Monday, 30 November 2015

Anas takes the honors in Singapore

Jurong Central Subbuteo Club (JCSC) League 2014/15 (Friday 27 November 2015) WASPA

It was the final league day for the JCSC League 2014/15. The results of this tournament would also be included in the SG ranking points. The JCSC league table leader, Rudy Hesty, decided to sit out for this WASPA tournament as he had a comfortable gap to the 2nd place competitor. Hence 14 club players competed in this Final League Day WASPA Tournament.

Group Stage
The players were split into 4 groups, with the top seeds (according to the SG Ranking table) assigned to each group. The rest of the players were drawn into their respective groups.
The draw resulted in a “group of death” in Group C, with competitive players, namely Fauzi, Rizal Taib and Vikas in the same group. The groupings are as follows:
Group A: Noor Haikal, Simon, Quan Feng
Group B: Anas, Yew Seng, Bolkiah
Group C: Vikas, Fauzi, Rizal Taib, Ding Heng
Group D: Nic, Amin, Dylan, Ah Liang

After the group round, the top seeds for each group (Haikal, Anas, Vikas and Nic) comfortably topped their respective groups by winning all their games.

The top 2 players from each group proceed to the quarter finals while the rest of the players would enter the Plate Payoffs.

Plate Playoffs
After a long knockout round, Group A 2nd runner-up, Quan Feng, met Group C 2nd runner-up, Rizal Taib in the plate final. With experience under his belt, Rizal managed to secure a convincing 3-0 win to win the plates.

Quarter Finals
QF 1: Haikal vs Fauzi
Haikal managed to score a sneaky long shot goal, and the score remained at 1-0 as Fauzi failed to overcome Haikal’s strong defence strategy after the first goal.
QF 2: Anas vs Amin
After several shots and relentless pressure from Anas towards Amin’s defence, Anas finally managed to sneak a goal past Amin’s goalkeeper to secure a 1-0 win.
QF 3: Vikas vs Simon
In a battle between two veterans, Vikas managed to secure a 2-1 win over his old rival, Simon, who just recently came back to playing Subbuteo again.
QF 4:  Nic vs Yew Seng
With his amazing shooting skills, Nic managed to secure a comfortable 4-0 win over Yew Seng.

Semi Finals
SF 1: Anas vs Haikal
In a battle between two youths, Anas managed to score 3 goals to secure a spot in the final.
SF 2: Vikas vs Nic
In what seemed like a closely fought match, Vikas managed to score the winning goal against Nic to secure a 2-1 win.

Anas vs Vikas
Although Anas managed to score an early goal with his fast paced game play, he could not maintain the scoreline with Vikas’ fearsome long shots, with one of them finding the back of the net.
With the game tied at 1-1 at full time, sudden death penalty shootout followed. Anas managed to score a goal while saving Vikas’ shot, hence ending the game with Anas securing victory.

(Report by Anas)

Friday, 27 November 2015

Thorn and Kimber winners in Perth

Players from left to right; Alan Kimber, Chris Thorn, Ross McNulty, John Harty
News has come through earlier this week at ATFA HQ that Perth Subbuteo has succesfully staged their 3rd and 4th WASPA tournaments respectively over the last two months.

Growing from an initial player base of just Chris Thorn and John Harty in 2014, the club has now expanded to four players with Ross McNulty and Alan Kimber joining the fray. We have also been told two more players are expected in the new year bringing the total up to 6.

In the meantime, the club has followed suit with fellow Australian clubs and has purchased their own club shirts (red and blue as seen in above photo).

Now to the tournaments. In September it was Chris Thorn who came out on top undefeated in his 6 games:
1. Chris THORN (16)
2. Alan KIMBER (10)
3. Ross McNULTY (5)
4. John HARTY (3)

And in October Alan Kimber took his first WASPA title, well done Alan!
1. Alan KIMBER (11)
2. Ross McNULTY (8)
3. Chris THORN (8)
4. John HARTY (6)

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Jürgen Dreyer wins in Dachau

Last monday the first WASPA tournament of "Subbuteo Club München" took place in Dachau. The tournament was exclusively geared towards the needs of newcomers to our sport. So four players battled on Monday evening for the win. The established players of "Subbuteo Club München" were active as referees. The level of our players was very balanced. That increased for all participants the excitement and the fun.

