Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The first event with old rules in Pistoia

Players in the end of the evening
Things are moving in Italy and the club of Pistoia has started a new adventure by organizing a WASPA circuit of tournaments with the old rules. The circuit will have stages on September 28, October 26, November 30, January 29, March 28, May 22 and a final day on June 27. Besides the old rules tournaments, the club will also hold a circuit of events with FISTF rules on the first monday of the month. Next round will be on October 5.

Table of the tournament
The first old rules tournament was uncertain until the end. Alfredo Granato was leading until the 4th match then he unexpectedly ended up in a draw with the last player in ranking. Finally Massimo Lapucci won his last match and the tournament after a slow start. At midnight players still had the energy to smile at the camera for the most topic selfie. Great small funny tournament. Great time.
1. Massimo Lapucci (Pistoia)
2. Stefano Braschi (Pistoia)
3. Alfredo Granato (Pistoia)
4. Jerry Morandi (SC Narnali)
5. Pierluigi D'Amico (free agent)
6. Angelo Fornari (Pistoia)

A great evening in Firenze

The top 3 of the evening
This monday the club of Firenze (Italy) was back in action with a great evening of table football. 17 players were taking part and there were many close games. Marco Bonciani defeated Sergio Robertiello on shots in the final. Luca Pini and Emanuele Cattani reached the semi-finals. Davide Visani won the final of the consolation tournament against Alessandro Checcetti. It was a great evening and there will be many more like this in the future. Well done!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Good start of the season for Marcos Kalopsidiotis

The players

Demetris Tsagarides is the new president of the association in Cyprus
The first semi-final

The second semi-final
The first tournament of the season in Cyprus took place this sunday with a good field of 19 players. Marcos Kalopsidiotis was the first winner and he is therefore the leader of the national circuit. He beat brother Kostas Kalopsidiotis (2-0) in the final. Giorgos Zangylos and Demetris Tsagarides were the semi-finalists. Besides the tournament, Demetris Tsagarides was confirmed as the new president of the Cypriot association. Congratulations!

Colin Tarry wins in Gillingham

Dave and Mel

Last friday the Kent Invicta TFC players decided to do another WASPA tournament with 14 players in a Swiss system. "The players are enjoying playing WASPA and this format", reported club president Terry Arnold. It was all Kent players apart from Flickers Milano’s new English signing, Colin ‘Taz’ Tarry, making a guest appearance. Indeed it was Taz who won the medal on the night from Wales’ Adrian Davies and Terry Arnold in 3rd place. Final table:
1. Colin Tarry
2. Adrian Davies
3. Terry Arnold
4. Finnley Taylor
5. Kye Arnold
6. Dave Collier
7. Tony Whitelock
8. Mel Stanford
9. Josh Foreman
10. Kane Stanford
11. Rhys Williams
12. Paul Frank
13. Jacob Silvester
14. Thomas Lacey
Colin and Tony

David Fraikin wins in Theux

David Fraikin and Christophe Dheur
The first tournament of the brand new club called "Black Devils Subbuteo" took place this friday in Theux (Belgium). The event had an excellent field of 18 entries and some excellent players taking part. David Fraikin (Black Devils) defeated Christophe Dheur (Charleroi) in sudden death. Philippe Roufosse and Alexandre Torré, both from SC Verviers-Herve, lost in the semis. The tournament included some new faces as two players competed in their first tournament ever. 14 of the 18 players competed in their first WASPA tournament. Good luck to the Black Devils!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Renald Deloose wins in Templeuve

Runner-up Olivier Bodelle and winner Renald Deloose
There was a small field of 6 for the first tournament of the season in Templeuve (Belgium). This time Geoffrey Marain was absent so the other players had great opportunities to try to win the event. Renald Deloose finished leader of the group table with 12 points while Olivier Bodelle was the surprising runner-up with 10 points. Vinccent Coppenolle was 3rd, John Verfaillie 4th while newcomers Chris Van Loocke and Niels Van Loocke finished on the bottom of the table.

Old rules tournament in Catanzaro

The italian club of Catanzaro had a great tournament this saturday with a nice field of 9 players competing with the old rules. The event was called "Celtics League" and every player was representing a team from the UK or Ireland. In the end of the day played in Swiss system, Ugo Custo (Cardiff) was the winner while Andrea Pagano (Motherwell) was runner-up. Raffaele Gangale (Crystal Palace) was third and thend end of the table was as follows: 4. Domenico Giglio (Manchester City) ; 5. Alfredo Priamo (West Ham) ; 6. Sandro Vasapollo(Ballymena) ; 7. Salvatore Scalise (Hamilton) ; 8. Davide Colace (Albion Rovers) ; 9. Enzo Iuli (Celtic).

