Friday, 31 January 2014

Tournament in Lurago d'Erba

... and it was snowing, and there were family commitments... and there was the guy which car that smashed in the curve ... But three courageous survivors played alike! So, despite the hitches, the WASPA-ETF project goes on anyway... Not Only! This event is part of the new TSC Black Rose project called "Tournaments by Specialties". They consist of to play with a specific mono-materilal production of the past.

After the two small torunaments played during the inauguration of the project (look here: this is the third tournament of this typology. This time the ultimate decision was to play with original Subbuteo moulded HW production.

Thank you to all the WASPA staff for this so kind hospitality in the circuit!

Claudio Dogali 4 points
Luca Rajna 1 point
Fabri Olla 1 point

Teams employed:
Fabri Olla had a "Club Bottini Genoa" on rare white thick bases. Claudio Dogali played with on Alessandria 60s, always on rare blue thick bases. Alessandria is the only woldwide (may be...) team to have a grey shirt. Luca Rajna played with two different teams: the first match he had an Israel 1970 and for the second one he had the "Veneto Serenissimo Governo"; bases were in both cases of normal thickness.

(Report by Luca Rajna)

WASPA monthly report with results, statistics and rankings

Hi everyone,
here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit (click here). We had a fantastic month with 22 events played all over the world. These were 18 "regional" tournaments, 3 events with the old rules and 1 with the advanced rules in Greece (with 22 players!)

Among the importants facts of the month, we can mention:
- the first tournament ever in Switzerland. It seemed to be very positive as two more tournaments are already in the agenda!
- good turnouts in events in England, Portugal, Italy and Hamilton (Canada)
- Geoffrey Marain did not play this month but remains number 1 in the ranking
- Australian players attended the Colorado Cup in Denver (USA)
- Paul O'Donovan from California attended the Penrith tournament (Australia)
- the first leg of the Scottish circuit had 12 players and counted also for the WASPA circuit
- 11 players competed in Valdivia (Chile)
- the tournament in Macerata played with the old rules had 32 entries (!)
- we have now 1138 players in the ranking!

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Use also for tournament requests or for sending results and pictures

Again, thanks to all players and organizers for the continued support over the last few months. So much support is a best reason to keep on working for the game!

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Coppenolle

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Next event in Lincoln

There will be a tournament in Lincoln (England) on February 23 at 1.30 pm. Venue is the Eastgate Tennis, Bowls and Squash Club, Langworthgate, Lincoln LN2 4AD. These premises are spacious and have the added benefit of boasting ample free onsite parking. There is a well stocked bar, and just across the road from the venue is a pub, The Peacock Inn, which offers a wide-ranging lunch menu. The competition will be known as The WASPA Valentine Cup, the idea being that players will be encouraged to play with teams bearing the colours of the club they love the most, r support. There will be a range of trophies on offer. Contact is John Devaney at

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The perfect evening for Simone Trivelli

Simone Trivelli, after convincing victories in the last two events made the "hat trick" with four wins out of four matches at an average of four goals per game.
Another trophy and the 5th WASPA title for Simone Trivelli

In the decisive match of the last round of play, Simone Trivelli found himself in front of the surprise of the evening, Simone Lo Iacono who had 7 points in the ranking and attempted to climb over the opponent who had 9 points: good game, with Simone Lo Iacono. The game ended on 3-1 and Simone Lo Iacono ended third of the tournament.

The second place goes to Gianmarco Del Brocco with 9 points, losing only against Trivelli (2-4). The fourth and fifth place respectively go to Stefano Tagliaferri and Matteo Del Brocco. In their game together, it was like a fireworks with 10 goals scored and a final draw (5-5).

there were ups and downs for the other participants in the tournament: Claudio Paolino and Marco Moretti closed with 4 points, 3 points with Mario Lo Iacono, Louis Aniballi with 2 points and Alessandro Spoto with a point.

