Saturday 27 August 2022

Brian Daley wins Manchester tournament

Manchester Subbuteo Club monthly WASPA event was held at our club home of Tunshill golf club and was well attended this month. 

Danny and Shaun were joined by Brian Daley, Luca Lanzini and from the North Shields Club, Nick Pearson and Tom Heslop. 

Some fantastic matches were to follow and a lot of close results across the board. 

The event was won by Brian Daley showing that although he is still on the road to recovery, he is still the excellent player he always was. 

Danny edged out Shaun in the final game of the evening 1-0 to take 2nd place. Although he was referred to as dodgy Danny due to a couple of controversial goals throughout the evening. We have been reliably informed that said goals were legitimate on VAR! 

Shaun finished third after a fantastic win against Nick but letting a two goal lead slip in the 2nd half in an enthralling encounter with Luca. 

Nick finished fourth with Tom fifth and Luca rounding off the table but it was a very close affair with many close games throughout the night.

We would like to thank Nick and Tom for travelling down to support our club night and we look forward to seeing them again soon and visiting the North East to return the favour.

As always we thank Brian for his support of the club and welcome Luca to the club and hope to see more of him going forwards.

Our next club night is confirmed as Wednesday 28th September with all welcome. As always we ask you to contact us as numbers will be limited due to table and space.

Final table:

1. Brian Daley
2. Danny Lilley
3. Shaun Dunne
4. Nick Pearson
5. Tom Heslop
6. Luca Lanzani

Tuesday 23 August 2022

August 2022: Some results from around Europe

Here is a brief summary of recent results from Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Germany and Belgium. Please note the season is almost finished so all results of events played in August are due to be sent ASAP so that the final standings of the season can be published ASAP. Please e-mail results to

Thanks for your help!

Northern Ireland: Barry Spence won this month's tournament in Derry. Barry finished on top of a league of 7 players while Kenny Beggs was runner-up.

Final table:
1. Barry Spence
2. Kenny Beggs
3. Martinog Bradley
4. Craig Stewart
5. Oisin Mór
6. Frankie Connolly
7. Jude Morrow

See more about the club here:

this month's London Road Subbuteo Club tournament had a small turnout of 4 players. Brian Daley and cayne Matthews finished the league wih the same number of points and Cayne was decided winner on goal difference. Ruby Matthews took the third place while Brendan Ashley was 4th.

London Road Facebook group:

England: The Coventry & Warwickshire club held a first tournament under WASPA banner on August 11. 10 players from different clubs played in Swiss system and Mick hammonds of the Wolverhampton club took the honors after being undefeated in the four rounds of games. Final standings are as follows:

1. Mick Hammonds (Wolverhampton)
2. Justin Scott (Wolverhampton)
3. Richard Roper (Wolverhampton)
4. Alex Scott (Wolverhampton)
5. Andrew Fake (North East Midlands)
6. Mark Weaver (Leicester SC)
7. Bob Tyler (Coventry & Warwickshire)
8. Graham Harwood (Wolverhampton)
9. Paul Taylor (Leicester SC)
10. Gary Simpson (Coventry & Warwickshire)

Worthing tournament: Shaun Allison won the monthly tournament of the Worthing club. 8 players from the host club competed in five sessions of Swiss ladder. Allison and Ian Maskell finished with 9 points so the goal difference decided the winner.

1. Shaun Allison
2. Ian Maskell
3. Steve Taylor
4. Paul Woodhouse
5. Nigel Pestelle
6. Sam Virgoe
7. Chris Stapleton
8. Gary Moores

More about the club here:

The Morecambay Bay tournament was played by 5 players and it was Brian Daley's come-back to the game after a few weeks break. Brian (London Road SC) was undefeated while Luca Lanzani (Morecamba Bay) was runner-up, Shaun Dunne (Manchester) was 3rd. Local players Rob Wilkinson (4th) and Keith Camran (5th) were also taking part.

Rochford and Southend SC: Niel Sparks took the hoinors in this month's tournament. It was surprising to see him defeating Alan Lee in the big game. Final standings are as follows:

1. Neil Sparks
2. Alan Lee
3. William Target
4. Jack Target
5. Gary Gladwell
6. David McCartney
7. Adam Jackson
8. Jim Jamison
9. Ian Horncastle
10. Stewart Grant

Rochford & Southend Casual Subbuteo Club Facebook page:

On August 11, Alan Lee (Wobbly Hobby SC) too the honors in the Stanway Rovers tournament. Kevvin cordel (Stanway) was runner-up. Adam Douglas (Rochford & Southend) was 3rd and Ian Welby  (Rochford & Southend) was 4th.

More about Stanway Rovers:

Germany: Fred Elesbao wins in Sankt Pauli

The July Sankt Pauli tournament was attended by 7 players from the local club but also from Hannover. Fred Elesbao won his five games to win the trophy while Simon Stewart was runner-up. Other involved players were Marius Willhaus (3), Luc Kaoune (4), Andre Lange (5) Ralf Offenborn (6), Dimitrios Tolias (7).

Subbuteo Sankt Pauli Facebook page:

Pascal Flémal vs Sébastien Sorge

Templeuve is back. After the summer break, the Templeuve club opened doors on August 19. 8 players attended the club's 11th WASPA tournament of the season. Matthias Averlant had to leave early due to football commitments so Vincent Coppenolle finished the evening on top whil Brussels's Pascal Flémal was runner-up.

1. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
2. Pascal Flémal (BX SC)
3. André Flémal (BX SC)
4. Didier Moons (Templeuve)
5. Stéphane Lambert (Yokohama)
6. Sébastien Sorge (FRANCE/Templeuve)
7. Matthias Averlant (AS Hennuyer)
8. Jocelyn Celton (Templeuve)

Templeuve United Facebook page:

Thursday 18 August 2022

August WASPA at the Cherrytree

Encouraging to see an increased turnout of 7 players taking part in this month’s local club meet.

