WASPA clubs around the world

Many clubs around the world support the WASPA circuit. Among them, several clubs are part of the "Top Clubs" section or in the "Development League". We want to hep these clubs to recruit more players and to become stronger in the future.

Reminder: What is a "WASPA Top Club"? WASPA would like to encourage the most active clubs on the circuit by creating some kind of database.

All clubs can decide to request the status of "WASPA Top Club" as long as some criteria's are filled:
- having organized 5 WASPA events in the previous season (*);
- having 5 WASPA events in the agenda for the new season;
- having premises for local development;
- having at least 8 players in the WASPA ranking.
(*): new clubs can also join if they have players ranked in the FISTF rankings.

Reminder: There is also a "WASPA Development league". The Development league is open to clubs who have organized at least 3 WASPA events in the previous season + have at least 3 WASPA events in the agenda for the new season + have at least 5 players in the WASPA ranking. A new club can also join the Development League if they have the plan to host at least 3 WASPA events.

If you are interested to list your club and to be part of the WASPA rankings of clubs, please send the details to publish to vincent.cop@rsca.com

List of WASPA clubs (here only clubs of the "Top clubs" and "Development League" sections)


Brisbane Subbuteo Club (Top club)
Brisbane Subbuteo Club (BSC) had their very first WASPA tournament in January 2015. The club started that very day after three like-minded individuals found each other through the WASPA community via Vince in Belgium. Giuseppe had played in tournaments before and his desire was to re-create what some of the other big Australian clubs had. Now we have our own club house with four tables permanently setup. Some of our WASPA tournaments have seen ten players compete. Our competitor’s ages range from ten to over seventy.  The BSC monthly WASPA tournaments have seen no less than five individual winners so far. In the two and half years as part of the WASPA community we have four players ranked in the world’s top 50 and one player in the top 10. We cover a vast area of South East Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast, down to the Gold Coast and as far West as Ipswich (almost the size of England). We have also hosted WASPA tournaments on the Sunshine Coast and at Ipswich. We welcome any would be players to come along to any of our tournaments or practice sessions. BSC can boast its very own website which is full of great information, videos and all our past tournaments.
Website: www.brisbanesubbuteo.org
Contact: Giuseppe Tardiota at info@brisbanesubbuteo.org

Northern Falcons TFC (Top club)
The club was created in 1976 by friends in Sydney's northern suburbs.
During this period there was a huge boom in the number of people playing Subbuteo, with half a dozen clubs around Sydney, and more than 300 players. In the 80s the club grew to more than 24 players, with half being under 16, before table football went into a hiatus during the early 2000s. The club now plays regularly on Sydney's north shore, with a growing group of young players. Matches are held at a local community club, Willoughby Park Bowling Club. The Northern Falcons' moment of glory was taking the first ever Asian Cup in 2015, earning the gold star on our club emblem. In 2017 Robert Green became the Asian Veteran Champion, and in 2018 Olli Ollnow became Asian Junior Champion. Our ambition is to have more than 20 Junior players - male and female -- by the end of 2021.
We welcome all touring players to our club venue.

Contact: Steve Dettre at northern.falcons.76@gmail.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/854801904538974/

Western Sydney Subbuteo (formerly "Subbuteo Parramatta") (Top club)
Subbuteo Parramatta officially became a Subbuteo club in 2013 when they discovered WASPA and its network of small clubs around the world. The club grew out of a group of friends who had been playing regular tournaments since 2003. The club caters for players in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia and works closely with the other clubs in Sydney, and around Australia, to promote the game and provide opportunities for players of all levels and abilities to play.
The club still uses its original clubhouse in founder, Adrian Elmer’s back yard, along with the loungerooms of other members, for smaller events, while staging larger events at The Games Cube in Parramatta.
Contact Adrian Elmer at ajebec@netspace.net.au

Western Flickers Melbourne TFC (Top club)
Western Flickers Melbourne TFC was formed in 2015 to cater for table football fans based in the western & northern regions of Melbourne Australia. Nicknamed the "Pelicans", the club logo and colours are a tribute to the Hobsons Bay region where Western Flickers originated. Our primary mission is to provide a fun, inclusive and friendly club environment where everyone can enjoy the game and feels proud to be a part of.

Social flick sessions are held weekly providing newcomers with a welcoming, non-competitive and relaxed environment to try out the game we all love; as well as allowing club players regular practice to improve  their game. We also hold monthly WASPA tournaments to cultivate our members for competitive table football.

Our bases are currently at the Meadow Park Soccer Club (northern HQ) and the western HQ is "soon to be announced". GO WEST !
Contact: Benny Ng at bennidokk@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WesternFlickers/
Current membership list - (J) means Junior: Adam Deverell, Aidan Deverell (J), Kevin Grant, Simon Briffa, Harrison Briffa (J), Alex Briffa (J), Adrian Connolly, Jack Connolly (J), Chris Hirst, Fauzi Rahman, Choon Lee, David McCall, David Simpson, Charlie Hannington (J), Charlotte Wilson (J), Benjamin Ng (J), Benny Ng, Paul Hindmarsh.

