Monday, 15 December 2014

Gianpaolo Vitulano wins the Christmas Cup

13 players attended the ESA Christmas Cup in Enderby this sunday. The event was played in Swiss system with every player having 4 games. At the end of the day, the winner was Gianpaolo Vitulano (Kent Invicta) who ended with 10 points. Brian Daley was the runner-up with 9 points and Luca Martinelli was third.
Gianpaolo receives his trophy from Jeremy Bradley

Brian Daley was the runner-up of the tournament
Here are the standings of the tournament:
1. Gianpaolo Vitulano (ENG/Kent Invicta)
2. Brian Daley (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
3. Luca Martinelli (ITA/Yorkshire Phoenix)
4. Christopher Bowen (ENG/Kent Invicta)
5. Jeremy Bradley (ENG/Kent Invicta)
6. Colin Tarry (ENG/London & Essex United)
7. Tim Bowen (WAL/Kent Invicta)
8. Brian Kinrade (IOM/Moralzarzal Subbuteo CAD)
9. Klaus Fritz (GER/Sparta Spreeathen)
10. Ben Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
11. Connor Bowden (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
12. Dylan Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)
13. Abbie Staples (ENG/Yorkshire Phoenix)

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