Giuseppe Tardiota wins the Brisbane tournament

Brisbane Subbuteo Club 8th WASPA Tournament
Woody Point, Qld 26/08/15

September’s tournament was an utter goal fest! This produced the highest scoring games so far, some narrow victories and others not quite so even. 80 goals scored in 18 matches, a ratio of 4.4 goals per game, plenty of action and excitement, a celebration of attacking play resulting in a great day once again, well done to all involved. 6 players contested the trophy, which once again changed hands.

The initial round of league fixtures saw Andrew Rigden struggle to shake off the cobwebs of not having played for a while, by shipping plenty of goals, but did manage to bang in a fair few of his own.

Rob Bennett also needs a special mention, as he claimed his first points by taking 2 draws, from Gus Gillespie and Andrew Bennett. He also found the net on 4 occasions, with one goal of the day contender, great to see Rob find some of his old form again, well done Rob.
Rik Bland again topped the leader board at the end of the league fixtures, with Giuseppe runner up on goal difference, Gus Gillespie taking 3rd, Andrew Bennett taking the last semi final spot in 4th.

Rik 3-0 Rob ; Andrew R 0-8 Andrew B ; Giuseppe 3-0 Gus ; Rik 2-3 Gus ; Giuseppe 4-4 Andrew R ; Rob 3-3 Andrew B ; Rik 1-1 Andrew B ; Rob 0-1 Giuseppe ; Gus 3 -2 Andrew R ; Andrew R 2-7 Rik ; Gus 1-1 Rob ; Andrew B 3-4 Giuseppe ; Andrew R 2-0 Rob ; Andrew B 3-3 Gus ; Giuseppe 0-2 Rik.

Standings after group stage:
1. Rik Bland 10
2. Giuseppe Tardiota 10
3. Gus Gillespie 8
4. Andrew Bennett 6
5. Andrew Ridgen 4
6. Rob Bennett 2


Rik Bland - Andrew Bennett 2-1
This semi final between the day’s highest scorers was contested quite negatively, with both players very wary of each other’s free scoring, this resulted in neither playing their usual game. Rik took a 2-0 lead, Andrew pulled one back late on, and nearly  equalised with a shot which stuck under the keepers body, on another day this could easily have wriggled through.

Giuseppe Tardiota - Gus Gillespie 3-0
Giuseppe flexed his muscles in this semi final, establishing his game, and not giving Gus too many opportunities to find his rhythm.


Rik Bland -  Giuseppe Tardiota 1–4
This was a repeat of last month’s final, and Giuseppe was out for revenge. Rik took the lead after 5 minutes, which seemed to spur Giuseppe into life. An equaliser came on 10 mins, and took the lead with the last kick of the first half. The second half saw Giuseppe play a solid game, great in defence, good possession, and clinical in front of goal. Rik struggled with form in the second half, Giuseppe took control and ended up winning comfortably, to get his hands back on the trophy. A worthy winner!

Special thanks to host Giuseppe for organisation and bbq, and also to photographers James and Wll.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

A good tournament in Savona

Last monday, the club of Savona Ponente Subbuteo Club, born in 2014, organized a tournament played with the old rules in their premises. There was a good filed of 12 players and everyone played four games. Domenico Tassone was the final winner, with four matches won, Enrico Demutti was the second, Franco Bochicchio reached the third place.
Full details about the event here:

Alessandro Casanova wins in Pistoia

Last sunday the club of "Polisportiva CRAL Breda Pistoia" organized their first WASPA tournament and it was a great honor to see another italian club involved in the WASPA circuit. 10 players were taking part and they were divided into 2 groups of 5. After the quarter-finals, serious things started when Alessandro Casanova defeated Marco Trevisan (Pistoia) in the first semi while Fabio Peluso (Subbito Gol Ferrara) beat Lorenzo Arcodia (Pistoia). In the final, Casanova and Peluso couldn't score in the normal time but Alessandro Casanova  (CT Versilia 2002)scored the winning goal in the sudden death to claim the title.

