Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Andrea Pagano wins the New year tournament

There was a Subbuteo "New year" tournament in Catanzaro, Italy on December 30 with a turnout of six players competing in Swiss system of three sessions. Andrea pagano won his three games and therefore won the tournament while the rest of the final table was as follows: Ugo Custo, Vittorio Giummo, Giuseppe Gesualdo, Florestano Girolami and Sandro Vasapollo. It was good to have CS Catanzaro in action again under WASPA banner and we hope to see more flicking action from many different clubs in Italy in 2015.

Miko Mann takes the "Augusta Tuesday Holiday Tourney"

The "Augusta Tuesday Holiday Tourney" went very well today. We had 8 turn out, which included 3 former students from the high school club that are now involved in NCAA soccer at Georgia Southern, NC State, & Louisville, as well as a local GRU student. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was that Miko Mann beat everyone and won the Holiday Cup.
We had a single elimination bracket with 8 players and shootouts were the common theme of the day.

(Report by Sean Mann)

Gianpaolo Vitulano wins the Christmas Cup

Kent Invicta held a 14 player 'Festive Flick' WASPA Cup on Saturday 27th at the 442 Club in Gillingham. With a competitive field of players, a 5 round swiss system was played with plenty of goals. In the end it was a Kent 1-2-3 as Gianpaolo Vitulano took the the winners cup after being victorious in all his games. Runner up was Welsh International, Adrian Davies whilst Kye Arnold took 3rd place overall and the Junior winners trophy. Josh Humphreys grabbed the Junior runners up spot finishing 7th overall.

Gianpaolo Vitulano
Final table

1. Gianpaolo Vitulano - 15 pts / gd +9
2. Adrian Davies - 12 pts / gd +20
3. Kye Arnold - 9 pts / gd +3
4. Terry Arnold - 9 pts / gd -1
5. Gio Larini - 9 pts / gd -1
6. Jonathan Lopez-Real - 8 pts / gd +2
7. Josh Humphreys - 7 pts / gd +3
8. Dave Collier - 7 pts / gd +2
9. Colin 'Taz' Tarry (LEU) - 7 pts / gd -1
10. Paul Frank - 6 pts / gd +2
11. Rhys Williams - 4 pts / gd -1
12. Robert Larini - 3 pts / -13
13. Josh Foreman - 2 pts / -8
14. Anthony Larini - 1 pt / -16

Adrian Davies

Session 1:
Rhys 2-2 Dave
Robert 1-6 Adrian
Paul 0-2 Gianpaolo
Taz 2-2 Jonathan
Gio 2-0 Josh F
Anthony 0-5 Kye
Josh H 3-1 Terry

Session 2:
Adrian 4-0 Kye
Gio 0-2 Gianpaolo
Josh H 0-0 Jonathan
Taz 3-1 Dave
Rhys 2-4 Terry
Josh F 0-3 Paul
Anthony 0-1 Robert

Kye Arnold
Session 3:
Gianpaolo 2-1 Adrian
Josh H 2-3 Taz
Kye 2-0 Paul
Terry 6-1 Robert
Jonathan 0-4 Dave
Rhys 1-2 Gio
Josh F 1-1 Anthony

Session 4:
Gianpaolo 2-1 Taz
Adrian 10-1 Terry
Kye 3-0 Gio
Dave 4-1 Josh H
Paul 4-0 Robert
Rhys 5-0 Anthony
Jonathan 3-0 Josh F

Session 5:
Gianpaolo 5-2 Kye
Adrian 3-0 Taz
Dave 0-3 Terry
Gio 2-1 Paul
Rhys 2-5 Jonathan
Josh H 5-0 Anthony
Josh F 0-0 Robert

