Saturday, 29 September 2012

Patrizio Lazzaretti wins in Rome

There was a big success for the first in Italy on thursday. 20 players were present in the premises of SS Lazio in Rome and the event was played under swiss format in five sessions. Patrizio Lazzaretti finished on top, Giammarco Del Brocco was second, Simone Trivelli third, Micael Caviglia fourth, Giovanni Maria Riccardi fifth, Gianluca Morelli sixth,...

Friday, 28 September 2012

No victory for Geoffrey Marain

There was a little surprise in the tournament played on September 27 in Templeuve as Geoffrey Marain didn't manage to win the title. He lost the final to Vincent Coppenolle (1-3) despite Geoffrey won his 5 group games. Both Coppenolle and Marain were playing for the first time under their new club as they signed for SC Eugies this usmmer. Kevin Dröhsler won the 3rd place final in sudden death against special guest Vincent Guyaux from SC Flanders. On the picture from right to left: Maxime Hoguet, Vincent Coppenolle, Kevin Dröhsler, Geoffrey Marain, Renald Deloose, Vincent Guyaux.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

David Baxter is back

Table football legend David Baxter won the first WASPA tournament held in Calgary on sunday. Five players were taking part, which is a very large number as according to North American standards. Baxter defeated Shane Hoopfer (5-0) in the final to claim the title!

There will be another tournament in Calgary on October 14th.

Monday, 24 September 2012

1st DSTFB Starters Cup was a big success

The Subbuteo association of Germany, DSTFB, shares the WASPA-idea to support small tournaments especially for new players. Voila, on September 22nd/23rd in Dortmund (at the birthplace of the german Subbuteo scene) the first Starters Cup in DSTFB-history took place. From this year on, DSTFB want to play at every start of a new season a so called Starters Cup for all new upcoming players. On Saturday it starts only with a warm up. Every participant has the chance to check each other, make friendlys, try the other´s bases, have workshops for shooting, strategy, keeper reactions, ask rules questions... etc. pp 

Frank Hagenkötter from host TSL Dortmund, DSTFB Vice-President Thossa Büsing, U12 World Champion of 2010, Kai Hagenkötter and as special guest the german nationalteam player Leif Banscherus gave a lot of expieriences to the new players. The first day ended up with a nice diner in the evening at a Dortmund restaurant. 

On Sunday, 23rd of September 2012 at 10 pm the first DSTFB-Starters Cup started with eight players. Two players came from Frankfurt, one player from the former German Democratic Republik and the rest from the Ruhrgebiet-aera. Six out of the eight players were already new members in DSTFB. They played in two groups of  four. 

The competitors & the staff

After two semi-finals Uli Euler (BSC Schwalbach) and U19-player Felix Herrmannsdörfer from host club TSL Dortmund managed to play the final after good performances. At halftime-break Euler was already two goals up to Herrmannsdörfer, but the young german striked back in a very impressive way and equalized the match with two fantastic goals. With a lucky punch in the extra-time Uli Euler saved the winner´s trophae. The was the man who score the first and the last goal of the event. Congratulation Uli. 

DSTFB want to say thanks to host Frank Hagenkötter and to all players who took part for great athmosphere and fair play. Follow that spirit.

The finalists

Final table of the tournament

1. Uli Euler (BSC Schwalbach)
2. Felix Herrmannsdörfer (TSL Dortmund 61)
3. Tom Horn (Weimar Wanderers)
4. Michael Hain (TSL Dortmund 61)
5. Marc Reitz (Frankfurt am Main)
6. Thomas Müller (Dortmund)
7. Stan Mulders (Eurofighter Bochum)
8. Pascal Schäfer (TSL Dortmund 61)

(report from DSTFB)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hansel Mallia wins the "Independence Cup"

The final between Angelo Borg and Hansel Mallia (right)

Semi-final between Gordon Caruana and Angelo Borg
There was a lower tournout than expected this friday in Malta where Attard Subbuteo Club organized their 11th tournament counting for the WASPA circuit. Only 6 players showed up but the level of play was higher than in many other tournaments with players such as Mark Gauci, Angelo Borg and Hansel mallia meeting in group 1. Mark Gauci lost to Hansel Mallia and tied with Angelo Borg, which means the number 7 of the FISTF Open ranking was out in the first round. In the semis, Mallia and Borg easily beat Roderick Sciberras (4-1) and Gordon Caruana (4-0). In the final, the game was very close between Mallia and Borg. After a great game (2-2), Mallia final won the title on shots. Mallia, who is 35th in the FISTF Open ranking, was showin up for the very first time in a WASPA tournament. Roderick Sciberras won the 3rd place play-off against Gordon Caruana (2-0).

Friday, 21 September 2012

Pictures of the tournament held in Penrith, Australia

Here are some pictures of the tournament held last saturday in Penrith. Thanks once again to Mega Games for hosting the tournament in their shop. As you can see there were players of all ages so the future looks promising for the game in Australia.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Peter Sexton is the first winner in Canada!