Melbourne TFC (Top club)
Melbourne Table Football Club was founded in April 2013 when local players got in touch with the Welsh Wizard- Carl Young. Since then the club has continually grown leading the way for subbuteo in Australia. Recently the club won the Australian Grand Prix in 2016. We hold social events every month and we welcome players of all ages, skills and abilities as for us “subbuteo is always the winner!”. We are based in the south east suburbs and we serve players based in Melbourne’s south and eastern suburbs. We are looking forward to a big year in 2017 with a new clubhouse and the intention to stage the 2018 Australian Grand Prix.
Contact:  subbuteomelbourne@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melbournetfc/?fref=ts

Sydney TFC (Top Club)
Sydney TFC is an Australian club born in 2016 with the intention to spread more and more this game.
When Subbuteo Parramatta and Northern Falcons have formed from Australian players, Sydney TFC is mostly under the Mediterranean influence (Italians and Greeks).
Since the club was born, they have supported the WASPA and FISTF banners, organizing tournaments for every age of players. We look forward to increase more and more in the future and rise up as many kids as we can.
A big thank you to Fabrizio Coco, Tony Credentino, Raffaele Lombardi, Daniele Lombardi, Kostas Barbaris and John Palamara for the constant support to the club.
Contact: Fabrizio Coco at fabcoco92@gmail.com
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/sydneytfc/

Subbuteo Perth (Top club)
Details coming soon

Canberra & South Coast TFC (Development League)
Details coming soon

Central Victoria TFC (Development League)
Details coming soon

Northern Phoenix (Development League)
Details coming soon


TFC Ebenfurth (Top club)
TFC Ebenfurth is back in action after a long hiatus. The club is ready to have evenings playing the beautiful game with cheerful guests and chatting to spread good mood. Back in the 1980' TFC Ebenfurth was one of the largest clubs in Austria. They even won two Austria cups (Clubs) against TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen. In the 1990's because of private decisions, the club members decided to have a break, which was longer than expected. Horst Deimel joined TFC Wien West and moved on to TSC R78 Kaisermühlen, TFC Mattersburg, TFC Traiskirchen and TFKN Dragons, while some of his clubmates stopped playing and returned through TFKN Dragons ( Roland Schwacha, Robert Lengyel) and TFC Wr. Neustadt (Markus Ziergoi) around 4 years ago.
Finally, the six old friends met again (including Mario Peretti and Rene Buchler) and decided to play in a "easy and cool" way. Players are excited to be back in action and there is a lot of emotion going on. There are also some new players as active members try to promote the game the best they can. Players also try to keep a positive attitude to give a good image of the game towards parents and other interested parties. Our main aim is to spread and show young players the game.
Link: http://www.tfcebe.tischfussballverband.at/

TSC Royal 78 (Development League)
Details coming soon


SC Flanders (Top club)
Subbuteo Club Flanders is one of the most active clubs in Belgium with weekly meeting organized every Monday evening in their premises of Hofstade-Zemst. SCF players meet at "De Rode Roos", Moniestraat and usually spend the evening with Swiss ladder competitions. A WASPA tournament is held every first monday of the month, from September till June and the club also organize the "Flanders Cup" and some special events. Some of the players are very active in national and international levels. Unfortunately SCF is the only active club in the North of Belgium. In the season 2017-2018 the club is back in the national league for clubs, which is a great step forward. SCF has always open door for new players and for visitors from outside.
Contact: Geert Leys - lefo1@hotmail.com
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/479038732231303/

Semois SC (Development League)
Semois SC is a small club founded in 2015 and based in Vresse, in the South of the Province of Namur (Belgium). The club currentyly has 8 players who are all from the same area but some of them have moved to other cities. Due the fact the club is isolated from other clubs, the Semois SC players usually play mostly in their own WASPA tournaments. There are hopes to create a real partnership with a new club based in Bande, near Rochefort.
Contact is Pascal Droeven: pascal@lafrayere.be
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Semois-Subbuteo-Club-385108494978386/

Templeuve United (Top club)
The Templeuve United club was founded in 1989 by a group of 5 friends aged 12 to 15. The club had glory days in the 2000's when several young players were qualified to play the FISTF world Cup, including Maxime Castel (U15 semi-finalist) and Elodie Bertholet (several times semi-finalist in the ladies section). The club also organized the FISTF World Cup in 2005 and the European Cup for Clubs in 2009. In 2011 Templeuve became the second club to host a WASPA tournament. The club has kept on hosting WASPA tournaments very month in the last 2 years.
Premises of the clubs are located at this address: rue de Roubaix 95 - 7520 Templeuve
Contact: vincent.cop@rsca.com and http://templeuveunited.blogspot.com

