Monday 31 October 2016

Andrew Bennett wins the Brisbane October tournament

Eight competing players and one senior 'looker on' (to help out with any rule confusion, thank you Rob) showed up at Woody Point on a beautiful morning in paradise. We decided to change the format a bit, with 2 seeded groups of 4 playing a round robin, with the top 2 from each going into a Premier round robin, and the bottom four into a Championship league.
Group A consisting of Andrew B, Gus, James and Gareth saw a total of 26 goals scored. James playing his first competition at the tender age of 9 managed to get on the score sheet and against a very in form Andrew B. Andrew topped the group with 3 wins and only conceding twice, with Gus runner up, with Gareth 3rd and James in 4th.
Group B saw Giuseppe, Rik, Shane and Wil fight it out, and this group was a lot closer. The top two, Rik and Giuseppe who fought out a 0-0 draw finished with 5 points each, Wil getting a very credible 2-2 draw with Rik, and Shane doing well to keep Giuseppe to 1-1.
So the Championship group featured Shane, Gareth, Wil and James. Shane topped the group by a point over Wil & Gareth, Wil having a better goal difference over Gareth claimed second spot. James in his first competition manged 2 draws and scoring three, a great start. Shane will look to keep on improving and will soon be challenging the power houses.
The Premiership was not so close. One player strode away with the title, and had actually secured it with a game to go. Andrew B finished the day with a 100% record and amassing 26 goals whislt conceding 6. Giuseppe got closest only losing 3-2, whilst Gus suffered another 5-1 (after getting back to 1-1 and pressing before Andrew changed gear) and Rik suffered a 4-1 defeat. Andrew's 4 month absence had obviously improved his appetite, and we suspect he was practicing 4 hours a day !!! The other games in the Premiership were all very tight affairs, Gus drew with Rik and Giuseppe, whilst last months winner lost in his last game to Rik to finish 4th.
All agreed the new format had worked well, as everyone got to play against all levels, then got to play some very competitive games.
A big well done to all the players who survived 6 full games in the heat, another brilliant job by our great host Giuseppe and a big congratulations to Andrew B who was just unstoppable.
Should also thank Wil and James for bringing the average age way down (and some bewilderment, as everyone sought a seat and rest between games whilst Wil and James chased each other around with boundless energy..... wish we could share it !).

(Report by Giuseppe Tardiota)

Sunday 30 October 2016

Chris Kaberry wins the WASPA Cup in North Shields

Chris Kaberry wins the WASPA Cup in North Shields, by the skin of his teeth
This mini tournament kicked of with the first semi final between Chris & Nigel. Two goals in the first 10 minutes by Chris effectively killed the tie off and Nigel struggled to get into the game thereafter. Nigel nearly scored a consolation just before the end of the game but a well positioned keeper kept him out. 2-0 to Chris.
Dave played Andy in the second semi final. This was always going to be a tight game between two players who play and practice together regularly. Possession was 50/50 and Dave had the best chances hitting the woodwork twice. 0-0 at full time, the game went into a shoot out which Dave won with ruthless efficiency 3-1.
Nigel & Andy then contested 3rd & 4th place. An intriguing game saw Nigel try to frustrate Andy with possession play whilst Andy tried the more aggressive and direct route to goal. The only goal of the game came midway through the second period with some neatly controlled passing play by Nigel creating an opening centre left which he coolly netted. Andy piled the pressure on but to no avail. Nigel finally 'parked the bus' without a scratch. 1-0 to Nigel.
Chris played WASPA Cup holder Dave in the final. Chris dominated possession throughout the game and limited Dave to sporadic snap shots that went wide. Chris created some excellent chances, but Dave made great saves to keep him out. With the clock ticking, a shootout beckoning and less than 2 minutes on the clock Chris, with some quick flicks broke through to net bottom left. Chris 1-0 Dave.
A great evenings play, competition, refereeing and entertainment, with some excellent hosting from Andy Mill. Well done lads!

