Monday, 30 September 2013

More news from Germany, Portugal and Cyprus

The Starters Cup 2013 held on sunday in Kamen was very succesful and the Germans are already thinking the tournament might become an institution every year at the beginnig of the season to involve newcomers and people who come back to the game after a long period. "This could be worth a try to present the idea to other nations to copy the idea", reported Thossa Büsing.

On saturday, 10 of 12 participants plus two guests from Aachen enjoyed the warm-up with friendly matches, rules instructions, tricks & tipps, comparing the equiptment in a harmony way, ended up with a diner for all in a restaurant to (re)built (new) friendships. Four Helpers were involved to advise the competitors and act as referees. These "helpers" played additionally a seperated "cup" (1 X 15 minutes, final 2 X 15 minutes), to show the newcomers how "good" players play in a tournament. A very special thanks to Uli Euler (BSC Schwalbach) for coming to help as former and very first Starters Cup-winner in 2012.

On Day 2 (sunday) the Starters Cup took part. The "helpers" plus german Subbuteo-Legend Axel Schneider as supervisor and special guest guided and refereed the competitiors from (p.e. Hamburg & Frankfurt), through the tournament. Three non-members of DSTFB took part and two comebacker (Edin Mulasmajic & Alexander Büsing) plus all the new DSTFB-members celebrated a wonderful Subbuteo day.

It finished with a sportif and dramatically final between a newcomer and a comebacker. "Newcomer" Tom Horn from Weimar (actually Subbuteo no-man-land in the former GDR) beated the DSTFB german champion of 2005, "Comebacker" Edin Mulasmajic in the final 3-2 after sudden death.

A special thanks to Victoria Büsing. She made her very first steps as tournament manager (autodidactically) without any instruction by her Dad (who is BTW very proud on her... for this) and did very good job!

Steven Evans, Pascal Schäfer, Anja Sklorz (carer), Kevin Abeln and Fabian Mertins played their very first tournament.
And of course to the in 2013 new borned club in Kamen, SUB Kaiserau at the Bürgerhaus Methler as fantastic host event place (link: all photos of the week-end were taken by Kai Woytas
The staff of the "Helpers cup"

Celebration in Portugal

In Portugal, the first tournament under WASPA banner had a great feedback and a lot of big names taking part. We receiveed today a great souvenir of the tournament by Bruno Valente who wanted to commemorate the victory of the very talented Ruben Português.

Famagusta is spreading!

In case you missed the info, there are now three clubs in Limassol. Famagusta TFC has two "sons" called Salamis Famagusta TFC (with the Kalopsidiotis brothers) and Phoenix Famagusta TFC. We guess this will stimulate the competition in the country and hopefully attract a lot of new players.
The logo of Phoenix Famagusta

The logo of Salamis Famagusta

Kalopsidiotis brothers in front of their club logo

Zangylos again in Limassol

12 players attended the first tournament of the season in Limassol. It was a special event wince there are now three clubs in the area and some kind of fair rivalry between the different groups. Georgios Zangylos (Famagusta TFC) managed to win his 9th title under WASPA banner after beating Marcos Kalopsidiotis (Salamis Famagusta) in the final on shots! Pambos Zorbis and Kostas Kalopsidiotis reached the semis.
The group picture

The finalists

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ruben Português wins in Tires

It was a special week-end for sports fans in Portugal and not only because Rui Costa (26) became the first Portuguese rider to win the title of professional cycling world champion or because John Sousa (24) won his first ATP tennis title by beating Julien Benneteau in Kuala Lumpur.
The first WASPA tournament ever was held in Tires with 18 players taking part. It was a good event with players dropped in four groups. At the end, it was a first class final with two excellent players. Ruben Português beat Sergio Ramos on shots to win the title. Nuno Noronha and Ricardo Pavão lost in the semis.
To be noted Portugal took also the honors in the FISTF Grand Prix of Scotland on sunday as Vasco Guimaraes won the Open final. Well done to everyone involved in making this week-end a wonderful one for table football in Portugal. Special thanks to Paulo Elias and his friends for asking the WASPA status for the Tires tournament.
The final

The trophy for Ruben Português

The semi-finalists were Ricardo pavão and Nuno Noronha

Sergio Ramos, finalist

The Starters Cup 2013 for Tom Horn

The second edition of the "Starters Cup" was played this sunday in Germany with 12 players taking part. There were some new names but also some players coming back to the game after a long break. Tom Horn finally won the tournament with Edin Mulasmajic finishing second and Alexander Büsing third. Congratulations to all the players and organizers.

