Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Marco Bonciani reigns in Firenze

On Monday evening the club of Firenze in Italy was holding a great WASPA tournament with 15 players taking part. After the group stage, two knock-out events were played. For the big win, Marco Bonciani took the honors after defeating Mirco Pasquini. Sergio Robertilello and Mirco Masini reached the semis. Riccardo Ferri won the consolation tournament. Congratulations to all the players involved!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Mcnulty prevails in Perth

On Sunday the 20th November we hosted a tournament to welcome and flick with one of the lads from Jurrong  Central in the warm, funny and mecurial Irwin Iskandar. On a warm 30dc day in the Avon Valley we played a league format with 5 players in one game against each other and a Play Off knockout format for the finals. Here are the full standings and results.

Players: Ross Mcnulty, Hugh Best, Irwan Iskandar, Chris Thorn, John Harty

Final League positions:
Mcnulty 12
Iskandar 7
Thorn 7
Harty 6
Best 0

Knock out results:

4th V 5th
1 Harty
1 Best
1-1(after extra time) (Harty wins on penalties)

2nd V 3rd
0 Iskandar
0 Thorn
0-0(after extra time) (Iskandar wins on penalties)

1st V 4th
0 Mcnulty
0 Harty
0-0(after extra time) (Mcnulty wins on penalties)

3rd & 4th Play off
0 Harty
0 Thorn
0-0(after extra time) (Thorn wins on penalties)

Grand final
1st V 2nd
2 Mcnulty
0 Iskandar

Next Pretoria event on December 10

Monday, 28 November 2016

Kye Arnold on-form in Kent

Kent Invicta had a WASPA night on Friday with 8 players taking part. Kye Arnold was the player on-form with some good results to win the Kent WASPA night with a 3-0 final victory over Rhys Williams. Louis Singh and Finn Taylor were the losing semi-finalists as the 8 player field enjoyed some great games in the tournament.

In addition, the players looked smart in their new Kent Invicta kits, sponsored by and !

Final placings

1. Kye Arnold
2. Rhys Williams
3. Finn Taylor
4. Louis Singh
5. Paul Frank
6. Josh Foreman
7. Terry Arnold
8. Simon Keane

Alberto Gagliardi still on top in Macerata

Last Friday it was good to see some action in Macerata (Italy) where the local club was organizing a tournament with the old rules. 12 players were attending and there were many games for everyone. In the end, Alberto Gagliardi defeated Rocco Iarlori in the final to claim the title. Paolo Guidara won the game for the third place against Mario Marcolini. The games were played in the local games shop and everyone had a good time. Well done!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nigel Lamond wins his first WASPA CUP title in North Shields

Shock waves rumbled down Trinity Street last night as Nigel Lamond picked up his first WASPA title.  Maybe not as shocking as the language used by the drunken lady who invaded the venue before flick-off!  She was quickly dispatched by taxi to another part of Shields and with the swear box bulging, the action began...

The opener between Andy and Dave was another tight affair.  The pace was hot from the off which resulted in frequent changes in possession and a lot of huffing and puffing.  After half time Andy started to take control and scored a real cracker that looped into the top right hand corner. Despite working hard, Dave could not find that recent good form and Andy edged it 1 - 0.
Dave played Nigel in game 2.  From the off it was apparent that Nigel meant business.  He kept his defence well organized, kept good possession, created good chances, passed well, flicked well and was cool with his finishing. Dave just could not find that touch and was frustrated by Nigel's possession play. 2 - 0 to Nigel.
The decider between Nigel and Andy was a great game.  Both players really went for it but never lost their shape.  Some aggressive attacking play from Andy, thwarted once again by Nigel's cool possession play and some great flicking all around the pitch.  Both players had chances to win this game but it was Nigel who took advantage of a defensive error to slot home.  Andy really pressed hard for the last few minutes but couldn't find that final pass he needed.  1 - 0 to Nigel.

Another great little tournament in Shields. Thanks to Chris Kaberry for refereeing and Andy Mill for his hospitality.  Well done lads!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Second stage of the Scottish circuit for Bennett

STFA Circuit 2.4, Sunday 20 November 2016.