Friday 28 October 2016

A good start for Kebun Baru TFC

What is Kebun Baru TFC?
Kebun Baru Table Football Club (KBTFC) is association with Kebun Baru Heights Residents’ Committee. Kebun Baru is a precinct located at Ang Mo Kio, Singapore. The KBTFC was officially formed on 1st August 2016.
KBTFC are nicknamed The Doves, due to Kebun Baru’s unique location for Singapore popular Doves (Merbok and Zebra) enthusiasts’ community who have been there for more than 30 years.
The aim of KBTFC is to establish a kampung-like camaraderie and atmosphere that the community is able to find comfort and meaning in, even as the world has gone on to celebrate a different kind of tweet - the social-media type. Besides recruiting home grown players, the keys to long-term growth and continued club existence are a strong membership base and well-defined executive roles.
With the connection of friends from the other table football clubs in Singapore, KBTFC hope to share the love of the game with the rest of the world and KBTFC believe it will help the club establish a higher level of playing standard with competitive games.

KB League Cup (Season one)
KB League Cup organised by Kebun Baru Heights Residents’ Committee is open to all. The first season started on the 26th October 2016 and will end on the 27th May 2017. The competition is played accordance to FISTF and WASPA Rules. The League Champion will be determine by the total number of points accumulated on the final game. The number of points for each game depending on the participants on game day i.e. if the turnout is 10 players, the champion will be awarded 20 points, 2nd position 18 points so on until the last position 2 points.
Awards will be given for each individual game (Champion and Runners-up). KB League Cup will be presented to the Champion on the after final game at Kebun Baru Community Club on Saturday, 27th May 2017.

Following are the dates, times and venues for this season:

Dates, Times and Venues
Game 1: 26th October 2016 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 2: 9th November 2016 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 3: 11th January 2017 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 4: 8th February 2017 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 5: 8th March 2017 @ 7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 6: 12th April 2017 @7pm (Kebun Baru Heights RC)
Game 7: 27th May 2017 @ 1pm (Kebun Baru Community Club)
KB League Cup (Game 1 Results)
(Reported by Nic Tan)

On Wednesday (26 Oct 2016), the Kebun Baru Table Football Club has its first tournament in its KB League Cup, and seven players turned up: club captain Yew Loy, Kok Wee (aks SG Subbuteo), Rudy (aka Encik JurongSubbuteo), Anas, John Ho, Nic Tan and Noor Haikal.
Each played four games in a Swiss format (on the club’s newly-made tables), and in the end, the winner was Rudy (aka Encik JurongSubbuteo) who dominated with 12 points from four wins out of four. Nic came in second on 7 points. The next session will be held on Wed, 9 Nov 2016 (i.e. 2nd Wed of every month except Dec) so please join in if you can. All are invited!

Game 1 Table
1. Rudy (KB PTS: 14)
2. Nic Tan (KB PTS: 12)
3. Yew Loy (KB PTS: 10)
4. Anas (KB PTS: 8)
5. Kok Wee (KB PTS: 6)
6. Haikal (KB PTS: 4)
7. John Ho  (KB PTS: 2)

Giorgos Pitihoutis wins in Pireas

The very first WASPA tournament of the Pireas Lions took place last week-end with 8 players taking part. There were 4 local players and 4 representatives of the Flaming Flickers.

In the final, Giorgos Pitihoutis defeated Leonidas Koutromanos to take the title (1-0) while Spiros Stratoudakis took the best on Panos Panagiotides to take the third place. Thanks to both clubs for making a good day of Subbuteo.