Wamme SC (Top club)
A new Subbuteo club started in in Bande in 2016 as a result of a long-term project lead by Jean Grosdent. After stopping playing for 18 years, Grosdent started the first club in the Belgian province of Luxembourg (South of the country). "Wamme" is the name of the small river in Bande and it is also the name of the former local football club. The club currently has 9 members and there are strong wish to become a bigger club. The aim of the club is to have young players involved, to become a real club ready to have a youth section. Training sessions are held on thursday evening in the football club but new premises should be available in October 2017. Wamme SC has organized several WASPA events and some provincial competitions under the banner of the Belgian association.  The club will also take part in the national league for clubs in division 2 this season.
Contact: Jean Grosdent, 0032-489-333803.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180520979012248/

USC Huy (Development League)
Details coming soon.

Etoile Sarthoise (Development League)
Details coming soon.


Toronto SC (
Development League)
Details coming soon.


Famagusta TFC (
Development League)
Details coming soon.


Manchester SC (Top club)
Manchester TFC was formed in 2010 after acquiring the city’s original Subbuteo club. The club is a member of FISTF, WASPA, ESA, PTSA. Any age or gender is welcome at our club, it is great fun and can be competitive also. The club offers free one to one training before going into tournament environments.
The venue is Hotel Football - 99 Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester - M16 0SZ.
The club will host WASPA tournaments every last tuesday of the month from 7.00 pm till 10.00 pm. Contact is Dannylilley@me.com
Website is www.manchestersubbuteo.com 

Kent Invicta TFC (Development League)
With over 30 players of all ages, Kent Invicta has been one of the UK’s most progressive Subbuteo Clubs over the last few years, staging FISTF and WASPA tournaments but also providing ‘grassroots’ coaching and introduction to the game.

With a committed youth programme and inclusion for all, Kent Invicta strive to engage with players of all abilities to ensure everyone gets a chance to play the game at every level.

This ethos has laid the foundation for English Subbuteo to have a fantastic production line of junior players coming through but also many players of all abilities the chance to compete and play the game.

The venue of the club
We’ve had many of our youth players represent England Internationally at World Cups and Kent has produced the majority of the players who have Bronze medalled 7 times in the last 5 World Cups across the U12s, U15s & U19s Team  categories.

Kent’s current venue at the Playfootball.net soccer facility in Gillingham gives a warm, welcoming atmosphere for anyone wanting to have a game or just watch the action in a fun, friendly environment.

Kent Invicta travel to tournaments around the UK and Europe and have players from around the world – get in touch whether you are an experienced, returning or new player to get involved!

Contact: Terry Arnold – terryarnold@blueyonder.co.uk - +44 07946 369452 - http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/kentinvictatfc/

NETFA Brigantes (Top club)
The NETFA Brigantes Club has developed from the old NETFA Teesside and we now play formal league fixtures rather than random one off events. Our club ethos is that we “"Provide an opportunity and an environment for players of the North East of England to play table football in the spirit of fair play, mutual respect and competition." We have no one venue, games are played at players homes. This means that we have true home and away games and players can develop a home advantage for themselves by choosing the type of pitch they use for their home games. The players at the club pride themselves on their commitment to the club and in what we have developed at the club in terms of a long lasting structure.

The name Brigantes comes from a tribe of ancient people who lived in the area before the Romans came along. The NETFA stands for North East Table Football Alliance and this is exactly what we are, an alliance of players. Our website can be found at http://www.netfa.co.uk/
To contact the club mail Mike Parnaby on Michael.parnaby@ntlworld.com

Chesterfield TFC (Development League)
Contact: Andrew Forster-Fake CTFC@ajfake.co.uk

North East Midlands Senior Subbuteo League (Development League)
Contact: Andrew Forster-Fake mail@ajfake.co.uk

Wolverhampton Subbuteo Football Club (Top club)

Wolverhampton Subbuteo Football Club started as a group of 4 players playing for fun back in September 2016. We quickly realised that others may be playing the game locally and decided to look for a venue rather than playing at people's houses. In January 2017, we held the Roy Holden tournament, named after the man behind the successful Wolverhampton club from 1965 to 1999 who sadly passed away in 2011. The idea behind the tournament was to put Subbuteo back on the map in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands and draw out players locally. It did more than that, with a turnout of 14 players from as far as Sheffield, Worcester and Lincoln. Local radio stations and newspapers covered the event which was a great success.
The 5th February 2017 saw the clubs official opening at our venue, The Poynings, Tettenhall, WV6 8QN where we play every Sunday at 7pm. We have standard league and cup, and handicap league and cup events, with a host of other events held in between. The league started with just 5 players, but this has steadily grown, and in October 2017 will kick off with at least double the number of players. We have started to develop younger players with four youth players in training, ages 9 to 12, and have held demonstration events at local youth clubs to increase interest and participation.
The club now boasts 6 astropitch tables, business cards, balls, and proper club shirts, all sporting our excellent logo (With approval from Subbuteo to use their logo in our badge!). Our online presence has gone from strength to strength with over 150 people from all over the world following our facebook page and twitter accounts.
We have developed a close relationship with three other clubs, London Road (North Wales), Derry City (London Derry, N.Ireland) and South Staffs Subbuteo Club. This has greatly helped our development as a club and the clubs will now meet every season for an annual Inter Club event.

