Saturday, 27 December 2014

Quentin Van Glabeke takes the Templeuve promotional event

Most of the competitors of the national tournament
The Templeuve United club in Belgium had a special tournament on December 27 as the club was celebrating its 25th birthday. The Templeuve club was founded in December 1989 by five young players aged 12 to 15. Since then, the club has had a lot of players and even if numbers are low at the moment, there were reasons to celebrate. The national tournament was played in three categories. Cédric Vanton beat Frenchman Rémi Soret in the final of the "Serie A". Emilie Despretz beat Vincent Guyaux in the "Serie B". The "Serie C" was also a WASPA promotional tournament and 17 players were taking part. Quentin Van Glabeke (SC Eugies) beat Guy Cavrenne (Brussels SC) on shots in the final. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United) and Florent Versmissen lost in the semis. It was a great day of table football with almost 40 players taking part including three from France.
Before the final of the Promotional tournament

After the shots, Quentin( left) wins

Presentation of the trophies: Guy Cavrenne (runner-up), Quentin Van Glabeke (winner), Matthias Averlant and Florent Versmissen (semi-finalists)

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