Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Alexander Haas wins come-back tournament in Vienna

Top 3 of the day: Heinz Eder (2), Alexander Haas (1) and Christian Haas (3)
Table football was back in Austria last week-end with the TSC Royal 78 club organizing a WASPA tournament in their premises in Vienna. 8 players competed in a fair a positive spirit with Alexander haas defeating Heinz Eder int he final to claim the title. Christian Haas defeated Günther Bamberzky in the game for the third place. Bamberzky has been number 1 in the FISTF ranking of veterans but made his WASPA debut on Saturday.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Giuseppe Tardiota does it again in Brisbane

Brisbane Subbuteo club is back in action. After a long break of two months, the club held their monthly WASPA event this week-end and was glad to see three new players: Kevin Holliday, Wayne Miller and Ben Harback. Gus Gillespie finished on top of the table while Giuseppe Tardiota was runner-up. In the final Giuseppe managed to defeat Gus (2-1) to claim the title while Kevin Halliday beat Gareth Whalley in the game for the third place. It was a great time for all and all players were glad to play table football again.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

The Roligans club is back in action

Last Sunday the Roligans players organized a tournament in their club room. It was obviously the first event after the coronavirus break. 17 players including some new players were taking part. After the Swiss system (4 sessions), a test-match was needed to decide the winner and Evangelos Kotrotsos defeated his father Chris to claim the trophy.

Final table:
1. Evangelos Kotrotsos (GRE/rol)
2. Chris Kotrotsos (GRE/rol)
3. Konstantinos Sochoritis (GRE/-)
4. Giorgos Dimakeas (GRE/rol)
5. Giorgos Pitihoutis (GRE/flm)
6. Aggelos Foutrakis (GRE/rol)
7. Dimitrios Rebis (GRE/rol)
8. Nikolaos Prombonas (GRE/-)
9. Georgios Karachalios (GRE/rol)
10. Panagiotis Charamis (GRE/rol)
11. Stavros Mesonisanakis (GRE/rol)
12. Anastasios Prekas (GRE/-)
13. Marios Foteinopoulos (GRE/rol)
14. Athanasios Kotrotsos (GRE/rol)
15. Ioulianos Prombonas (GRE/-)
16. Konstantinos Pipinis (GRE/-)
17. Panagiotis Skouros (GRE/rol)