Some new/returning faces were there watching on this time too and are keen to join in fully next month. A round robin league was played to decide on the places on the night. Mark Farrell won the event from Andy Fitzpatrick and Mick O’Brien who are both showing great improvement in their game taking second and third respectively.

There are other great news from Ireland as there is a new club up and running in Kerry. You can see more on the new club's Facebook group here:

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Michael Choong wins to close the gap

The August session of the 2022 TFAS SG League took place on 14 August at The Sports Hub Library. A total of 8 players were in attendance for a 2-group of 4 round-robin format with the top 2 from each group qualifying for the knock-out phase to contest the top 4 placings; while the bottom 2 of each group contest the 5th to 8th placings. Each player gets a total of 5 games. Kok Wee Tan caused an upset when he knocked-out SG League leader Anas Rahamat. The stage was set for Michael Choong to clinch top-place in this round of the SG League to close the gap on Anas with a comfortable 2-0 win over Kok Wee. Congratulations Michael! With the Perth IO coming up this weekend, the Singapore table football community wishes Vikas Chandiramani a great outing in Australia! Safe travels & carry our flag high!

Wednesday 10 August 2022

WASPA results and standings at the end of July 2022

Finalists in Montornes des Valles (Spain)

 Dear Subbuteo fans, we are pleased to publish the latest WASPA tables. Once again July was a great wonth with 25 tournaments played under WASPA banner.

PDF file (results)

Excel file (rankings)

If you think some results were forgotten, don't hesitate to send us a line.

Some highlights of the month:

- we see continuous development in England with great events being held in Andover, Morecambe Bay, Dagenham (home of the Chasers club), Wolverhampton, Worthing, Stanway, Haverhill, Rochford, Harrow,... It was awesome to see the Andover tournament attracting a great field of 24 players.

- Our Australian friends had events in Sydney and Perth;

- South Africa is still doing well with tournaments run by the clubs of Easterns TFS, ETS Subbuteo Club and Cape Town city;

- The level of play in Spain was great at the Montornes des Valles tournament, where 18 players were taking part and Ferran Coll defeated Vicenç Prats in the final;

- We are glad to see small but important events in bande (Belgium), Wrexham (Wales), Dublin (Ireland), Broughshane (Northern Ireland); 

- The Singapore League still has regular games under WASPA banner;

- There was a good event with old rules in Casatenovo, Italy. Claudio Colpani and Vittorio de Pascale do a great work to revive interest in their area;

- We are happy to see 2 old rules tournaments were played in England, one of them was played with flat figures.

Old rules tournament in Italy

As for the rankings, the big change is the new leader in the Development League as Solent Subbuteo Club (England) is now number 1.

Don't hesitate to run tournaments under the WASPA banner. It's a great way to promote your club, to attract new players and to create local or regional development and we all agree this is what the game needs nowadays.

John Moore in action in Ireland

All your ideas to make the WASPA circuit more attractive are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your feedback. We also hope to see more and more clubs running events under the WASPA banner in the future.

We also take to opportunity to thank our partners:

- Victory kits at

- Flicks for Kicks at


The Singapore league is still running

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at

We also have a WASPA page here:

Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for new partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each  other), don't hesitate to contact me at or

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Vincent Coppenolle, WASPA organizer

Monday 8 August 2022

South Africa: results from Cape Town and Johannesburg

Some results from South Africa where three tournaments have been played in July under WASPA banner in different clubs and different cities.

Cape Town players had a fantastic afternoon’s play and socialising at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Local collector of old Subbuteo equipment Brendan Hoctor, very kindly displayed some of his (not insignificant) personal collection.

A notable highlight of the afternoon was a live crossing to Alan Lee and Chris Burford at Subbuteofest in England. A recording of this can be found on the Cape Town City Subbuteo Club’s facebook page.

Results - Cape Town tournament:

1. Clinton Gahwiler
2. Neil Hampton
3. John Fishlock
4. Wayne McKenzie
5. Grant Lewis
6. Mike Ryder
7. Matthew Chadwick
8. Ben Thompson
9. Kyle Kropman

On the 2nd of July 2022, ETS hosted a tournament named “Burn the Mask” to celebrate the new law in South Africa of us no longer been required to wear masks. Hosts had 5 members participating, 3 from ETS and 2 from Eastern’s TFC, and they played a home and away league basis. 

Jason Kennedy managed to win the day by one point over Ian Clarke.

Results - Ets Subbuteo club (Johannesburg):

1. Jason Kennedy
2. Ian Clarke
3. Gary Downs
4. Liam Chapman
5. Fernando Rodrigues

The "Ye Olde Gauntlet Cup" was organized by the Easterns club on July 29 and Ian Clarke took the honors to claim his 8th WASPA title.

Results - Easterns TFC (Johannesburg):

1. Ian Clarke
2. Jason Kennedy
3. Craig Smith
4. Liam Chapman
5. Fernando Rodrigues
6. Gary Downs

Sunday 7 August 2022

Daniel Cranston wins Virginia Heatwave III

The players

Dan Cranston received trophy from organizer Bryan Arnold

Bryan Arnold congratulates runner-up Benny Nuger

The Virginia Heatwave III was held on August 6th in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. A field of eight players competed for the title. Players traveled from far and wide to attend such a Shaun Kidsley from Indiana; and Jon Goninan, Jeremy DGoninan, and Scott Macaulley from North Carolina. The final was contested between Benny Nuger and Daniel Cranston; Daniel won the match 0-5 and took home the title. A big thank you to everyone to played in the Heatwave.