The fina

Thursday 27 October 2016

Paolo Barone on top in Harrow

Round 2 of the Harrow league was played last week as usual at the Tithe Social Club in Rayners Lane and a field of 9 players took part to it.
They were divided in 3 groups of 3 each, where, Elliott, Paolo and Rudi were seeded due to their placement in round one.
First group saw Elliott Bellefontaine easily cruising as leader of it whilst Kevin Walker and Neil Doherty were left to deal for the consolation spot, in the end Elliot won both his matches (2-1 vs Kev and 3-1 vs Neil) not as easily as you would imagine, sign that the other two are coming along nicely. Kevin came 2nd after a 0-0 draw with Neil thanks to a better goal difference.
The 2nd group was the so called group of death, where Paolo Barone, Panos Stemitsiotis and Victor Jones were drawn together, Paolo topped the group with 4 points, after beating Victor 3-0 and drawing 0-0 with Panos, Victor came second with 3 points by beating 1-0 Panos.
In the last group, not so surprisingly, Marco Ghigliotti came 1st with 4 points by a better goal difference due to a draw (1-1) with Rudi Peterschinigg and a win (6-1) vs John Ellis, John in the end came last by loosing also to Rudi (3-0).
The second round of the evening, was again a 3 groups affair, all the winners in the same group to fight for the first 3 positions, the runners up in another one for the 4th, 5th and 6th position and lasts in a group for the last 3 position of the evening.
Group 3, with surprisingly Panos in it, saw Panos beating both John and Neil 2-0, and Neil win over John (1-0) meant that Panos ended 7th, whilst Neil 8th and John last.
In the Group of the runners up, Rudi came out top and 4th on the evening by beating Kevin 4-0 and Victor 2-0, whilst Victor win over Kevin (2-0) guaranteed him the 5th spot on the night as Kevin obviously ended 6th.
The group of honour was a thrilling head to head between Paolo and Elliott, with Marco well capable of upsetting the two. The first match saw Paolo and Elliot drawing (1-1), Elliott scored an amazing goal (where's Rudi TV when you need it?) Paolo's equaliser, with 10 seconds left on the clock was another masterpiece, but incredibly gifted by Elliott which had possession of the ball when there were only 50 seconds left to play, Elliott would later find out that that mistake would cost him dearly, in fact after beating Marco 2-1, everything was still to be decided in the last match between Marco and Paolo. The Italian derby saw Marco taking the lead within the first few seconds of play, Elliot's giggle was soon to disappear when 5 minutes after Paolo equalised. In the second half, Paolo managed to put his nose in front, a momentary 2-1 lead that would have meant shots with Elliot if that would have been the final score, as the live table was stating Elliott and Paolo 4 point with same goal difference, but when only 2 minutes were left to play, Paolo thought that was enough playing for the night and hit his 3rd from distance for a 3-1 final score that handed him the win of the Waspa night and 2nd spot in the general League table.

Final table for the night:
1st Paolo Barone
2nd Elliott Bellefontaine
3rd Marco Ghigliotti
4th Rudi Peters
5th Victor Jones
6th Kevin Walker
7th Panos Stemitsiotis
8th Neil Doherty
9th John Ellis

As usual, was a great night, thanks everyone and hopefully see you all soon, just before the nationals in Enderby.

(Report by Rudi Peterschinigg)

Marco Zucchi wins in Prague

This week, the city of Prague i Czech Republic hosted a WASPA event in a hotel. Marco Zucchi reported the location as "the only Subbuteo Hotel in Europe". It was nice to see David Vacke back in action and the first appearance of Cedric Farrugia, a Maltese who is now living in Prague.

Marco Zucchi finished on top of the group while David Vake was runner-up, David Young took the third place and Cedric Farrugia took the fourth place. Well done!

Tuesday 25 October 2016

A first victory for Stanley Farrugia

This Sunday 12 players attended the tournament organized by Attard Subbuteo Club in Malta. Stanley Farrugia defeated Joseph Agius in the final (1-0) to claim the title.

Miguel Zahra took the best on Zven Zahra to take the third place. It was the very first tournament win for the Stanley Farrugia in the WASPA circuit.

Monday 24 October 2016

Western Flickers Goes North!