Sunday 20 November 2016 and it is freezing outside as players converge on Glasgow to compete at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew.

A few notable absentees on the day but that didn't affect the players who did make it!
Group 1: Gareth Christie, Rob Conway and John Halpin.
Group 2: Steve Bennett, Dave Baxter and Baver Bari.
Group 3: Malcolm Lees, Andy Beskaby and Tom Burns.
Group 4: Colin Berry, John Mathieson, Craig Thom and Dave Minty.

Group 1 
opener was Christie v Conway and this was an unbelievable game!
Conway hustled and harried Christie throughout this game and made life extremely tough for his opponent, so much so he took the lead early in the second half, a lightning strike to stun Gareth.
Christie was finding things tough going, we are beginning to see a resurgence with Conway's game of late but Christie dug in deep and got a foothold in the match and started to put pressure on and it paid off midway through the second half with a well worked deflection shot from the corner of the shooting area and over the keeper into the far corner.
The game ended 1-1 and heartbreak for Conway.
John Halpin and Rob Conway fought out a tough 1-1 draw, in the end it was probably a fair result given the past history between these two. The draw turning out to be beneficial to Conway.
The final game of the group saw Halpin giving Christie a real run for his money and this one ended with a bit of a disagreement between Halpin and the referee, but to no avail and it ended Christie 2-0 Halpin.
Christie in top spot with Conway's two draws gaining him second spot, Halpin aggrieved at finishing third in the group!

Group 2
pitched Steve Bennett starting off his day against Baver Bari. This final score line should have been a lot different if Baver had scored his two early chances which saw Bennett a bit lax in defence. Bennett eventually woke up and scored all four of his first four attacks, the game ended rather one sided at 8-0.
Next game was Baxter v Bari and a wee shock in store for the Dundonian as he conceded all three of Bari's efforts and lost it 3-2.
Dave's next game was against fellow Dundonian, Bennett.
As far as recent games have gone between these two it was another tight battle only to be won 3-1 by Steve, a brilliant consolation goal scored by Dave late in the second half.
Congratulations to Baver on finishing second in the group!

Group 3
was clearly the group of death, but for who!
As it turns out it was for Andy Beskaby as he lost his opener 3-1 to Malcolm Lees who would later appear in the final and a 2-0 loss to Tom Burns would see Andy not progressing from the group which is uncharacteristic for Beskaby!
Honours for top spot were won by Malcolm Lees in a tight and challenging 2-1 victory over fellow GTSA player, Tom Burns, a result that clearly was one that Tom wanted to win!

Group 4
was surely going to be Colin Berry's come the end of his three games and he didn't disappoint.
In the GTSA derby he got the better of Mathieson albeit by a solitary goal in a 1-0, Mathieson improving all the time.
The DUTFC derby between Craig and Dave saw Craig victorious in a 2-1 opener.
Thom failed to keep the winning formula as he went down 1-0 to Mathieson and after another close battle he went down 1-0 to Berry, this result securing a 9 point total for Berry!
Dave Minty playing in only his second STFA event lost 4-0 to Berry and 2-0 to Mathieson, not a bad start for the new player!

The Quarter Finals
saw Christie edge out Burns 2-1 in a very hard fought game, one that Tom felt aggrieved not to have drawn level at half time only to lose out by a second as the ball crossed the line after the whistle.
Steve Bennett had it fairly easy as he racked up a 7-0 against John Mathieson, that said John certainly improving!
Probably the most enthralling game in this round was Conway v Lees as this one ended up at 1-1 after extra time and saw Lees go behind on shots only to recover and win on shots 2-1.
In the remaining match it was Colin Berry who overcame a brave battle against Baver Bari with a 3-2 victory, a great performance by Baver seeing him run his clubmate close!

Semi Finals
and Malcolm Lees made short work of Colin Berry with a thumping 7-0 victory to take him into the final but against whom, Christie or Bennett?
This second semi final was as close as these two have played out a game in recent times but this one was a defensive and midfield battle for supremacy!
There weren't many attempts at all on either players goals such was the defending, but a well placed strike midway through the first half was it, a final score of 1-0, tight again!