Contact: Justin Scott wolverhamptonsfc@gmail.com
Facebook: @Wolverhampton Subbuteo Football Club
Twitter: @WolvesSubbuteo
wolves_subbuteo on Instagram
Email: WolverhamptonSFC@gmail.com

Lincoln Flickers Subbuteo Club (Top Club)
Lincoln Subbuteo was reborn when enthusiasts John Devaney and the late Mick Brien reinstated club Subbuteo in Lincoln in 2010 with the first official matches played Wednesday 3 March at The Morning Star pub. John and Mick were joined by Andy Berry and the trio were encouraged with support from Yorkshire Phoenix players Rich Pepper and Martin Hodds. This inaugural season got off to a flying start with 9 members competing including Ivor Morgan who used to run Lincoln Subbuteo Club in the eighties and early nineties as part of the Red Imps Lincoln and District League.
Lincoln Flickers league was strengthened the following two seasons with Adrian ‘Dippa’ Curtis and Sam Curtis (Yorkshire Phoenix) proving tough competitors. League membership rose to an all-time high of sixteen before dropping to its lowest, just five members in the 2014-15 season. However, the lowest point for Lincoln Flickers was losing Mick and Pete Warner who died a few months apart in 2014.
Andy Boyer won the initial season and reclaimed the titles upon Dippa’s departure. Andy Boyer, Jez Boothman and Andrew Garbutt have proved equally matched though it is Boyer who has dominated the titles and cup competitions, though the 2016-17 season was possibly won by Garbutt!
To acknowledge other commitments and encourage player development regular Wednesday meetings are now friendly practice sessions. Further, a Handicap Cup competition aims to give everyone equal chance of winning. Despite this Boyer scraped through and managed to lift yet another trophy!
This season league points are awarded at the Lincoln Flickers WASPA events with scoring based on the Eurovision points system with the winner getting 12 points, r/up 10, then 8,7,6,5 etc. The top three are joined by Sheffield’s Mathew Atkin who won the last competition in February. Flickers has seen a number of new faces too and it is hoped that more names will be added to the ranking points in upcoming events.
Lincoln Flickers is also promoting Subbuteo in local youth clubs with the aim of introducing a regular team competition between the clubs to encourage the next generation of flickers.
Finally, Lincoln is a beautiful city to visit so come and spend a weekend and take part in one of our friendly events!
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lincolnflickers/

Harrow Hawks T.S.C  (Development League)
Meet monthly. Usually the first Wednesday evening of the month. At Tithe Farm Social Club, 151 Rayners Ln, Harrow HA2 0XH. Contact: Rudi Peters rudi.peters@hotmail.com

Yorkshire Phoenix (Development League)
Contact: Paul Lawrenson paullawrenson177@hotmail.com

The White Star (Development League)
Contact: Contact Jeremy Bradley jeremybradley49@yahoo.co.uk

Bristol Subbuteo FC  (Development League)
Meet fortnightly, flick off 7.30pm. Table Football and traditional Subbuteo played.
Venue Bristol Manor Farm FC. The Creek, Portway Bristol BS9 2HS.
Contact: Bernard OConnor 07720593398.

East Lancashire Subbuteo Club (Development League)
Venue; Pendle Forrest Barrowford Rd Fence, Burnley
BB12 9QQ. Meet Thursday evening 
7pm - 9pm Contact Gavin Roper 07720 710325 

The Magnet Broadstairs (Development League)
Meet fortnightly on a Wednesday Evening. Pub rules and Old Subbuteo.
Contact Andy Lobb - AndyLobb@ccworks.co.uk 

Haverhill Rovers TFC (Development League)
Play Old Rules Subbuteo and Modern Sports Table Football- Contact Gerry Harrington Email: gerryharrington131060@gmail.com

Liverpool TSC (Development League)
Meet weekly, 5pm-8pm, at Ellergreen Community Centre, L11 2RY.
Contact: Brian Daley 07950791591.