Western Flickers Melbourne 6th WASPA – WTF Goes North! (22 Oct 2016)
Reported by Benny Ng (Melbourne, Australia)

Western Flickers Table Football Club was formed to cater for players living on the north/west side of Melbourne and provide more opportunities to play the wonderful game of Subbuteo table football.
If you are reading this and new to Subbuteo table football, watch this video ( for a brief introduction to the game.It may have been the 2nd coldest (and probably wettest!) Melbourne day in history, but nothing was to stop Western Flickers from holding its 7th

WASPA tournament. The event was staged at WTF’s Northern HQ – Meadow Park Soccer Club – a regular venue for social Friday Flicks but hosting its first tournament.
Despite the grim weather, there was a good turnout of 10 flickers in the Open category and 4 kids in the Junior category.

“Veteran” Benjamin Ng vs up-and-coming Alex Briffa
Junior Category
Four of our club juniors faced off for honours. With the Briffa boys – Harrison and Alex – improving with every game, “veterans” Benjamin and Aidan has their task cut out for them. The category was played as a simple round robin format. It was a close tussle in most of the games with little to separate the boys. In the end, the more experienced Benjamin won the category by only a single point over the promising Harrison.

And away we go!
Open Category
The 10 players in the Open category were split into 3 groups. The top 3 WASPA ranked players – Luke Radziminski, Benny Ng and Adam Deverell – were spread across the groups and the rest randomly allocated.

Group Stages
The groups with Adam and Benny went to script according to WASPA rankings, but the real surprises were in Luke’s “Group of Death”. Beth Eveleigh – the “Queen of Australian Subbuteo” – put in a fantastic performance to hold MTFC president Luke to a goalless draw. This proved to be the key result of the group. With the returning Paul Mercer – once ranked the top player in Victoria – undefeated, it meant that he pipped Luke as group winner.
The other significant results of the first stage was draws achieved by newcomers Chris Hirst and Tim Kee (only his 3rd time playing table football!) against much more experienced opponents. Well done guys!

Kevin Grant facing off against Western Flickers co-founder Adam Deverell
Pool Stages
In the Consolation Pool, Beth won the pool comfortably dominating all her matches comfortably. It was a close tussle between Simon and Chris Hirst for second spot, with Simon coming ahead on goal difference. While Tim was unable to repeat his feats in the Group stages, it was a really good performance in his very first WASPA tournament and the fact that he hasn’t even heard of Subbuteo a couple of months ago!
In the Plates pool, Christos Garagounis demonstrated his continued improvement by following up a good win against Kevin Grant with a magnificent 2-2 draw against the much higher ranked Luke. Luke still emerged as pool winner by goal difference.
With Paul and Benny winning their opening matches against Adam in the Winner’s pool, it meant that the final match between the two flickers would be the tournament decider. It was an exciting match-up with Paul attacking and Benny defending resolutely hoping to catch Paul out on the break. In the end, Benny’s counter attacks turned out to be the difference and won his second WASPA title in a row.

Thanks to all who attended for helping to make it another extremely successful Western Flickers WASPA event. Finally and most importantly, everyone has loads of fun and went home happy. Table football was indeed the winner.

Tournament winner Benny Ng and Runner-up Paul Mercer
The final Open category standings are:
1. Benny Ng
2. Paul Mercer
3. Adam Deverell
4. Luke Radzminski
5. Christos Garagounis
6. Kevin Grant
7. Beth Eveleigh
8. Simon Briffa
9. Chris Hirst
10. Tim Kee

The final Junior category standings are:
1. Benjamin Ng
2. Harrison Briffa
3. Alex Briffa
4. Aiden Deverall

P.S. If anyone is interested in taking part in future Western Flickers events or just popping by for chat and look-see, please visit the Western Flickers Facebook page ( or send an email to

Sunday 23 October 2016

Belgium: wins for Denooz and Marain

Michaël Denooz - picture by Steve Closset

Action in the premises in Pecq
Two WASPA events were in the agenda in Belgium on Friday as the "Black Devils" and the "Warcoing Ducks" had events in their premises. There was no competition between both clubs as Pecq is about 200 kilometers away from Theux. The Back Devils tournament had 12 players. In the semis, Christophe dheur defeated Pascal Scheen (6-4) while Michaël Denooz took the best on David Fraikin (3-1). There was a surpris ein the final as Denooz defeated Dheur in sudden death to win his first WASPA title (3-2). In Pecq, Geoffrey Marain and Vincent Coppenolle tied on top of a group of 6. There was a sudden death to decide the winner but no goal was scored. Finally Marain won the title on shots, winning the trophy after making the difference while scoring his 12th shot! Congratulations to the winners.

