Saturday 31 October 2015

Eliot Kennedy wins in Penrith

The players

Eliot Kennedy gets cholocates for his win
Last sunday the club of Deportivo La Katoomba (run my Paul Magee) organized a WASPA tournament in the Mega Games store in penrith (Australia). 8 players were taking part and Northern Falcons' Eliot Kennedy won the final against Parramatta's Daniele Lombardi (2-0). Steve Dettre and Paul Magee were the semi-finalists while Mathew Barrie defeated Adrian Elmer in the consolation final.

Rudy Hesty wins Halloween Cup

Halloween Cup held in Jurong Central Subbuteo Cup, Singapore

Jurong Central Subbuteo Club held its usual end-of-the-month WASPA tournament on 30 Oct 2015 with a Halloween theme. Participants donned light Halloween costumes and played their games with them on to the best of their ability (until comfort, and some would say, better sense, prevailed).

There were 10 participants and the club adopted a Swiss format of four rounds, before final placing matches. Things heated up quickly with three 4-0 wins in the first round for Fauzi “Russian Mafia—Singapore Chapter”, Vikas “Jack the Ripper” and Rizal “Grim Reaper”, and cautious 2-1 wins for club league leaders Rudy “Carlos Valederrama” and Anas “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, which entailed innovative rock-paper-scissors techniques to determine the next round of fixtures.

After four rounds, Rudy “Carlos Valderrama” breezed to the top position and final top placing match with four wins. Despite losing his first game to Rudy “Carlos Valderrama”, Nic “High Witch” managed to enter the final by taking advantage of several draws by other players and eking out three straight 1-0 wins, thus finishing second. In the final, Rudy “Carlos Valderrama” outmagicked Nic “High Witch” comfortably 4-0, and took top honours for the third tournament in the row in the club.

(Report by Nic Tan)

Thursday 29 October 2015

Peter Alegi wins the 616 Cup

Peter Alegi took out revenge on Marcus Fila for his historic round robin defeat and won the 616 Cup held in Grand Rapids, MI in a tight affair by a 1-0 scoreline. Paul Pate and Mike Ewer were the losing semi finalists, both being knocked out by 4-1 scorelines.

Group stage:
1. Marcus Fila (Kentwood MI) 10
2. Peter Alegi (E.Lansing MI) 9
3. Paul Pate (Rockford MI) 6
4. Mike Ewer (Grand Rapids MI) 4
5. Alex Galarza (Grand Rapids MI) 0

Marcus 4 Mike 1
Peter 4 Paul 1

Marcus 0 Peter 1

Marcello Monti wins in Florence

On tuesday the "North Florence Subbuteo Club" started their "1st North Florence Subbuteo Challenge", a Subbuteo old rules stages tournament.

The Challenge will be played on 5 stages assigning points to each player according every single stage standing. Players are 6 all from the club in Florence Italy. All the stages will be played at our club (New Master Club, via Valdinievole, 34 Firenze) located in the north part of Florence-Italy.

Marcello Monti won the first tournament.

The next stages will be held on:
Second Stage November 3, 2015 – Florence – IT
Third Stage November 17, 2015 – Florence – IT
Fourth Stage December 1, 2015 – Florence – IT
Fifth Stage December 15, 2015 – Florence – IT

Interested players can contact Marcello Monti at

Wednesday 28 October 2015

First tournament win for Pierluigi D'Amico

The king has fallen at Pistoia last night! The surprising "Maestro" Pierluigi D'Amico wins the set and match versus the leader Massimo Lapucci and confirms the great unexpected result of the National Cup with qualification to the Master Session. It's incredible that the "Maestro" restarted to play subbuteo just last spring and played his first tournament at Pistoia in May.
The "orange" air starts to be healthy for Subbuteo players, the true "cantera" for all the young souls.
Lapucci still leads the ranking but competition looks harder now.

(Report by Alfredo Granato)

David Busch in great mood

This tuesday's tournament in Ebreichsdorf (Austria) saw a good fight for places 2 to 6 with many games closer than expected. Only David Busch, who is training for the Italian club championship, was not to beat... David ended the evening with four wins and a draw while Thomas Eppensteiner was an excellent runner-up.

