Saturday, 30 July 2016

Two more trophies for Christophe Dheur

Players in Charleroi
The final at the Charleroi tournament

The club of Verviers-Herve was organizing a WASPA tournament on June 24 and 11 players were taking part. Christophe Dheur defeated local player Tony Braham (2-1) in the final. Philippe Roufosse and Benoit Vanwissen lost in the semis. Christopher Sabetta won the consolation tournament.

On July 29, the club of SC Chaleroi was hosting their very first WASPA tournament. Christophe Dheur was the best once again as he finished on top of a field of 13. Dheur defeated Vito Di Ruggiero in the final. Michaël Casciano and Jérôme Heyvaert ended in the final 4.

Congratulations to Christophe for his two nice victories and welcome to SC Chaleroi in the WASPA family!

Alberto Gagliardi wins in Macerata

In Italy, the last tournament of the season before the holidays took place in the headquarters of Subbuteo Club Macerata on Friday July 22 with seven players taking part. The "Summer Cup" tournament ended with the victory in the final of Alberto Gagliardi against Jury Di Tullio (3-0).

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Spyros Stratoudakis wins the Greek Euro 2016

Over the last month the club of Flaming Flickers based in Athens, Greece had an amazing tournament played in the same system as the Euro 2016. Due to the high number of entries, 30 players competed in the Open tournament (6 groups of 5 players) while 5 juniors played their own tournament. Competitors were mostly players from the local club but there were also representatives of Atlas and Olympia. In the end, Spyros Stratoudakis (who was representing Germany in the tournament) was the winner as he defeated Giorgos Pitihoutis (2-1) in the final. Panos Patistas and Vassilis Dragossis were the losing semi-finalists. Vasilis Panagiotides finished on top of the junior tournament. It was an amazing event and players appreciated the fact the reference to the football tournament was so important. The Flaming Flickers are now finishing their "Copa America Centenario" tournament. Results will follow soon.

Home win Ludovic Ponthieux

Ludovic Ponthieux
Earlier this month the "Black Devils" club was hosting their second WASPA tournament in their premises of Theux (Belgium). 16 players were taking part and it was nice to see players from 8 different clubs taking part. Ludovic Ponthieux (Black Devils) was in a great day and defeated Christophe Dheur (Charleroi) in the final (2-1). Tony Braham (Verviers-Herve) and Jérôme Herbecq (JSC Rochefort) were the semi-finalists. Congratulations to the Black Devils, a club who started just one year ago and finished in second position of the Belgian national league for clubs.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Next tournament in Pretoria

Melbourne July WASPA 2016 Report

Winner of the day: Luke Radziminski with his new friend

Beth and Adrian
Participation rate is slowly growing back for MTFC with a total of 6 players entering in a round robin format. 2 new faces entered the Brighton scene, with Kevin Grant and Adrian Connolly coming along from Western Flickers. The mysterious Adrian who Benny had praised from Benny in their previous social meetings in the West had showcased his skills after returning to the subbuteo competitive scene since he last played 20 years ago. He finished 2nd out of 6 and played a very tight game against Luke Radziminski in a 1-0 losing effort, however he had Luke on the back foot a couple of times and was unfortunate to not score a goal after some quick dribbling plays into the scoring zone only for the keeper to save from some quick reflexes. Adrian and Christos drew 0-0 however with Adrian defeating Kevin and Christos drawing with Kevin, this became the ultimate decider between 2nd and 3rd placings.

Christos and Kevin
Adam and his son playing a friendly game
Controversy occurred between Luke’s and Christos’ fixture. Due to the Melbourne cultural atmosphere of leniency on small fouls and errors, where they have being ignored in the WASPA circuit, there was a moment where Christos had encouraged Luke to play on from his own error in which instantly resulted in a goal. Christos knew he immediately regretted this decision and had forced Luke to go into hiding for a week after rumours have emerged that Gate 21 from AEK Athens have arrived in Melbourne in search of the Polish-Australian president. After this report has been posted, he had abruptly left Melbourne to stay off the grid but it was reported he had set up camp out in the bushes of a remote town called Wagga Wagga.

Other participants did enjoy their day and showed signs of improvement as we approach the International Open in September. Western Flickers will now be hosting a WASPA event in Altona at the Laverton Bowls club on the 20th of August. It is expected to be much larger turnout thanks to Benny’s work of spreading the message through his network, where we had seen a significant growth of newcomers from the West attending previous Altona events to experiment the game. There are signs that does show that they are willing to return for more games. Exciting times ahead in Victoria.