The Final
and Malcolm Lees is thirty minutes from his first circuit victory!
The first half was fairly tight with both players going end to end and Steve's defence a pale shadow of the way he played in the semi final but he went in at half time with a deflected goal over the keeper.
The second half was however a more polished half by both players but perseverance paid off for Steve as he scored another two before Malcolm gifted a fourth by losing it with his spare keeper, Steve finished that with one touch but near the end Malcolm got on the scoreboard with a cracking goal but in the end it was not enough.
Result: Bennett 4-1 Lees

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Renaud Parisel on fire in Vresse

Last Sunday the club of Semois SC bases in Vresse (South of Belgium) was holding a 10th WASPA tournament with unfortunately no player from any other club paying a visit due to several circumstances, including bad weather. The tournament took place in a fair and friendly atmosphere with local player Renaud Parisel being in great shape as he won all his game without conceding a goal. He beat Patrick vander Linden who loses his third final in a row. Local star player Pascal Droeven was not in a great day and took the third place whil Marc de Vos and Tom Léonard showed great improvements since the last tournament. Congratulations to the club of Semois for their efforts and hopefully they will get some more players in the future!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Thomas Eppensteiner wins in Hungary

Thomas and Gabor
Last Sunday there was a WASPA tournament in Szombathely, Hungary. It was another good day of table football with 10 players taking part, 6 from Hungary and 4 from Austria. in the end, it was an international between two players from TFKN Dragons and Thomas Eppensteiner defeated Gabor Baross to claim the trophy. Alfred Strommer took the third place. Thanks to Andrew for making possible to host the first WASPA event in Szombathely.

The first tournament of Derry City TFC

Finalists Brendan Rodgers (Donegal subbuteo)
and James Mc Gillian (Strabane Subbuteo)
Martin Bradley (D.C.T.F.C) presenting Brendan Rodgers (Donegal Subbuteo) with the winners trophy
Monday night was an important day for Subbuteo in Northern Ireland as Derry City TFC was holding a very first tournamennt under WASPA banner. it was nice to see 8 players competing, including Craig Stewart (Belfast), James Mc Gillian (Strabane Subbuteo) and Ireland's Brendan Rodgers (Donegal subbuteo). After the group stage and the semi-finals, Brendan Rodgers defeated James Mc Gillian in the final. Martinog Bradley and Martin bradley lost in the semis. It was the first of a hopefully long streak of tournaments and this might be the beginning of a new chapter for the history of the game in Northern Ireland.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Brisbane November 2016 Tournament

The Brisbane Subbuteo Club’s November 2016 tournament had few missing faces, but we welcomed back Rob who had been out of action for a while, and was good to have our elder statesman back.
So only six players competed on a warm but pleasant day in Queensland.  A league format was played, with the top 4 playing semis and a final.
The first round draw registered a groan from Gus, who had lost his previous two games to Andrew B 5-1. However, Gus managed his defence much better, and last month’s champion had to settle for a 1-1 draw after applying a fair amount of pressure on Gus’s goal. Rob managed a goal on his comeback, which was pretty good even though losing to Australia’s #2 Rik.  In the other game, young James (9) took on Australia’s #1 Giuseppe, and managed to keep the game to a 1-0 loss (no mean feat).
As the players began to relax and find their flick, the goals began to flow.  Andrew, Rik and Giuseppe all scoring 3, Gus momentarily fighting back to 1-1 with Rik before becoming overpowered. The 3rd round saw a rare 0-0 as our senior player Rob took on James, only 60 plus something years separated the players but the score didn’t.  I’m sure James learnt a lot.  Rik took revenge on Andrew after his final defeat last time out, with a 5-3 victory (score was 1-1 at half time). Giuseppe was finding his form as Gus’s defence was ripped apart in a 4-2 thriller.
The penultimate round saw the fewest goals, the Bennet father and son derby saw Andrew win 2-0, but Rob really made him work for it. There was also another father and son game with James taking on Dad Gus, and Gus got his first win of the day at James’s expense, but hugs were shared after final whistle. The big guns Aussie #1 v #2 Giuseppe v Rik , Rik edged it 1-0.
In the last round the big game saw Giuseppe beat Andrew B  4 -2, so last month’s winner Andrew who was unstoppable finished 4th in the group.
So 1st played 3rd and 2nd played 4th in the semis.
The first semi between Rik and Gus was a fast and furious game. Rik took a 3-0 lead and looked to be set in the final when Gus finally started to find some form, and before you knew it, the score was 3-2. This seemed to stir Rik, who then stepped up a gear and finished convincingly winning 5-2.
In the other semi-final, Giuseppe took a 2-0  lead and also looked to be cruising, but Andrew got one back and pushed hard for the equaliser which looked likely but was beaten by the stubborn defence and ultimately the clock.
Unfortunately we couldn’t video the final between Rik and Giuseppe as it would have been a classic.
Rik was really on his game and after taking a well-deserved 2-0 lead looked to have the trophy in the bag. However, Giuseppe was like a terrier, and kept nagging away. It proved effective, as within the space of three minutes, Rik made two very basic defensive blunders which Giuseppe pounced on like a starving adder. All of a sudden it was 2-2 and the time was ticking. In the end though, Rik composed himself and played a really good counter attack, finishing with probably his best goal of the game. The remaining 90 seconds saw Giuseppe charge but Rik’s Germans formed the Berlin wall and victory was his.  Those who play this game would appreciate just how quick 15 minutes can pass, this game seemed to last only 5 in total.
Another great day of competition was had by all, another worthy (if not relieved) winner and we are all looking forward to the next tournament.  A big thanks as always for the best host Giuseppe, he really looks after everyone, and it’s a great place for all to play. Also a big mention to Rob, who not only made his playing comeback at 123 yrs old, but gave us all a 16 question rules quiz at lunch time which was awesome, so good in fact we have agreed to continue that on as it really helped everyone.