Next monday there will be another tournament in Pistoia, this time with the old rules. Interested players can contact Alfredo Granato at

More events in Spain and Greece

Two more tournaments have been added in the WASPA calendar. The greek club of Flaming Flickers will host their first WASPA tournament of the season this sunday in their premises in Athens. Spain will also have a first tournament and this time it will be in a new city of Tabernas (near Almería) on October 18. Tabernas is a city where several movies (including the 3rd episode of the Indiana Jones saga and Ridely Scott's Exodus) have been filmed. The tournament will also include a meal for the competitors. Contact for the tournament in Tabernas is

Monday, 21 September 2015

Rémi Soret wins in Pecq

Finalist Geoffrey Marain and tournament winner Rémi Soret
The monthly tournament of the Warcoing Ducks had a field of 8 players with 6 players competing in the main event and two kids playing the U12 category. The six adults played a group robin with many close games. 6 of the 15 games ended in draws. Rémi Soret, the current national champion of France, took the honors, finishing with 11 points. Geoffrey marain lost his last group game against Vincent Coppenolle (0-3) but qualified ofr the final with 10 points and a better goal difference. The final was full of scoring chances but Rémi Soret was in a good day and won the game 2-1. Vincent Coppenolle won the 3rd place play-off against Eddy Beernaert. In the U12 section, no real tournament but both games between Louis Soret and Benjamin Marain ended in draws.

Christian Haas wins the Austrian Masters

The top 4 of the tournament: Jürgen Lizar (4), Christian Haas (1), Heinz Eder (2), Erich Hinkelmann (3).
This saturday the Austrian WASPA League Masters tournament was played in Ebreichsdorf with the top 8 players of the season. Christian Haas won the tournament, beating Heinz Eder in the final. Despite the success of the tournament, organizer Thomas Eppensteiner was not very happy about the issue: "The WAL has come to an end. I am a really bit sad because no other club club has really supported this idea last season." Thomas will therefore continue his work in a different way, bringing subbuteo and WASPA tournaments in Austria back to the level it should have. "A game played between friends with fun and patience." This will start in his new club, the TFKN Dragons with the Dragons WASPA League this winter.

A first trophy for Alan Abela-Wadge

Alan Abela-Wadge receives trophy from David Agius
Attard Subbuteo Club organized the "Tazza indipendenza" tournament in the streets of Valletta this sunday with a field of 8 players. Alan Abela-Wadge (Valletta Lions) took the honors, defeating Nicolai Bugeja int he final. Jurgen Balzan took the third place after defeating Nigel Spirteri in the 3rd place final.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Subbuteo Parramatta September Cup 2015

Daniele becomes the 6th player to have his name inscribed on the trophy
The September Cup is unique in the Australian table football landscape in that it is the only tournament played entirely with Subbuteo brand equipment – figures, pitches, balls, even goalkeepers. For new players, it’s a good introduction to the game while for older players, memories of a bygone era, complete with skills that are mostly obsolete in the contemporary game, are relived with relish. On the same day that saw a couple of Australian’s take on the might of the world in this year’s World Cup in Italy, the 11th edition of the September Cup saw a good field of players ranging from those with vast experience to brand new players, those eligible for the Veteran’s category through to those still eligible for the U12 category. All competed well and all came away with stories to tell of their highlights for the day.

Players were drawn into two groups of 5, with two seeded players in each group. Highlights from the group stage including first time player, Daniel, scoring his first goal and recording his first win, as did the day’s youngest player, Lucas (ironically, against Daniel). Schoolboy rivals, and September Cup regulars Paul and Costa faced each other for a draw which allowed neither of them bragging rights. In her match against Paul, Imojjen spent the entire game on the attack but couldn’t find the goal, only to be undone on the counter in the final minute as she pushed her players forward, Paul taking his first win of the day. After two-and-a-half hours of group games, however, it was the seeded players who all found themselves in the top spots of those groups, a draw between Eliot and Gordy being the result of most note.