Report by Luke Radziminski

Trophies for Stylianou and Avgousti in Limassol

On July 20 the 4th stage of the Cypriot circuit attracted 10 players. There was open space for everyone to change the standings and the Kalopsidiotis brothers and Geoge Zangylos were not taking part. Therefore there were some surpises and Giorgos Stylianou defeated Marios Avgousti (2-0) to claim the title. Kyriakos Stylianou and Eliza Zangylou reached the semis.

Two days later, 9 players attended the next stage of the circuit and this time Marios Avgousti took the honors after defeating Giorgos Stylianou in the final (1-0). Marinos Mitellas and Kyriakos Stylianou lost in the semis.

Brisbane SC July Competition

Held 24th July 2016 at Woody Point
(Report by Giuseppe Tardiota)

Seven players turned up for our mid winter competition in balmy South East Queensland. The youngest being 11 and the eldest over 70. Rob our elder statesman got off to a flyer beating Gus 1-0 and a cagey 1-1 draw was the result of the last 2 final winners Rik and Giuseppe. The young Wil had to wait till his third game for his first goal, and what a cracker it was – long distance into the top corner and against his Dad. He didn’t manage a win, but the writing is on the wall … “look out Dad” . Gareth only playing in his second competition got a credible win and a draw, and his defence is definitely improving having played 7 and a goal difference of -4. Young Wil got his first tournament point  against Old Rob in a closely contested 1-1 draw. The game of the rounds was Rik v Gus. Rik opened the scoring, with Gus equalising within seconds from the kick off. Rik then took the lead again with Gus levelling soon after. Rik restored his lead for a 3rd time just before the first half was up with another belter. Rik came out in the second half all guns blazing and just couldn’t miss, the final score 6-2 to Rik. Gus making one save and picking the ball out of his net 6 times…
So after the league round, Rik finished top with only dropping points in a draw with Giuseppe. Giuseppe came second due to drawing twice. Shane came 3rd winning 3 and drawing 1. The last semi spot was claimed by Gus ensuring a rematch with Rik in the semi.
Shane fought hard but couldn’t stop Giuseppe scoring twice, but was happy to be playing his first Semi final for some time.
In the Rik v Gus rematch Gus took the lead with a great goal. However, Rik was still in the zone and was soon 3-1 up. Gus got one back but lost the game 4-2. So the top two in the league round made the final. It was a very tight game with few real chances. Eventually though late in the first half Rik took the lead with a very nice finish. The second half continued in the same vein as the first, both defences working well. However, Giuseppe squeezed through to equalise to send the game into extra time. The game could have gone either way, and a Penalty shoot out would not have surprised the on lookers, however, Rik broke through and the man in form in front of goal slotted past Giuseppe’s keeper. The score was 2-1 to Rik after extra time. That makes 2 Final wins from 3 for Rik who is the man to beat at the moment. Another great day had by all at the wonderful venue - Woody Point. Big thanks to Giuseppe for being a great host, and we look forward to next months flicking.

Group stage:
1. Rick Bland
2. Giuseppe Tardiota
3. Shane Robinson
4. Gus Gillespie
5. Rob Bennett
6. Gareth Whalley
7. Will Gillespie

Rick Bland - Gus Gillespie 4-2
Giuseppe Tardiota - Shane Robinson 2-0

Rick Bland - Giuseppe Tardiota 2-1sd

Patrizio Lazzaretti is the WLL champion

On June 28, the last stage of the WASPA Lazio League 2015-2016 was held in Rome with 10 players competing in Swiss system. Patrizio Lazzaretti was the winner of the evening with 10 points in four games while Simone Trivelli was runner-up with 9 points. Patrizio Lazzaretti also won the final ranking of the WLL with 185 while Trivelli was second with 166 and Gianmarco Del Brocco was third with 147. The standings of the evening where as follows:
1. Patrizio Lazzaretti
2. Simone Trivelli
3. Gianmarco Del Brocco
4. Paolo Barone
5. Simone Lo Iacono
6. Giuseppe Ferro
7. Emanuele Lo Cascio
8. Sebastian Cima
9. Mario Lo Iacono
10. Lorenzo Lazzaretti

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The George Best Trophy for Antonio Chieppa

On July 3rd, 14 players met in Tolentino for the "Trofeo George Best". It was another great event run by local legend Alberto Gagliardi and his clubmates of Macerata. Competitors also came from neighboring clubs such as Siena and Giulianova. In the end, Giulianova's Antonio Chieppa was the winner. Chieppa defeated Alberto Gagliardi on shots in the semi-final and Rocco Iarlori on shots as well in the final. Adriano Iobbi (Giulianova) was the other semi-finalist. The next tournament with the old rules will be the "Summer Cup 2016" in Macerata on July 22.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Geoffrey Marain unstoppable in Templeuve

