Friday, 28 August 2020

News from England, Wales and Northern Ireland

We are sorry we didn't put give more exposure to the latest events in the UK but it deserves for sure a lot of respect has a lot of work has been done to make Subbuteo popular again in different areas.

On July 23, there was a small tournament in Brighton with just three players taking part but it was good to see Alan Lee taking the honors while Dave croucher was runner-up and Ian Maskell took the third place.

On July 25, the Wolverhampton club was back in action after a long break. Here again, it was a small event with four players and Richard Badger was the winner with Justin Scott being 2nd, Mick Hammonds 3rd and Peter Sleeth 4th.

"Congratulations to Richard Badger on his win in the first WTFC post lockdown tournament - the July WASPA. The small competition, played at a home venue was limited to invite only. It was a closely fought contest, played in league format. It came down to the final game, and Richard's draw with Mick was enough to edge out Justin, winning the league by a single point. It was a great afternoons play, and a good start for the club hopefully returning in the near future, once our room is available again. Well done to Richard, Justin, Mick and Peter who took part, and played for their respective supported clubs", reported the organizers. See the Wolverhampton Facebook page here.

The day after, Haverhill Rovers TFC was holding a very first WASPA tournament with a good turnout of 8 players. Elliot Bellefontaine defeated his father Martin in the final (2-1) while semi-finalists were Alan Lee and local player Marco Barqueiro.

In England again, the first Stanway Rovers Flickers SC tournament took place on July 29 with 6 players competing in a group format. Martin Hodds was the winner with 5 games won while Martin Bellefontaine was runner-up. Other involved players were Alan Lee (3rd), Howard Romain (4th), Cieran Dadds (5th) and Francesca Bellefontaine (6th).

In August, the first tournament of the month was held in Wrexham, Wales where the London Road club was glad to be back in action. Here again, there were many close games but Brian Daley finished on top of a league of 9 players. The final standings were as follows:

1. Brian Daley
2. Alan Lee
3. Cayne Matthews
4. Chris Bedford
5. Ruby Matthews
6. Dan Nicholls
7. Mark Tilling
8. Lucasz Whittle
9. Michael Bennett

In Northern Ireland, the Derry City players held their first event for a long time with 4 players involved. Nick Pearson from England finished on top of the leagu with all games won.

Final table:
1. Nick Pearson
2. Martinog Bradley
3. Oisin Mór
4. Jude Morrow

Finally, Liverpool TFC was also back in action last Sunday. As the venue of the club was not available, the tournament took place in Wrexham with 8 players. brian Daley defeated Alan Lee in the final while Cayne Matthews and Ruby Matthews reached the semis. Chris Bedford beat Nick Pearson in the plate final and it was good also to see Gavin Roper of the new club from Burnley taking part!

Forthcoming events

The future is promising with more events to come. See hereunder a list of forthcoming events:

Sunday 30th August: WASPA Event at Haverhill Rovers Table Football Club Flick off at 10am. This is an open invite. The venue is at Haverhill Rovers FC, Contact Gerry Harrington Email:

Monday 7th September: Bristol Subbuteo Club WASPA Event at Bristol Manor Farm FC. The Creek, Portway Bristol BS9 2HS. 7pm Start. All Welcome. Free event with Trophies. Contact- Bernard OConnor 07720593398.

Tuesday 8th September: Surrey Saracens tournament. Contact is

Wednesday 9th September: WASPA event at Stanway Rovers Flickers SC. Flick off 7pm. All welcome. The venue is at Stanway Rovers FC, Colchester. Contact Alan Lee Email: 

Monday 21st September: Cardiff Bluebirds WASPA Event at Bristol Manor Farm FC. The Creek, Portway Bristol BS9 2HS. 7pm Start. All Welcome. Free event with Trophies. Contact- John Lauder or Bernard OConnor

Wednesday 23rd September: Solent Subbuteo Club WASPA Event at QE2 Activity Centre Southampton. 7pm Start. All Welcome. Contact Corey Martin Email: or 07947471078

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Australia: latest results from Brisbane and Perth

Brisbane players

Things continue to go well for our friends in Brisbane and Perth. The 2 Australian clubs had tournaments played under WASPA banner in August and players had great fun.

