Tuesday, 15 June 2021

A quick look at tournaments held in May 2021

We have not had the cance to publish reports of all events held in May. Among the tournaments taking place last month, we can have a look at several events that deserve a mention.

Wales: London Road is back

The London Road club was back in action on May 23 with 12 players taking part. there were experienced players, some new faces and a few players of the Wolverhampton club. Justin Scott proved to be in a great day and defeated brian daley in the final. Mick Hammonds and Martin Blanchard made it to the semi-finals. Ruby Matthews won the consolation tournament after defeating Gaz Oates in the final.

Australia: events in several cities

Once again Australia was one of the most active nations in the circuit with events in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney TFC had a small event with 6 players and Fabrizio Coco defeated Tony Credentino in the final to claim his 36th WASPA title.

The Northern Falcons played the AGFA Cup with a great turnout of 14 entries. Eliot Kennedy won his 5th AGFA Cup, beating first time finalist Adrian Elmer 2-1. Semi-finalists were Adrian Grunbach and Raffaele Lombardi. Johnny Ball beat Jonty Brenet (1-0) in the final of the consolation tournament.

Giuseppe Tardiota was the king again in Brisbane, defeating Gus Gillespie in this month's tournament. 5 players were taking part with the hope to see a bigger turnout in June.

In Perth, 8 players had a great day and Ross McNulty was definately on fire to win the final (5-1) against Brian Pearson. Mick deVincentis and Alan Kimber made it to the final 4 while Hugh best won the consolation final.

England: Daley does it again

The East Lancashire club had a great event with 12 players divided in three sections. Chris Bedford won the main event, finishing on top of a group of 4 while Brian Daley was runner-up. it was great to see Manchester TFC's Danny Lilley taking the tird players. Gavin Roper won the B tournament while Dave Scholes won the novice section.

In Haverhill, Alan Lee (FTC Issy) finished on top of a group of three to win another title. Gerry Harrington was runner-up and Joe Harrington took the third place.

Alan Lee also won the Worthing tournament where Dave Croucher was runner-up and Nigel Pestell was third.

Mick Hammonds won the Wolverhampton tournament, finishing on top of a group of 4 with Justin Scott being runner-up.

Singapore: another win for Rudy Hesty

Played under strict conditions SG players organised a mini WASPA at the home of HK Dragons den on May 29, 2021. Players played with experimental teams during the two legged encounters where Rudy came up tops after end of the 6 matches. Praying hard for end of the pandemic but lets continue to keep alive the passion of flicking. 

Rudy Hesty was the winner, Nic Tan being runner-up and Michel Choong taking the third place.

Malta: Josef Camilleri on top

The Naxxar club held another tournament on May 30. Josef Camilleri (Bormla) defeated Jurgen Balzan (Stembert) in the final with some other great players taking part in the tournament. Congratulations to all players involved.

Greece: the Lions are back

The Lions Zante held a tournament with 8 players divided into two small groups. Nikos Monos won all his games to win the main event while Dimitris Stravolemos was runner-up. Kostas Argiris was also the best players, winning his six games to win the B-category.

Italy: a very active groupe in Terni

Finally, we would like to thank the Italian club of Terni for the great job. Their players already played 12 WASPA tournaments this season but continue to held regular events. You can follow results on the club's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SUBBUTEOCLUBTERNI2014THYRUS.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

WASPA records of May 2021 - Subbuteo results, rankings and statistics

Dear Subbuteo fans, hope all is well. We are very excited to see things coming back slowly to normal after a very busy month with 18 tournaments played under WASPA banner in May 2021. We were glad to collect results from Australia, Wales, Spain, England, Singapore, Malta, Greece and South Africa and we see now more and more nations preparing events for June (the US, Belgium, Northern Ireland,...) so we are eager to see more and more clubs organising tournaments.

You will find in the enclosed files the updates results and rankings.

Before commenting on the news, please have a look at the story we published on the WASPA blog regarding the "10 years of WASPA tournaments". You will find the link here: https://waspa-circuit.blogspot.com/2021/05/2011-2021-10-years-of-waspa-tournaments.html

Once again, thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the circuit over the last 10 years.

Great games in a nice venue in Spain

We are happy to see tournaments being played in the last few days in more locations. Our friends from Barcelona FT organized a tournament with 9 players in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia and it was fantastic to see the first event in the country for a long time.

A good turnout for the AGFA Cup in Sydney

Australia has an impressive number of tournaments with active clubs in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and local players continue to do a great job to keep things growing.

Presentation of the trophies in Naxxar, Malta

We were glad to see a good event in Naxxar, Malta with some excellent players taking part.

We also take to opportunity to thank our partners:
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Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to vincent.cop@rsca.com

Also the Lions Zante in Greece made their come-back

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Fellow flickers in Singapore

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Have a great week.

Vincent Coppenolle, WASPA organizer