The Belgian club of Templeuve was hosting their monthly tournament on Friday night with a group of 8 players competing in Swiss system. There was no surprise as Geoffrey Marain was the winner again, finishing the evening with 12 points. He defeated Vincent Coppenolle in the first session. Coppenolle later won his next three games to finish runner-up. Four players tied with 6 points. Alain Flament was third on goa-difference while Michaël Dupret scored more goals than Stéphane Lambert to be 4th. Matthias Averlant also had 6 points, Eric Caillaux had 3 and Benjamin Marain finished with 4 losses.

Eid Mubarak July WASPA 2016

After almost a month of no flicks the boys of Jurong CSC came back to the club hungry to play, with several of them  high with the festive mood of Eid Mubarak syndrome. 12 players came but only 9 were able to participate in the competitive July tournament.

The players were drawn into 3 main groups (A, B & C) of 3 where the top from each group qualify to the Cup Group followed by the runners up qualifying in the Plate Group while the last in the group qualifying in the Bowl group. The groups after the draw:-

Main Groups
Group A - Rudy, Nic Tan & Fauzi
Group B - Noor Haikal, Anas & Fino
Group C - Simon, Irwan & Vikas

After the group games, Rudy, Anas & Vikas qualified tops while Fauzi, Noor Haikal & Irwan qualify in the Plates group while Nic, Fino & Simon filled the Bowl group.

The games were thigh & close but in the end Rudy came up tops in the tournament with Anas 2nd & Vikas 3rd. Fauzi won the Plates group while Nic won the bowl group.

Finally, we applauded  the best dressed players, namely Fino & Irwan who were then invited to be the Guest Of Honour to hand over the prizes to the winners.

In behalf of Jurong Central SC, we wish all of you a Eid Mubarak & well wishes to all.

The final standings
1st - Rudy
2nd - Anas
3rd - Vikas
4th - Fauzi
5th - Noor Haikal
6th - Irwan
7th - Nic Tan
8th - Simon
9th - Fino

(Report by Rudy Hesty)

Elliott Bellefontaine wins in Plumstead

There was action this Friday in Plumstead (England) where six players competed in a round robin. In the end Elliott Bellefontaine was the winner with 12 points in five games while Martin Hodds was runner-up with 10 points, Martin Bellefontaine had 8, Brian Butterworth also had 8 points, Marco Ghigliotti had 2 and Colin Tarry was sixth with 0.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Second title for Renaud Parisel

The latest tournament organized by SC Semois in Vresse had the usual players taking part. Despite the last minute dropout of Gregory Berte, it was another nice day with Pascal Droeven finishing on top of the group stage but being unable to defeat Renaud Parisel in the final. Parisel won the game on sudden death to claim his second WASPA title. Patrick Vanderlinden took the third spot after defeating Marc De Vos in the 3rd place play-off.

Rudi Peterschinigg wins in Harrow

The Latest tournament of the Harrow League was held on June 28 with 6 players competing. Everyone played four games and in the end, Rudi Peterschinigg took the honors, finishing on top of the table with 12 points while Paul O'Donovan Rossa, who was practicing before the Major of Enderby, was runner-up.

The final standings were as follows:
1. Rudi Peterschinigg
2. Paul O'Donovan Rossa
3. Victor Jones
4. Panos Stemitsiotis
5. Matthias Peterschinigg
6. Clelio De Souza

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A lot of action at the Major of Enderby

Final of event number 4 between Daley & Boyer
Final of the Flymo & Shedbuilder
Trophy between Canicchio & Candelas
During the recent Major of England in Enderby, several WASPA tournament have been played for eliminated players.