Sunday, 28 December 2014

A second trophy for Kyriakos Stylianou

Before the final
10 players attended the 4th leg of the "Cyprus U15 circuit" this sunday in Limassol. The event was also a WASPA promotional tournament as usual. Serious things started in the second round when Constantinos Paraskevas defeated Panagiois Panaretos on shots. In the semis, Kyriakos Stylianou and Sofoklis Mougis won their semis Constantinos Paraskevas and Charalambos Constantinou. In the final, the game was very close and the title was decided on shots when Kyriakos Stylianou finally beat Sofoklis Mougis. Stylianou (Phoenix Famagustas) is the current leader of the circuit with 24 points while Mougis (Erimi Limassol) has 22. Marios Themistokleous (19), Constantinos Paraskevas (18) and Charalambos Constantinos (15) are also in the top 5.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Quentin Van Glabeke takes the Templeuve promotional event

Most of the competitors of the national tournament
The Templeuve United club in Belgium had a special tournament on December 27 as the club was celebrating its 25th birthday. The Templeuve club was founded in December 1989 by five young players aged 12 to 15. Since then, the club has had a lot of players and even if numbers are low at the moment, there were reasons to celebrate. The national tournament was played in three categories. Cédric Vanton beat Frenchman Rémi Soret in the final of the "Serie A". Emilie Despretz beat Vincent Guyaux in the "Serie B". The "Serie C" was also a WASPA promotional tournament and 17 players were taking part. Quentin Van Glabeke (SC Eugies) beat Guy Cavrenne (Brussels SC) on shots in the final. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United) and Florent Versmissen lost in the semis. It was a great day of table football with almost 40 players taking part including three from France.
Before the final of the Promotional tournament

After the shots, Quentin( left) wins

Presentation of the trophies: Guy Cavrenne (runner-up), Quentin Van Glabeke (winner), Matthias Averlant and Florent Versmissen (semi-finalists)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Another win for Geoffrey Marain

Some of the players after the final ceremony
This tuesday eight players met in Templeuve for the monthly WASPA tournament held in the premises of the local club. There was a big surprise in the groups tage when Matthias Averlant beat Eddy Beernaert to qualify for the semi. Matthias had no chance in the next round to beat Geoffrey Marain (0-7). The other semi was much closer and Vincent Coppenolle beat Stéphane Lambert (3-2). The final was a "one-way" one with Geoffrey Marain winning 8-0! Geoffrey therefore wins his 31st WASPA title.
The final

Here is the final ranking of the evening.
1. Geoffrey Marain (SC Eugies)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United)
3. Stéphane Lambert (Kent Invicta)
4. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
5. Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders)
6. Olivier Bodelle (Templeuve United)
7. Jason Delattre (Templeuve United)
7. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Martin Hodds takes the WASPA Trinity Trophy

Martin Hodds receives his trophy from Paul Lawrenson
The WASPA Trinity Trophy 2014 took place in Heckmondwike, home of the Yorkshire Phoenix club on saturday with a good turnout of 14 players. Only Martin Hodds managed to win his four games and finished on the top of the table. To be noticed that there was no draw among the 28 games of the day. "Congratulations to Martin Hodds taking the Trinity Tyrophy title, and to Connor Bowden who took the Category B title. Many thanks to the 14 players who took the time out to attend the event, especially so close to Xmas. Doing the North of England Subbuteo scene proud! Next Phoenix WASPA event will be in the new year for the Rhubarb Triangle Trophy!", reported Paul Lawrenson.
Results of the WASPA Trinity Trophy 2014.

Round one:

Hodds 4-0 Blanchard
A.Staples 0-2 D.Staples
Bowden 1-2 Parsons
Harker 3-1 Woodhead
Heward 0-1 Parnaby
B.Staples 0-1 Lawrenson
Daley W/O Caulfield

Round Two:

Daley 0-1 Hodds
D.Staples 3-6 Harker
Lawrenson 0-1 Parnaby
Parsons 0-1 Blanchard
Woodhead 0-1 Heward
B.Staples 4-0 A.Staples
Bowden 3-0 Caulfield

Round Three:

Hodds 3-0 Harker
Parnaby 3-2 Blanchard
Daley 2-1 Heward
B.Staples 2-1 D.Staples
Lawrenson 1-0 Parsons
Bowden 2-0 Woodhead
A.Staples 0-2 Caulfield