In the General Classification of the WASPA Lazio League Simone Trivelli  is the leader (93 points) followed by Gianmarco Del Brocco (89), while the third place is Stefano Tagliaferri (74), followed in fourth place by Patrizio Lazzaretti (65) and then the fifth and sixth respectively by Claudio Paolino (60) and Paolo Barone (58). Matteo Del Brocco has 42.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fedele wins again

The club of Arabona organized a small tournament last friday in their premises of Manoppello (Italy). Fabrizio Fedelle finished on top of the league system while Gaetao Monticelli was second and Simone Di Pierro was third. Well done Fabrizio!

Monday, 27 January 2014

24 players at the tournament in Macerata

This week-end the italian club of Macerata organized a tournament with the old rules with a superb number of 24 entries. Players were divided in six groups of four players and after the first stage, 12 players competed for the main title while other played for the "small cup". In the final, Alberto Gagliardi was the big winner after he beat Ciabattoni (2-1). Giammusso was 3rd and Chieppe 4th.
Iorio beat Gambella in the final of the "Europa League" (consolation tournament). Congratulations to all the players for a great day of Subbuteo.

Alberto Gagliardi, the winner of the tournament

Superb trophies

Second tournament of the Flaming Flickers in Greece

A total of 22 players of all ages participated in the tournament of the Flaming Flickers Subbuteo Club that took place at Marcana Grill in Athens. Material used was subbuteo (Hasbro bases and figures) on Subbuteo Astropitches with the modern rules. The organizers also attracted four new players and the main event was played in a swiss system of three sessions while the "juniors" played their own tournament. Panos Panagiotides was the winner of the day while Yannis Metaxas was second.

Tournament in Lincoln

There was a tournament this sunday in Lincoln (England). There was a small turnout but the event suffered the concurrence of the FISTF Open of Leicester held on saturday. On a more positive note, the organizer did manage to reindtroduce one player (Les Atkins) to the game after an absence of 40 years. He improved with every game, too, and seems very keen. In the end of the day, Jeremy Boothman took the honors, taking the first place while Richard Meddings was second and John Devaney was third.

Third WASPA tournament in Chile

This saturday the subbuteo players of Valdivia (Chile) had their third tournament under WASPA banner with a good field of 11 players. There was a special category for beginners and Emilia López won the final on shots against Paz Torres. In the main event of eight players, the players were dropped in two groups of four and there were many draws. In the end, Enrique López and Andrés Torres qualified for the final and Enrique López was the final winner. Well done to Ignacio López's group of players for helping to promote the beautiful game of Subbuteo table football in Chile!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

News from the USA and South Africa

The tournament in Grand Rapids (Michigan) has been cancelled in the last minute due to the snow. It was a wise decision from the organizer and we totally approve it.

In the same time, the Pretoria Flickers in South Africa have announced they will hold a tournament in their premises on February 1. Interested players can contact Julian Van der Merwe at

Thursday, 23 January 2014

First success for Toto Panizzari

On Januray 15, the third tournament of the season organized the the club of Levante in Genova (Italy) had a very good field of 16 players competing with the old rules in swiss system. In the end of the evening, Toto Panizzari came on top of the tournament with 3 wins and a draw while Andrea Tonet was second, Federico Solari third and Paolo Pazzi fourth. Congratulations to the Levante players for such a great tournament!

News from Italy

The honors for Stefano Tagliaferri

WASPA would like to send their congratulations to Mr Stafeno Tagliaferri who was unanimously elected chair of the Board of the "Società Sportiva Lazio as Chairman" as Representative of the associated minor sports (football, billiards, dance sport, surfing and boarding, footvolley, golf, burraco, darts and other).

Small event in Catanzaro

There was a samll field of four players competing int he tournament in Catanzaro. Congratulations to Andrea Pagano for his victory in the final against Alessio Talarico.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Scottish Circuit starts in Arbroath

The first of three Scottish circuit events of the 2013/14 season took place in Arbroath on Sunday and the event was also counted as a WASPA tournament. 5 players from Glasgow TSA made the trip to the home of Tayside Kickers 91 for the event, which counts towards the Scottish Championship. Although games were played competitively, everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. Lots of close games and a few upsets made for an exciting day. Congratulations to Steve Bennett (TK91), eventual winner with 10 pts on goal difference, Gareth Christie (TK91) was 2nd, Tom Burns (GTSA) was 3rd with 7 points and Scott Fleming 4th on goal difference. Congrats to Steve. Next stop, the Glasgow International Open.