There was one WASPA event in the Open category, which was named The Trevor Spencer Cup. There were three WASPA events in the veterans for the third, fourth and fifth placed players. The third place cup was named The Flymo & Shedbuilder Trophy, named after the Subbuteo novel written by Terry Edge. There was also a small event on Sunday, The Major of England Sunday.
The two main characters - Flymo & Shedbuilder - aka Terry Edge and Paul O'Donovan

Results were as follows:

Event 1 final (Open category):
Lawrence Alvarez (Gibraltar) - Mark Farrell (Ireland) 1-1*

Event 2 final (Veterans category):
Lucio Canicchio (Italy) - Julio Candelas (Spain) 2-0

Event 3 final (Veterans category):
Andy Boyer (England) - Brian Daley (England) 2-3

Event 4 final (Veterans category):
Robert Conway (Scotland) - Tony McCann (England) 1-1*

Event 5 ranking (The Major of England Sunday):
1. David Busch - Austria
2. Frank Stiller - Germany
3. Howard Romain - England

U19 final:
Connor Bowden (England) - Paul Naszalyi (France) 1-2

U15 final:
Louis Singh (England) - Thomas Price (England) 2-1

U12 final:
Carlos Pinto (Spain) - Joshua Foreman (England) 2-3

Latest tournament of the Western Flickers

Western Flickers Melbourne 4th WASPA tournament (8 July 2016)
Reported by Benny Ng (Melbourne, Australia)

Western Flickers Melbourne was formed to cater for players living on the north/west side of Melbourne and provide more opportunities to play the wonderful game of Subbuteo table football.
If you are reading this and new to Subbuteo table football, watch this video ( for a brief introduction to the game.
After a hiatus of over 6 months, the Western Flickers hosted its 4th WASPA tournament. It almost felt like a new beginning with 3 new faces – including 1 junior – to the club having their first WASPA games and a new venue.
With a few kids joining in, it was decided to run 2 tournament categories – Adult and Junior – with a simple round-robin ladder format.
Adults – Beth Everleigh, Adam Deverall, Kevin Grant, Adrian Connolly and Benny Ng
Juniors – Benjamin Ng, Aidan Deverall, Jack Connolly

Junior category
2015 Asian junior champion and favourite Benjamin Ng kicked off proceedings with a match against newcomer Jack Connolly. In a game of missed chances and resolute defending, Jack finished his first competitive Subbuteo table football match with a very credible 0-1 loss to Benjamin.
Benjamin then renewed his rivalry with Aidan Deverall in the next game. It was a close game but Benjamin managed to fashion and put away two excellent goals for a 2-0 win to ensure another WASPA win. Aidan and Jack then battled it out for the runners-up spot. Aidan dominated as expected but just couldn’t find a way past the ever improving Jack. It ended up as a goalless stalemate with Jack snatching second spot in his first tournament. Well done Jack!

Junior category:
1. Benjamin Ng
2. Jack Connolly
3. Aidan Deverall

Adult category
The Adult category welcomed 2 new WASPA players in Kevin Grant and Adrian Connolly. Kevin started out with a 0-2 loss against Subbuteo veteran player Adam Deverall, but improved as the night wore on with his next matches both slim single goal losses.

Beth – who just returned from a trip to England to learn from legendary Subbuteo masters – had an excellent night with very good performances all round especially a 1-1 draw with Adam. Unfortunately, she was just pipped for third spot by Adam who had a slightly better goal difference.

The surprise packet of the night was Adrian Connolly. The former #1 Subbuteo player in Tasmania was making a comeback after decades away from the game and had an amazing night. With wins against Kevin and Beth and a draw against Adam, he went into the final title deciding game against an in-form Benny having secured at least second spot.

In the end, Adrian was unable to cause another upset and Benny won the match and also the WASPA title!

Thanks to all who attended for helping to make it an awesome night. Most importantly, everyone has loads of fun and went home happy. Subbuteo was indeed the winner.

The final standings are:
1. Benny Ng
2. Adrian Connolly
3. Adam Deverall
4. Beth Everleigh
5. Kevin Grant

P.S. If anyone is interested in taking part in future Western Flickers events or just popping by for chat and look-see, please visit the Western Flickers Facebook page ( or send an email to

Monday, 11 July 2016

Jayden van der Merwe wins the 2016 PFC Gold Cup

Saturday 9 July 2016, Pretoria, South Africa
(Report by Julian vd Merwe)

