Monday, 27 April 2015

A German guest in Singapore

The Jurong Central Subbuteo Club had its usual end-of-the-month WASPA tournament last Friday with 12 players taking part. Besides the usual group of players that had been taking part in recent months, there were three notable participants: (i) Sven Schilling, a German from the Subbuteo St. Pauli club in Hamburg who was visiting Singapore, (ii) Tan Kok Wee, President of the Table Football Association of Singapore, whose itchy fingers could not resist a flicking session on a Friday evening, and (iii) Mohd Ezan Ahmad, a veteran player and runner-up of a WASPA Futures tournament held here last year, who was taking part in his first WASPA tournament this year.
The 12 players were randomly drawn into three groups of four with the final positions in each group then moving into a separate round-robin group to determine final positions (e.g. top of each group would play one another in a second three-man group). The random draw allowed tough competition not only for our veterans but also for our more junior players, some of who were thrown into the deep end of the pool. Games were played over 20 minutes with no half-time break.

Group A consisted of Nic Tan, Henry Peh, Lim Quan Feng, and Lim Yew Seng. Nic won the group tightly through goal difference over Henry.
Group B consisted of Vikas Chandiramani, Bolkiah Musa, Tan Kok Wee and Rudy Hesty. Rudy topped the group also through goal difference over Kok Wee.
Group C consisted of Mohd Ezan Ahmad, Anas bin Rahmat, Sven Schilling and Lim Ding Heng. Anas won the group convincingly without defeat.

Rudy Hesty (winner) and special guest Sven Schilling
In the final group, Rudy won both of his games against Nic and Anas convincingly to win the tournament. Anas came in second after defeating Nic. There were also close games in the lower groups to determine final positions with shots needed to separate Kok Wee and Ezan, and Sven and Vikas.

Final Standings
1. Rudy Hesty
2. Anas bin Rahmat
3. Nic Tan
4. Tan Kok Wee
5. Mohd Ezan Ahmad
6. Henry Peh
7. Sven Schilling
8. Vikas Chandiramani
9. Bolikah Musa
10. Lim Quan Feng
11. Lim Ding Heng
12. Lim Yew Seng 

(Report by Nic Tan)

Steve Bennett did it again

This sunday's WASPA tournament in Arbroath counted as the 8th stage of the Tayuside circuit. Due to some late dropouts, there was only a small field of six players but there were many interesting games as everyone competed in a round robin of six. Steve Bennett, despite drawing with Andy Beskaby in the last session, won the tournament with 13 poitns. Andy Beskaby was second. Then came Fraser Bruce, Rob Conway, Craig Thom and Kevin Perkis. "It was really good, a lot of coaching and improvements showing in the play", commented Steve Bennett.

Peter Erb win the Wanderpokal 2015

This friday evening there was a small tournament with five players in Basel (Switzerland). There were many good games and Milan Knežević (Subbuteo Club München) was the special guest of the evening. Peter Erb took the honors and won the 4th edition of the "Wanderpokal".

More details about the club of Basel can be found

Final standings of the Wanderpokal 2015
1. Peter Erb
2. John Imbrogiano
3. Leo Cavallaro
4. Milan Knezevic
5. Alberto Eiris

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The 3rd Narangba Cup a big Success!

Brisbane Subbuteo Club held its 3rd tournament in Narangba, and it was very pleasing to have 2 new players competing.

Rob and Andrew Bennett from Ipswich joined regulars Rik, Giusseppe and Gus, and a great day of matches ensued.

Although Rob and Andrew have not played for many years, they certainly showed that they can play, and improved as the day wore on. With a month of practice ahead of them, they will certainly have more of an impact on the next tournament.

After the initial round of games, the semi finals were contested between Giusseppe v Andrew, and Rik v Gus, both close games, with Rik avenging an earlier round defeat to Gus, who recorded his first 2 tournament victories today.

The final was between Giusseppe and Rik, for the 3rd time in as many competitions, and once again, Giusseppe turned on the style for the big occasion, using his Juventus team to run out 4-2 winners over Rik’s Stoke City.

A great day was had by all, and special thanks go to Gus’ son Will, who helped out with the scoreboards.

Brisbane Subbuteo Club would like to extend an invitation to anyone who may be able to attend a tournament, please contact us via the website –

Contact e-mails are and


Friday, 24 April 2015

Easter party in Greece

During the Easter school break 6-17 of April, we organized ongoing subbuteo training sessions and easter egg hutning along with 2 tournaments.Had great fun and added two new members to the team!

