Tuesday 30 September 2014

WASPA Monthly report of September 2014

Here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit.

The new season has started an we had 17 tournaments in September (16 regional and 1 promotional).
Action from Limassol, Cyprus
Scotland and Cyprus had one extra event but everything will be sorted out during the season. The Tayside Kickers are running a circuit of 9 tournaments and 2 of them were played this month. The Cyprus circuit had also 2 of their 12 tournaments during the first month of the season.
Subbuteo demo in Budapest, Hungary

There were some positive happenings this month:
- Wales organized their first WASPA tournament since April 2013.
- Several clubs and associations are running their own circuits: Templeuve United, the Tayside Kickers, SS Lazio,... Austria and Cyprus have their development circuits under WASPA banner. Clubs like SC Flanders, NETFA, Yorkshire,... have also regular WASPA events.
- Hungary expressed their wish to host some events in the near future. Indonesia might be the next new nation among organizers.
- Australia had 2 tournaments over the same week-end, which is a proof the development is continued down under.
- Australia and Austria will have tournaments with the double status (FISTF and WASPA) in the next few months.
- The German association organized their "Starters Cup" in Hamburg to support new players and new clubs in St. Pauli (Hamburg) and Aachen.
- Chile is definitely the most active nation in South America so hopefully Argentina and Brazil will join the WASPA circuit soon.
- Cyprus organized their first Promotional tournament
Continued development in Melbourne, Australia
Besides the sports news, WASPA is now building a Board. 8 players from 8 different nations have expressed interest to join the Board. Right now, the Board members are Steve Bennett (Scotland), Mike Parnaby (England), Vincent Coppenolle (Belgium), Thomas Eppensteiner (Austria), Panos Panagiotides (Greece), Zach Walker (USA), Brett Davis (Australia) and Rudy Hesty (Singapore). The two jobs of the WASPA Board will be to continue the promotion of the game Subbuteo by organizing more WASPA tournaments and to vote the strategic decisions for the future of WASPA. People interested to join the working team should contact WASPA at vincent.cop@rsca.com
A great field for the Starters Cup in Hamburg, Germany
Please keep in mind you only need 3 players to run a WASPA tournament. Don't hesitate to send your tournament requests to vincent.cop@rsca.com

Please also note the news are updated on a very regular base on the blog at http://waspa-circuit.blogspot.com

Well, that's all for now, have a great week and a fantastic Subbuteo season!

Vincent Coppenolle

First season win for Giannis Metaxas

The first tournament of the season in Greece took place on sunday in Kallithea, near Athens. 18 polayers competed in the tournament organized by the Flaming Flickers and as always, the system of "three games per player" was used. Giannis Metaxas was the only player to win three games and therefore he won the tournament. Dimitris Mihalios was second with 6 points while Panos Panagiotides finished third, just before newcomer Alfonso Franco.

Here is the final table of the evening:
1. Giannis Metaxas
2. Dimitris Mihalios
3. Panos Panagiotides
4. Alfonso Franco
5. Filippos Vavoulakis
6. Antonis Krisylas
7. Kostas Kritikos
8. Spyros Pensas
9. Mike Tastsoglou
10. Nikolas Georgoulis
11. Giannis Pashalides
12. Chris Panagiotides
13. Makis Kazatzoglou
14. Vangelis Vavoulakis
15. Stavros Kandianopoulos
16. Spyros Stratoudakis
17. Stavros Alexandrides
18. Thanasis Koukogiannis

Monday 29 September 2014

Sunday 28 September 2014

5th WASPA title for Marcos Kalopsidiotis

The second stage of the Cyprus circuit took place this sunday (September 28) in Limassol with a good field of 17 players taking part. Players were dropped in five groups. There were many close games but the semi-finals were exciting as well and scores were as follows:
Marcos Kalopsidiotis – Kostas Kalopsidiotis  2-1
Georgios Zangylos – Charalambos Constantinou 3-0

In the final, Marcos Kalopsidiotis tied with Georgios Zangylos 1-1 but Mars won the shots to claim his 5th WASPA title. Congratulations to him. Marcos will now prepare for the next event and then move back to Greece for his studies at the university. He will be back in Cyprus in December to prepare the world swimming championships taking place in Qatar!

Steve Bennett does it again in Arbroath

The second stage of the Tayside Club Championship 2014-2015 took place this sunday. Steve Bennett beat Gareth Christie in the final to claim the victory.

