Sunday 31 January 2016

Michaël Dupret wins the "promo" in Templeuve

The players
This Sunday the first WASPA "promotional event" of the Belgian season was held in Templeuve. With the absence of some local players (Marain, Deloose, Coppenolle), there was a good field of 8 players and a lot of motivation to try to win the event. In the Swiss system, Michaël Dupret showed he has enough experience to finish on top. He was the deserved winner of the day with 4 wins. It was a brilliant moment with 2 players attending their first tournament ever.

Runner-up Matthias Averlant and winner Michaël Dupret
Final standings
1. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai)
2. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
3. Olivier Bodelle (FRANCE/Templeuve United)
4. Corentin Boltz (SC Eugies)
5. Eric Caillaux (FRANCE/-)
6. Jean-Charles Kain (Templeuve United)
7. André Boltz (SC Eugies)
8. Vicky Vanoverskelds (SC Warcoing Ducks)

Murat Tünger is a king in Vienna

Murat Tünger won the TSC Royal 78 cup this Sunday in Vienna, Austria. Murat defeated Alexander Haas (6-3) in the final. Herbert Gütl and Karl Vranovitz also reached the semis. Congratulations to Murat for his first success this year!

The Snowzilla Cup for Daniel Cranston

Paul, Daniel, Eliot, Gregg and Andrew
Some pics from the WASPA 2016 Snowzilla Cup. The traditional event in Maryland after a 30 inch snow storm. Dan Cranston defeated Gregg Deinhart 4-1 in the final. It was great to welcome Eliot Kennedy from Australia to "The Shrine" in Maryland.

Daniel receives his trophy from Andrew
Final standings:
1. Daniel Cranston
2. Gregg Deinhart
3. Paul Eyes
4. Eliot Kennedy
5. Andrew Zunino

Peter Alegi takes the Lake Effect Trophy

This saturday the Lake Effect Trophy took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Peter Alegi took the honors in the final after defeating Marcus Fila. Full results:

Alegi-Sweetland 2-1
Fila-Galarza 3-0
Pate-Fila 0-1
Sweetland-Galarza 4-1
Fila-Alegi 1-4
Galarza-Pate 0-0
Alegi-Pate 2-0
Sweetland-Fila 1-2
Galarza-Alegi 0-5
Pate-Sweetland 1-0

Alegi 12 pts
Fila 9
Pate 4
Sweetland 3
Galarza 1

Alegi-Sweetland 5-0
Fila-Pate 3-2 (golden goal)

Alegi-Fila 3-2

Saturday 30 January 2016

Paolo Talarico wins the Cup in Catanzaro

This saturday the club of Catanzaro (Italy) was playing a tournament with the old rules in their premises. The theme of the tournament was the "Cup winners cup". 8 players were taking part. Paolo Talarico (Everton) won the final against Raffaele Gangale (Chelsea) while Andrea Pagano (Aberdeeen) was third and Vittorio Giummo (Barcellona) was fourth.

Friday 29 January 2016

Joffray Laurent in a great shape

Top 4 of the evening: Alain Flament - Geoffrey Marain- Joffray Laurent - Sébastien Devreese
Last night, the Templeuve United club in Belgium was holding their 4th tournament of the season with a very good field of 14. Due to the number of entries, it was decided to play in Swiss system, also because some players announced they could not stay till the end. There was a big surprise in the first session when Geoffrey Marain lost to Vincent Coppenolle (3-2). Marain, who is still hoping to catch his 50th WASPA title had therefore to fight to get a final ranking but he didn't have the chance to play Joffray Laurent who was on fire and won his four games in a spectacular way. Laurent wins therefore the tournament with 12 points while Marain and Sébastien Devreese had 9, Alain Flament and Vincent Coppenolle 7.

There was some chocolate for the winners
The standings of the evening were as follows:
1. Joffray Laurent (Eugies) 12
2. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano) 9
3. Sébastien Devreese (Eugies) 9
4. Alain Flament (Quévy) 7
5. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve) 7
6. Kimberley Devreese (Eugies) 6
7. Renald Deloose (Templeuve) 6
8. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve) 6
9. Jason Delattre (Templeuve) 4
10. Benjamin Marain (Warcoing) 4
11. Vicky Vanoverskelds (Warcoing) 3
12. Justine Lefebvre (Templeuve) 1
13. Philippe Godart (Templeuve) 1
14. Hatim Elmajd (Templeuve) 0

Cappelli strikes in Pistoia

On Monday, January 25, the 5th round of the WASPA Pistoia Series "Old Rules" has been held with more players than in the previous tournaments. Traditional Subbuteo has a great success in Tuscany and players come from the sorrounding cities.