(Report by Giuseppe Tardiota)

Joseph Agius in Attard

This week-end Attard Subbuteo Club in Malta was holding another tournament. 12 players were taking part and in the final Joseph Agius defeated Nigel Spiteri to take the honors. Nicolai Bugeja was third while Miguel Zahra took the fourth place.

South African Subbuteo Championship / Cape Town Open 2016

The 2016 South African Subbuteo Championships were the first ever national event with representation from 3 different parts of the country - Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. The event was held on Sunday 20 November, in one of the fantastic venues at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

Pretoria Flickers flew an entire team down to Cape Town for the tournament, and this enabled us to kick the day off with Cape Town City SC’s first ever team event. John Fishlock’s late equaliser against Keegan Jooste proved to be the decisive moment in securing a 2-1 win for Cape Town City. A special thank you to Canterbury for the T shirts which were proudly worn by the CTC team.

The individual event got underway at 11h00 with the biggest field ever in Cape Town - 18 in the Open event, and 8 in the junior. There were some great performances and Mike and John in particular made an impression with their much improved games. It was wonderful to welcome latest returnee to the game Angus, who went on to win the ‘Plate’ section.

The first semi final of the main event was a Cape Town derby between Clinton and Wayne, while the second saw Pretoria’s Chessray up against Clifford of the Johannesburg Eagles. Ultimately, it was Clifford who won the tournament, edging Clinton 3-2 in a finger-trembling, hard-fought final. It was also really good to have more new faces amongst the juniors. Their competition also saw some really tense matches and penalty shoot outs, with Rafael ultimately beating Andy 1-0 in the final.

Between matches players browsed through the very impressive display of ‘Old Subbuteo’ equipment and literature which Brendon laid on for us (while at the same time manning the fire and cooking the meat!)

Big thank you’s go to Lee and the Sports Science Institute of SA for the wonderful venue, hospitality and support. Thank you once again also to Canterbury, and to all the local players who contributed both financially and otherwise to making such a fantastic day - an absolute highlight in the three years of Cape Town City SC’s existence.

At the prize-giving, a special dedication was made (in absentia) to WASPA’s Vincent Coppenolle, for all the highly appreciated time and effort which he puts into the game globally, and especially for all the support which he has given us over the years in South Africa.