In Brisbane, the tournament took place last Sunday. it was a good day and players had talks about the future of the Club. Unfortunately they where just 4 players. Giuseppe Tardiota won the tournament.

Final table (6 games for all)
1. Giuseppe Tardiota 16 pts
2. Gareth Whalley 11
3. Wayne Miller 3
4. Kevin Halliday 2

The Perth tournament had six players competing in a group format. Singapore's Tan Yew Loy was unbeaten and took the honors while Alan Kimber was runner-up.

Final table (5 games for all)
1. Tan Yew Loy 15 points
2. Alan Kimber 12
3. Hugh Best 7
4. Chris Thorn 4
5. Ron Byrne 3
6. Noel Mani 2

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Sankt Pauli players are back in action

Tuesday 11th August saw the first Subbuteo Sankt Pauli WASPA tournament since March. Six regulars battled it out, finally getting to scratch the subbuteo itch after the Covid19 lockdown eased in parts of Germany. 

Simon won the competition thanks to three wins and a scoreless draw with runner-up Sven, who drew with 4th placed Marius to finish 2 points behind the leader. Fred rolled in with the bronze thanks to his win over Marius and two draws with Andre (5th) and Ralf (6th)

Final table

1. Simon Stewart   5-1   10P.
2. Sven Schilling   5-1   8P.
3. Fred Elesbao   1-1   5P.
4. Marius Willhaus   3-4   4P.
5. Andre Lange   0-2   2P.
6. Ralf Offenborn   0-5   2P.

Monday, 17 August 2020

WASPA standings of July 2020

 Dear fellow flickers,

we are glad to communicate the updated WASPA standings and results.

WASPA Season results 2019-2020

WASPA ranking - July 20

Action in Brisbane, Australia
July has been a very special month for several reasons. Some nations are still unable to hold tournaments again and we want to send your full support to our clubs, players and organizers who are waiting the green light to be back in action. For some nations, it was simply fantastic to see some new clubs organizing their very first WASPA tournament. Huge welcome to Worthing Fivestar (England), Haverhill Rovers TFC (England), Lions Zante SC (Greece), SC Fonte Nuova (Italy) and Stanway Rovers Flickers SC (England) for being part of our community. Special thanks to Panos Panagiotides in Greece and Alan Lee in England for the amazing job to get new clubs involved!

For several reasons the blog hasn't been updated much in the last three weeks so please accept my sincere apoligies. We hope things will be back to normal soon.

Among the great news, I would like to point out that:

- Johanneburg TFC was back in action in South Africa with players from 3 clubs and 2 nations taking part in their come-back tournament;

- Greece had a lot of events run by different clubs;

- SC Fonte Nuova in Italy had an inaugural tournament played with the old rules;

- our friends in Australia are happy to have games in Perth and Brisbane but we send your full support to the people in Sydney and Melbourne with the hope they will be allowed to play again soon;

- Bormla in Malta had a good events with 12 players;

- many events have been played in England;

- TSC Royal 78 (Austria) held their second event in July and a third tournament in August.

We are glad to see 25 players attended their very first WASPA tournament in July.

As for rankings, Alekos Apatzis is now number 2 in the ranking. Congratulations!

For August we have already received results from Ilioupoli (Greece), Vienna (Austria), Perth (Australia), Wrexham (Wales), Derry (Northern Ireland) and Singapore. Don't hesitate to send tour results and possibly your tournament requests to or

Huge thanks to all organizers who give their continued support and we are hope that many more clubs and players will join this season.

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at

We also have a WASPA page here:

 Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each  other), don't hesitate to contact me at or

We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Coppenolle, , ++32/477/221902

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

First WASPA tournament on Zakynthos island

The first tournament of the Lions Zante is in the books. The tournament took place on Zakynthos island (Greece) under WASPA banner and 6 players competed in Swiss system. The winner was Nikos Monos who defeated Kostas Argiris in the final while Dimitris Stravolemos took the third place. Congratulations to all for the great games in the WASPA spirit and a warm welcome to the new club!