At the end of the day, Jürgen Dreyer sat with 5 points and won his first WASPA tournament. Second place went to the absolute novice Jörg Lappöhn who surprised his opponent with exceptional feeling and strong shots. He managed to get 3 points. Third place went to our team's Manfred Guth, who also ended with three points. Unfortunately, he used his many shot opportunities not consistently. For him there would have been even more. Also an extraordinarily good performance delivered from Peter Seebach, with 2 draws and only one defeat scored 2 points and were referred only very scarce on the 4th Place.

In sum can be stated clearly that any player could win this tournament, since the power levels were nearly identical.

Noteworthy was for us as organizers that all involved players necessarily want unsubscribe again a tournament of this kind. We will seek a bigger tournament of its kind for our newcomers to organize.

The newcomer Peter and Jörg äussertensich that you would also like to visit our club evenings in Subbuteo Club München 2014 us. We would be happy about it very much.

(Translated from thre German - Report from SC München)

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The 2015 Turkey Shoot for Peter Alegi

The 2015 Turkey Shoot, a Michigan subbuteo tradition, held on Sunday was the first hosted by the new Grand Rapids Table Soccer Club ( The number of players was smaller than expected due to some last-minute withdrawals, but it was still a good Sunday of flicking. Many young soccer players watched the competition and tried Subbuteo for the first time on the demonstration table. Peter Alegi defeated Mike Ewer in the final while Paul Pate and Brian Lambert shared third place.

For full results go to:

Monday, 23 November 2015

Isaac Lim wins the Merlion Cup Plate event 2015

After rounds of exciting matches in the Preliminary Rounds of the Merlion Cup Open Event, players who were knocked out of their groups proceeded to play in the Plate Event, which amidst all the action in the Knockout Rounds, was equally exciting as the players competed for the consolation prize of Plate Champion.  The latter saw a total of 9 players, all who finished either 3rd or 4th in their respective Preliminary Groups participating in the event.

The players were then placed in 3 groups of 3 players each with Isaac, Ming Liang and Dylan in Group A; Quan Feng, Luke and Ding Heng in Group B; and Hashim, Yew Seng and Bolkiah forming Group C.  The players had to play group matches to determine who finishes top in each group and the best player to finish second among all groups.

In the Plate Semi-finals, the winner of Group A will then go on to face his counterpart in Group C whereas the winner of Group B will then face the best player to finish second.  The winners of each semi-final match will go head to head with each other in the Plate Final to compete for the title of Plate Champion.

Plate Preliminary Rounds:
The Plate Preliminary Rounds saw players putting in their best efforts to enter the semi-finals.  After a couple of group matches, Isaac, Quan Feng and Bolkiah went on to top Groups A, B and C respectively; while Luke ended up as the best player to finish second.  The above four players then progressed to play in the Plate Semi-finals.

Plate Semi-finals:

Semi-final 1 (Isaac vs Bolkiah):
The first match of the Plate Semi-finals was a face-off between the winner of Group A, Isaac and the winner of Group B, Bolkiah, both who secured top 4 spots in the Merlion Cup U19 Individual Category the previous day.  The match was rather tight with both players engaged in a battle of wits and accuracy to fight for a well-deserved spot in the final.  Despite the good fighting spirit that both players put up, Isaac managed to secure a 1-0 victory against Bolkiah to take the lead and earn a spot in the final.

Semi-final 2 (Quan Feng vs Luke):
Just like the preliminary match which saw Quan Feng beating Luke by a 2-1 scoreline, both players played against each other once more in the semi-finals.  This match was rather exciting as both sides had an equal amount of chances to score goals but could not capitalise on them, resulting in a goalless 0-0 draw and the game taken to a round of shots.  The result still remained the same after countless attempts to score from shots which saw the game being brought to sudden death where Luke managed to net in a goal to secure a spot as one of the two finalist.