Final table:
1. David Busch
2. Thomas Eppensteiner
3. Thomas Busch
4. Roland Schwacha
5. Lukas Eppensteiner
6. Mathias Eppensteiner

Chris Thomas on top in Cardiff

10 players attended the tournament held in Cardiff this tuesday and two special guests made it very special. Chris Thomas won the tournament after defeating Gareth Thomas in the final. Carl Young, who now lives in Australia and is a member of the Melbourne club, was also playing in his former club. It was another excellent evening. Thanks to John Lauder and the Cardiff gang for organizing a great gathering.

The Turkey Classic for Alex Batacchi

The sixth edition of the Turkey Classic played Sunday October the 25th on the Batacchi Grounds in Tampa Bay, Florida was another success of fun, friendship and very competitive Subbuteo table soccer. 3 players from the Florida Sharks TSC (Dario Passadore, Milaine Andrade and Jose Miguel De Diego), Virgil Goodin from the Kansas City TSC joined Isabel and Alex Batacchi. The qualifying groups did not produce surprises even though there were sign of improvements in Milaine and Jose' games. The Championship group saw some tight encounters between the 3 Floridians, with Virgil unable to keep the pace, Dario was able to reach the final just on goal differential after tied his game with a very good Isabel, and loosing a very close one with Alex.
There was a fantastic final game between the "Turkey Classic King" Alex Batacchi and the charging/emerging Dario Passadore (second couple of weeks ago in California), directed very well as referee by Virgil between the two incredible competitor friends.
Congratulations to Alex for his final victory.

(Report from the Tampa Bay facebook page)

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Andrea Pagano wins the "Italian Cup"

Last week-end the club of Catanzaro organized a tournament with the old rules. The theme of the tournament was the Italian Football Cup so that everyone was representing a famous Italian club. The six players competed in a group so that everyone played five games. In the end, Andrea Pagano took the honors, finishing with the same number of points but more goal score than Ugo Custo. Here is the final ranking of the tournament:
1. Andrea Pagano (Vicenza)
2. Ugo Custo (Catanzaro)
3. Paolo Talarico (Empoli)
4. Raffaele Gangale (Roma)
5. Salvatore Scalise (Inter)
6. Enzo Iuli (Fiorentina)

Monday 26 October 2015

Jayden van der Merwe wins the 2015 PFC League 3 Cup

Saturday 24 October 2015, Pretoria, South Africa

6 Participants competed for the honours in the 2015 PFC League 3 Tournament Cup, with 5 rounds of fixtures on offer. The event yielded a total of 19 goals, with only 3 of the 15 scheduled matches ending in a 0-0 scoreline.
Round 1 matches produced three 1-0 scorelines as follows: Kegan (1) v (0) Bevin, Jayden (1) v (0) Julian and Adam (1) v (0) Chessray. Perhaps the lack of Subbuteo action in Pretoria for the past 2 months had something to do with it - as the players went on the offensive in the early rounds, with goals being scored freely?
The "Match of the Day" came in Round 2 with a result of Julian (2) v (1) Chessray - in this match Chessray opened the scoring on 7min and Julian had to dig deep to get anything out of the match and scored 2 goals within 2 minutes (first on 12min & then on 14min) to record his only win of the day !
By the end of Round 4, Jayden secured the title with an exciting 3-1 win over Chessray - a result which put Jayden on 12 points, with a 100% run meaning he (Jayden) could not be caught in Round 5. But prior to that, Bevin beat Julian by 1-0 in "the battle for 3rd place".
As fate would yet again have it, PFC's two most in form players for 2015 (Jayden & Bevin) would face off in the final round of matches - Bevin needed to win the match to  take 2nd place outright. Bevin went on the attack from the start, as Jayden played without any pressure knowing he had already secured the title on the day. The match ended 0-0 and that result meant that both Bevin & Kegan were tied for 2nd place - as the standings revealed the two players shared equal Points, GF, GA & GD on the day!
For Bevin, this weekend marked exactly 1 year since he made his Subbuteo debut - and the past 12 months have shown that going into tournaments now, Bevin certainly is no "push over". Adam also continued his development in this event as he could take plenty of positives out of the day - in Round 5, he held Julian to a 0-0 scoreline with Adam's superb goalkeeping denying Julian on no less than 4 occasions!
For Jayden, this triump marks his 2nd WASPA title on the 2015 PFC calendar.