North Shields STF (Development League)
Contact Chris Kaberry harleyk83@aol.com
Find us on Facebook under….. North Shields Subbuteo Table Football

Solent Subbuteo Club (Development League)
Solent Subbuteo & Table Soccer Club meet every Wednesday at Hedge End Club (7pm til 10pm)
We play FISTF rules league fixtures, cup games and friendlies.
Currently our league consists of 2 divisions of 7. With promotion and relegation. We hold two leagues per year (Winter and Summer Leagues and 3 Annual Cup Competitions (all under the WASPA banner)
We also have various other promotional, mini-WASPA tournaments throughout the year.
We always welcome new players and visiting guests from other clubs and we also cater for Traditional Old Rules subbuteo and we have an England International in that category and we are hoping to develop one of our u20 players in preparation for the World Cup in Tunbridge Wells in 2024.
Last year we won the WASPA development league gaining promotion to the top clubs league..
Contact Corey Martin Email: coreymartin89@hotmail.com or 07947471078 

Stanway Rovers Flickers SC (Development League)
imes and dates to be confirmed. Venue Stanway Rovers FC, Colchester. Contact: Alan Lee alanlee@lewiswaterman.co.uk

Surrey Saracens SC (Development League)
Meet fortnightly on Tuesday. Location: Brooklyns Sports Bar, 9 Queensway, Redhill RH1 1QT
Contact: Lee Fenton. Email address Surreysaracens@gmail.com

Worthing Fivestar (Top clubs)

Established in 1982, we are one of the longest running Subbuteo clubs in England, based in Worthing, West Sussex.
We play every Thursday night at the Heene Community Centre, 122 Heene Road, Worthing, Sussex BN11 4PL and welcome players of all levels from novice to experienced players. Playing equipment is provided.

Flick off is 19.15 – 21.45 in the Wordsworth Lounge
Our website can be found at https://worthingfivestartfc.wordpress.com/
Facebook: @worthingfivestar
Twitter: @FivestarTFc


Subbuteo St. Pauli (Top club)

Subbuteo Sankt Pauli grew from a few Sankt Pauli supporters playing at home and then forming a club. 
We meet every Tuesday evening at the Fanladen under the Millerntor Stadion. We play a monthly WASPA competition and host our „BIG ONE“ during the first weekend in March with players from across Germany, Denmark, England and Ireland having previously visited. Our weekly club nights are purely for fun and are played in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We are against all forms of discrimination and don’t tolerate such expressions in our club! 
You can contact us through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SubbuteoStPauli/


Flaming Flickers Subbuteo Club (Top club)
Flaming Flickers SC was founded in 2013 and the members met through internet at first.They played i nvarious places and finally have their own space of 120 square meters that has a kids corner and an old subbuteo area with 6 tables and 6 more tables dedicated to the modern game. That space covers the needs of the 35 active  members of the club. They joined WASPA from their early start and they have now more than 30 tournaments under the WASPA banner.
Contact: Panos Panagiotides at ppanagiotides@gmail.com

Roligans Ilioupolis TSC (Top Club)
Details coming soon.

Achaioi TSC (Development League)
In 2011 a group of friends gathered and created, for our favorite hobby Subbuteo, the team Achaioi T.S.C. Our team is the only one in Patras and our members have participated and succeeded in various tournaments. The most important victory was the conquest of the 9th place in the Europa League. Today, the team consists of nine members who make continuous efforts to increase the dynamics of our team.

Lions Zante SC (Development League)
Details coming soon.

OSC Kallithea Flame (Development League)
Details coming soon.

Panorama 1978 SC Thessaloniki GRE (Development League)
Details coming soon.

Pireaus Lions TSC (Development League)
Details coming soon.


Tralee and Munster SC (Development League)
Formed 2022
Member of the Table Football Association of Ireland
Based in: Tralee, Country Kerry, Ireland
Home venue: The Klub Bar, Kerins O'Rahilly's Club, Strand Road, Tralee
Game day: Every 3 weeks. 7:30 pm to 10 pm
Rules: FISTFA and occasionally 1967 Subbuteo
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/382626976190248 (Subbuteo Table Football Munster)

Donegal Subbuteo (Development League)
Details coming soon.


Club Subbuteo Firenze (Top Club)
Details coming soon.

SC Terni 2014 (Development League)
The Subbuteo club Terni was born in October 2014 thanks to Simone Perotti, the club is made up of 18 people of 9 members with the FISCT (Italian table football sports federation), it is played both in traditional Subbuteo and table football. During the year, internal championships are held between the members of the meeting place of both game disciplines.

The city of Terni in Umbria in Italy has a world champion (fistf) in table football his name is Francesco Mattiangeli, he has won various individual and team world titles with the Italian fisct team.

Our contacts: Marco Perotti: 334 .8259913
whatsapp E-mail = perottimarco1900@libero.it 

Subbuteo Teramo (Development League)
Subbuteo Teramo was born in 2021 from the idea of ​​two friends, but enters full activity only in 2023.
To date there are six members who tread the green cloth every Tuesday in the club's headquarters located in the historic center of Teramo: four cloth fields, strictly Old rules and themed monthly tournaments whose results are included in the club's ranking.