Round Four:

Hodds 3-1 Parnaby
Daley 0-1 B.Staples
Harker 0-7 Lawrenson
Bowden 0-3 Blanchard
Heward 3-0 D.Staples
Parsons 2-0 Caulfield
Woodhead 4-1 A.Staples

Table on the day were:
8 pts - Hodds
6 pts - Lawrenson, Parnaby, B.Staples
4 pts - Blanchard, Bowden, Daley, Harker, Heward, Parsons
2 pts - Caulfield, D.Staples, Woodhead
0 pts - A.Staples

Tournament in Yokohama to come

There will be a WASPA tournament in Yokohama (Japan) on December 31, 2014. Contact is Kenzou Koi at

Monday, 22 December 2014

Blouberg Summer Subbuteo Tournament 2014

The group of players
A nice scoreboard was was present with the official timer
Rob Matthews did a great job of hosting Cape Town City TFC’s first tournament in the northern suburbs. While quite a few regular players were away on holiday, Rob brought four brand new and very enthusiastic players to the table (Brian, David, Lee & Damian). The tournament also marked the impressive return of childhood devotee Grant Lewis to the game. It was a particular privilege to welcome Jayden & Julian van der Merwe - visitors from the Pretoria Flickers Club who drove 17 hours to holiday in the Cape!
The final between Jayden and Cliton
The tournament featured two groups of five, from which Jayden, Rob, Clinton and Grant went through to the semi finals. Clinton ultimately beat Jayden 1-0 in the final, and Rob clinched 3rd spot after a tense penalty shoot out. Dave edged out Julian on penalties after a tight 5th / 6th spot play-off.
Final for places 3 and 4
After the tournament Clinton had a poignant moment reflecting on how he and Julian had grown up in different cities, at opposite ends of South Africa, amidst very different circumstances under the apartheid government, yet spent their childhood playing the same game – the game which is now forging a strong friendship 3 decades later.  

(Report by Clinton Gahwiler)
And when they don't play subbuteo, they play foosball

Anas Rahamat wins the WASPA Christmas Cup in Singapore

The players: Noor Haikal, Ezan Ahmad, Chandru Chugani, Anas Rahamat, Luke Lim, Vikas Chandiramani, Bernard Lim, Isaac Lim
8 players participated in this and they were drawn into 2 groups with the top 2 progressing to the semi-finals while the respective 3rd-placed players played-off for 5th/6th and the respective 4th-placed players played-off for 7th/8th. Group A comprised of: Isaac Lim, Anas Rahamat, Ezan Ahmad and Noor Haikal while Group B comprised of: Luke Lim, Vikas Chandiramani, Bernard Lim and Chandru Chugani.

Both Anas and Bernard played true to form and topped their respective Groups; while Haikal and Vikas finished 2nd in the respectively.  Ezan and Chandru finished 3rd to battle for 5th/6th placing ;while Luke and Isaac, the only 2 Junior players battle out for 7th/8th placing.

5th/6th Placing
Ezan 3 Chandru 1

With both players in preparation for the upcoming SGTF League Season 2015, Ezan ended-up eventual 3-1 winners to take 5th Place.

7th/8th Placing
Isaac 3 Luke 0

The 2 Subbuteo-playing Brothers, played out a often-seen derby game; with younger brother Isaac showing more composure to make his chances count to win 3-0 and take 7th Place.

Anas 1 Vikas 0
Bernard 7 Haikal 0

In the semi-finals, Anas edged out Vikas 1-0 in a very tight affair; while Bernard fully capitalized on Haikal’s numerous defensive errors to progress into the Final.

3th/4th Placing
Vikas 1 Haikal 0

The cool-headedness of experience triumphed over the exuberance of youth in yet another tight affair between Vikas and Haikal, as Vikas took 3rd Place with a 1-0 victory.

Anas 2 Bernard 0

In what was a repeat of the recent Merlion Cup barrage play-off; this time Anas took full revenge with a solid defensive display and his trademark quick counter-attacking and moving-ball shots to catch Bernard unawares and out-of-position defensively.  It was sweet revenge for Anas as he won the game deservingly with 2 goals.