Saturday 22 October 2016

The Halloween Cup for Rudy Hesty

Halloween came a week early for Singapore Jurong flickers; as they organised their monthly WASPA league tournament on 21st Oct.
The magnificent 8 club players were drawn in 2 groups with the top 2 of each group qualifying the Cup semis while the others qualifying the Plates Semis.

Group Games 
The upset of the day was definitely Fauzi beating Michael & drawing with Rudy, hence Fauzi winning group A, with Rudy securing 2nd & Michael Choong A.K.A Mr Juventus not qualifying the cup rounds. Group B also produced some blips with,  Haikal beating Anas, but the later still managed to top the group.

PLATES Semis / Final 
The father & son game saw Michael winning 2-0 against Giovanni while Nic edged Ding Heng 3-0 for an Epic Plates final.
The final between Michael & Nic ended in a stalemate with sudden-death shots to settle the winner, where Michael came out tops as Plates winner.

CUP Semis / Final 
Anas and Rudy played out to an entertaining goalless full time draw before the later grabbed the winner in extra time; while  Haikal solitary goal ended Fauzi impressive run.
The Final ; Rudy vs Haikal was a tensed affair with Rudy using his new Man City blues for the final against Haikal's, Bayern Munich.  The game was open with many missed chances but a moment of brilliant by Aguero ended the show and Rudy's walked away with a 1-0 scoreline plus the Halloween Cup.

The Final Standings -
1st - Rudy
2nd - Noor Haikal
3rd - Anas
4th - Fauzi
5th - Michael Choong
6th - Nic Tan
7th - Giovanni Choong
8th - Ding Heng

Thursday 20 October 2016

One tournament - three winners

This Wednesday there was a very special tournament in Maida, Catanzaro, Italy. There were three categories under the theme of "old subbuteo". The categories were as follows: HW, LW and Replay (only Top Spin material). The three tournaments were played under the theme of European Football. In the end, winners were Alessandro Corigliano (Chelsea) in HW category, Nicola Carelli (Inter) in LW category and Antonio Marullo (Panathinaikos) in Replay category. Thanks to Antonio Marullo for organizing things and sending the results.

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Daniele Lombardi claims 16th AGFA Cup

Subbuteo Parramatta’s Daniele Lombardi claimed the 16th AGFA Cup at the Northern Falcons on Sunday, edging teammate Fabrizio Coco 2-1 on shots after a scoreless draw.

The AGFA Cup is a great link between the three eras of Australian Subbuteo (70s, the 80s-90s, and now post-2010) and that tradition continued over the weekend with the staging of the 16th Cup at Good Games Chatswood.

A highlight of the tournament was the appearance of some new faces — Mark Killingbeck and Heidi van Scheik of Hipfingerz and young Ollie Kruse for the Northern Falcons.

With 16 players, four groups were lined up.

In group 1, young Gabriel Lombardi caused a surprise with a 0-0 draw against Fabrizio, while he also beat Harley Ullrich 1-0. In Group 2, Gary Hosie clinically disposed of Tony Credentino 3-0, while Daniele did the same to Johnny Ball. Gary then beat Daniele 1-0 in a tense encounter, while Johnny eclipsed Tony 1-0.
In group 3, Hermann Kruse edged out Dave Sultana 1-0, before scoring an absolute cracker in his 2-1 loss to Raffaele Lombard. In Group 4, Steve and Adrian continued their ongoing rivalry, with Steve clinching a 1-0 win to take the group.

Daniele gained revenge in the quarterfinals, beating Gary 1-0, while Adrian pipped Hermann 1-0 and Raffaele beat Steve by the same score, as Fabrizio overcame Gabriel 2-0.