The final ranking

1. Tom Horn
2. Edin Mulasmajic
3. Alexander Büsing
4. Gerhard Grünberg
5. Patrick Schneider
6. Oliver Jeschke
7. Marc Reitz
8. Philip Hansen
9. Pascal Schäfer
10. Kevin Abeln
11. Fabian Mertins
12. Steven Evans

Friday, 27 September 2013

Good luck Alan Collins

Here at WASPA we are sending our congratulations and wishes of good luck to Mr Alan Collins, the new president of FISTF! We are looking forward to have a strong relationship between FISTF and WASPA.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Gianmarco Del Brocco and Patrizio Lazzaretti on top in Rome

On September 24 the first of the eight tournaments of the circuit "WASPA Lazio League 2013/2014" was played in four rounds of play with the Swiss formula. The defending champion Gianmarco Del Brocco and Patrizio Lazzaretti ended with 10 points and were awarded the victory together as their respective opponents had the same total of points. Gianmarco Del Brocco was offered the WASPA title due to a better goal difference though. The third place went to Stefano Tagliaferri with 9 points and the fourth place for Simone Trivelli with 7 points.

Also in this case, the Swiss formula has proposed a great final round of play as five players were contending for the first seasonal event WASPA: Patrick Lazzaretti, Simone Trivelli and Gianmarco Del Brocco (all 7 points), Stefano Tagliaferri and Paolo Barone (6 points).

Lazzaretti beat Trivelli (2-1) and while Barone lost to Del Brocco (2-5). In the same time Stefano Tagliaferri was sweating to beat the excellent Iacovacci (2-1).

Barone, Matteo Del Brocco and Paolino end the evening with 6 points. Filippo Iacovacci, Luigi Aniballi and Sergio Sassi have 4 points. Marco Moretti has 3 points and Alessandro Spoto ends with zero point.
2 winners for 1 trophy

Paul Boyle wins in Donegal

The first WASPA tournament organized by "Donegal Subbuteo" was played last friday with advanced rules and 5 players taking part. There were many good games in the first round and Paul Boyle and Brendan Rodgers managed to qualify for the final. Paul beat Brendan in the decisive game to win the title. Well done to everyone involved as it's good to see another active group of players in the Republic of Ireland.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Fabrizio Fedele wins in Manoppello

16 players were present in the tournament organized in Manoppello by the club of Arabona. The event was divided in 3 categories. In the main event, Fabrizio Fedele beat Simone Di Pierro (4-1) in the final. In the junior section, Riccardo Chieppa also beat Emanuele Di Francesco (1-0) in the final. There was also a tournament played with the old rules. Five players were taking part and Salvatore Rapino claimed the title after winning all his group games.
The winners of the tournament with the old rules

The junior champion

Youth in action!

Simone Di Pierro and Fabrizio Fedele after the final of the main event

Nice group picture

David Baxter did it again

The first tournament of the new season in Calgary had a small turnout of 4. There were some good games but David Baxter was really too strong. Dave beat Shane Hoopfer in the final. It was his last appearance in the league as he will be moving back to Scotland this week. The next Calgary event will take place on October 6.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Richard Stock wins the Worcester tournament

Here is the report from of the Worcester subbuteo tournament played under WASPA banner with the advanced rules

With a large percentage of players from the Summer Cup unable to attend, we welcomed new and old faces back to the club to compete for the Autumn Cup. 13 players attended the second tournament of season 9, with Summer Cup winner John Lauder returning to defend his title.

It appears John’s win last time caused quite a stir amongst his fellow club members in the Cardiff league, with 3 fellow Welshmen joining John to compete in the Autumn Cup. Played under the WASPA banner to the old Advanced Rules with original Subbuteo equipment, the competition was a reminder of how fun and unpredictable the original game can be to a lot of players that have just played to the FISTF rules for the past couple of years.

With many a laugh and a few shock results, the Autumn Cup proved to be yet another successful tournament held by WRP7. The teams:
Adam Lundy – Lundy Island Puffins
Adam Washbrook – team name TBC
Matthew Henry – Philyceltics
Darren Barnes – team name TBC
Richard Tubb – Harvington Sporting Atari
Peter Laver – Oldfield Park Rangers
Paul Mahoney – Worc QPR
Thomas Hawkins – Tomahawks
Bill Thomas – Brentwood
John Lauder – Barry Town Utd
Richard Stock – team name TBC
Gareth Thomas – team name TBC
Any Pyke – Pykes Pirates

Due to the odd number of contestants, the group stages were drawn as 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4.