(Report by Clinton Gahwiler)

Monday, 21 November 2016

William Van den Houte in Temploux

It was another special evening on Friday night in Temploux as the local subbuteo club was organizing their first WASPA tournament as a good way to practice for the first day of the national league for clubs to be held in the same venue. 10 players were taking part and it was decided to play in Swiss system. William Van den Houte took the honors, finishing on top with 10 points while Vito Di Ruggiero was runner-up with 9 points, Jérôme Heyvaert had 7 points and the next 5 players finished with 6 points. Hopefully there will be more events like this one in Temploux in the future.

The final table
1. William Van den Houte (Bormla SC)
2. Vito Di Ruggiero (Charleroi)
3. Jérome Heyvaert (Charleroi)
4. Benoit Massart (Temploux)
5. Vincent Guyaux (Bormla SC)
6. Mickaël Hallin (Temploux)
7. Kevin Zingle (Temploux)
8. Yves Peremans (Temploux)
9. Danny Timerman (Etoile Sarthoise)
10. Dominique Massart (Temploux)

Kimber wins Subbuteo Perth World Cup competition

The latest tournament in Morangup (Perth) was held with the 6 players playing in a 2 match home and away league format 1 month with the remaining games and finals being staged the next month.

Ranking after the league format:
1. Ross McNulty (Italy)
2. Alan Kimber (Australia)
3. Chris Thorn (Uruguay)
4. Hugh Best (Northern Ireland)
5. John Harty (England)
6. Ron Byrne (Belgium)

Later Alan Kimber defeated Chris Thorn while Ross McNulty took the best on Hugh Best to qualify for the final. In the final, Kimber won in extra-time to put an end to McNulty's 7 months unbeaten run.

Stratoudakis again in Pireas

A total of 8 players from 3 different club attended the second WASPA tournament of the Pireaus Lions in their headquarters.? The event was organized with the help of the Flaming Flickers. As usual, great games were played in a fair atmosphere. Spiros Stratoudakis defeated Panos Panagiotides in the final after the shoot-out. Congratulations to the winner Spiros Stratoudakis for one more WASPA title and to all the players for the great event.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Another gathering in Montreal

There was a small gathering in Montreal (Canada) on Saturday with some games but more importantly great fun. Pierre Chastenais defeated Giancarlo Ramellini in the final to claim the daily win. There will hopefully be more action in the near future in Quebec. Well done!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Season final at Jurong SC

The final Jurong club league games came to a close yesterday (17/11/16). 14 players from Jurong CSC, Kebun Baru TFC plus special guest flicker Eliot Kennedy from Australia came to participate in the WASPA registered tournament.
The seeded players based on current club standings were Rudy, Anas & Haikal with Eliot Kennedy finishing up the 4 groups.
The games were tight with many close games especially with the senior players with the suprise package were Michael & Nic who qualify in the expense of our Aussie flicker.
The quarter finals & semis of the cup tournament was predictable with favourites qualifying hence Rudy & Anas were again paired in the finals.
Rudy aka Encik JurongSubbuteo again prevailed against Anas Bin Rahamat in the cup final with a narrow 1-0 win; while Eliot Kennedy won the consolation plates final against Su Fin.
The club also had  a bit of fun by doing the current social media craze 'Mannequin Challenge' video.

All in all it was a successful league season & we hope next year would be a greater success with more flickers.

Welcome New Zealand

Suzanne Hodgkinson and Emilia López

Lucy Burkitt, Suzanne Hodgkinson, David Pacheco
We have received great news from Ignacio López Campbell. The former organizer in Chile, who moved to New Zealand, has formed a new group of players in Palmerston North.  The first tournament will be held on December 3 and for most of the local players it will be the fourth gathering. Now things are a bit  more official and it's great to see the very first WASPA tournament in New Zealand coming up. Ignacio has received many tips about the new FISTF rules from Swiss start player Trisha Baumeler and for the local players, the clarifications were welcome. Good luck to Ignacio and the other local players.