Instagram: subbuteo_teramo
YouTube: subbuteoteramo8438

TSC 69ers (Development League)
Details coming soon.

TSC Black Rose '98 Roma (Development League)
Details coming soon.


Saitama Subbuteo

Welcome to SAITAMA SUBBUTEO, the friendliest Table Football Club around!
Join us today and experience the joy of playing Subbuteo in a safe and inclusive environment.
Whether you’re young or old, from any nationality, with or without physical disabilities, we ensure that you will feel welcome, respected, and have a fantastic time playing with us.
Our club embodies the spirit of friendship, goodwill, and fair play, making every game an enjoyable experience.
Come and play with us at our two locations, Kuki Aoba Grounds in Saitama, our headquarters, and TL Pearce Distillery Grounds in Chiba, our larger satellite facility.
Don’t miss out on the fun – join our fantastic club today!

埼玉サブビュートへようこそ。日本で一番フレンドリーなテーブルサッカークラブです。今すぐ参加して、安全で包括的な環境で Subbuteo をプレイする喜びを体験してください。
本社である埼玉県の久喜青葉グラウンドと、より大きなサテライト施設である千葉県のTLピアス蒸留所グラウンドの2拠点にぜひお越しください。楽しみをお見逃しなく – 今すぐ私たちの素晴らしいクラブに参加してください!

Location: Kuki city, Saitama, Japan


Attard SC
 (Development League)
Details coming soon.

Bormla SC (Development League)
Details coming soon.


Derry City TFC (Northern Ireland)
Derry City Table Football Club was formed in October of 2016 by Martinog Bradley, Lochlin Bradley and Lawrence Watson. Our first WASPA tournament was held in November that year and saw 8 competitors, from all over Northern Ireland, take part. Since then the club has gone from strength to strength with regular attendance at tournaments and league nights. DCTFC have so far held 9 WASPA tournaments and one charity tournament, The Ryan McBride Memorial Cup. DCTFC recently had the honour of hosting the 2017 All Ireland Championships, with the highest attendance in a number of years. DCTFC work hard to foster links with other clubs in the Uk and Ireland, and further afield, and have a team travelling to Wales in September for a newly developed 4 nations tournament.

The club has 10 regular members, with a league night and a tournament night held every month. We encourage new players to come along and have a go, and the club has continued to grow. DCTFC are aiming to gain support in the future from local community groups to develop a youth league to keep the game going in future generations. We play int he Derry City Sports and Social Club in Derry, every second Monday. You can reach us through our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DerryCityTableFootball/  or by emailing mobradley@sky.com

Central Sporting Club (Development League)
Details coming soon


Dutch Legends (Development League)
In 2014 a few famous Dutch players started a new club in Holland, called the Dutch Legends. The idea of starting this group full of enthousiastic players was to bring a team to international events. Most of the time the Dutch players only played on individual base. Two or three years they joined the tournaments, but all of a sudden it was over. Now, since there is a new competition in the city of cheese, Gouda, the Dutch Legends are united again!


Subbuteo Oslo (Development League)

Subbuteo Oslo was founded in the summer of 2020 and it is listed in the official clubs of the Norwegian Table Football Association (www.bordfotball.no). The aim of "Subbuteo Oslo" is to connect Subbuteo players in the Oslo area, share initiatives, and promote Subbuteo Table Soccer. Riccardo Destefanis is the founder of the club. He is an Italian living in Oslo, Norway. The mission is simple: find new players in Oslo to play this beautiful game. Although the club is very young, it has already attracted a few new players and the attention of the Norwegian “flickers”, as well as establishing contact with a few clubs/players abroad. The club does not have a “home” yet, meaning that players meet in each other’s homes.

Kragerø BFK (Development League)
Details coming soon.


Jurong Central SC (Top club)
The Jurong Central Subbuteo Club had its beginnings in 2010 as the Leste’ Aquila Subbuteo Club, and catered to flickers in Jurong and the western parts of Singapore. Its mission is to be a world-class table football club in Asia with an emphasis on continuously nurturing and developing new and seasoned players, and ensuring a keen enjoyment of the sport for all players. It holds weekly flick sessions every Friday evening at its premises at the Residents Committee centre at Blk 340 Jurong East Ave 1, and welcomes all interested flickers at all skill levels. It also organises monthly WASPA tournaments during one of its weekly flick sessions with the objective to mould club players into effective and competitive table football players.
Contact: jurongsubbuteo@gmail.com or search “Jurong Central Subbuteo Club” on Facebook


Dundee United TFC (Top club)
Dundee United TFC, formerly known as the Tayside Kickers, is a club based in Scotland and working hard to promote the game. The club is also working with Dundee United Football Club and is trying to increase interest for table football among football fans. The club is running a club championship and competing in the Scottish circuit but also in FISTF events in Britain but also on the continent. The club have recently moved into the David Lloyd Leisure Centre in Monifieth, Dundee and are running a weekly youth development club every Wednesday evening.
Contact: Steve Bennett: ssb.5c67@yahoo.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreDUTFC/