In the Repechage Barrage, Imojjen faced Daniel while Paul lined up against Æowyn. Both games ended in 0-0 draws. As both Paul and Daniel needed to leave early, they each then conceded, meaning the Elmer girls earned passage to the Repechage Semis. Here was where the real action took place. Imojjen and Lucas fought out a tense 0-0 draw, with both coming close to scoring on numerous occasions. In the Costa vs Æowyn match-up, Æowyn took the lead, scoring her first ever competitive goal, and the entire suburb of Toongabbie heard about it!! Her celebration was something to be heard. Unfortunately, she later conceded an equaliser, meaning the game also ended up level. With time running short, all the minor placing play-off games were shelved with the players all very happy to end on equal terms, having achieved their own respective individual achievements along the way.
In the main Semi-Finals, Eliot drew Adrian with Daniele facing Gordy. Both games were tight. Daniele had the edge over Gordy, spending a good 8 or 9 minutes playing a series of corners but struggled to break through Gordy’s dogged defence. In the end, a single goal was all that split the players, being scored to Daniele to reward him for his possessional dominance. In the other game, Eliot was finding himself in an unfamiliar position, needing to do a lot of defending against Adrian. Eliot’s classic 70s Burnley team were producing some exquisite curling flicks that Adrian found impossible to defend and which gave Eliot great satisfaction, but their unreliability on long flicks saw him concede possession regularly. He did, however, take the lead, somewhat against the run of play, before half time. In the second half, Adrian committed extra figures forward and was eventually rewarded with a penalty when a quick play saw him shoot, the gaol bound ball cannoning into Eliot’s hand stranded in the box. Adrian made no mistake from the spot, tying up the game. Which is how it stayed through extra-time, setting up a shootout for the result. Eliot missed his first 3, while Adrian scored his 3rd to take a lead. Eliot then pulled one back with his very next shot, which was followed by an Adrian miss. Eliot couldn’t take the advantage with his 5th shot. Miraculously, Adrian found the far side of the goal with his final shot, giving him his first ever result over Eliot and sending him to a rematch with Daniele in the Grand Final.

In the 3rd/4th play-off, Eliot rediscovered his form and was able to slot a goal past Gordy in each half to take the game 2-0. Gordy was able to stage a fake trophy presentation to impress Little Steve, who was absent for the afternoon, no doubt gorging himself on pavlova. Steve was duly impressed with Gordy’s ‘win’ – who knows if he’s discovered the truth yet!!? The Grand-Final itself got off to an explosive start. Daniele flicked off and within 15 seconds had worked into the shooting area where his shot found the hand of a shell-shocked Adrian, in a reverse of what he had done earlier against Eliot. Daniele calmly slotted the penalty home to take the lead. A tense, tight game was then played out as Adrian sought to get back level. A minute before the break, he finally got on equal terms with a nicely chipped shot. However, following the change of ends, Adrian conceded possession directly from his flick-off. Daniele again raided forward and, again, within 30 seconds was in the lead after a quick attack and well taken shot. Adrian came excrutiatingly close to a wonder-goal equaliser midway through the half but the deftly slotted shooting figure cut the ball just a little too fine and the ball trickled past an unprotected far post. With both players giving everything, Daniele was able to hold on and take the title, becoming the 6th different winner to have their name etched on the famous trophy. The win also means that Daniele moves to the top of the table in the Sydney Premier League after two tournaments.

Thanks to all who attended, both new players and old regulars, and enjoyed themselves greatly. And thanks also to the Australian Table Football Association’s new Marketing and Promotion’s Manager, Chris Tanner and his company, Zenith Sports and Events Management who, in an Australian first, live streamed a couple of the afternoon’s games to the wider world.

(Original report at

Gareth Christie on top in Dundee

The first tournament of the Dundee United circuit took place last week (September 6) with a great tournout of 10 players. The group stage had many good games as players were divided into two groups of five. In the semis, Steve Bennett defeated Colin Matthew while Gareth Christie beat Rob Conway. In a close final, Gareth took the honors after beating Steve (2-1). Gareth Christie is therefore the leader of the Circuit.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

First title for Geert Leys

The first tournament of the season in the premises of SC Flanders in Hofstade-Zemst (Belgium) had a few surprises as Geert Leys (London & Essex United) won his very first WASPA title, defeating Jos Ceulemans in the first session (4-3) to later dominate the other opponents. There was a small field of five only but serious things will certainly start next month with more involved players.

Final table:
1. Geert Leys (London & Essex United)
2. Johan Lourdon (SC Flanders)
3. Jos Ceulemans (London & Essex United)
4. Bart Van de Vliet (SC Flanders)
5. Bert Feyens (SC Flanders)

Monday, 7 September 2015

The first tournament in Vresse

This sunday the WASPA circuit was happy to welcome a new host. The new club of SC Semois organised their first WASPA tournament in Vresse (Belgium) with five brand new players competing in their first tournament ever. After the group stage, Pascal Droeven took the honors while beating Renaud Parisel in sudden death in the final. Congratulations to the players involved.

Final table:
1. Pascal Droeven
2. Renaud Parisel
3. Patrick Vanderlinden
4. Marc De Vos
5. Grégory Berte

Ben Staples wins his first WASPA tournament in North Shields

Ben Staples won the first ever TYNE-TEES trophy today and with it, his first WASPA title. After beating Dylan in the first round 5-1, he went behind to both Karl and Chris in his next two games, but came back scoring some great goals in the process. The tournament featured 8 players, the biggest in Shields to date and all games were played in very competitive fashion with great spirit and fair refereeing. Thanks to Andy Mill for being an excellent host once more. Everyone had a great day.