Mirko Cappelli, one of the best players of "Sombrero San Miniato Subbuteo Club", won a hard tournament with 3 draws, and the final 2-0 vs the orange Stefano Braschi. Massimo Lapucci, still first classified in the local ranking, won the smaller final after shootouts vs Granato (0-0 at regular time). To be noticed the return to subbuteo of Alessandro Lattughini, player from Prato and guest of the orange club.

(Report by Alfredo Granato)

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Amazing success for the old rules in Macerata

The 1st Italian Championship "Subbuteo Legend Vintage Edition" played with the old rules with every competitors using the same material (supplied by Centauria) took place on January 24 in Macerata in the presence of 44 players who came from every part of Italy. it was a beautiful tournament with a lot of fun and a lot of prizes for all offered by the organizer (Fabbri editions).
After 11 groups of 4 players, 24 top players qualified for the "Champion's League" while other competed in the "Europa League". In the end, the final was between Alberto Gagliardi of Macerata and Lionello Palmieri from Pescara. Alberto Gagliardi won the game (4-1) and became "Italian Champion Subbuteo The Legend Vintage Edition".

Results of the final 8

Rocco Iarlori - Alberto Gagliardi 0-3
Jury Di Tullio - Vincenzo Felici 0-2
Pierpaolo Bucci - Marcello Scarduelli 1-0
Paolo Guidara - Leonello Palmieri 1-2

Alberto Gagliardi - Vincenzo Felici 4-0
Pierpaolo Bucci - Leonello Palmieri 0-1

Alberto Gagliardi - Leonello Palmieri 4-1

More pictures...

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Walsh, Daley and Staples win in Heckmondwike

Brian Daley gets his prize from organizer Paul Lawrenson
During the recent FISTF Open of Yorkshire, three WASPA events have been played as consolation events. In the Open category, Stuart Walsh defeated Thomas Ponté, president of the French association, in the final. Brian Daley won the veterans after a close final against Scotland's Robert Conway. Finally, in the U15 section, Dylan Staples took the honors after beating Conor Atkin in the final.

Two events for the Flaming Flickers

Athens, Greece

On the school break a kids festive tournament took place at Flaming Flickers headquarters in Athens Greece with a lot of trainning and games that introduced the sport to new friends.

Kids had so much fun choko hunting as usual and a lot of good games took place and the snow effect special pitch of the club. Parents got jelous and tried the snow pitch too.

8 players competed for the Christmas Cup of Flaming Flickers. The games were organised at a members house and the tournament was held in a festive atmosphere with a lot of traditional greek christmas sweets and non christmas drinks. In the final, Giorgos Pitihoutis defeated Mike Tastsoglou in sudden death.

A trophy for Nikolaos Liakopoulos

A good field of 13 players competed for the 17th WASPA organised by the Flaming Flickers in Athens

A lot of close games and as usual a lot of fun in our small headquarters.
Winner was Nikolaos Liakopoulos with Antonis Krysilas missing his second WASPA title in the final for a sudden death goal just before the final wistle that woud lead the game to penalties.

(Report by Panos Panagiotides)

Sunday 24 January 2016

Home win for Jeremy Boothman in Lincoln

This Wednesday the Lincoln Flickers held a tournament in their premises. Despite the two last minute dropouts due to icy roads, there were four players taking part and some close games. Jeremy Boothman ended on top of the group stage with 9 points while John Devaney was runner-up, Andrew Garbutt was third and Andy Berry was fourth.

Thursday 21 January 2016

January tournament at Jurong Central

Jurong Central Subbuteo Club (JCSC) WASPA league 2016, 15 January 2016

The first league session of the Jurong Central Subbuteo Club (JCSC) kicked off on 15 January 2016, with an impressive turnout of 20 players, including a guest appearance from Hong Kong Dragons, Antonio Carabillo. This year, league players were represented as any league team they desire (eg. Man Utd, Liverpool etc.)

