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We have had several contacts with players asking if WASPA is having a project for the youth. It is true that when you look at the different websites, event FISTF and WASPA pages, we see a lot of older players involved on pictures. If we want to prepare the future, it is necessary to think about the new generation. I don't know how we can reach new markets but I believe WASPA could be a good place to start a project to promote the game among youngsters.

An idea could be to have 2 juniors categories:
- U20 (players born in 1999 or later);
- U16 (players born in 2003 or later).
At every WASPA tournament, we could post an extra picture of U20 and U16 categories and promote clubs who do their best to attract new players. The junior events could also be organized as consolation tournaments besides the main event.

To motivate clubs to have events for juniors and to try to recruit new blood, we could create a special status for club who really want to join the project. We already have the "top clubs" project but WASPA would love to create the "Youth in action" project. Every club with at least 3 juniors could be involved in the project. There would be some duties for the clubs though:
- Clubs should send a request to be part of the project;
- Players involved must send their birthdate.

Just to motivate players, a ranking of clubs would be created:
- For U20 section (points of the top 3 U20 and U16 players of each club);
- For U16 section (points of the top 3 U16 players of each club).

In case we manage to see growing interest from clubs to get youth involved, we could try to find partners who could offer some goodies or prizes at the end of the season.

I really don't know how to make this idea a success. It depends on clubs and players and we have to see how many people want to be involved.

The question is "do we really care to prepare the next generation of Subbuteo players?"

Right now this is only a project so I'm waiting feedback from as many people as possible to see how we can get something going.

Please remember WASPA is made by the players and for the players and we really need support from everybody!

Contact: Vincent Coppenolle at

Some pictures of the youth
Northern Falcons Juniors in Australia

New generation and older players at Wamme SC in Belgium

(Last update on March 8, 2018)

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