Final Classification
1st) Jayden van der Merwe - 13p
2nd) Bevin Reed - 8p *
2nd) Kegan van der Merwe - 8p *
4th) Julian van der Merwe - 5p
5th) Adam Murray - 4p
6th) Chessray Jooste - 2p
* Tied on Points, GF, GA & GD

Thanks to all for attending and sharing another great day of Subbuteo fun !!!

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at:

Another new winner in Brisbane, where things are hotting up

Newest recruit Adam Bilbe raises the bar and shows the B.S.C guys a higher level of play. Adam represented Australia in the 90’s, playing world class players, and although he hasn’t played for 20 years, he is certainly settling back into his game. Could the trophy merry-go-round come to an abrupt stop and find a permanent home? Adam was the 5th different winner in 5 tournaments, and will be hard to displace as no.1.

Today’s games had a few eyebrow raising outcomes, notably Andrew Rigden found a way to remain composed, and keep defence intact, by playing wonderfully in a 5-2 victory over Giuseppe. Andrew showing some of his old form from his Wales glory days.

Rob Bennett chalked up an impressive victory over Gus, moving him off the bottom of the ladder for the first time this season.

At the end of the round of matches, the semi finals were contested by Adam, Giuseppe, Rik and Andrew Bennett.


These 2 played out a tight game in the league round, with Adam taking it 1-0, but in this semi final Adam was clinical in front of goal, creating chances, and dominating from the start.

This game had opportunities for both guys to win, but Rik got revenge for the 4-2 defeat to Giuseppe in the league game.


Rik was able to take a point off Adam in the league fixture, but Adam upped his game for this final match. Rik was doggedly defending against a tough opponent during the first half, but a couple of goals late in the half took Adam to a halftime lead. Rik pulled one back in second half, and had a clear opportunity to equalise but fluffed his shot, and with it, his chance. Adam scored again at the end of the match, and was a deserving winner.

(Report by Giuseppe Tardiota)

Daniel Scheen was the best in Templeuve

Marain and Scheen during the presentation of the prizes

Good people for a good evening of play

Templeuve players (Bodelle, Verfaillie, Delattre and Coppenolle) in their new kits
Last friday the club of Templeuve (Belgium) held their monthly tournament with a good field of 10 players. Among them, there were some good surprises as Daniel Scheen, the former world number 1 in the veterans, was there to practice before the FISTF Europa Cup. There were also players coming from the Flanders as Chris Van Loocke (from Bruges) and Stéphane Lambert (from Antwerp) where attending. Michaël Dupret, who was one of the top regional players a few years ago, was also back after a few months. Daniel Scheen won his four games and was a deserved winner. Geoffrey Marain ended with 9 points while an amazing number of 6 players finished with 6 points and the ranking was made on goal-difference. Among the 20 games, there was no draw, only winners and losers. The final ranking was as follows:
1. Daniel Scheen (TFC Wiener Neustadt) - 12
2. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano) - 9
3. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United) - 6
4. Stéphane Lambert (Kent Invicta) - 6
5ae Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai) - 6
5ae Jason Delattre (Templeuve United) - 6
7ae John Verfaillie (Templeuve United) - 6
7ae Vicky Vanoverskelds (SC Warcoing Ducks) - 6
9. Olivier Bodelle (Templeuve United) - 3
10. Chris Van Loocke (SC Brugge) - 0

Friday 23 October 2015

Home win for Steve Bennett

The second day of the Dundee United championship took place on October 4 in Arbroath with 7 players taking part. Everyone had 6 games and Steve Bennett ended on top of the table with six wins. Andy Beskaby was runner-up and Rob Conway was third.

