Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Another good win for Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett and Gareth Christie
The fourth stage of the Tayside circuit took place last Sunday in Arbroath with a great field of 11 players including a new face. Steve Bennett won the tournament played in Swiss system as he won his four games. Gareth Christie finished second with 9 points. This is Steve Bennett's 14th title in the WASPA circuit. Steve is also the current leader of the season ranking.

Christmas chocolate cake specially made for the event
Here are the standings of this great tournament:
1. Steve Bennett
2. Gareth Christie
3. Rob Conway
4. Andy Beskaky
5. David Baxter
6. Colin Matthew
7. Fraser Bruce
8. Stuart Peacock
9. Drew Orr
10. Craig Thom
11. Kevin Perkins

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