Congratulations Anas! … and well done to all participating players !

(Report by Bernard Lim)

The 4th WASPA title for George Ebejer

Mauro Camilleri and George Ebejer
12 players attended the WASPA tournament organized in Attard (Malta) on saturday. There were many close games between the players of the two clubs in competition, Attard and Bormla, but finally there were good semi-finals. Daniele Spadaro lost to Hector Scerri (1-4) while George Ebejer beat Joseph M. Debono (1-0). The final was close also and George Ebejer defeated Hector Scerri (2-1) to claim the title and bring back the trophy to Bormla.

More pictures of the tournament

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kyriakos Stylianou wins in Limassol

The third leg of the U15 circuit in Cyprus was played in Limassol with 9 players competing in three groups. Kyriakos Stylianou defeated Marios Themistokleous (2-1) to claim the trophy while Charalambos Constantinou and Sofoklis Mougis were the semi-finalists.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Interview of Steve Dettre

Steve Dettre is not only the historic organizer of Subbuteo in Australia, he was also one of the founders of FISTF in the early 90s and he keeps an interesting view on the evolution of the game and on the new generation of players Down Under.

Steve (right) vs Melbourne's Benji Batten

How many years have you been playing and what are the main titles you have achieved in any level?
SD: I played through the 60s, just with dad and a few mates, then in the early 70s I discovered a schoolmate who had learned the game while living in England. We used to play every Friday night during school terms: one week I’d go to his place, we’d play for hours, have dinner, play some more, then the next week he’d come to my place. After a while we wondered if there was anyone else playing in Australia? Subbuteo Sports Games sent me a list of people who had contacted them, and I discovered a whole bunch of players. At the same time, Paul Magee put an advert in the local soccer paper, Soccer World, run by my dad, and the next thing we knew, we had a growing scene from 1976 to 1979. We organised a few tournaments, but it all collapsed when players left school, got jobs, and discovered girls!!!!  In 1986 it all got revived, when Gary Hosie started a small league in his home. Once again it took off, and we eventually ran clubs around the country, in Cairns, Brisbane, Ipswich, four clubs in Sydney, Gerringong, Melbourne and two in Hobart!  We had nationals, teams tournaments, and ran Australian Grand Prix, with international stars like Willi Hoffmann, Renzo Frignani, Axel and Wolfgang Schneider, coming to play. We also had a tour by the German national team, and Gary played in the 1990 world Cup, then we took a five man contingent to the 1994 tournament. It all came to a halt again when other demands on my time came along in the shape of three kids and a growing career. The in 2010 it seemed to kickstart again and things have been looking good.

What is the best thing about this game and why would you recommend it to someone? 
SD: It’s just a great game. It has tactics, technique and a requirement for mental toughness and quick thinking. It’s also a great social game.

Your most memorable moments from this game happy or even sad? 
SD: I guess they are many and varied. But playing at the 1994 World Cup as part of the Aussie team, and winning our match against Norway was probably the highlight.

Who was your strongest opponent and who is your favorite player and why?
SD: Gary Hosie was easily my toughest opponent on a regular basis. He had skill, technique, tactics and was absolutely relentless. You could never just “relax” even when you had the ball. He would pursue you even in your own shooting area! For that reason I would also name him my favourite player.

Is it a sport or a game ? what is your opinion about this question that many people ask?
SD: Great question. At its highest level, it’s clearly approaching sport; but there are still many areas that need to be sorted out, both in the rules and the application of those rules among players.

What improvements would you like to see in the future and what would you suggest to improve things?
SD: We need to dramatically increase the number of players U15 who play. It’s well and good having players coming back into the sport, but without a younger generation coming through to play, and then running the sport, our future is limited. We need to work with all manufacturers to make affordable starter sets, get them in sports stores as well as toy stores.