Group A
Scott Fleming 0-5 Steve Bennett
Gareth Christie 1-1 Andy Beskaby
Andy Beskaby 0-4 Steve Bennett
Scott Fleming 0-3 Gareth Christie
Steve Bennett 0-0 Gareth Christie
Scott Fleming 4-0 Andy Beskaby

Group B
Craig Thom 0-3 Colin Matthew
Dave Baxter 0-0 Colin Matthew
Dave Baxter 5-0 Craig Thom

Steve Bennett 5-0 Colin Matthew
Gareth Christie 5-0 Dave Baxter

3rd & 4th Playoff
Colin Matthew 0-2 Dave Baxter

Positions 5,6 & 7 round robin group.
Scott Fleming 3-0 Andy Beskaby
Andy Beskaby 5-0 Craig Thom
Scott Fleming 3-0 Craig Thom

Steve Bennett 1-0 Gareth Christie

Final Placings (9.2)

1, Steve Bennett (40 pts)
2, Gareth Christie (36 pts)
3, Dave Baxter (34 pts)
4, Colin Matthew (33 pts)
5, Scott Fleming (32 pts)
6, Andy Beskaby (31 pts)
7, Craig Thom (30 pts)

Probably the best result of the day has to go to Andy Beskaby for his 1-1 with Gareth and a big result for Dave Baxter as he won the playoff match for 3rd place against Colin Matthew 2-0, and looking at the results there were a lot of clean sheets today, altogether there were 16 of them!

Ignacio López Campbell wins in Valdivia

The "Winter tournament" took place this saturday in Valdivia (Chile). The event was played by 8 players from 3 nationalities (one from the US, one from New Zealand) but the winner was not a surprise as Ignacio López Campbell beat Abigail Warner in the final (2-1). Emilia López  and Alfredo Erlwein were the smei-finalists! Congratulations to all.

Friday 26 September 2014

First tournament of the season in Templeuve for Vincent Coppenolle

The finalists: Vincent Coppenolle and Jason Delattre
The first tournament of the "Challenge de Templeuve 2014-2015" was held this thursday with a small field of 8 players. There were some missing players among the usual "big names". Geoffrey Marain (work), Renald Deloose (birthday party), and a few others couldn't make it so the title was supposed go to either Eddy Beernaert or Vincent Coppenolle. As it is often the case in such a situation, there were many surprises and in group 2, things were crazy as after two sessions, the four players had on victory and everything was going to be decided in the last group game. The improving Jason Delattre and U15 player Matthias Averlant managed to qualifyu while Eddy Beernaert and Olivier BOdelle were dropped in the consolation tournament. The semi-finals were very different as Matthias Averlant had no chance to beat Vincent Coppenolle while Jason Delattre score the winning goal in the last 30 seconds to beat Jordan Bonte on an amazing score of 6-5. The final was close till the last 5 minutes but Vincent Coppenolle finally beat Jason Delattre to win his 7th title in the WASPA circuit.

To be noted the event was played with the new FISTF and despite some of the rules don't really bring any improvement to the game, everyone accepted and understood them.
Sudden death in the semi-final between Jordan Bonte and Jason Delattre

Final table of the evening:
1. Vincent Coppenolle
2. Jason Delattre
3. Matthias Averlant
4. Jordan Bonte
5. Eddy Beernaert
6. Olivier Bodelle
7. Philippe Godart and Jérémy Zenner

Patrizio Lazzaretti wins the first event of the WLL 2014-2015

The first tournament of the "WASPA Lazio League 2014-2015" was held this week in Rome with the usual Swiss system. 16 players were present and some good games were played at all levels. Patrizio Lazzaretti was the start of the evening as he was the only player to win four games. Marco Caviglia contested the victory to Lazzaretti but in the final game, the score was 1-3 and it was of course the decisive game of the evening. Gianmarco Del Brocco finished second with 10 points and Paolo barone finished with three wins. Patrizio Lazzaretti takes of course the lead of the WLL.

Final table of the evening:
1. Patrizio Lazzaretti - 12 points
2. Gianmarco Del Brocco - 10
3. Paolo Barone - 9
4. Marco Caviglia - 7
5. Stefano Tagliaferri - 7
6. Simone Trivelli - 6
7. Mario Lo Iacono - 6
8. Micael Caviglia - 6
9. Matteo Del Brocco - 6
10. Simone Lo Iacono - 6
11. Luigi Aniballi - 4
12. Riccardo Galieti - 4
13. Marco Moretti - 3
14. Alessandro Spoto - 3
15. Fausto Pascucci - 2
16. Ernesto Poncetta - 1

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Nice promotion in Savona (Italy)

On september 20th, the city of Savona hosted a promotional event during the 40th anniversary of Assonautica Savona.