The 2016 edition of the PFC Gold Cup was played under the theme "EURO 2016" with each player "adopting" a nation from the Euro's. We had 8 entries with the following nations partaking : France, Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, England, Germany, Italy & Poland. The players got to play 4 matches by way of random draw - with 2 points per win & 1 point per draw awarded. What followed was some tasty match-ups which afforded the "fallen giants" from the 2016 Euro's the chance to "rise up" again !!! Aside from a few "runaway" results, the match-ups produced some evenly contested matches & we witnessed 29 goals scored on the day, dished up "the Subbuteo way". The shock result came as early as Round 1 when Sherwin (Germany) beat Julian (France) by 1-0, a result which marked Sherwin's first ever triumph over Julian!
At the end of Round 1, Chessray (Croatia) went top of the standings after a thrilling 2-1 victory over Kegan (Portugal).
Round 2 produced two massive results as Jayden (Belgium) was held 0-0 by Sherwin (Germany) and elsewhere Kegan (Portugal) equalised with a long range shot against Bevin (England) to earn a 1-1 draw !!! Round 2 also saw Adam (Italy) record his highest scoring match to date, as he beat Subbuteo debutant Bradley Drywer (Poland) by 3-0!
Round 3 then shaped the day's event. A defensive error by table topping Chessray (Croatia) allowed Bevin (England) to win the match 1-0, the result knocking Chessray back to 4th place. Sherwin (Germany) then beat debutant Bradley (Poland) by 1-0 to tie elder brother Bevin at the top on 5 points. The last match of Round 3 produced the "match of the day" - more so for the response from Jayden (Belgium). The match got off with Julian (France) taking the lead after 2min's. Jayden knew a big response was needed if he were to successfully defend his 2015 Gold Cup title - Jayden stormed back with fast furious attacking play to score 4 unanswered goals in a constant 8 min assault on Julian's goal to triumph by 4-1 and reclaim top spot at the end of the round !!! At the end of Round 3 we had three players tied on 5 points each, making Round 4 matches even more intense.
Chessray (Croatia) beat Adam (Italy) by 2-0 to end the day 3rd overall - an effort which saw Chessray rewarded with the new PFC club shirt. Jayden (Belgium) beat elder brother Kegan (Portugal) by 3-0 to maintain 1st spot with 7 points. Bradley (Poland) gave Julian (France) a real scare as he hit Julian's left post but in the end Bradley earned his first point by way of a 0-0 draw, bringing host Julian's (France) miserable day to an end !!! When the two brothers Sherwin (Germany) and Bevin (England) met, the objective was clear - a win for either would tie Jayden on 7 points to force the event into a Final Play-Off match. Bevin secured that Play-Off match thanks to a 3-0 win over Sherwin. The result saw the ever improving Sherwin capture 4th place overall on the day. As was expected, the Final between PFC's top two ranked players produced a quiet, tense but yet exciting affair - a defensive error by Bevin (England) on 4 min's allowed Jayden (Belgium) to take the lead. With 3min's left to play, Bevin done well to penetrate Jayden's tight defense but saw his final shot go sailing over Jayden's crossbar! In the end Jayden held out to win the Final by 1-0, to successfully defend his Gold Cup crown and record his first title for the 2016 calendar year after so many runner up placings for the year. As is now customary, Jayden was also rewarded with the new PFC club shirt for his efforts. Finally, PFC wishes to welcome newcomer Bradley Drywer to it's ranks - happy flicking!
Thanks to all for attending and making the day a success once again.

Final Standings
Jayden vd Merwe (Belgium)
Bevin Reed (England)
Chessray Jooste (Croatia)
Sherwin Reed (Germany)
Adam Murray (Italy)
Kegan vd Merwe (Portugal)
Bradley Drywer (Poland)
Julian vd Merwe (France)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Results, statistics and rankings of June 2016

Dear all,

you will find in the attached files the updated results, statistics and rankings of the WASPA circuit.

Excel file
PDF file

We are waiting for results from Verviers (Belgium) but they will be added next month.

Group picture of Mostoles players
In June we had 21 regional tournaments but also a tournament with advanced rules and a tournament with the old rules.

It was nice to see some new clubs hosting their first WASPA tournaments: Euskal Subbuteo and SC Mostoles in Spain but also TFC Mattersburg from Austria and the Ipswich Kestrels from Australia. Welcome also to the West Midlands club in England.

A good turnout in Templeuve
32 players have joined the circuit and we have a total of 1595 ranked players from 42 nations. Welcome back to Jamaica's Kevin Mason.

We are happy to know that the first Subbuteo tournament in Romania will be held in August under WASPA banner.

Action in Harrow, England
Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

The FISTF website can be found here:

First event in the Basque country
Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Have a great day!

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Coppenolle

Monday, 4 July 2016

Euro 2016 tournament in Mostoles

Earlier in June, there was Subbuteo action in Mostoles, Spain, where the local club SC Mostoles was hosting a Euro 2016 tournament in a shopping mall. It was not only a chance to play a tournament but also to promote the sport. The 12 players were divided into two tournaments of six plyers. Int he Junior section, Carlos Pinto (Sweden) defeated María Muñoz (Croatia) in the final. In the Open section, Alberto Gómez (Northern Ireland) took the honors after beating Juan Antono Garcia (Wales) in the final.