What would you recommend to someone who starts the game now? What are the secrets for top performance?
SD: You must read and learn the rules. My sons and I have played other games over the years, and the key is always to know the rules. On top of that, you need to develop a good flicking style. As the Brazilians say with football, you need to be able to “feel” it through your finger, the deftness, the angles. You get that though practice, but you also need to be capable of “doing the unexpected”. To improve you need to play against better players, in tournaments, and analyse your matches.

What are your feelings about how FISTF and WASPA are working and doing something for the game nowadays?
I love the cooperation, the fact that they cater for different markets, but also the same. We look forward to staging more tournaments for both in Australia.

What would the WASPA rankings? Do they mean something for you?
SD: Rankings are nice, but I play for myself. How I play on a day, whether I defended and shot well, whether I had a good time against my opponents, that’s what matters to me.

Steve's passport
Name: Stephen Dettre
Age: 57
Nation: Australian
Club: Northern Falcons TFC
Type of figures/bases used: Toccer
Job: Event Services Director for Infostrada Sports, a global provider of sports content and media services for international federations and large sports events.
Hobbies: Table football, Warhammer, gardening.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Interview of Gianpaolo Vitulano

Today's interview is all about Pianpaolo Vitulano. the Kent Invicta player started playing in his youth in Italy but came back last year in England. Gianpaolo has already won a few tournaments in the WASPA circuit and hopes to become a strong player in the FISTF circuit as well soon!

Gianpaolo (right) with English star player Chris Thomas during the FISTF European Cup in Frameries, Belgium
When did you first start to play Subbuteo and what was the first team you got bought? 
GV: I first started when I was 8/9 years old in Castellammare di stabia, Italy. First team bought was PARMA (my favourite team) Hasbro LW.

How many years have you been playing and what are the main titles you have achieved in any level?
GV: I won some in club tournaments but nothing international. I guess the best win was the XMAS cup. I played until I was 15/16 and then left it for various reasons (school, work, etc.) just got back into the game last year

What is the best thing about this game and why would you recommend it to someone? 
GV: Great way to increase your skills and abilities like: strategy, physical emotions, etc.  but the real best thing is that the game in itself is fantastic and fun! I would recommend it because why would you waste time on a videogame if you can be the part of the real game by playing subbuteo!!!!

Your most memorable moments from this game happy or even sad? 
GV: The most memorable happy moment was realising that we were 100 kids playing in the club in Italy.. all my age... so many friends after starting playing subbuteo... at the age of 10 I organised the first tournament (we can say WASPA) at my home where 23 people show up ahaha it was awesome! The only sad moment was last year when during a tournament, just back in the game, i got nervous and instead to have fun I was complaining on my bad playing... there was no arguing with anybody but I did not enjoy the game and I felt sad when I got back home. So from that time onward I promised to myself to never get nervous anymore whatever happens.

Who was your strongest opponent and who is your favorite player and why?
GV: Strongest I have ever met is Flores. He won 9-1 at the Naples IO in the turn before the quarters of final. I like a lot the way he was playing fast.
However my favorite player is Nastasi of Eagles Napoli. The way he plays is so clean and precise that you really enjoy the game by watching him

Is it a sport or a game ? what is your opinion about this question that many people ask?
GV: I believe it is a sport. A sport and a game also. This is a sport because it requires discipline and training, for both physical and psychological attitude.

What improvements would you like to see in the future and what would you suggest to improve things?
GV: Well definitely a little more clarification from the FISFT on the smashing rule and on the spare goalkeeper use. For example when the smashing rule is actually intentionally and when not and about the goalkeeper would be nice to know what to do when flicking the ball out of my shooting area, if it touches my player, can I reuse the goalkeeper where it is? Or do I have to continue with my team players? Also if I am attacking and almost at the shooting time runs out... can I still complete my action  and shoot?

What would you recommend to someone who starts the game now? What are the secrets for top performance?
GV: Basic practice it is essential to start in the right way. First off read the rules correctly and fully.. then start to practice the basic of flicking, controlling, defending, and shooting...then after masterised that move forward to strategies.. use two teams and try to attach and defend and see from both sides the best options you with chess.