Home win for Rudi Peterschinigg

The third stage of the Harrow league took place on Wednesday with a small field of 6 players competing in a league format. Rudi Peterschinigg took the honors, winning his decisive game against Elliot Bellefontaine. Victor Jones took the third place. The final standings were as follows:
1. Rudi Peterschinigg
2. Elliot Bellefontaine
3. Victor Jones
4. Lee Fenton
5. Neil Doherty
6. Kevin Walker

Friday, 18 November 2016

Daniel Cranston takes the Delaware Valley Open

Daniel Cranston and Paul Eyes during their trip in Belgium in September 2016
Earlier this month Daniel Cranston won the 2016 Delaware Valley Open in Avondale, PA. Six players were taking part and after the group stage, Daniel Cranston defeated Patrick Sheridan in the final (4-0). Patrick had an incredible run in the tournament going six straight games without conceding a goal. Paul Eyes was third and Matthew Steinmuller coming in forth. Rounding out the tournament, Andrew Zunino was fifth and Bryan Arnold was sixth. Special thaks to Andrew Zunino for hosting the event!

Big start for the Liga in Madrid

This week-end will be an important date for Subbuteo in Madrid as there will be the start of the "Liga Madrilena de Subbuteo", a league consisting of 20 players, mostly newcomers. The league is a way to promote the game, to get players interested and to help newcomers to improve their level. The game will of course be played with FISTF rules but without referees and with only Subbuteo material. The brand Subbuteo will test some new products during the league, in particular new sets of bases. There will be regular updates of the League on the WASPA blog and some points will be awarded in the WASPA ranking once the league is over. Good luck to all the players involved!

Facebook link:

A second title for Lukas Eppensteiner

Last Tuesday the TFKN Dragons had their latest tournament in Mödling with seven players taking part. After winning his group against experienced players such as Thomas Bergholz and Roland Schwacha, Lukas Eppensteiner won the final against his father Thomas. With the Vranovitz, organizers had another "father and son team" and guests from TSC Royal 78. Everyone had a lot of fun and hopefully there will be another WASPA tournament in Mödling in December.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ladies steal the show at Joburg Summer Cup

The Johannesburg Table Football Club hosted the Johannesburg Summer Cup on Saturday the 12th of November at Panorama Sports Club. We had a total turnout of 12 players of which 6 were ladies, which is a record for lady entrants in a WASPA Tournament in South Africa.
Clifford's birthday cake
The format for the Ladies was a straight knock-out, and even though all the games went to penalty shoot-outs, great fun was had by all with some great goals and fine goalkeeping  the order of the day. Heidie Modise triumphed in the end against Nita Hermaens in a titanic shoot out that went to the third round of sudden death penalties - well done to Heidie on her maiden tournament victory.
The mens event saw 6 competitors divided in two groups of three. After the group stages, Clifford and Abraham advanced as group winners with Greg and Waynne who advanced as runner-ups. The semi finals saw Waynne bring Abraham's great day to an end with an emphatic 2 nil victory. Clifford needed a shoot-out to defeat a tenacious Greg Green in the other semi. Before the final, all competitors were treated to some birthday cake, courtesy of Nita who baked a wonderful cake for Clifford featuring Subbuteo, QPR and Freddy Mercury edible pics.
Ladies final
A traditional South African braai was also then enjoyed while watching South Africa defeat Senegal in a 2018 World Cup qualifier on the big screen. The final saw perennial favourite Clifford square off against a much imroved Waynne Pienaar. Clifford defeated Waynne by a solitary goal to capture the Johannesburg Summer Cup. Once again, great fun and awesome cameraderie amongst all participants was the highlight of the day.

(Report by Clifford Graaff)

The first tournament of London Road SC

A great venue for a first tournament
Last week-end the city of Drury in North Wales was the regional center of Subbuteo as the newly-born London Road Subbuteo Club was organizing their first WASPA tournament at "The Parrot". There was an excellent turnout of 10 players with some players travelling from England to meet the local group. Players were ropped in two groups of 5 and the top two players from each group qualified for the semi-finals. At this stage, Brian Daley defeated Mark Hopwood while Trevor Schott beat Yanni Kelly. Daley took the honors in the final, winning the game (3-2) against Schott. It was
"It was an amazing day enjoyed by everyone, and a great venue that was very happy to have us return, so will plan one a month or every other month", reporter organizer Cayne Matthews who also thanked Bespoke Subbuteo Table Tops for suppling the pitches and Dave Kelly for finding an amazing venue. If any one interested in future events please contact Cayne at

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Subbuteo gathering in Jakarta

There was a last minute gathering earlier this week in Jakarta, Indonesia as Steve Dettre was on a business trip and had a chance to play some games against local players Arudyo Putro and Aldo Swastia (both from Batavia Garudas).