Some details about the day: 3 Subbuteo Astroturf 77, 12 members of Subbuteo Club Ponente organizing the event, 150 players learning the rules.

Congratulations to Subbuteo Club Ponente!

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Sport festival in Budapest

Last Friday and Saturday there was a sport festival in Budapest. As in May Subbuteo had a great success, a lot of children came and played with us. Here are some pictures. More pictures here: http://budapestsubbuteo.blog.hu/2014/09/22/kicsiket_es_nagyokat_is_elbuvolt_a_subbuteo

Gábor Baross, budapestsubbuteo.blog.hu

Players of Subbuteo Budapest: Gábor Baross, Zoltán Baross, Adrián Száki

Monday 22 September 2014

Poster of the next event in Greece

Welcome back Hamburg (Starters Cup 2014)

the whole crew
Hamburg is back on the Subbuteo scene. Since 2012 a small group of friends of our sport create in the very traditional Millerntorstadium a new club called Subbuteo St. Pauli. On last weekend they played the Starters Cup, a tournament that is combination with WASPA since already three years. On Saturday as usually all "Starters" (new players/comebacker) are able to play some friendly matches and enjoyed instructions by skilled players. The "Helpers Cup" is the first tournament on every Starters Cup-Weekend, with the possibility for all the beginners to watch the good players in action.
Tom Horn, Janus Gersie (winner), Thossa Büsing, Thomas Vulpes

Here are the results:
Thossa Büsing - Thomas Vulpes 0:0
Thossa Büsing - Tom Horn 0:0
Tom Horn - Thomas Vulpes 2:2
Thomas Vulpes - Janus Gersie 0:1
Janus Gersie - Thossa Büsing 1:1
Tom Horn - Janus Gersie 0:1

On Saturday the clubs of Subbuteo St. Pauli and Minimannia Aachen played there very first team match. It ended up with a 3 - 0 (10:1) for the club of Hamburg.

Marius Willhaus - Thomas Kreitz 4:1 (2:0)
Philip Hansen - Yetiskan Yilmaz 3:0 (2:0)
Oliver Jeschke - Frank Kalyta 0:0 (0:0)
Sven Schilling - Robert Wagner 3:0 (2:0)

The Starters Cup finally started on Sunday with 16 participants in four groups of four by 1 x 20 minutes playing time and the players of saturday´s Helper Cup worked for this tournament only as referees. As special guest the german female player Conny Vulpes (TSG Rain 1970) took part of the tournament.
The first two players of every group reached the quarterfinals after the group stage.

Group 1
1. Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)
2. Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
3. Marcel Becker (Minimannia Aachen)
4. Thomas Kreitz (Minimannia Aachen)

Group 2
1. Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)
2. Oliver Jeschke (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
3. Frank Kalyta (Minimannia Aachen)
4. Conny Vulpes (TSG Rain 1970)

Group 3
1. Frank Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)
2. Robert Wagner (Minimannia Aachen)
3. Marius Wilhaus (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
4. Rainer Bechstein (Husum)

Group 4
1. Alexander Büsing (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)
2. Philip Hansen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
3. Ekki Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)
4. Yeti Yilmaz (Minimannia Aachen)

Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)-Robert Wagner (Minimannia Aachen) 3-1
Oliver Jeschke (Subbuteo St. Pauli)-Alexander Büsing (SSG Borussia Bergkamen) 0-1
Frank Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)-Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli) 0-1
Philip Hansen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)-Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61) 0-3
On the left side, Alexander Büsing (Borussia Bergkamen) and Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)

Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)-Alexander Büsing (SSG Borussia Bergkamen) 2-0
Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)-Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61) 1-3
Starters Cup winner of 2014, Edin Mulasmajic (Borussia Bergkamen) with former winner Tom Horn and runnerup Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61)

Edin Mulasmajic (SSG Borussia Bergkamen)-Uwe Stiller (TSL Dortmund 61) 2-1

(Report by Thossa Büsing)