What are your feelings about how FISTF and WASPA are working and doing something for the game nowadays?
GV: I think they are doing a great job!

What would the WASPA rankings? Do they mean something for you?
GV: since I discovered WASPA yes. I am starting from WASPA in aiming to win as many tournament as I can. from that I will move to FISFT.

Gianpaolo's passport
Name: Gianpaolo Vitulano
Age: 29
Nation: Italian
Club: Kent Invicta Club
Type of figures/bases used: Bertu Barcelona on Extreme Work Universal
Job: Business Analyst
Hobbies: Painting subbuteo figures, playing chess and risk, collector of unusual things.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Interview of Julian van der Merwe

In this interview we are meeting one of the most active players in Africa. Julian van der Merwe has been a very important person for the development of the game in South Africa in general and Pretoria in particular has he's the founder of the Pretoria Flickers Club, one of the most active clubs in the WASPA circuit.

When did you first start to play Subbuteo and what was the first team you got bought? 
JD: My first set ever was in 1976, as I fondly recall bought by my Grandfather as a gift. It was the World Cup Edition – a big box, 3 layers of items packaged within the box. I think the set contained the England, (then) West Germany & Netherlands national teams. I remember staring very wide-eyed at this massive box, and it was much more than I actually wanted – as all I wanted was the basic Club Edition !!

How many years have you been playing and what are the main titles you have achieved in any level?
JD: I played a lot with friends & nephews in the late ‘70s & ‘80s , but all for fun & no structured / official leagues at the time, so no major achievements there !! My recent achievement came on 6th December 2014, when I captured the PFC Copa del Clausura title. But I think my biggest achievements must be the founding of PRETORIA FLICKERS CLUB in March 2013, teaching my youngest son Jayden van der Merwe the beautiful game of Subbuteo, and finally being appointed as Vice Chairman (Pretoria region) and Communications Manager to SATFA (South African Table Football Association). I feel my ultimate achievement would be to expose and development this sport to as many people as possible in our country.

What is the best thing about this game and why would you recommend it to someone? 
JD: The best thing for me is the “hobby” part of this beautiful game – the collecting / trading and painting of team sets & accessories. The game itself teaches you to maintain concentration levels. The other thing that the game / sport brings is the opportunity to meet fellow players that share a common passion, that is Subbuteo.

Your most memorable moments from this game happy or even sad? 
JD: Playing with friends & nephews in my teenage years – during school holidays we would play all day long, and only the fact that night time fell would force us to stop ! The other memory I fondly cherish is from the early 2000’s when I exposed my eldest son Kegan van der Merwe and my nephew Chessray Jooste to Subbuteo for the first time – both of whom are now senior players within Pretoria Flickers Club, and both who were also instrumental in the founding of Pretoria Flickers Club !

Who was your strongest opponent and who is your favorite player and why?
JD: Clifford Graaff (SA) – he plays a very methodical game and I think many players here in South Africa can learn plenty from him.

Is it a sport or a game ? what is your opinion about this question that many people ask?
JD: It is most certainly a sport now, as you need to concentrate and plan each flick carefully.

What improvements would you like to see in the future and what would you suggest to improve things?
JD: In South Africa – to expose this sport to the maximum. And I think our SATFA Chairman, Clifford Graaff, is currently on the right path with his vision for 2015 to develop the sport in our country.

What would you recommend to someone who starts the game now? What are the secrets for top performance?
JD: For anyone starting right now...... Firstly, have fun, fun & more fun.....then plenty practice against “stronger” players to sharpen your skills.

What are your feelings about how FISTF and WASPA are working and doing something for the game nowadays?
JD: These two organizations are doing wonders for Subbuteo all across the world. I also think that current WASPA Chairman, Vincent Coppenolle, has the expertise to work in union with FISTF.
WASPA is a great idea – as it gives us “amateur” players a sense of “belonging” to a “world body” as well.