Final table of the event:
1 Steve Bennett (Tayside Kickers '91)
2 Gareth Christie (Tayside Kickers '91)
3 Scott Fleming (Tayside Kickers '91)
4 Tom Burns (Glasgow TSA)
5 Barry Corr (Glasgow TSA)
6 David Baxter (Tayside Kickers '91)
7 Colin Day (Glasgow TSA)
8 Dave Gladman (Glasgow TSA)
9 Fraser Bruce (Tayside Kickers '91)
10 Stuart Peacock (Tayside Kickers '91)
11 Martin Campbell (Tayside Kickers '91)
12 John Halpin (Glasgow TSA)

Monday, 20 January 2014

Still more news from Malaysia

We recently had somme positive news from Edwin Wong of Imagine Games who was happy to see the WASPA blog speaking about the latest developments of the Hartamas Tigers club. Edwin sent us the following news so that everyone is aware there are much larger developments in the country:

"Subbuteo successfully "relaunched" in Malaysia on 17 August 2013 during THINKCON, held at Bangsar Village where Cempaka Schools (the largest private school in the country) incorporated Table Soccer into their annual inter-house games for the first time ever! The inter-team event saw 64 players/students (32 boys + 32 girls), playing 12 matches, over 5 tables, in team action according to the following format:
- 1 x Boys singles.
- 1 x Girls singles.
- 1 x Boys doubles.
- 1 x Girls doubles.
- 1 x Mixed doubles.

All games were played according to WASPA rules, with referee. This is the largest table soccer event every recorded in the country, and will continue to grow as the group of school has this down as an annual event and part of their overall inter-house challenge.

Following this "launch" comes Jamie's private club, and I'm confident, with more to follow! We are now using the momentum from the Hartamas Tigers to encourage others to form clubs.

Most important to all of this recent excitement is the steady supply of the new Subbuteo Club Editions and teams - since if you remember, we tried to revive this during the last world cup but failed because there were no sets available for enthusiasts to buy."

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Kye wins the Kent Invicta WASPA Tchaaa base tournament

Terry & Kye Arnold with James & Daniel McCormick played out an exciting 4 man tournament at the 'Arnold Arena'. All the players were using Daniel Scheen Tchaaa bases and 6 competetive matches were played with English #1 Junior player, Kye, getting maximum points with 3 wins. Veteran Terry grabbed the Runners-up spot with 2 wins despite getting tonked 3-1 by Kye. Daniel came in 3rd by scoring 1 more goal than his brother James.

Kye 1-0 James
Daniel 0-1 Terry
James 1-1 Daniel
Kye 3-1 Terry
Daniel 1-2 Kye
Terry 1-0 James

1st Kye 3 3 0 0 6 2 +4 9pts
2nd Terry 2 0 1 3 3 0 6pts
3rd Daniel 0 1 2 2 4 -2 1pt
4th James 0 1 2 1 3 -2 1pt

(Report by Terry Arnold)

Peter Thomas wins in Penrith

Congratulations Peter Thomas, winner of the Penrith Heatwave Classic (19.1.14), defeating Paul O'Donovan Rossa 1-0 in a tight final. A good roll up that included Elliot Kennedy and Paul Magee (beaten semi-finalists), Adrian Elmer (winner of the Tier 2 play-off final), Terry and Billy Koutzos (playing their first WASPA competition) and a promising debutante Mark McIntosh. A good high quality competition played in a very collegiate manner. Thanks to Paul for taking time out from his trip from the US and joining us for the day, and for his mentoring of the younger players. Thanks to Peter for travelling up from Canberra, again, and for sharing his experience with newer players. Great to see the Koutzos boys, Adrian and Mark.

Above all, thanks to Christine Stamatakis for hosting us, providing prizes and being a great friend of Subbuteo players in Oz.