Brian Daley wins in Enderby

A nice win for Brian Daley
During the FISTF International Open of Enderby, England, a WASPA tournament was organized for players who didn't pass the first round. 15 players were competing and England's Brian Daley won the final against Elliott Bellefontaine. Ben Staples and Jeremy Boothman were the semi-finalists.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

A nice tournament in Colmurano

The usual group picture
Last sunday 10 players were present in Colmurano (Italy) to play a tournament with the old rules. The event was organized during a beautiful village festival. Besides the tournament there was the exhibition "Not only Subbuteo" with Subbuteo materials since 1949 and packs of vintage games of table football. Many visitors were present.
Alberto Gagliardi, the record holder of victories in the WASPA circuit with old rules
Alberto Gagliardi took the honors while the rest of the ranking was as follows: 2. Stefano Gambella ; 3. Paolo Guidara ; 4. Pietro mattioli ; 5. Juri Di Tullio ; 6. Alessandro mattioli ; 7. Pino Bove ; 8. Michele Carassai ; 9. Lorenzo Morresi ; 10. Marco Leoni.
Pictures of the exhibition:

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Tommaso Tricoli wins in Pizzo Calabro

Last saturday a tournament with the old rules was organized in Pizzo Calabro, in Italy. The event was organized by the club of ASD Atletico Vibo and 12 players were taking part, mostly from the clubs of Catanzaro and Bruzia. Tommaso Tricoli defeated Andrea Pagano on shots in the final. Raffaele Gangale and Paolo Talarico were the semi-finalists. Congratulations to the winner!

Tommaso Tricoli (left) won the tournament)

Andrea Pagano was finalist

Monday 19 October 2015

José Manuel Rosas is the first winner in Tabernas

A nice group picture
This sunday, October 18, the first subbuteo tournament played under WASPA banner in Tabernas, in the area of Almería (Spain) was attended by 11 players. The event was played in the premises of the FC Barcelona fans of Tabernas. The event was organized by the club "Al-Taberne junto" wxith the help of the "Asociación Cultural Viejo Dragón de Tabernas".
The winners: José García, José Manuel Rosas & Quillo Suanes
The final ranking was as follow:
1. José Manuel Rosas
2. Quillo Suanes
3. Alan Santos
4. Angel Suanes
5. José García
6. Lucas Soler
7. Sergio Moran
8. Francisco Soler
9. Alejandro Espinosa
10. Andrés Guirado
11. José Aguilera

The final between José Manuel Rosas and Quillo Suanes ended on 0-0 but José Manuel won on shots.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Surprising win for Renald Deloose in Pecq

Players before watching the football game
A few hours befor the kick-off of the football game between Belgium and Israel, 8 players met in Pecq (Belgium) for the WASPA tournament organized by the small club of the Warcoing Ducks. Players were dropped in 2 groups of 4. Geoffrey marain was another time the best player in his group and could easily qualify for the semi. In the other group, Renald Deloose finished on top after defeating Vincent Coppenolle in the top game. In the semis, games were close. Coppenolle surprisingly defeated Marain (3-2) to qualify for the final while Renald Deloose tied with Jason Delattre and won the game on shots.
Finalist (Coppenolle) and winner (Deloose) celebrating
The final was close as well but Deloose won the game (2-1) to win his second WASPA tournament of the season. John Verfaillie won the consolation event to finish in 5th position. Players could later enjoy the win of the Belgian football team. Thanks to their win against Israel, belgium is now the new number 1 in the FIFA ranking.

Consolation trophy for John Verfaillie
Final standings of the evening:
1. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United)
3. Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano)
4. Jason Delattre (Templeuve United)
5. John Verfaillie (Templeuve United)
6. Philippe Godart (Templeuve United)
7. Vicky Vanoverskelds (Warcoing Ducks)
8. Benjamin Marain (Warcoing Ducks)

Nielsen from Denmark wins in California

The FISTF Future of Newbury Park, California took place on October 11, 2015. The tournament was also counting for the WASPA circuit. The players from California had the pleasure to meet friends from Denmark and Jesper Staal Nielsen was the star guest of the tournament. Players were dropped in two groups. Nielsen was the best player and defeated Rob Tucker in the semi (8-0) and Dario Passadore from Florida (6-1) in the final. Paul O'Donovan Rossa was the other semi-finalist and Joao Casaca won the consolation tournament.