Pretoria Flickers Club (Top club)
The Pretoria Flickers Club (PFC) was founded in March 2013 and is recognised as the first Subbuteo club in the capital city of South Africa. The founder members are Julian van der Merwe, Jayden van der Merwe, Kegan van der Merwe & Chessray Jooste. Since 2013, the club has introduced no fewer than 20 players (excluding the founder members) to the game – small numbers arguably, but big strides in the club’s mission to introduce as many players to the wonderful sport of Subbuteo. The club caters for players in the greater Pretoria and Centurion areas and stages regular WASPA sanctioned events on a monthly basis – PFC is considered the most active club within South Africa, having already staged 28 events (and counting) to date. Events are staged in club chairman (Julian van der Merwe’s) loungeroom currently, although plans are at an advanced stage to relocate to a new entertainment area for this purpose. We welcome any new players to our club, regardless of playing experience or skill level.
Club contact details : julianrvdm@gmail.com - Mobile: +27 82 579 1702 - http://pfctest.leaguerepublic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pretoria-Flickers-Club-519566284755728/

Cape Town City Subbuteo Club (Top club)
Cape Town City Subbuteo Club evolved out of an initial meeting of four Subbuteo enthusiasts in mid 2014. The first official tournament was held in October of the same year. Since then we have hosted on average 7 WASPA affiliated events per year, including the South African Championships in 2016. 

Our members are a motley crue of players, collectors and stadium builders, and there is a strong focus on growing the game amongst the juniors. Our tournaments have featured players ranging in age from 10 to 76. We love it when we get visitors to Cape Town, and have been privileged to host players such as Justin Finch (UK), Peter Alegi (USA), Sven Schilling (Germany) and  Pascal Droeven and his Semois SC teammate Marc (Belgium).

Contact person: Clinton - sportpsych@xsinet.co.za

Johannesburg TFC (Development League)
The Johannesburg Table Football Club, known as the Eagles is the first official club to be formed in South Africa and Africa. The Eagles were formed in 2007 by founding member Clifford Graaff, along with his brother Shane and close friends Harold Silber, Sean Morgan and Reza Bodiat. The club’s mascot is an eagle that is synonomous with regal, freedom, independence and beauty which encompasses and epitomises this great game of ours.
The club chairman is Clifford Graaff, who is also the Chairman of the South African Table Football Association (SATFA).
The first ever official tournament held in South Africa was the Johannesburg Open in 2008 and this prestigious tournament is held annually to celebrate the re-birth of table soccer in the Rainbow Nation. The Eagles also hosted the first ever FISTF approved tournament in Africa, namely the Future of Johannesburg in June 2008. This was followed up with further FISTF approved tournaments which included another Future, a Satellite, National Opens and a Grand Prix of Johannesburg which included Janus Gersie from Germany. However, the tournament that created the greatest interest was the Africa Open Continental Tournament in 2010 to celebrate the first FIFA World Cup on African soil.
The Johannesburg TFC also offered to host the 2010 Subbuteo World Cup in Johannesburg, however the extensive logistics in securing players from all over the world precluded the Eagles from securing this highly sought after coup d’etat.
The Eagles have hosted more than 50 tournaments in the form of casual flick-arounds, club tournaments, FISTF tournaments and WASPA Tournaments.
The club ethos is most undoubtedly enjoyment of this beautiful game with good friends and having great fun. The club is open to all football enthusiasts and is based at Panorama Sports Club which provides an ideal setting for setting up 2 or 8 tables. The club boasts 10 tables and hundreds of teams for players who have not got their own equipment. The Chairman has also identified various players who show enough passion and interest in this great game and rewarded them with completed tables and playing teams. This is the Eagles way of growing this sport for disadvantaged players which unfortunately, is very rife in our city.
In 2016, the Eagles secured there first sponsorship from Just for you Meals who is the in-house caterer at Panorama Club.
Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Eagles and many exciting new tournaments and leagues are planned. Go to our website for more information on the biggest club in Africa.
Contact: c.graaff@vodamail.co.za - 0797519542 (mobile) - website: joburgtfc.leaguerepublic.com

ETS Subbuteo Club (Development League)
ETS SUBBUTEO CLUB Established December 2019 started February 2020. Current Members consist of 10 Active.

Well, as Co-Founder along with Carl Bollweg and the Owner of ETS Football Club, which means (Education Through Soccer), Lloyd Tuffney, we decided in December 2019 to start the club and were eagerly anticipating large Junior numbers from the club side come February/ March 2020, as that is pre-season here in South Africa for normal full field football. The ETS Club is a feeder club to West Bromwich Albion in England.