Plate Final (Isaac vs Luke):
The day drew down to this match for all Plate Event participants.  It was a match that decided who will emerge victorious and be crowned Plate Champion and who would return from the competition as Plate Runner-up.  The Lim brothers, consisting of Luke and Isaac were to compete for the champion’s title in this very match which despite the ongoing Merlion Cup Open Final, was also a nail-biting affair of both skill and accuracy.

The match was literally an adrenaline rush for both players who were playing to their limits and not planning to show any signs of mercy to the opposing side.  However, despite the pressure both sides were putting in for their opponents, Isaac was more accurate with his touches and more clinical with his shots, thus allowing him to defeat Luke with a whopping 5-0 victory.  Congratulations, Isaac!!!

Once again, a big congratulations to all players who stayed on to play in the Plate Event despite their defeats in the Main Event.  We hope to see you in action once more at our next tournament!

(Report by Luke Lim and Isaac Lim.)

Second trophy for Pascal Droeven

The podium of the tournament!
Due to several circumstances, only four players attended the second tournament of Semois Subbuteo Club this sunday in Vresse, in the South of Belgium. Every player played seven games and in the end, Pascal Droeven took the honors, defeating Renaud Parisel in the final. Patrick Vanderlinden was third and Gregory Berte ended fourth.

A second tournament win for Rik Bland

Ajouter une légende
The 10th Brisbane Subbuteo Club Cup was a hotly contested affair in more ways than one. Played in steamy conditions of 34 degrees, the league was a very close run thing. Arch rivals Giuseppe and Rik were tied in the first round. It was Giuseppe who took the 3 points with a comfortable 5-2 win. In the second round, Gus managed his first ever competitive victory over Giuseppe, with a very tight 2-1 win. As the temperature increased so did the competitiveness. Round 3 saw four of the big guns fight out draws. This left Gus on top of the table with maximum points.
Round 4 was also a close run thing with 2 draws and a 3-2 win to Andrew B over Giuseppe. Round  5  finally brought Gus's undefeated run to an end at the hands of a ruthless Rik. Adam also stepped up the pressure with a 4-2 win over Andrew B. Unfortunately our veteran Rob had to retire after round 5, as the heat took its toll.
Round 6 was to prove a costly one for Giuseppe who fell to a 2-1 loss to Andy R, this ultimately cost him a place in the semi-finals for the first time. Gus managed a very narrow victory over Andrew B which was a great comeback after his wooden spoon performance in October.
Round 7 was a decisive one for the 2 Andrews who were battling out for a place in the final 4. Andy R just needed the draw, but Andrew B found his shooting form and notched up a very convincing 4-1 win with his new Man United team, and an awesome looking George Best. Adam beat Rik to finish top of the league table, Gus coming second followed by Andrew B and Rik 4th.
The first of the semis was a close battle between Andrew B and Gus. Andrew B took the lead early in the first half with Gus equalising just before half time. Andrew proved to be the stronger though scoring again in the second half. Despite a late flurry from Gus Andrew held out to reach the final.
The second semi-final was fought out between last month’s finalists. With Rik losing to Adam in his previous 2 matches, Adam was the favourite to progress. However, Rik had found his form and pulled off a very credible 3-0 win.
The final between Rik and Andrew B started off with both players being very careful. It soon hotted up though and Rik carried on with his rich vein of form by leading 2-0 at half time. Rik scored again to increase what looked like an unassailable lead but Andrew scored from a quickly taken throw in. The comeback wasn't to be however, and Rik secured his second trophy success with a late goal to win 4-1.