Saturday 20 September 2014

Subbuteo Parramatta - September Cup 2014

Subbuteo returned to its roots in the September Cup, bringing back the days of cramming into lounge rooms, dining rooms and garages, to hover over cotton and nylon pitches and play with round based figures. With a variety of conditions present on the different styles of pitches - from smooth and fast to Field A, affectionately known as ’The Glue Pot’, players had to show versatility in their skills to do well. A field of 8 players with a diverse range of abilities locked horns in a Swiss System tournament that later ran into a finals series as everyone was keen for more games - and a grand final! Early results went the way of Steve Dettre and Ethan Foster, while Adrian Elmer and Jonny Ball played out a tense scoreless draw, as did youngsters Imojjen and Æowyn Elmer, the random draw pitting the sisters against each other in the opening round. Jonny Ball began to revel in the old pitch conditions as his bending and shooting skills gave him significant wins in the next few rounds. Adrian Elmer made his way through all 5 of the Swiss System rounds without conceding a goal, though did struggle at the pointy end of the field, leaving him with a string of draws to go with his two victories. After missing the first round due to a long drive to the venue, previous September Cup winner Phill Parker began to crawl his way up the table while another former champ, Alex Jennings, squeezed into the top four. Making his September Cup début, Ethan Foster had a mixed bag of results while Steve Dettre quietly went about building a consistent run.

After five rounds of the Swiss System, players went into a finals series, with the top four playing for the trophy and the lower four for the shield. In a rematch of the day’s opening game, Jonny finally broke down Adrian’s defense to grab a 1-0 victory, while Steve and Alex went to shots after a 1-1 draw. Steve booked himself a place in the final with 3 clinical finishes and some solid goalkeeping. Following the consolation play-offs, the grand final was another tense affair. Steve took a one goal lead into the half time break but Jonny levelled early in the second period with a delicate shot that left Steve’s ‘keeper stuck to the spot. With just under a minute to go, and both players feeling the tension, Steve pulled of a brilliant shot, squeezing past one defender while getting the finest of angles on the ball, yet still hitting it with the force to lodge into the far corner of the goals. It was a goal worthy of winning a final.

A great time was had by all - the experienced players giving pointers to the newer players and helping them improve, while competing fiercely in the tighter games. Thanks to all for making another great September Cup.

(Report by Adrian Elmer)

First round (5 games played each):
Steve Dettre (Northern Falcons TFC) 12
Adrian Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta) 9
Jonny Ball (Northern Falcons TFC) 8
Alex Jennings (Subbuteo Parramatta) 8
Phill Parker (Subbuteo Parramatta) 7
Ethan Foster (Subbuteo Parramatta) 6
Æowyn Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta) 2
Imojjen Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta) 2

Steve Dettre - Alex Jennings 1-1(3-1)
Adrian Elmer - Jonny Ball 0-1

Semis (places 5-8):
Phill Parker - Imojjen Elmer 1-0
Ethan Foster - Æowyn Elmer 3-0

Steve Dettre - Jonny Ball 2-1
Steve Dettre (left), winner of the tournament
Final 3-4:
Adrian Elmer - Alex Jennings 0-1

Final 5-6:
Phill Parker - Ethan Foster 1-0

Final 7-8:
Imojjen Elmer - Æowyn Elmer 0-0

Tuesday 16 September 2014

The WASPA Lazio League is back

The third edition of the "WASPA Lazio League" will start on September 25 in the premises of the Italian club "SS Lazio". Two years ago, the club from Rome launched this nice project of having several tournaments played at local level with a general ranking at the end of the season. The previous winners are Gianmarco Del Brocco (2012/2013) and Simone Trivelli (2013/2014). The "WASPA Lazio League" has been a source of inspiration as it was the first regional circuit to be played under WASPA banner. Later came other circuit in Cyprus, Belgium (Templeuve and SC Flanders), England (the "Sliders Tour") and Austria (Austrian WASPA League).

This year, the circuit "WLL" will provisionally consist in a series of 8 events open to all table football (subbuteo) enthusiasts.

More details can be found at http://www.laziotfc.com/content/waspa-lazio-league-20142015

Monday 15 September 2014

Marios Strommer wins an exciting tournament in Vienna

The winners
This sunday's Regional in Vienna was one of the most exciting in the Austrian WASPA history. 11 players came to the clubhouse of TSC Royal and with Gabor Baross we had one guest from Hungary! After more than thirty thrilling games our talent Marios Strommer wins in a family final (4-3) against his father Alfred Strommer 4-3. A great job of all players!

After the tournament Gabor received the collected material for Hungarian Subbuteo.
Thomas Eppensteiner and Hungary's Gabor Baross

(Report from Thomas Eppensteiner)