Winners of the Golden Egg trophies were Mihalis Dragossis and Vasilis Panagiotides

(Report by Panos Panagiotides)

David Busch takes the promotional event in Ebreichsdorf

This thursday's WASPA promotional event had a small tournout of four and a world class player as winner: David Busch again. The guy is on a top level at the moment, his goal a few minutes before the end brought Sanremo back to Seria A last week-end. So it was no surprise that he had no problems to take the trophy yesterday:

David Busch - Thomas Eppensteiner 8-1
Lukas Eppensteiner - Jürgen Lizar 1-4
Thomas Eppensteiner - Lukas Eppensteiner 3-2
Jürgen Lizar - David Busch 2-4
Thomas Eppensteiner - Jürgen Lizar 1-0
Lukas Eppensteiner - David Busch 1-4

Final ranking:
David - 3 wins, 9 points
Thomas - 2 wins, 6 points
Jürgen - 1 win, 3 points
Lukas no win

There will be another WASPA waspa promotional on the 1st of May. In the evening before IO in Traiskirchen Thomas Eppensteiner  will organize a small tournament with some hungarian guys in Ebreichsdorf.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

England: trophies for Lee Fenton, Gianpaolo Vitulano and Andrew Garbutt

Several tournaments have been played this week-end in England. On friday, the Coulsdon Subbuteo Club hosted a small event where Lee Fenton took the honors while Colin Lindsey was second and Scott Freeman was third.
Gianpaolo Vitulano receives trophy from Rudi Peterschinigg
On sunday, the Harrow league had a tournament played by five players as a group robin. Gianpaolo Vitulano took the first place after winning three games and drawing with Kevin Cordell. Kevin was second, Luca Martinelli was third, Rudi peterschinigg fourth and Matthias Peterschinigg fifth.

On sunday, the Lincoln Flickers celebrated their fifth anniversary tournament with a good event played by 12 players. Andrew Garbutt defeted Jeremy Boothman in the final (3-0). Andy Boyer and Brett Price were the semi-finalists.

Congratulations to all.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

18th WASPA title for Georgios Zangylos

The final
This sunday 14 players attended the WASPA tournament held in the premises of Famagusta TFC in Limassol (Cyprus). It was the 7th stage of the national circuit, which will comprise 12 tournaments this season. Semi-finals saw some usal "classic games" with Kostas Kalopsidiotis defeating Sofoklis Mougis (2-0) and Georgios Zangylos beating Marcos Kalopsidiotis (4-2). In the final, Georgios Zangylos took the honors as he beat Kostas Kalopsidiotis (2-1). Congratulations Georgios! The 8th stage of the circuit will be held on April 24.

Pretoria: Celebrations all the way

Saturday 18 April 2015, Pretoria, South Africa 
The cold and wet weather in Pretoria did not stop the celebrations on Saturday. There were 5 reasons to celebrate - firstly, the (belated) celebration of the 2nd year of existence of Pretoria Flickers Club. Secondly - the birthday of club chairman, Julian vd Merwe on Friday 17th April - many happy returns !! These two events were celebrated with a specially baked birthday cake bearing the PFC club logo!
The third reason - PFC welcomed three debutants to their midst, namely Adam Murray, Rowin Wilson and Sherwin Reed !!!
The fourth reason - the unveilling of PFC's newest playing pitch : "The Black Bay". Check the link below for "The Making of The Black Bay" :
The Black Bay - Presentation
The fifth reason - a first WASPA title for Bevin Reed!
We had 8 players, split into two groups with 4 "regulars" in one group and 4 "newcomers" in the second group. The players in each group played each other twice in a mini-league setup, ensuring that each player got to play 6 games on the day. Bevin was off to a good start, recording a 2-0 win against debutant Sherwin Reed. In match 18, Bevin beat Rowin Wilson by 1-0 and that result clinched the title as Bevin had a 4 point lead over his closest challenger, Jayden vd Merwe, with only 1 round of matches left to go. Jayden proved the strongest in the "regular" field, recording 3 wins and 3 draws - an undefeated run which earned him the runner's up spot. Kegan vd Merwe, who normally does well in this event (2013 winner, 2014 runner up), could only manage 5 draws and had to settle for 6th place overall this time round. The final match, Match 24, ended Bevin Reed (2) - (0) Adam Murray - a result which also handed Bevin an undefeated run on the day - but also a run without conceding a goal in all of his 6 matches! A special mention must go to Adam Murray and Rowin Wilson who managed 3rd and 5th place finishes overall on their very first event - well done! In the end - Celebrations all the way, and congrats to Bevin Reed for his first WASPA tile - and Bevin was awarded the honour of "slicing the birthday cake(s)"!