Chessray Jooste captures his 4th WASPA title

Saturday 21 November 2015, Pretoria, South Africa 

A field of 8 entries competed for the 2015 Champions Shield. The theme of the event was "Spain v England" - where 4 contestants playing in the colours of Spanish clubs competed against 4 contestants playing in the colours of English teams. Perhaps it was time to settle the argument of which football league was the best in the world - Spain's La Liga v England's Premier League?
Over the 16 scheduled fixtures we had 29 goals scored in total - ensuring for a great day of Subbuteo fun & action ! For the individual standings 2 points per win and 1 point per draw were awarded, whereas for the team standings we had 3 points per win & 1 point per draw awarded. The day got off to a bang with Barcelona (Chessray Jooste) beating Liverpool (Bevin Reed) by 1-0. All day long Chessray kept the Spain flag flying high - posting three wins and one draw. The only points Chessray dropped was during a 1-1 draw against Everton (Jayden vd Merwe). Chessray clinched the title in Match 14 when he won 2-1 against Kegan vs Merwe (Crystal Palace) - a match which marked the fastest goal of the day with Chessray attacking from the start and scoring on 32sec of play! Chessray then doubled his lead on 3 min, with Kegan pulling one back on 11 min to ensure a tense finish to the match - certainly the candidate for "Match of the Day". For Chessray.....this was his first title since April 2014 - are we witnessing a comeback from one of PFC's stalwarts?
Liverpool (Bevin Reed) could only manage 3rd place overall after faltering in the first two rounds of play. Perhaps what will hurt more for Liverpool (Bevin Reed) is that they surrendered 2nd place to their bitter rivals, Everton (Jayden vd Merwe)!
Everton (Jayden vd Merwe) was the only other unbeaten team on the day - posting two wins and two draws to secure 2nd place overall.
Finally a mention must be made about the effort from Manchester United (Sherwin Reed) - taking 4th place overall and suffering only one loss on the day, to the eventual victors Barcelona ! Certainly a great achievement by Sherwin - considering he only made his Subbuteo debut as recently as April 2015!
The event also marked the Subbuteo debut of PFC's latest recruit, Neilon Waterson (Valencia) - at PFC we gladly welcome new members amonst our midst as we eagerly anticipate their development in this beautiful game that is Subbuteo! As far as team accolades go - Team England occupied three of the top four individual places, accumulating a total of 24 points compared to the 18 points earned by Team Spain. Is the Premier League better than La Liga. only time can answer that question!
(Report by Julian van der Merwe)

Individual Standings
1. Chessray Jooste (BARCELONA)
2. Jayden vd Merwe (EVERTON)
3. Bevin Reed (LIVERPOOL)
5. Julian vd Merwe (ATLETICO MADRID)
6. Kegan vd Merwe (CRYSTAL PALACE)
7. Adam Murray (MALAGA)
8. Neilon Waterson (VALENCIA)

Subbuteo Parramatta Spring League Cup

Following the great success of the second annual Subbuteo Parramatta Spring League, The celebratory Spring League Cup brought Subbuteo Parramatta’s official program for 2015 to a close. 8 players descended on the New Trafford Subbuteo Complex in North Parramatta, 7 who had competed in the league plus one extra. A change of date meant that Spring League winner, Eliot Kennedy was out of the country, leaving the door open for someone else to take the consolation title. 2014 League Cup winner Steve Diasinos turned out to defend his crown, but knew he would be facing a battle. Fabrizio Coco started as tournament favourite, the event also marking the one year anniversary of his first competitive Subbuteo on Australian soil. Steve Dettre and the Lombardi brothers were also in with a shot. Mathew Barrie, Adrian Elmer and Louis Dettre, while knowing they probably didn’t have a realistic shot at the title, were keen put in good performances, however, and throw a few spanners in the works of the front-runners.

Louis and Daniele prepare to go head to head
For the first time in the history of Subbuteo Parramatta, a true Swiss System was trialled, with 5 rounds programmed. The opening round was drawn randomly. Mat drew Adrian and immediately made full use of the home ground advantage, forcing Adrian to both play on an unfamiliar surface and with a borrowed team, due to a colour clash. Adrian took some time to find his feet, but settled in and eventually held on for a 0-0 draw. Fabrizio drew Steve Dettre and, in a tight tussle, took a 1-0 victory, though a desperate header from one of his defenders was needed to hold out Big Steve’s late onslaught. Daniele saw off Louis 4-0, while Raffaele had a much sterner test against Little Steve, earning a tight 1-0 victory.