Steve won his two games while Arudyo defeated Aldo. Local players explained the FISTF official it's hard to develop the game in Indonesia as there are no Subbuteo sets on sale.

It was great to see action again in Indonesia and there will hopefully be some bigger tournaments in the near future.

Number 7 for Bevin Reed

Saturday 12 November 2016, Pretoria, South Africa
The 2016 edition of the Scudo Campioni was played under the theme of ITALY v ENGLAND whereby 8 contestants played in the colours of various clubs from Italy and England - and this year, Team Italy outscored Team England (last year's winners) by 23-20 points!
Round 1 action produced 7 goals with defending champion Chessray Jooste (Sampdoria) defeating Conway Julie (Chelsea) by 1-0. Kegan vd Merwe (Roma) and Jayden vd Merwe (Everton) played to an exciting 1-1 draw and Adam Murray (Juventus) beat Sherwin Reed (Man Utd) by 1-0. The last match up then saw a thrilling come from behind win by 2-1 for Bevin Reed (Liverpool) over Julian vd Merwe (AC Milan) with Bevin getting the winner on the stroke of full time ! It is also worth noting that both players hit the bar at least once during the match too - this match really had it all!
Round 2 then produced 4 goals with the top result going to Chessray with a 3-0 triumph over Sherwin. Elsewhere Julian beat Conway by 1-0 with an acutely angled shot off the far upright. Adam then held Jayden to a 0-0 result, and then the biggest tie of the round saw Kegan launch an assualt on Bevin's goal for the first 8min of play with Bevin's goalkeeping skills tested time after time - corner kick after corner kick , with Bevin only settling down in the second half of the allocated time to ensure a 0-0 result. By the end of Round 2 Chessray went top on 4 points.
Round 3 delivered 5 goals. Firstly, tight defending by Sherwin earned him his first point of the day by holding Julian to a 0-0 result. Bevin then secured a convincing 2-0 win over Adam to go top of the standings - with Adam falling out of the top 3 for the first time all day. Then the tie of the round saw Jayden score on 3min against Chessray, but 2min later Chessray was back on level terms. Jayden then got the decider with 2min left to play to make the final score 2-1 in his favour - with Chessray dropping down to 2nd and Jayden moving up to 3rd overall.
Then... the business end of the day, with Round 4 producing four positive results and 8 goals as a bonus. Firstly, Adam scored the fastest goal of the day on 57sec as he eventually ran out 2-0 winner over Conway - a result which put Adam back into 3rd place overall. Jayden then produced his best play of the day by winning 3-0 over Julian - a result which saw Jayden go top of the standings for the first time all day. Kegan then dug deep to get a positive 2-0 win over Sherwin - a result which ensured 3rd place overall for Kegan, relegating Adam back to 4th spot. The decider then ended Bevin 1 v 0 Chessray - a tightly contested, sometimes heated affair which saw Bevin take the individual honours as 2016 Scudo Campioni victor ! This was Bevin's first triumph since June of this year - a triumph which marks the capture of Bevin's 7th WASPA title to date!
As always - thanks to all for attending and making the day a success once again.
(Report by Julian vd Merwe)

Final Standings - Points
Bevin Reed (LIVERPOOL) - 7
Jayden vd Merwe (EVERTON) - 6
Kegan vd Merwe (ROMA) - 5
Adam Murray (JUVENTUS) - 5
Chessray Jooste (SAMPDORIA) - 4
Julian vd Merwe (AC MILAN) - 3
Conway Julie (CHELSEA) - 1
Sherwin Reed (MAN UNITED) - 1

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

David Busch wins in Mattersburg

On November 5 the club of TFC Mattersburg was hosting a second WASPA tournament with 12 players coming from 6 different clubs and András Hicz from Hungary helping to make it an international event. David Busch (ASD Master Sanremo) was on fire and claimed the honors after beating Christian Haas (TFC Wiener Neustadt) in the final. Matterburg players Robert Lenz and Erich Hinkelmann reached the final 4.