What would the WASPA rankings? Do they mean something for you?
JD: Yes – I always eagerly anticipate the monthly updates, and head straight to the Individual Rankings and Ranking of Nations pages !

Julian's passport
Name: Julian van der Merwe
Age: 48
Nation: South Africa
Club: Pretoria Flickers Club
Type of figures/bases used: 2k4 on Flickmaster Serie A
Job: Quality Assurance, Aviation industry
Hobbies: Subbuteo, anything to do with Football and sports in general

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Junior Jayden Captures Johannesburg Open Title

Saturday the 13th of December, Panorama Sports Club played host to the annual Johannesburg Open table football tournament.  A big turnout of 19 participants including Zimbabwean national, Godfrey Sibanda, and 8 novices enjoyed an afternoon of fun, thrills, laughs and exciting games.

The 19 participants were split into four groups, where Clinton Gahwiler, Clifford Graaff, Bevan Reed and junior Alex Rodrigues qualified as group winners along with Fernando Rodrigues, junior Jayden van der Merwe, Kegan van der Merwe and Julian van der Merwe as group runner-ups. Clinton, Clifford, Fernando and Jayden progressed to the semi-finals.

In two tight semi-finals, Clifford edged out Clinton by the odd goal in the first semi and Junior Jayden and Fernando treated the crowd to a marathon penalty shoot-out whereby Jayden eventually held his nerve to triumph by 10 goals to 9.
The Open final
The Final saw pre-tournament favourite, Clifford Graaff face off against a determined Jayden van der Merwe. After a tense goalless final, penalties separated the two finalists with Jayden justifiably wrapping up his maiden Johannesburg Open by defeating Clifford by the odd goal in five.
The Junior final
A junior Final was also contested between the two top juniors, namely Alex Rodrigues and Jayden van der Merwe. Alex got a measure of revenge for losing in the Cup quarter-finals against the same opponent by scoring a cracker of a goal to capture the junior title.
Semi-finalists of the Open tournament
A big word of thanks must go to Clinton Gahwiler from Cape Town, for attending his first tournament in Johannesburg. Pretoria Flickers must also receive some praise as 5 of their members travelled down the N1 to partake in a very successful and entertaining Johannesburg Open.

(Report by Clifford Graaff)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Interview of Robert Green

Robert at the FISTF World Cup in Rochefort, Belgium in September 2014

During the Christmas period we continue to interview some of the great players of the WASPA circuit. Robert Green is what we can call a popular guy in the circuit. The Australian has played in many different nations in his career and even attended the latest FISTF world cup in Belgium and the recent Open of Milano in Italy.

When did you first start to play Subbuteo and what was the first team you got bought? 
RG: I've played Subbuteo from 1976-78, 1985-95 and 2012-now.  I can't remember the first team I bought, hopefully it was Leeds.

How many years have you been playing and what are the main titles you have achieved in any level?
RG: In total I've played for 16 years and my main title was Australian National Champion in 1995.

What is the best thing about this game and why would you recommend it to someone? 
RG: The best thing in the game is the camaraderie with other players from many different countries.   I would recommend the game for that reason - and also that it's fun and challenging to play.

Your most memorable moments from this game happy or even sad? 
RG: Most memorable moments were beating the great Australian champion Gary Hosie for the first time in 1994 and then becoming Australian champion in 1995.

Who was your strongest opponent and who is your favorite player and why?
RG: The best opponents I ever played were Willi Hofmann (Switzerland), Fabian Brau (Belgium) and - in recent times - Antonio Montano (Spain).

Is it a sport or a game ? What is your opinion about this question that many people ask?
RG: It's a sport.  The level of skill, concentration and practice that you need to be a top player far exceeds what's needed to become a top player at a game.

What improvements would you like to see in the future and what would you suggest to improve things?
RG: Improving is difficult when people ignore obvious problems.  Many players "push" their short blocking flicks and some also use the side of their finger for these flicks.  FISTF must commit to cleaning this up - even for offenders from the top group of players.  Tournaments would improve if referees are at their tables on time to avoid delays.  Again, individual offenders must be held to account for repeat offences.  Overall we must strive to be less "amateurish" - how our game looks to the outside world (including sponsors) is important... so delays in starting playing sessions while a tournament organiser yells into a microphone to call "missing" referees is definitely an obvious problem.