Round two pitted Daniele against Fabrizio and, in a forecast of the final standings, the two first round winners battled out a dogged 1-1 draw. Raffaele again won by the finest of margins, with Mat defending sternly and only allowing the solitary, unanswered goal to pass him. Big Steve had the run of the early play against Adrian and took a 1-0 lead to the break. Adrian, however, fought back in the second, taking a deserved equaliser, only to fall tantalisingly short as Big Steve picked up the winner with a sweeping counter-attack and the last flick of the match. Little Steve made hard work of his victory over Louis. In spite of peppering Louis’ goal, only one shot managed to break Louis’ stern goalkeeping performance.

In round three, Fabrizio made extra certain that everyone knew exactly how he felt about Little Steve’s constant reminders that he had beaten Fabrizio exactly one year ago to take the last League Cup title. Fabrizio pumped 5 past Little Steve’s hapless defences, well and truly consigning memories of that first showdown (where Fabrizio had to use a borrowed team in his first games in a couple of years) to the dustbin. Mathew repeated a common theme for his performance for the evening, a tight draw, this time against Big Steve, each player slotting one past the other. Adrian scored rapid goals at the beginning of each half as well as a third in an, otherwise, well contested match against Louis. However, all the action took place on pitch number 1. Raffaele had jokingly begged for a referee before the showdown against his flesh and blood but, of course, with all participants playing, they were left to their own devices. Midway through the second half all hell broke loose, and the familiar Italian curses that regulars at Subbuteo Parramatta events are beginning to now understand were flying. A contentious decision in the middle of the field led to a goal, lots of yelling and an eventual forfeit.

With 10 minutes to settle, Raffaele and Daniele were coaxed back onto the pitch by their next opponents. While Daniele was not his usual fluent self, he managed to slip 3 past Adrian. Meanwhile, Raffaele struggled against Fabrizio, a 3-0 victory to the latter realistically sealing the title for him. In the ongoing battle of the Steves, the Little version took the honours with an, as ever, tightly contested 1-0 victory. Louis scored his first goal of the evening in his draw with, you guessed it, Mathew, who was making a habit of picking up solitary points from his close games.

The final round saw Fabrizio do his lap of honour around the unfortunate Louis, who was only drawn against the winner in the swiss system due to clashes in the draw amongst other players. Raffaele and Big Steve fought out yet another close tie and Mathew proved he possesses one of the stingiest defences, in spite of going down 1-0 to Daniele, the win slipping him into second place on the table. Adrian and Little Steve fought out one of their regular close encounters, this time both having to settle for a 0-0 draw, in spite of both creating a couple of good chances each.
Many thanks to Mat for hosting us, the first ever WASPA tournament to be held at New Trafford, and thanks to the neighbouring flats for the great smells of cooking that came wafting through the windows throughout the evening!

Final ranking:
1. Fabrizio Coco (Subbuteo Parramatta)
2. Daniele Lombardi (Subbuteo Parramatta)
3. Raffaele Lombardi (Subbuteo Parramatta)
4. Steve Diasinos (Subbuteo Parramatta)
5. Adrian Elmer (Subbuteo Parramatta)
5. Steve Dettre (Northern Falcons Club)
7. Mathew Barrie (Subbuteo Parramatta)
8. Louis Dettre (Northern Falcons Club)

(Original report from

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Andrea Pagano and Alberto Gagliardi win old rules tournaments in Italy

Presentation of the trophies

This Sunday a tournament with the old rules was played in Catanzaro (Italy). The event attracted 11 players and the tournament was run in Swiss system. Andrea Pagano finished leader with 10 points while Ugo Custo was runner-up. Here are the final standings:

1. Andrea Pagano (Norwich City), 10
2. Ugo Custo (Catanzaro), 9
3. Alessio Talarico (Borussia Dortmund), 9
4. Alessandro Corigliano (Austria Vienna), 7
5. Raffaele Gangale (Roma), 7
6. Davide Colace (Albion Rovers), 6
7. Sandro Vasapollo (Eintracht), 6
8. Gianfranco Gallelli (Ajax), 5
9. Domenico Giglio (Manchester City), 5
10. Alfredo Priamo (West Ham), 4
11. Salvatore Scalise (Inter), 0