Alas! COVID-19 and lock down hit us right between the nuts!

In February we hosted a Fun day, where we invited players and non-players to come and take a look and build up the interest. We showcased our collections and set up additional pitches for people to simply stand and try their hand at flicking, taking penalty flicks, etc. It went down really well.

Pretoria Flickers were there in full force and we had a great day of flicking, teaching and explaining how it works to all the new players and interested parties.

Sean Morgan managed to come and represent JHB TFC and Whilst Fernando and Alex Rodrigues made an appearance to play as JHB TFC, Jason and Carl signed them up and made the transfer happen and we had signed our first 2 new ETS Subbuteo Club players. 12 Hansa Beers and 3 Cheese Burgers…

Much sadness followed as we could not meet, have events, tournaments or anything for 5 months. In the meantime, we all started a SANSSL (SA Solo League) to keep us busy.

Some of us have been playing in various UK leagues too over the lockdown period. The Solo league has revived many a player globally and we have even noticed old players here in SA have even re-surfaced due to playing Solo, so possibly more recruits for 2021.

On the 1st of November 2020 ETS SUBBUTEO CLUB finally managed to host a tournament, as the actual Club was allowed to reopen after strict closure rules by SAFA and GOVERNMENT.

A great day with Subbuteo displays, old school, new school, any school. The day was filled with fun, laughter and some really amazing goals, plus we had 4 debutants on the day.

Our other Subbuteo/ Table Football clubs all came and supported, ETS were brilliant hosts and we all had a fantastic day (You did already publish the results)

So even though we were hindered from a normal Calendar, we still managed to start the club and promote the name and hobby for 10 months.

ETS Subbuteo Club managed to attend 3 tournaments at Randburg and we also got to a final and two semi-finals, so as the members go they have been very active in 2020.

Sadly, we are back to Level 3 Lockdown and ETS has been closed once more. Hopefully by March 2021 the second wave would have calmed down and we can get back to how things used to be.

OUR 2021, SUBBUTEO TOURNAMENTS MATTER! COMMITTEE will be meeting to do the National calendar for South Africa before next week.

Contact is Jason Kennedy at Jason@teakice.co.za

Easterns TFC (Development League)

A new club founded in 2021 by Gary Downs. Interested players can contact Gary by e-mail as the club is ready to teach the game to new members.


Marina Citerior Subbuteo club (Top club)
Pasquale Carrassi started the club in August 2017. Pasquale is the founder of the club, he is Italian and an old Subbuteo lover who started to play again in 2017. The Marina Baja, between Alicante and Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, is an area where thousands of expats, mainly British but also Dutch, Belgian, French and Russians are living. So Pasquale thought it could be a good idea to start a club to attract old and new players. The local newspapers helped us a lot to give visibility to the project, and also the local council helped us with the material and opening the door of the local sport center.

They started a Extracurricular activity as well in one school of Javea and they currently have 12 children taking part to it. They periodically organize local tournaments and take part to regional, national and international events.

Contact: Marina Citerior Subbuteo Club at subbuteo.marina@gmail.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/subbuteo.marina/


Grand Rapids Table Soccer Club (Top Club)
Grand Rapids TSC was founded on November 1, 2015. It builds on the legacy of the Michigan Subbuteo Table Football Association (2003-2015). The club’s mission is to play, have a good time, and develop table soccer in our region. We are affiliated with the American Subbuteo Association, the World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association, and the Federation International of Sports Table Football. Club play usually takes place on Sundays at Big Kidz Games in Grand Rapids, and occasionally in Rockford and East Lansing.
The club organizes regular WASPA tournaments and our players have competed in the American Subbuteo National League, ASA Nationals, and the FISTF World Cup. In May 2017, Grand Rapids TSC won the Great Lakes Team Cup Challenge against Chicago and in August the club hosted ASA Nationals and round 2 of the inaugural American Subbuteo National League.
Website: https://grtsc.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grtablesoccer/

Contact: Paul Pate at paulpate@yahoo.com

Northern California SC (Development League)
Details coming soon.


London Road Subbuteo Club (Top club)
London Road Subbuteo Club was formed in 2016 when founder members Cayne Matthews, Ruby Matthews, Dave Kelly and Yani Kelly decided to hold Subbuteo tournaments in North Wales. Monthly events are held and players from North Wales and the North West of England have attended. Players ages range from 8 to 61, male and female and LRSC always looking to welcome new players to play Subbuteo in North Wales. All events are WASPA registered and played at The Parrot, Drury Lane, Drury, Flintshire, North Wales, CH73DX.
Contact: caynematthews@aol.com
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1699324517049032/

LRSC players in their premises

Cardiff TFC (Development League)
Details coming soon.

Knighton TFC (Development League)
Details coming soon.

Wrexham SC (Development League)
Details coming soon.

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