Friday, 12 December 2014

Interview of Gábor Baross

Gábor after his victory at the first WASPA tournament in Budapest

Gábor Baross is one of the most active players in Hungary and one of the leaders of the growing club in Budapest.

When did you first start to play Subbuteo and what was the first team you got bought? 
GB: I started to play subbuteo in November of 2011 and my first team was the greek national team.

How many years have you been playing and what are the main titles you have achieved in any level?
GB: I have played the hungarian version of table football called sectorball since 1983. I played subbuteo for three years and in november of 2014 I won a WASPA tournament in Budapest.

What is the best thing about this game and why would you recommend it to someone? 
GB: I like football and subbuteo is the most similar game to real football. I like the tactical variations that appear in the game.

Your most memorable moments from this game happy or even sad? 
GB: I will never forget when my brother and me played subbuteo in our kitchen and I dreamt about an own club and two years later I won my first match at the Grand Prix of Vienna as member of the Budapest Subbuteo team.

Who was your strongest opponent and who is your favorite player and why?
GB: The strongest opponent I have ever met was Erich Hinkelmann from Austria. I don’t have one favourite player but maybe if I have to choose one he is the one.

Is it a sport or a game ? what is your opinion about this question that many people ask?
GB: If chess is a sport than subbuteo is as well. On Monday afternoons, I say to my girlfriend: "I have to go to training, because I’m a sportsman". But if I loose a game, I say "it’s just a game".

What improvements would you like to see in the future and what would you suggest to improve things?
GB: I would change the system of the FISFT tournaments, because if I travel to a tournament, I’d like to play more than two matches. So I would organize every time a consolation tournament that gives some more chance to develop as well.

What would you recommend to someone who starts the game now? What are the secrets for top performance?
GB: Practice a lot and never give up! There will always be better players, but the most important to develop more and more.

What are your feelings about how FISTF and WASPA are working and doing something for the game nowadays?
GB: I think FISTF and WASPA work hard and I’m very happy about the lot of tournaments. And I’m glad about WASPA, because now this is my level. Yet.

What would the WASPA rankings? Do they mean something for you?
GB: I always check the newest WASPA rankings and after a tournament I try to find out how many points I gained.

Gábor's passport
Name: Gábor Baross
Age: 40
Nation: Hungary
Club: Budapest Subbuteo
Type of figures/bases used: tribase
Job: journalist
Hobbies: subbuteo (of course) and cycling

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