Sunday 11 October 2015

A first WASPA title for Casey van Os

This saturday, the club of GSV de Hyacinth held the 2nd WASPA tournament "COBEX Top of Holland Tournament". "We have had a nice, cozy and sportive tournament with a good winner Casey van Os", reported Jacob Bijlstra. All participants were Dutch. Casey defeated Michiel Mondria (8-2) in the final. Every player had 5 games, which was great. Congratulations to all.

The final table of the tournament was as follows:
1. Casey van Os
2. Michiel Mondria
3. Kenny Gerrets
4. Jacob Bijlstra
5. Paul Brinker
6. Erwin Smit
7. Ard Lukassen
8. Ronald Ruiter

Friday 9 October 2015

Massimo Lapucci remains the king in Pistoia

A nail with the colors of the club
This monday the club of Pistoia had another tournament with the old rules. Only four players but some good games again. Massimo Lapucci still rules in Pistoia, he won all his games and he's the leader of the ranking. Like in the previous event, Stefano Braschi finishes second again but with a larger number of goals scored. Jerry Morandi was third while the wooden spoon is for Michele Nesti, the new entry in the Pistoia Series. Lapucci clearly leads the season ranking with 12 points, Braschi is still second with 8 points.

Thursday 8 October 2015

Monthly report of the WASPA circuit

Dear all, here are the files with updated results, rankings and statistics of the WASPA circuit.

Golden book
WASPA ranking of September

September has been a busy month for the subbuteo community. Many players travelled to Italy for the world cup and there was an amazing tournament run by FISTF and the Italian association. The WASPA circuit has had no summer break and this month, we have had many events in many countries.

A good turnout in Cyprus
For several reasons, 3 tournaments will be added in the records next month but points have been awarded to 20 Regional tournaments and 3 tournaments with the old rules. It seems the old rules movement in Italy is happy to be back in the WASPA circuit and we are all very excited about it. Thanks to the clubs of Pistoia, Catanzaro and Savona for their input and welcome to Atletico Vibo for joining in October.

Old rules in Catanzaro, Italy
The 20 Regional tournaments played this month have brought some positive facts:
- action going on in Switzerland;
- new organizers in Belgium: "Subbuteo Club Semois" (a new club) and "Black Devils Subbuteo" (a club created by some former Stembert players);
- a good tournament in North Shields (England);
- action in Scotland at Dundee United;
- several good events in Australia;
- a tournament played outside in Malta (!);
- nice events in Italy with several clubs involved: Pistoia, Firenze, Lazio;
- the Austrian Masters played under WASPA banner;
- Great Swiss system at Kent Invicta TF;
- Action in Florida;
- A great week-end of table football in Heraklion (Greece) with a WASPA tournament and a FISTF Satellite during the same week-end;
- 19 players for the first event of the season in Cyprus.

Nice people in Melbourne, Australia
Moreover, WASPA received from FISTF the trophy for "Best Promotion" at the recent ceremony of the "Subbuteo Oscars" during the world cup, which was a huge honor.

Remember the circuit is yours so your ideas to improve the WASPA circuit are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your proposals to my e-mail address at

Don't hesitate to ask for WASPA status if you are hosting some events. Just send a request to

Please note the blog is updated almost every day at

The FISTF website is

Have a fantastic season. Let's hope we can continue to grow in the next few months.

Vincent Coppenolle

Many good games at SC Flanders

Johan Lourdon vs Jos Ceulemans in the Antwerp derby

The group picture

Geert Leys and Geoffrey Marain
The second tournament of the SC Flanders club this season was held on Monday with a good turnout of 9. Geoffrey Marain took the honors but it was more than difficult as Geert Leys, winner of the September tournament, was on fire. Marain ended with 10 points, Leys had 8. Three players ended with six points but Eddy Beernaert was ranked 3rd, Johan Lourdon 4th and Vincent Coppenolle 5th.

A nice trophy for Alberto Di Maggio

The Flaming Flickers held their first tournament of the season in two times. During the first day, the group stage and the quarter-finals were played. Finals were held this tuesday and Alberto Di Maggio, a player from Proteas Athens, took the honors when he defeated local player Chris Panagiotides (4-2) int he final. COngratulations to the Flaming Flickers for their continued efforts to promote the game.