled by a clinical Belgian finish after the game had gone on to shots.

Holland pipped Spain to 3rd place with a 1-0 win, and the Rubber Spatula play off was contested between Romania and Gibraltar with the former running out narrow 1-0 winners due to some excellent defending and goalkeeping ( I think Tim Krul was playing as a ringer !) from UEFA's newest members".

(Report by John Bottomley)