Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Martin Hodds takes the WASPA Trinity Trophy

Martin Hodds receives his trophy from Paul Lawrenson
The WASPA Trinity Trophy 2014 took place in Heckmondwike, home of the Yorkshire Phoenix club on saturday with a good turnout of 14 players. Only Martin Hodds managed to win his four games and finished on the top of the table. To be noticed that there was no draw among the 28 games of the day. "Congratulations to Martin Hodds taking the Trinity Tyrophy title, and to Connor Bowden who took the Category B title. Many thanks to the 14 players who took the time out to attend the event, especially so close to Xmas. Doing the North of England Subbuteo scene proud! Next Phoenix WASPA event will be in the new year for the Rhubarb Triangle Trophy!", reported Paul Lawrenson.
Results of the WASPA Trinity Trophy 2014.

Round one:

Hodds 4-0 Blanchard
A.Staples 0-2 D.Staples
Bowden 1-2 Parsons
Harker 3-1 Woodhead
Heward 0-1 Parnaby
B.Staples 0-1 Lawrenson
Daley W/O Caulfield

Round Two:

Daley 0-1 Hodds
D.Staples 3-6 Harker
Lawrenson 0-1 Parnaby
Parsons 0-1 Blanchard
Woodhead 0-1 Heward
B.Staples 4-0 A.Staples
Bowden 3-0 Caulfield

Round Three:

Hodds 3-0 Harker
Parnaby 3-2 Blanchard
Daley 2-1 Heward
B.Staples 2-1 D.Staples
Lawrenson 1-0 Parsons
Bowden 2-0 Woodhead
A.Staples 0-2 Caulfield

Round Four:

Hodds 3-1 Parnaby
Daley 0-1 B.Staples
Harker 0-7 Lawrenson
Bowden 0-3 Blanchard
Heward 3-0 D.Staples
Parsons 2-0 Caulfield
Woodhead 4-1 A.Staples

Table on the day were:
8 pts - Hodds
6 pts - Lawrenson, Parnaby, B.Staples
4 pts - Blanchard, Bowden, Daley, Harker, Heward, Parsons
2 pts - Caulfield, D.Staples, Woodhead
0 pts - A.Staples

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