What would you recommend to someone who starts the game now? What are the secrets for top performance?
RG: For new players I would say to concentrate on flicking correctly at all times.  For top performance it's about concentration and regular competition (which is something that I miss now).

What are your feelings about how FISTF and WASPA are working and doing something for the game nowadays?
RG: I think the current FISTF / WASPA relationship is a good one.  They both work to develop the game.  Hoever, FISTF seems to have some "blind" spots (see what I think needs to improve).

What would the WASPA rankings? Do they mean something for you?
RG: The WASPA rankings don't mean so much to me - but I think that's because I see myself competing against players in the higher standard FISTF tournaments.

Robert's passport
Name: Robert Green
Age: 54
Nation: Australia
Club: Northern Falcons (Sydney)
Type of figures/bases used: Using Bodo bases
Job: Computer programmer
Hobbies: hobbies are Subbuteo, football and running online "tipping" competitions for big football tournaments.

Gianpaolo Vitulano wins the Christmas Cup

13 players attended the ESA Christmas Cup in Enderby this sunday. The event was played in Swiss system with every player having 4 games. At the end of the day, the winner was Gianpaolo Vitulano (Kent Invicta) who ended with 10 points. Brian Daley was the runner-up with 9 points and Luca Martinelli was third.
Gianpaolo receives his trophy from Jeremy Bradley

Brian Daley was the runner-up of the tournament
Here are the standings of the tournament:
1. Gianpaolo Vitulano (ENG/Kent Invicta)
2. Brian Daley (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
3. Luca Martinelli (ITA/Yorkshire Phoenix)
4. Christopher Bowen (ENG/Kent Invicta)
5. Jeremy Bradley (ENG/Kent Invicta)
6. Colin Tarry (ENG/London & Essex United)
7. Tim Bowen (WAL/Kent Invicta)
8. Brian Kinrade (IOM/Moralzarzal Subbuteo CAD)
9. Klaus Fritz (GER/Sparta Spreeathen)
10. Ben Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
11. Connor Bowden (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
12. Dylan Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
13. Abbie Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)

First title for Conan Mullen

The final between Conan and Peter
The Northern California SC players recently met for a small tournament of six players in San Francisco, California. After the group stage, Conan Mullen beat George Vassiliades and Peter Vahle took the best on Michail Keskinidis to qualify for the final. Conan and Peter already met in the group stage but for the second time of the day, Conan won (3-1) to take his first WASPA title after he lost the three finals of the three first events held by his club. Congratulations Conan.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Serge Leroy takes the second WASPA tournament in Puylaurens

A nice selfie
11 players attended the WASPA tournament held in Puylaurens (Toulouse area in the South of France) on friday. Among the players, Samuel Houplin was a newcomer who recently bought a Subbuteo set and was keen to meet experienced players. Players were dropped in two groups and games were played in two halves of 10 minutes. In group A, Jean-François Balard was surprisingly beaten by Alexandre Marc and drew with Mathieu Gironis and therefore he couldn't qualify for the semis. In group B, Roger Trouillard won all his games while Alex Durand also managed to qualify. In the semis, Serge Leroy let no chance to Alex Durand and won 4-1. In the other semi, Roger Trouillard was the clear favorite against Alexandre Marc. The game finally ended on 0-0 with a sudden death in the shootout and Alexandre surprisingly won.
The final: Serge Leroy vs Alexandre Marc
In the final, Serge and Alexandre met for the second time of the evening. Serge took an early lead and finally won 4-1, offering his first WASPA title. It was a nice evening and the next appointment is already in the agenda as there will be a third WASPA tournament in Puylaurens on January 16th. Some older players who don't want to play in official events will take place. As a conclusion, WASPA events are very positive for isolated clubs like CFT Puylaurens. Well done to all.
Presentation of the trophies