Final Standings
1st - Bevin Reed : 16p
2nd - Jayden van der Merwe : 12p
3rd - Adam Murray : 8p
4th - Chessray Jooste : 7p
5th - Rowin Wilson : 6p
6th - Kegan van der Merwe : 5p
7th - Julian van der Merwe : 5p
8th - Sherwin Reed : 3p

(Report by Kegan van der Merwe)

Brian Daley wins the ESA Spring Cup

Brian Daley v Connor Bowden
This saturday the ESA WASPA Spring Cup was held in Enderby, Leicester (England). There were 10 players taking part so the event was played in Swiss system with 5 games for everyone. Brian Daley took the honors, winning his five games to claim the title while Jeremy Bradley was second and Brian Kinrade was third.
Colin Tarry v John Devaney

Ben Staples v Klaus Fritz

Friday, 17 April 2015

Geoffrey Marain wins 35th WASPA title in Templeuve

This thursday the Templeuve United club hosted their monthly WASPA tournament with a field of 8 players (from 2 nations and 5 different clubs). Unfortunately there were 4 last minute dropouts but it was perfect to use Thossa Büsing's "5-for-8" tournament system. The draw was funny as the 4 oldest players were dropped in the same group. After the group stage, the semi-finals were exciting but both Geoffrey Marain and Vincent Coppenolle managed to reach the final. The decisive game was full of passion, Coppenolle leading 4-1 with 8 minutes to go but Marain equalized in the last 6 secondes of the games. No goal was scored in the sudden death and Marain won the tournament on shots. Eddy Beernaert, who was in a very good day, ended third after beating Renald Deloose on shots in the final for places 3 and 4. Matthias Averlant won the consolation tournament.

Final ranking of the tournament:
1. Geoffrey Marain, SC Eugies
2. Vincent Coppenolle, Templeuve United
3. Eddy Beernaert, SC Flanders
4. Renald Deloose, Templeuve United
5. Matthias Averlant, Templeuve United
6. Vicky Vanoverskelds, Warcoing Ducks
7. Olivier Bodelle (F), Templeuve United
8. Alain Flament, SCAF Quévy

Heinz Eder wins in Ebreichsdorf

This tuesday, 11 olayers attended the tournament held in Ebreichsdorf (Austria). There were some great people and the come-back of Thomas Berholz. After the group stage and close barrage rounds, the Busch brothers met in the semi. David taking the best on Thomas. In the other semi, Heinz Eder won on shots againt Horst Deimel. Heinz Eder was also the winner of the final. After a quiet game (0-0), he won the shootout to win the trophy. As for Thomas Berholz, he was the winner of the consolation tournament.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Geoffrey Marain wins again in Quévy

Joffray Laurent, Geoffrey marain, Alain Flament
This monday five players attended the monthly tournament of SCAF Quévy (Belgium). The event was played as a group stage. Geoffrey Marain (SC Eugies) and  Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy) finished with 10 points but Marain had a better goal-difference. Joffray Laurent (SC Eugies) ended as third while Sébastien Devreese (SC Eugies) was 4th and Vicky Vanoverskelds (SC Warcoing Ducks) was 5th.

Mike Burns wins in Glasgow

Mike Burns (left), tournament winner with Tom Burns
Trevor Schott (runner-up) and Tom Burns
The WASPA event organized in Glasgow (after the group stage of the FISTF Grand Prix of Scotland) this week-end was played by 15 players from Glasgow, Dundee, Perugia, Yorkshire and Kent Invicta. The event was eventually won by Mike Burns of Perugia against Yorkshire's Trevor Schott. Tony McCann and Jeremy Boothman were the semi-finalists.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Dwi Putranto wins the Easter Cup in Indonesia

The Batavia Garudas club recently held their Easter Cup in Jakarta (Indonesia). 8 players were taking part and among them 3 were playing their first WASPA tournament. Dwi Putranto took the honors in the final as he beat Syarif Hidayat (2-0) while the semi-finalists were Arudyo Putro Rudy and Winaldo Swastia. Congratulations to all of them.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Peter Alegi takes the Michigan Spring Classic

Nathan Pate (left) and Chris Sweetland played to a scoreless draw in the Spring Classic
On Saturday, April 11, a WASPA tournament took place at the Woodland Sports complex in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was the first official event of the year organized by the Michigan Subbuteo Table Football Association and a warm up to the FISTF Satellite "Flicko de Mayo" scheduled for May 2. Peter Alegi won the Spring Classic with four victories and no goals conceded, with Nathan Pate just edging out his dad, Paul, for second place. Chris Sweetland (from Chicago) and Alex Galarza rounded out the table during a fun and competitive afternoon of flicking. Unfortunately, Mike Ewer was a last-minute scratch due to illness.