Many thanks to Sonny at Good Games and the rest of the crew for hosting us.

Full results here
Original report by Steve Dettre here

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Dundee United Club Championship 2.9

The second stage of the Dundee United TFC Club Championship was held on sunday with 5 players taking part. "Some players off today due to circumstances so a poor turnout but great fun, great laugh like it should be", reported Steve Bennet who finished on top of the table with 3 wins and a draw.

The final standings were as follows.
1. Steve Bennett
2. Andy Beskaky
3. David Baxter
4. Craig Thom
5. Dave Minty

Monday 17 October 2016

Christophe Dheur does it again

The club of SC Verviers-Herve was hosting a first WASPA tournament on Friday night with 10 players competing in Swiss system. Christophe Dheur ended the evening with four wins and a draw against Sébastien Scheen who is the runner-up of the tournament. The final standings are as follows:
1. Christophe Dheur
2. Sébastien Scheen
3. Tony Braham
4. Pascal Scheen
5. Jean-Michel Cuenca
6. Philippe Roufosse
7. Michaël Denooz
8. Kevin Beckers
9. Benoit Vanwissen
10. Salvatore Visconti

Friday 14 October 2016

Pun Amos from Nepal wins in Yokohama

Kenzo Koi and the group of Yokohama players organized a tournament On October 2 for their beginners. 9 players were competing and for all of them, it was a WASPA debut. Among the players, Pun Amos was a name to remember. The guy is from Nepal and he's therefore the first representative of his country to play a table football tournament. Pun Amos did well and even very well, reaching the semi-finals and defeating Tomoyuki Yoshimurato (Adachi TFC) on shots before winning the final on shots against Koshiro Shibata (OSC Yamato). Osamu Ishihara (Yokohama OSC) was the other semi-finalist. Special thanks to Kenzo Koi and his crew for organizing the event!

Thursday 13 October 2016

A second win for Miguel Pereira

Paul vs Rob

Kentin invicta was back in action last Friday. In an all Kent 10 man field, it was Miguel Pereira who won a close final with Kye Arnold 1-0 after a great night of flicking action at Playfootball !

Placings after 4 rounds excluding the final:
1. Miguel Pereira (Open) 12pts +8
2. Kye Arnold (U15) 10pts +9
3. Terry Arnold (Vets) 9 pts +4
4. Rob McCormick (Vets) 6pts +3
5. Dave Collier (Vets) 5pts -2
6. Finn Taylor (U15) 4 pts -1
7. Paul Frank (Vets) 4pts -2
8. Louis Singh (U19) 4pts -5
9. Thomas Lacey (U15) 1pt -5
10. Adam Kushner (Vets) 1 pt -8

Miguel 1-0 Kye

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Welcome back Montreal!

The five players
Benoit and Giancarlo in action
Canada is back! At least Montreal and Quebec are back! As you probably know, Canada has been a very important nation in the history of the WASPA circuit. In the period between 2012 and 2014, there were regular tournaments in Hamilton, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. Montreal also had a small tournament more than two years but this time, after a very long break, it seems that there is interest again for the beautiful game of subbuteo in the country. Last Saturday, five flickers competed in a tournament in Montreal. Pierre Chastenais, who was also the organizer, claimed the honors after defeating Simon Harvey in the final. Hugo Côté and Benoit Racette were the semi-finalists while Giancarlo Ramellini took the 5th place.

Pierre commented it was a good day of play: "Two of our best players could not attend so things were easier than expected for me but we had fun in all our games. I told our new players competing against Americans would be something different as the level is high in the US. The beginners will learn more in the future, they just need more experience."

There are good hopes to see another revival of the game in Canada in the near future: "Buying material from Europe is very expensive and that's maybe one of the reasons why some guys in other Canadian cities stopped playing but thanks to Dario Passadore, there are hope to get cheaper material thanks to a new e-shop."

Benoit Racette seemed to be confident about the future: "We will have more tournaments in 2017. The great news is that we have about 10 potential new players."