To be noted there will be another tournament in Australia on February 23 at the Mars Hill Café basement in Parramatta.

(Report by Paul Magee)
Peter Thomas in action (archives of June 2013)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

24 players and the same winner: Enrico Guidi

On January 15th, the Table Soccer Club Black Rose ’98 Roma ( and organized the “Round 8” of the “WASPA Black League” at the “Black Rose Training Center” located in Fiumicino (Rome), Via delle Lampare, 5.

It was a very nice evening tournament with 24 players attended for the first 2014 tournament and ready to defy the invincible Enrico Guidi. They were representative of three Italian subbuteo associations (TSC Black Rose ’98 Roma, SC Fiamme Azzurre RM and SC Subbito Gol Ferrara).

For the first time in eight rounds TSC Black Rose ’98 Roma organizers decided to play group stages (8 groups of 3 players) followed by three knock out stages (quarters, semifinals and finals): one for the winners of the group stages (master), one for the seconds (open) and one for the thirds (cadetti). In this way all the players have the chance to play 5 matches.

The 8 master players defined at the end of the group stage were: Enrico Guidi, Marco De Berardinis, Luigi Barone, Giovanni Frascarelli, Francesco Portera, Roberto Utzeri, Riccardo Minnetti and Gabriele Silveri. The semi-finals were Enrico Guidi vs Giovanni Frascarelli and Luigi Barone vs Riccardo Minnetti (playing with a subbuteo team for all the tournament…). The first one ended 2-0 for Guidi and the second one ended 4-2 after shoot out.

The final between Enrico Guidi and Luigi Barone was very interesting and ended 1-1. At the sudden death, Enrico Guidi find the winning goal so… we are still trying to find a player that can stop this subbuteo machine (12 consecutive wiinning matches). Second place for a great Luigi Barone; third place for Giovanni Frascarelli and fourth place for Riccardo Minnetti.  

(the video is from the tournament in Milano in December 2013)

In the months to come TSC Black Rose ’98 Roma will organize other WASPA tournaments looking at the different needs (materials and rules) of FISTF and Subbuteo players.

Thanks to all the participants and all Subbuteo Players!
You can find all the 152 (one-hundred-fifty-two…) photos of the evening following this link:

See you soon!

(article by Andrea Strazza)

More promotion in Malaysia

The newly-formed Hartamas Subbuteo Club in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) had the visit of Yusni Den Mulia this week-end. The best Asian player of the moment spent some time playing and teaching the game with the current group of players. There are positive signs of development in Malaysia and there are good chances to see the first tournament in the country in the near future.

Friday, 17 January 2014

First trophy for Michaël Dupret

The Templeuve United club in Belgium played their monthly tournament (already the 25th WASPA regional tournament) on thursday evening with a good field of 10 players. There were four last minute drop-out including the absence of Geoffrey Marain who is the number 1 and the usual winner of most local events. There was some excitment from the usual outsiders who saw a chance to win the trophy. The swiss system was used in four sessions and in the end, three players finished with a small difference of points. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai) won the event with 10 points and a better goal-difference than Vincent Coppenolle while Renald Deloose took 9 points. The young Matthias Averlant, 12 years old, was the surprising fourth of the evening after winning his last two games. The first two players of the tournament could chose their prize (chocolate or beer) while the other gifts of the evening were decided by a lottery. Philippe odart and Stéphane Lambert were the "lucky losers" of the evening. Here is the final ranking of the tournament:
1. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai) - 10 points
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United) - 10 points
3. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United) - 9 points
4. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United) - 6 points
5. Stéphane Lambert (Kent Invicta TFC) - 6 points
6. Hatim Elmajd (Templeuve United) - 4 points
7. Jason Delattre (Templeuve United) - 4 points
8. Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders) - 4 points
9. Philippe Godart (Templeuve United) - 2 points
10. Stéphane Kirsch (Templeuve United) - 1 point
Top 4 of the evening: Matthias Averlant, Vincent Coppenolle, Michaël Dupret, Renald Deloose

The group picture

A happy winner!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Third WASPA trophy for Luca Pini

17 players attended the tournament held in Firenze on monday. There was a group stage (5 groups) and then a knock-out stage. In the end, the two top players in the WASPA circuit met in the final and Luca Pini defeated Marco Bonciani (1-0). Pini claims his third WASPA title already. Alessio Riccio won the consolation tournament. Congratulations to the club of Firenze for another successful tournament.