Nathan Pate - Peter Alegi 0-2
Chris Sweetland - Alex Galarza 2-0
A. Galarza - N. Pate 0-3
P. Alegi - Paul Pate 3-0
C. Sweetland - P. Alegi 0-1
A. Galarza - P. Pate 0-2
A. Galarza - P. Alegi 0-3
N. Pate - C. Sweetland 0-0
N. Pate - P. Pate 1-0
P. Pate - C. Sweetland 1-0

Final Table
P. Alegi 12 pts
N. Pate 7 pts
P. Pate 6 pts
C. Sweetland 4 pts
A. Galarza 0 pts

(Report by MiSTFA)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

The very first WASPA tournament in Perth

Chris Thorn won the first WASPA Tournament held in Perth (Australia). Big Thanks to Irwan Iskandar from Singapore for getting in touch and making this all possible. Full report and Results here:

Players interested in joining Chris and John in Perth should contact Chris Thorn at

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Frank Lannoy does the job

Alain Flament, Frank Lannoy and Jos Ceulemans
Eight players attended the monthly tournament of the SC Flanders club in Hofstade-Zemst on monday. There was a low turnout dut to the Easter holidays but seven different clubs were represented, which was probably a record. This time, there were many close games and the victory seemed to be decided after session 2 when Frank Lannoy defeated Jos Ceulemans (2-1). Frank had a perfect evening, beating Stéphane Lambert, Alain Flament and Vincent Guyaux to claim his third WASPA title. Jos finished second with 9 points while Alain Flament was third with a better goal difference than Vincent Guyaux. The final ranking of the evening was as follows:
1. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux)
2. Jos Ceulemans (SC Stembert)
3. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
4. Vincent Guyaux (Bormla SC)
5. Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders)
6. Stéphane Lambert (Kent Invicta TFC)
7. Dany Timmerman (Templeuve United)
8. Bert Feyens (SC Flanders)

Chris Kaberry wins in North Shields

North Shields SC hosted its 2nd WASPA tournament this weekend and once again, Chris Kaberry took the honours.  Only four players were involved this time but, as usual, the competition was tight and enjoyed by all.  Round 1 saw Chris and Jeff play a close game with few chances.  A well worked move 6 minutes from time gave Chris the win 1-0. Andy failed to take his chances against Dave who scored his first ever WASPA goal to win 1-0. Chris gave Dave a lesson in finishing in game two winning 5-0 whilst Andy and Jeff fought out another close match. Once again, Andy failed to take chances and let Jeff get behind his defence to win 1-0. The final session saw two very close games.  Andy played a superb defensive game against Chris and deserved a 0-0 draw whilst Jeff beat Dave 1-0.  Big thank you to Andy Mill for his hospitality. Look forward to seeing everyone at NETFA Teeside on Friday night!

(Report by Chris Kaberry)

Monday, 6 April 2015

WASPA report file of March 2015

Dear all, here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit.

WASPA Golden Book (March 2015)
WASPA ranking of March 2015

Group picture in Singapore
This month we had 26 "regional" tournaments and one with advanced rules. We had some great improvements and great happenings:
- we are growing with 1541 ranked players (+24) from 38 different nations.
- the Templeuve tournament was spectacular with 28 entries and the top 3 of the WASPA ranking (Geoffrey Marain, Steve Bennett, Jos Ceulemans) were there.Anyway, none of them managed to finish in the top 4 as we had big names such as Daniel and Pascal Scheen, Lucio Canicchio,... taking part;
- great events in South Africa (3 different tournaments), Switzerland, Greece, England, Scotland,...;
- the individual tournament of the UL & Ireland championship was played under WASPA banner;
- Australia is still doing extremely well and had a tournament under both FISTF and WASPA banners;
- England is now the nation that has organized the largest number of regional tournaments (78 - 75 for Italy);
- England is also now third in the ranking of nations (+1) and Australia is now fourth (+1);

FISTF tournament in Berry (Australia) also under WASPA banner
There are already a couple of events in the calendar for April and please note it's never too late to add more events.

The venue of the UK and Ireland championship
WASPA is trying to become stronger but we will need ideas of everyone to keep on growing. WE ARE WAITING YOUR FEEDBACK!

Keep in mind for any request about the WASPA circuit and for sending results, you must use the following e-mail address:

Please note the blog is updated as often as possible at

The FISTF website is

Have a great day and keep on flicking!

Vincent Coppenolle

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Second WASPA trophy for Kostas Kalopsidiotis

There was subbuteo action this wednesday in Limassol( Cyprus) with another great event counting for the WASPA circuit. 17 players were present and the level of the competitors is improving as Georgios Zangylos was defeated in the quarter-finals by Kyriakos Stylianou. In the semis, Kyriakos Stylianou lost to Kostas Kalopsidiotis in sudden death and in the grand final, Kostas Kalopsidiotis managed to beat Giorgos Stylianou (3-1). Giorgos Stylianou had won a sensational game against Marcos Kalopsidiotis on shots in the semi. Congratulations to all Cypriots involved to help improving things in Cyprus.