Players in Ascoli
In Ascoli, also on Sunday, 5 players met to play a tournament with the old rules. Alberto Gagliardi defeated Pierpaolo Bucci in the final to claim the title. Bucci won the group stage and later beat Paolo Guidara in the first semi-final while Gagliardi defeated Antonio Chieppa in the other semi.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Western Flickers 3rd WASPA tournament!

Reported by Benny Ng (Melbourne, Australia)

The Western Flickers - a sub-group of the Melbourne Table Football Club – was formed to to cater for players living on the north/west side of Melbourne and provide more opportunities to play the wonderful game of table football.
Today, the Western Flickers hosted its 3rd WASPA (Regional) tournament. Coinciding with one of our player’s birthday, what better way to celebrate than with a Subbuteo themed party / tournament!
Subbuteo Melbourne had one of our best WASPA turnouts of the year with 11 players taking part. These included 2 brand new players having a go at Subbuteo for the very first time and both of them loved it. I have to say both took the game very quickly and played very well! Lots of potential and hopefully we will see them at future Subbuteo events. We also welcomed a special guest player all the way from Italy – Claudio Ranelli. Using a Swiss system variant to give everyone even gameplay amount, the players were drawn  into 3 groups:
Group A – Beth Everleigh, Aidan Deverall, David McCall
Group B – Benjamin Ng, Claudio Ranelli, Paul Mercer, Christos Garagounis
Group C – Fauzi Rahman, Choon Lee, Benny Ng, Adam Deverall

Qualifying Group Round
In Group A, Beth emerged as the winner with wins over rising junior star Aidan and newcomer David. The battle for the runners up spot ended up in a stalemate with Aidan squeezing into second spot because of goal difference. Congrats to David for earning his first Subbuteo point!

Beth giving newcomer David McCall some pointers
Group B was a much tighter affair with Claudio and Paul hotly contesting top spot. Both players had wins over Benjamin and Christos, but Claudio had the slightly better goal difference. It meant that Paul had to beat Claudio in order to win the group, and in a tense match, Paul managed to grab a 1-0 win!

Group C pitted Western Flickers stalwarts Benny and Adam together with newcomer Choon Lee and Fauzi (who was only playing Subbuteo for the second time). As expected, the deciding match was between Benny and Adam, with Benny getting the edge this time with a 2-0 victory.

Newcomer Choon Lee in action
As a result, the following groupings emerged for the next round:
Winners group – Beth, Paul and Benny
Runners Up group – Aidan, Claudio, Adam
Plates group – David, Christos and Fauzi
Consolation group – Benjamin and Choon

The mini-Subbuteo table was a big hit with the younglings!
Deciding Finals Round
As the Consolation group had only 2 players, the single match was won by Benjamin in a narrow 1-0 victory.
The pumped-up Christos won the Plates group, romping home with comfortably wins against David and Fauzi. The match between David and Fauzi had to be decided by penalty shots, with David celebrating wildly when he won a lengthy 26-shot shootout! Well done David on your first Subbuteo outing.

Christos in deep concentration
In the Runners Up group, nothing could split Adam and Claudio so it went to shots as well. Adam came out winner to take the group.

In the Winners group, Beth played bravely despite equipment issues and only just lost to both Paul and Benny. So the deciding match for the overall tournament winner was between Paul and Benny; with Benny having not beaten Paul in a competitive match.
In an exciting and tense game where either player could easily have won, Benny snatched a late goal and held out for a memorable very first WASPA Regional tournament win.

Winner Benny with runner-up Paul
Thanks to all who attended for helping to make it an awesome day filled with Subbuteo fun, food and friendship! It was a blast!
Well done everyone ... GO WEST!!!