It seems like there are good hopes for the future of Subbuteo table football in Montreal. Let's cross the fingers!

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Sergio Robertiello on top at the opening tournament

The first tournament in Firenze (Italy) took place this Monday with an impressive field of 20 players. There was a group stage with 6 different groups and players were later divided in several knock-out events. Sergio Robertiello won the final of the main event against Luca Pini.
Tiberio Becucci won the tournament for places 9 to 12 with a final against Nicola Poggiali.
Matteo Cherici was the consolation winner, winning his decisive game against Giammarco Riccioni.

The full standings were as follows:
Winner: Sergio Robertiello
Runner-up: Luca Pini
Last 4: Riccardo Ferri
Last 4: Mirco Pasquini
Last 8: Davide Visani
Last 8: Gabriele Casati
Last 8: Marco Bonciani
Last 8: Emanuele Cattani
Winner cadetti (places 9-12): Tiberio Becucci
Runner-up: Nicola Poggiali
Last 4 cadetti: Mirko Masini
Last 4 cadetti: Marco Trevisan
Winner consolation: Matteo Cherici
Runner-up: Giammarco Riccioni
Last 4 cons: Cristiano Catalanotto
Last 4 cons: Matteo Alaimo
17.: Stefano Barducci
17.: Alessio Riccio
17.: Francesco Gori
17.: Lorenzo Arcodia

Michaël Casciano wins in Auvelais

Top 4: Casciano-Heyvaert-Hallin-Grosdent
Due to the late date change of the national tournament of SC Charleroi, a WASPA tournament was held last Saturday to keep a day of Subbuteo for those who really wanted to play. 15 players were taking part including 5 beginners in the WASPA circuit. One of them, Jean Grosdent, is the leader of the new club of Wamme SC based in the South of Belgium. Grosdent did well, reaching the semi-finals but there was nothing to do against top Charleroi players as Michaël Casciano defeated Jérôme Heyvaert in the final to claim the honors. Michaël Hallin won the game for the third place. Thanks to the clubs of Charleroi and Auvelais for hosting a nice day of subbuteo.

Elliot Bellefontaine on top of the Harrow league

Elliott, on the right, during a game at the recent world cup in Belgium
Round one of the Harrow league took place the 21st of September. 8 players were present and were dropped in two groups so that everyone played five games. Elliot Bellefontaine defeated Paolo Barone in the final on shots to claim the win. Rudi Peterschinigg won the game for the third place against Panos Stemitsiotis. The final standings were as follows:
1. Elliot Bellefontaine (ENG/leu)
2. Paolo Barone (ITA/laz)
3. Rudi Peterschinigg (ITA/har)
4. Panos Stemitsiotis (ENG/har)
5. Marco Ghigliotti (ENG/leu)
6. Victor Jones (ENG/har)
7. Kevin Walker (ENG/har)
8. Neil Doherty (ENG/-)

Monday 10 October 2016

Marco Baj wins in Milano

Busto Garolfo (Milan) October 9th, 2016.
Marco Baj
Flickers Milano organized their second tournament under the flag of W.A.S.P.A.  Nine players took part to the event. Seven players from the local team, Luca Pessini from Stradivari Cremona and special guest Danilo Presti as free agent.

Danielle Presti won the raffle
Six rounds. Three groups of three players to qualify for the finals groups. Marco Baj did not fail to live up to the expectation and won at sudden death against Vittorio de Pascale.   A complimentary bottle of Belgian beer to the winner Marco, while a second bottle assigned by lottery to Danilo.  W.A.S.P.A. stickers to everybody.  Homemade cake and espresso coffee to warm up the players during this beginning of autumn.

Final standing: 1° Marco Baj 2° Vittorio de Pascale 3° Mirko Balio 4° Genny Ancarola 5° Danilo Presti 6° Luca Pessini 7° Fabrizio Maiandi 8° Claudio Del Core 9° Ignazio Monte.

Open doors at Flickers Milan location every Friday from 21:00 to 24:00. For more information, visit our blog

(Report by Vittorio de Pascale)