Congratulations to Peter Sexton for being the first winner of a WASPA tournament in Canada. The tournament held in Toronto on sunday had only 4 players but it was a special day because Canada had not had any tournament for more than two years. The group stage saw Peter Sexton finishing on top (9 points), Stephen McNab being second, Jeff Watts third and Allan Thornton fourth. In the semis, Stephen beat Jeff while Peter beat Allan. In the final, Peter beat Stephen (2-0) while Jeff beat Allan in the third place final (3-0).

Report of the first WASPA tournament held in Australia

After much searching for a venue and plenty of e-mails Australia ended it's drought of Subbuteo Tourney's, on 15th September 2012 at 4pm it happened at the Mega Games Trader in Penrith. What started as an event with the old hands numbering 6 turned into a frenzey of new player registration's and a total of 12 entrances.

Being my first tourney in charge of organisation I was unsure as to the format and with a few players only having limited time it was decided to run the Swiss format of play. So with 2 mins to kick off and the draw done I felt a tug on my shirt and a young bloke by the name of Mitchell was looking up at me. "Do you mind if I play?" Now Mitchell was our youngest entrant and took our numbers to 13. "No worries mate" was my reply. Mitchell had never played before but asked some questions of the old hats and away he went into the world of Subbuteo, very impressive as well when you find out the kid has just come from a Basketball grand final and won.

So with me taking the bye to allow the new blood of Subbuteo to join in we were away.

Round 1 saw some great results as we all knocked the rust off our flicking fingers and the Subbuteo new guard watched and played and learned what they could from some of the best players Australia has to offer.

Round 2 saw some more great games and some of the newer players starting to get the hang of play and tactics.

Round 3 and the action was heating up for the 1st Australian WASPA Tourney Champion, with Eliot Kennedy and Robert Green putting in some great results.

Round 4 and it all came down to this if Robert Green or Mike Newton could get a victory then everlasting glory was theirs with Eliot Kennedy able to snatch a victory if he flogged the pants off of me. Rob and Mike played and Rob took victory 1-0 in a great game to watch. Now the last game was on between Eliot and myself. After a tense 20 minutes the game was over and Eliot had taught me how to play Subbuteo with some killer shots. I got one shot off but it hit the crossbar and went out final score 6-0 I had crumbled like a cookie and Eliot had snatched a victory from under everyones noses.

So at the end of the day the top 3 were:
1. Eliot Kennedy
2. Robert Green
3. Mike Newton
Encouragement Award. Mitchell Schroder (our youngest and newest player but held his own well)

I would like to thank alot of people as well Christine and Manuel for all the support and help they gave me in getting this up and running, from an email from a mate when he saw Subbuteo in the window to Australia first WASPA event. You guys allowed us to play at the store (Mega Games Trader, Penrith) and invade you with our big boards even when they had a big day on as well, our Tourney was on the same day as the stores 20th Birthday.

To Crown and Andrews, Don Rainbow and Gerry Crown who organised prizes for the day and use of their demo table, and a big thank you to Don who turned up to support us on the day. The representative from Crown and Andrews, Jill Forgan, who really did some behind the scences work with Mega Games to get prizes there on time.

To the players old and new thanks for coming and helping me get this game on the map again in Australia, your support and approachability made the day really special. Subbuteo new crew keep flicking guys and see you in the league! I got thrashed a couple of times and took the worst beating of the day but my smile wouldn't leave my face because we were FLICKING!

To WASPA for allowing us to come under the banner for our Tourney and the lure of world rankings got us going and new players excited.

Manuel and Christine and myself talked alot about forming a club and running Regional Tourneys every month, we have big plans and I am looking forward to seeing this grow!

To you the reader, find a store that has Subbuteo in it and run a tourney if you are lucky you will find people as helpful and excited about Subbuteo as I did, where ever you are Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or where ever because I can tell you now Penrith is here to stay and looking for interstate challenges!


Brett Davis
Emu Heights Bundesliga TFC

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Singapore player in Templeuve

Erza Aripin will be in Belgium on October 13 and 14. for this reason, the Templeuve United club has now confirmed the october tournament will be held on October 14 at 2.00 pm. Erza will be the special guest of the tournament and hopefully there will be a big turnout. Contact for details!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First tournament in Calgary

There will be a tournament in Calgary (Canada) on September 23. Interested players can get details about the event from Shane Hoopfer at

Friday, 7 September 2012

The WASPA Lazio league is up and running

he italian club of Lazio has officially announced they will be hosting a circuit of 9 tournaments uneder WASPA banner this season. Every tournament will be played in swiss format so that every player will be sure to play five games. After every tournament, each player will receive points and there will be a final classification at the end of the season. The first tournament will take place on September 27. Good luck to all the players taking part and to the organizing committee. More details are available on the club's page at