Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is WASPA an association?
No, it is a circuit of tournaments.

How many tournaments can we organize per season?
Every club can organize several tournaments per year. Each club can organize up to twelve regional tournaments (one per month) and up to twelve other tournaments (one per month). The “other tournaments can be promotional events, tournaments with advanced rules or tournaments with ETF rules”. The goal is to give the possibility to as many players as possible to play as many tournaments as possible under WASPA banner.

Is it allowed to host two regional tournaments over the same week-end?
Yes. In some countries it is difficult to get players together due to long distances. Therefore a club can organize two tournaments over the same week-end (Saturday and Sunday) or over the same month as long as only two tournaments are held during the trimester.

How are we going to promote the game?
Players have the power! When tournaments are organized, players and organizers will be pushed to send articles, pictures and reactions to publish on the WASPA website.

Do players have to respect some standards of organization to be part of the WASPA circuit?
Regional tournaments are the key to success for WASPA. Because regional tournaments are not really difficult to organize, they can be played in week days, even in evenings as the goal of these tournaments is to make sure players can play under WASPA banner. For bigger events such as Opens (which are not organized yet but might appear in the future), there will be higher standards of organization though.

Is there freedom to organize WASPA tournaments?
Yes, organizers are free to organize tournaments in group stage with knock-out round, only a large group stage or the Swiss system. If it is easier for the organizer, it is possible to play 20 minutes games. The goal is to let players play as many games as possible.

Do organizers have to pay taxes to organize WASPA tournaments?
There are no taxes to pay for WASPA tournaments.

Can everyone play in both FISTF and WASPA tournaments?
Players are not FISTF or WASPA. Every player is free to play in both the FISTF and WASPA circuits. Top players are welcome, newcomers are welcome, occasional players are welcome. Enerybody is welcome.

If you have any other question, feel free to ask it to Vincent Coppenolle at

(Last update on March 6, 2014)
WASPA is all about playing and promoting the game of Subbuteo

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