Group 1
Matthew Henry 5 Pts GD +4
Adam Lundy 5 Pts GD +3
Darren Barnes 2 Pts GD -2
Adam Washbrook 0 Pts GD -5

Group 2
Peter Laver 6 Pts GD +7
Richard Tubb 4 Pts GD +5
Paul Mahoney 2 Pts GD -9

Group 3
John Lauder 6 Pts GD +4
Thomas Hawkins 4 Pts GD +1
Bill Thomas 2 Pts GD -2

Group 4
Richard Stock 6 Pts GD +4
Andy Pyke 4 Pts GD 0
Gareth Thomas 2 Pts GD -1

The Cup competition: The first 2 from each group went through to the cup competition. All names were put into a hat and redrawn for the knock out stage.
Quarter Finals
Adam Lundy 1 – 1 Andy Pyke (Adam won 2-1 on shots)
Thomas Hawkins 1 – 0 John Lauder
Richard Tubb 0 – 2 Richard Stock
Peter Laver 1 – 2 Matthew Henry

Semi finals
Adam Lundy 1 – 1 John Lauder (John won 1-0 on shots)
Richard Stock 1 – 0 Matthew Henry

John Lauder 0 – 1 Richard Stock

Plate Competition: Unfortunately Darren Barnes withdrew from the competition at this stage which meant we went straight to semi finals.
Paul Mahoney 0 – 2 Adam Washbrook
Gareth Thomas 5 – 0 Bill Thomas
Adam Washbrook 1 – 3 Gareth Thomas

Congratulations go out to Richard Stock and Gareth Thomas for winning the cup and plate respectively.

Richard Stock (right) pictured with Adam Lundy

Friday, 20 September 2013

Farrell is All-Ireland Champion

Mark Farrell won the All-Ireland Championships in Celbridge Mill, deposing reigning Champion, Kenny Beggs. It rounded off a successful season for Mark, having already won the Irish Circuit before today's event. The seven entrants played each other once in a League format, with the top 4 qualifying for the final phase and the bottom 3 competing for the Plate. The tournament was the first ever national cup run under WASPA banner. The results after the split were as follows:


Barry Spence 1-1 John Moore
Kenny Beggs 0-0 Mark Farrell
Barry Spence 0-2 Mark Farrell
Kenny Beggs 5-0 John Moore
Barry Spence 2-1 Kenny Beggs
John Moore 0-1 Mark Farrell

1. Mark Farrell - 7 points
2. Kenny Beggs - 4 points
3. Barry Spence - 4 points
4. John Moore - 1 points


John Hughes 0-3 Nicky Moore
Peter Morrison 2-0 John Hughes
Nicky Moore 0-0 Peter Morrison

1. Nicky Moore - 4 points
2. Peter Morrison - 4 points
3. John Hughes - 0 points

(report from

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Geoffrey Marain dominates the Templeuve tournament

We had a good tournament in Templeuve with some big surprises (not only in the draw of the group stage), a very performing Geoffrey Marain and some new faces. Geoffrey proved to be on the right track again after losing the finals of the last two tournaments held in Templeuve. He beat Vincent Coppenolle (6-2) in the final. The two players of "SCAF QUEVY" reached the semis and Alain Flament finished 3rd after beating his teamate Greg Spilmont. The next Templeuve tournament should be held on October 20th and November 1st.

Final ranking of the evening:
1. Geoffrey Marain (SC Eugies)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United)
3. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
4. Greg Spilmont (SCAF Quévy)
5. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United)
6. Maxime Hoguet (Templeuve United)
7. Hatim Elmajd (Templeuve United)
8. John Verfaillie (Templeuve United)
9. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
Places 3 and 4 for the Quevy players Alain Flament and Greg Spilmont

Geoffrey Marain gave no chace to his opponents. He beat Vincent Coppenolle 6-2 in the final

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Carl Young wins in Penrith

There was a good turnout of seven at the first tournament of the season held at Mega Games Penrith. Among the old had (Paul Magee, Eliot Kennedy), a local player (Anthony Ilacqua), the british guys (Carl Young from Melbourne, Peter Thomas from Canberra, Mike Newton from Flinders), there was also a "special guest" as Ignacio López Campbell from Chile was on a business trip in Sydney and had a chance to attend the event. Unfortunately Brett Davis was ill and couldn't attend. We wish him a quick recovery. The event was played in swiss format with Carl Young winning the trophy with 10 points, Peter Thomas finishes second, Eliot Kennedy third and Mike Newton fourth. Mega Games has announced the next tournament will be held on November 17 at 11.00 am.
Carl Young (picture from the last tournament in Melbourne)

Monday, 16 September 2013

First tournament of the new season in Hamilton

The first tournament of the new season in Hamilton had a fantastic turnout with 12 players and there were some regulars missing. We have some big expectations next tournament as the HSC has proven commitment now for over a year. The word is spreading and we are gathering new players to the game as well as old players who haven't played in a bit. Peter Sexton also has some great news as the numbers are getting up there and will continue to push the limits of having a rotating home based host. We now have official an official home base in The Pheasant Plucker complete with storage space to keep our gear there. Thanks to all those who came out and enjoyed a great game, great day. we got to play outside. Thanks to Chris Faille for hosting.