The players were split into 5 groups of 4, where U16 players and players who did not participate in the JCSC 2015 league were seeded. This resulted in the Group of Death, Group E. The groupings are as follows:

Group A
Ding Heng (Man City)
Rudy (JDT)
Anas (Lun Bawang)
Ilhan (Arsenal)

Group B
Dylan (Everton)
Simon (Tottenham)
Hashim (Albirex)
Quan Feng (Geylang Utd)

Group C
Fino (Man Utd)
Antonio (Palermo)
Nic (Semen Padang)

Group D
Ming Liang (A. Madrid)
Henry (Home Utd)
Yew Seng (Dortmund)
Rizal (Tampines Rovers)

Group E
Khairil (Chelsea)
Vikas (Liverpool)
Fauzi (Young Lions)
Haikal (FC Bayern Muchen)

The top 2 from each group advance to the ‘Cup’ round, with a barrage round in between to determine the quarter-finalists. The same goes for the bottom 2 of each group, who would compete for the Plates.

‘Plates’ Rounds
The Plates rounds resulted in one of JCSC’s young talents, Ming Liang (A. Madrid), winning Fino (Man Utd) in sudden death shootout after a goalless draw.

The trophy for Anas
‘Cup’ Rounds
The Cup rounds saw many goals in the quarter finals and close matches in the semis. In the final, Anas (Lun Bawang), scored a lucky goal and managed to hold off Rudy (JDT) to win the tournament.

Next event in Pretoria

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Luca Pini takes the honors in Firenze

Simone Faraoni, Luca Pini and special guest Alex Batacchi

This monday the club of CS Firenze broke records with a superb tournament with 19 players. Among them, Alex Batacchi of Tampa Bay TSC (USA) was the guest player to follow. Unfortunately Alex didn't pass the group stage. In the final, Luca Pini defeated Simone Faraoni thanks to a goal in the last 10 seconds of the game. Bonciani Marco and Emanuel Cattani ended in the last 4.

First WASPA tournament in Volos

A Christmas Cup 2015 under the WASPA banner (1st WASPA Cup) was held at Volos on December 30 with a very good field of 10 players. It is fantastic to see the club of Volos Argornautes TSC being part of our family. The Winner was Giorgos Niavis of Larissa TSC. There were also many visitors caming to watch and going to join the club soon. There were many close and great games and it is now sure there is a real revival of the game in a city with a strong tradition of Subbuteo. Welcome to all!

Monday 18 January 2016

Serge Leroy first winner in France

This saturday the first WASPA tournament in France this season was held in Puylaurens. There was a poor turnout of 5 but there were many cose games.S erge Leroy was on fire, winning his four games to win the trophy. Alexandre Marc surprisingly managed to beat Roger Trouillard in a close game. Jean-François Balard had many ups and downs and finally finished third. Ludovic Beauvais, who ended in 4th position, specially travelled from Montpellier to play. Well done to all the players involved.

Final table is as follows:
1. Serge Leroy 12
2. Roger Trouillard 6
3. Jean-François Balard 4
4. Ludovic Beauvais 4
5. Alexandre Marc 3

Adrian Davies on top in Gillingham

Last friday, Kent Invicta had another fun WASPA night with an 8 player tournament at Playfootball in Gillingham. There were lots of tight games as Welsh star, Adrian Davies came out on top followed by Louis Singh and Kye Arnold. Again the evening’s play provided a few shock results but overall proved what a closely matched group of players will be participating in the 2016 Kent League.

Louis 0-1 Adrian
Finn 0-0 Rhys
Terry 1-0 Paul
Kye 2-0 Dave

Kye 2-0 Terry
Adrian 2-1 Finn
Rhys 0-0 Louis
Paul 0-0 Dave

Kye 0-2 Adrian
Terry 1-0 Rhys
Finn 2-0 Paul
Louis 1-1 Dave

Adrian 1-0 Terry
Kye 0-0 Finn
Louis 1-0 Paul
Dave 1-1 Rhys

Adrian 2-0 Dave
Kye 0-1 Louis
Finn 1-1 Terry
Paul 1-0 Rhys

Final table:
1 Adrian Davies 7 15
2 Louis Singh 1 8
3 Kye Arnold 1 7
4 Terry Arnold -1 7
5 Finn Taylor 1 6
6 Paul Frank -3 5
7 Rhys Williams -2 3
8 Dave Collier -4 3