The final standings are:
1. Benny Ng
2. Paul Mercer
3. Beth Everleigh
4. Adam Deverall
5. Claudio Ranelli
6. Aidan Deverall
7. Christis Garagounis
8. David McCall
9. Fauzi Rahman
10. Benjamin Ng
11. Choon Lee

P.S. If anyone is interested in taking part in future Western Flickers events or just popping by for chat and look-see, feel free to send Benny Ng an email at
Subbuteo cupcakes anyone?

Special guest player from Italy – Claudio Ranelli – in action against U12 Junior Champion Benjamin Ng

Easy win for Geoffrey Marain

Geoffrey Marain and Vincent Coppenolle
This sunday the club of "Warcoing Ducks" organized their monthly tournament in their premises in pecq. The event was organized in the last minute and that's maybe why only six players showed up. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano) ended on top of a group of 6 with 5 wins. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United) was runner-up while Corentin Boltz (SC Eugies) was third. Matthias Averlant, André Boltz and Benjamin Marain were the other players attending.

Sven Schilling, a happy traveller in South Africa

Still no local winner in Cape Town!

Cape Town Open 2015
15 November 2015
Venue: Sports Science Institute of South Africa (Newlands, Cape Town)

Cape Town City TFC organised the 2nd Cape Town Open Subbuteo tournament at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, in Newlands, Cape Town. Last year’s winner was Johannesburg-based Clifford Graaff, and this year it was once again won by a visitor - Sven Schilling from Subbuteo Sankt-Pauli in Germany.

There were some very tough games, including a particularly tense semi final between Wayne and Clinton. There were also some big scores - usually handed out by our international visitor, who in this tournament clocked up his 888th tournament game. Sven’s experience showed - on the day, his tactical awareness and accurate flicking saw him dominate his opponents.

As always, a good time was had by all, with much commitment shown to further developing the game in Cape Town.

(Report by Cape Town TFC)

Saturday, 14 November 2015

A first trophy for Francesco Fucci

The third stage of the North Florence subbuteo challenge was played on November 11 by six players. The event was as usual played with the old rules. Francesco Fucci, who was the "special guest" of the tournament, won the evening. In the challenge, after three stages, Pugi is the leader (13 points) with Monti as runner-up (11).

Huge promotion in Tombelle, Italy

Last sunday there was a Subbuteo tournament in Tombelle, int he North of Italy. The evetn was organized by David Lazzari and the goal was to get new players involved. All players played a huge group (league system). Leonardo Vannucchi was the final winner, finishing ahead of Enrico Hoxa, Mattia Bettin and Federico Pasqualotto. The other players were Daniel Zambon, Andrea Masiero, Lonardo Stefani, Sebastiano Salmaso, Francesco Campanale, Roberto Roman, Samuele Mazzuccato, Luca Vignola, Lorenzo Azzarito, Marco Maggi, Alvise Renaldini and Giacomo Renadini. Congratulations to all the players for their efforts and to David for the great promotion.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Adrian Davies wins in Gilligham

Adrian and Rhys
Kent Invicta had another WASPA event last friday with a good turnout of 8 playing in Swiss system. Adrian Davies won his four games and took the honors.
All Kent players took part on a fun evening of play.

Final standings:
1. Adrian Davies – 12pts +9
2. Kye Arnold – 7pts +2
3. Terry Arnold – 5pts +2
4. Jacob Silvester – 5pts +1
5. Rob McCormick – 5pts 0
6. Rhys Williams – 4pts 0
7. Paul Frank – 4pts -1
8. Nathan Silvester - 1pt -13

Thursday, 12 November 2015

A good turnout of 20 in Templeuve

Vito Di Ruggiero and Geoffrey Marain
This wednesday the club of Templeuve (Belgium) organized two tournaments in their premises. In the morning, Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano) won the final of a FISTF Future against Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United). Jos Ceulemans and Maxime Rairoux were the semi-finalists. Rairoux also won the U19 category while Frank Lannoy won the veterans final.
In the afternoon, the WASPA event was played in Swiss system with Geoffrey marain taking the honors another time. Marain fishised with 10 points thanks to a last minute equalizer in his game against Jérôme Heyvaert. Vito Di Ruggiero (SC Charleroi) was runner-up with 9 points in his first WASPA appearance ever.