First WASPA title for Ricardo Pavão

A good field of 21 players attended the Lisbon tournament last saturday in Portugal. Players were seperated in two categories with 15 players competing in the Open section. This time there was no surprise in the group stage but there were exciting games in the knock-out rounds. In the semis, the sensation came from Ricardo Pavão who defeated Ruben Português on shots while Sergio Ramos beat Manuel Santos by a close 3-2. In the final, Ricardo Pavão (GRD 1° Maio Tires) managed to beat Sergio Ramos to win his first WASPA title. João Nunes won the U15 tournament and Bruno Valente beat José Freitas on shots in the final of the consolation tournament.
The shots in the semi-final between Ruben Portugues and Ricardo Pavao

The Cheslea fan gets a special t-shirt with the picture of Eusebio as a souvenir

Poster of the forthcoming tournament in Greece

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jos Ceulemans did it again

9 players attended the WASPA tournament organized in Hofstade-Zemst (Belgium) last week (monday). The event was played in swiss system with many close games. In the end, Jos Ceulemans took the honors again after taking 10 points While Frank Lannoy had 8, Geert Leys and Stéphane Lambert 7. Alain Flament travelled from Quévy to play and took the 5th place. Congratulations to all!

Final table
1. Jos Ceulemans (SC Anfield Hoppers Zürich)
2. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux)
3. Geert Leys (SC Flanders)
4. Stephane Lambert (Kent Invicta)
5. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
6. Johan Lourdon (no club)
7. Filip Van Hulle (SC Flanders)
8. Bart Van de Vliet (SC Flanders)
9. Steven De Greveleer (no club)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

12th title for Peter Sexton

The "Old Skool" tournament held in Hamilton (Canada) on saturday had a good turnout of 13 players. After the group stage (3 groups), there was no surprise in the quarter-finals. In the semis, Peter Sexton beat John McKay (2-0) while Stephen McNab beat Brodyn Sexton with the same score. The final was close but Peter Sexton won his 12th WASPA title after defeating Stephen McNab (3-2).

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The first WASPA tournament in Switzerland

The Anfield Hoppers in Zürich organized the very first WASPA tournament in Switzerland on friday. Six players were taking part and all games were played in a positive and fair spirit with experienced and novice players. In the end, Thomas Baumeler took the honors after defeating his daughter Trisha in the final (3-2).

"We had a lot of fun and we are planning to organize another one soon", said Thomas as a conclusion.

The final table of the evening was as follows:
1. Thomas Baumeler
2. Trisha Baumeler
3. Roman Bernhardsgrütter
4. Noemi Bernhardsgrütter
5. Kasey Baumeler
6. Sarah Bernhardsgrütter
Some old and new faces in the subbuteo family

Chris Thomas wins in Thornaby

Not a bad turnout for this one, 8 players enjoyed a great nights play. The numbers and quality was improved by a guest player, Steve Bennett from Scotland who did really well and got the result of the night with a 1-1 draw against Chris Thomas. David Russell was in a free scoring mood all night and claimed third from Mike Parnaby who was a little rusty! Chris Kaberry god a good 5th place. John  Bottomley, Ben Staples and Andy Mill all had a tough night and will be looking forward to easier nights later in the year. We were joined by a new player, Rob, who saw the event on the NETFA website and popped along to see what was going on. Hopefully Rob will become a NETFA regular! Well done Chris, another WASPA title.

Date of next NETFA Teesside WASPA tournament will be 31st January 2014.
Ben Staples, David Russell, Andy Mill, John Bottomley, Chris Thomas, Mike Parnaby, Steve Bennett, Chris Kaberry