As for the results, it was an exciting win for Peter Sexton to start the year off strong. he beat Stephen McNab (3-0) in the final while Brodyn Sexton and Shaun Burt lost in the semis.

(report with the help of the host club)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

First tournament in Toongabbie (Australia)

There were two tournaments in Australia this week-end and the one in Toongabbie attracted nine players. It was a good tournament and not only because it was a way to celebrate Adrian Elmer's birthday. Imojjen Elmer was also playing her first tournament. She's only 12 and was introduced to the game by her father. In the end, after the group stage, host Adrian Elmer lost on shots to Alex Jennings in the first semi while Phill Parker beat Costa Kamarados. In the final, Phill and Alex tied (1-1) but Alex won on shots to claim the trophy. Congratulations to everyone involved!
Action from the tournament

Adrian Elmer in the shoot-out of the semi

Alex Jennings is the winner of the day!
Nice group picture

Another victory for Chris Thomas

6 players took part in the latest WASPA event to be held in Thornaby, hosted by the NETFA Teesside Subbuteo Club. Unusually, we had two players from the Valetta SC playing, both being very welcome and both being regular players at our club nights. As expected, Chris Thomas dominated proceedings and to be honest every result was much as expected, with only one really close game on the night.

Date of next NETFA Teesside WASPA tournament will be 4th October 2013
Chris Thomas, the tournament winner

Friday, 13 September 2013

Brian Daley wins the Manchester tournament

The monthly tournament of the Manchester club took place on wednesday with 6 players taking part and everyone having 4 games. Brian Daley won the event again with four wins while Steve Clarke had 9 points, Danny Lilley was third with 6 points. Craig Pardoe was 4th, Greg Sammons 5th and Connor Bowden 6th.

As a reminder, the final stage of the Sliders Tour 2013 will take place on November 2nd in at Heckmondwike, Yorkshire.

A tournament in Toongabbie

WASPA has just been in touch with another group of players in the Sydney area. Adrian runs a subbuteo tournament every year in september for 15 years now. As a coincidence, the date of this year's tournament clashes with the Penrith tournament as it will be held on September 14. The good thing is that Adrian and his friend might be able to attend other tournaments in Penrith or in the area in the future. Anyway, Adrian's tournament will have the WASPA status this year.

Adrian reported he has been a subbuteo fan for many years: "Subbuteo has been very quiet in Australia for a long time. I went to a tournament once as a teenager in the late 80s and there were 50 or so competitors, but there hasn't really been anything much since then! Every year around september I have a look around online to see if anything is around and was very happy to see the australian website, which has only appeared since the last tournament my friends and I had! So, I've been in contact with them and will hopefully be able to get involved."

Interested players should get in touch with Adrian at to try to arranger more games in the future!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Big efforts of promotion by TSC Black Rose '98 in Roma

A.S.D. Table Soccer Club Black Rose ’98 Roma celebrates the 15th anniversary of the foundation (dated 1st September 1998) with an extraordinary and unprecedent promotional for durability (29 consecutive days), intensity (170 hours), advertising exposure (planned and edited by Centro Commerciale ROMAEST), prestige and attendance of the friendly complex that hosts us (Centro Commerciale ROMAEST) and the importance of the partners with whom we work (AS Roma, G.E.CO Animation).
This is the 8th Black Rose promotional event since september 2012 after:
1) Campus dei Licei – Cisterna di Latina;
2) Istituto De Merode – Roma;
3) In Vino Veritas – Frosinone;
4) Frosinone Calcio – Frosinone;
5) Istituto Comprensivo Mar dei Caraibi – Ostia;
6) Sport Village For You – Porto Turistico di Roma;
7) Sport e Disabilità – Fiumicino.
A.S.D. T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma is the main partner of AS Roma Party, AS Roma official licensee, for the Subbuteo Area where the ROMAEST customers can play the “Subbuteo Training Game” designed by Andrea Strazza for A.S.D. T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma and AS Roma Party.
Untill 10th September 2013, 137 ROMAEST customers played at “Subbuteo Training Game”. Other statistics in the next update.

A.S.D. T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma will publish a photographic reportage at the end of the event on its website: (URL corrected)

(article written by Enrico Guidi)
Victoria Concordia Crescit