Final standings of the WASPA event
1. Geoffrey Marain, Flickers Milano
2. Vito Di Ruggiero, SC Charleroi
3. Frank Lannoy, SC Temploux
4. Renald Deloose, Templeuve United
5. Jérôme Heyvaert, SC Charleroi
6. Yves Peremans, SC Oostende
7. Gary Moore (IRL), Irish Premier League
8. Michaël Dupret, Magic Team Tournai
9. Olivier Bodelle (FRA), Templeuve United
10. Vincent Coppenolle, Templeuve United
11. Corentin Boltz, SC Eugies
12. André Boltz, SC Eugies
13. Gino Simons, SC Oostende
14. Maxime Rairoux, SC Eugies
15. Jos Ceulemans, London & Essex United
16. Jason Delattre, Templeuve United
17. Matthias Averlant, Templeuve United
18. Florian Renaut, SC Eugies
19. John Verfaillie, Templeuve United
20. Benjamin Marain, SC Warcoing Ducks

Majee Nolizam wins in Indonesia

Last monday the club of Batavia Garudas held a WASPA tournament in Jakarta, the main city of the country. The event had a turnout of 8 with three players from Malaysian club Hartamas Tigers. In the end, Majee Nolizam (Malaysia) defeated home player Arudyo Putro in a close final (2-1). Irman Farizul and Winaldo Swastia Artaraya were the semi-finalists. It was a good evening with a lot of goals and many close games. It's also very positive to see Subbuteo spreading in this part of the world. Besides the tournament, the club of batavia Garudas has proudly released a new website that you can discover at

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Daniel Cranston takes the Delaware Valley Open

The players
The 2015 Delaware Valley Open presented by Yuengling Lager, Yuengling Lager, the offical lager of the Delaware Valley Open, has just concluded with Daniel Cranston winning his second DVO title. Daniel Cranston defeated Paul Eyes 2-1 in front of a sold out crowd of five in the finals. With the score tied 1-1 at the half, Daniel got the go-ahead goal with four minutes left to secure the victory. In the Mushroom Cup consolation final, Neal Rivera defeated Andrew Zunino by a score of 2-1. The attendance for that final was two. Thank you to all the players who participated in this years event. It is always my pleasure hosting this event.
Action during the final

The final
The final results are listed below:
1. Daniel Cranston
2. Paul Eyes
3. Adolfo Colindres
4. Gregg Deinhart
5. Neal Rivera
6. Andrew Zunino
7. Bryan Arnold
8. Douglas Thozomas

(Report by Andrew Zunino)

Friday, 6 November 2015

David Busch wins top final in Vienna

The top 4 of the tournament: Erich Hinkelmann (2), David Busch (1), Gabor Baross and Thomas Eppensteiner
On November 1, the ‘Eröffnungsturnier’ FISTF Satellite was organised by TFC Wien West in Austria. Alfred Strommer's club is back in action after a break of a few years and it's very positive as there are several new players in the U12 category. The event was also added as a WASPA tournament (only the Open category) as requested by several players.

As for the results, David Busch defeated Erich Hinkelmann in the final after scoring many goals. David scored the winning goal in sudden death (6-5). Thomas Eppensteiner and Hungary's Gabor Baross were the semi-finalists. The U12 tournament consisted in a group of 5 and Pauli Rauchenschwandtner was the winner with 10 points.

Besides the games, there was a social side of the tournament as Hussein Bakhshi, a refugee from Afghanistan living in a Austrian family, became the first player from his country to attend a Subbuteo tournament.

A clear win for Patrizio Lazzaretti

The second leg of the WASPA Lazio League 2015/2016 was held on October 28 in Rome (Italy) and this time, it was a clear win for Patrizio Lazzaretti who won his first tournament of the season. Lazzaretti won all his games while Simon Trivelli was runner-up. Lazzaretti is the season leader with 47 points while Gianmarco Del brocco is second with 45 points.