(Report by Chris Kaberry)

Final table:
1. Ben Staples (Yorkshire Phoenix)
2. Karl Dragan (no club)
3. Chris Kaberry (NETFA Teesside)
4. Dave Brothers (no club)
5. Andy Mill (NETFA Teesside)
6. Rob Heseltine (NETFA Teesside)
7. Abbie Staples (Yorkshire Phoenix)
8. Dylan Staples (Yorkshire Phoenix)

Thomas Baumeler wins in Urfdorf

This friday five players met in Urfdorf (Switzerland) for a WASPA tournament organised by the Linth Sliders Subbuteo club. Thomas Baumeler won his four games to take the victory. It was a great way to start the new season.

Final table:
1. Thomas Baumeler
2. Trisha Baumeler
3. Roman Bernhardsgrütter
4. Noemi Bernhardsgrütter
5. Kasey Baumeler

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Monthly report of the WASPA circuit - August 2015

Dear all,

please find attached the monthly report of the WASPA circuit.

Golden book (end of August 2015)
WASPA ranking - August 15

We had 24 regional tournaments and 2 promotionals events in August but also a national cup in Ireland (points will be awarded in september for this one).

Well done to the organizers of the game in Australia for their growth. We had events in Perth, Altona, Melbourne, Chastwood, Brisbane and Adelaide this month, which is simply amazing.

Things are moving in Belgium as well. From September 1 all WASPA events will count for the national circuit, which is very important to get more players and clubs involved. Two clubs (Semois SC and Black Devils) will organize their first WASPA events in September.

Salamis Famagusta players celebrate their win in the national circuit in Cyprus
Congratulations to Cyprus: this season 12 tournaments counted for the national circuit and all these tournaments were played under WASPA banner. The last leg of the circuit was played last sunday. Well done to George Zangylos for his national title.

This month we also had a huge tournament in Hungary with 15 players. We can be happy about the way Hungary and Austria are working together for the good of the game.

Other great tournaments have been played in the USA (in particular the event in Chicago during the "National" week-end but there were other tournaments in Florida, Michigan and California), Singapore, Wales, South Africa, England, Malta.

As the season is over, you can check the season ranking in the Excel file and I'm sure you will enjoy searching for your name to know your final ranking.

This season England was the most active nation with 57 tournaments while Australia had 37 and Belgium had 33.

15 players competed in a tournament in Budapest, Hungary
We can be happy that over the season the activity has been growing as well in the US, Scotland, South Africa, Singapore, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, France, Indonesia.

Brazil, the Czech Republic and Gibraltar have held their first event. Who will be next?

Activity is declining in Italy, Malta, Spain and Germany. Some nations disappeared of the circuit and in some cases, it's rather worrying. Portugal had 7 tournaments last season but no tournament this season. Denmark and Sweden have totally disappeared while the Netherlands didn't hold any tournament. Activity in Canada is much less important than last year.

The future looks positive in Asia with growing activity in several nations. Hopefully things will move in the right direction in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. We also have hope to get Iran in the circuit next season.

A good field of players in the National in Chicago, USA
The Isle of Man is also the "exotic" nation in the WASPA circuit and we like to have them on board.

Well, nobody knows what the future will bring us. We can only hope that there will be continued interest for the game among existing players. Hopefulyl more national associations will support the WASPA circuit in the future.

The circuit is yours so your ideas to improve the WASPA circuit are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your proposals to my e-mail address at

Don't hesitate to ask for WASPA status if you are hosting some events. Just send a request to

Please note the blog is updated almost every day at

The FISTF website is

Have a fantastic new season. I also hope those who will attend the FISTF world cup in Italy will have a great time next week.

Vincent Coppenolle

A victory for Murat Tünger

Earlier in August, a tournament was organized in the premises of TSC Royal 78 in Vienna (Austria). Resultst showed a few surprises as Murat Tünger defeated Alexander Haas on shots in the final. Heinz Eder and Herbert Gütl were the semi-finalists. In the end, subbuteo was the big winner ;-)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rudy Hesty takes the monthly Jurong Central tournament

Once again it was time for competitive table football action in the western part of Singapore. Jurong Central SC again hosted their 8th league club WASPA on 28th August 2015 where they had 13 players participating in their monthly calendar. The core group of players comprises of seasoned club flickers with a nice “pinch” of youths to spice the event. To add to the suspense the group draw did not have any seeded players and after the group draws were made, the obvious group of “Death” was group D, where all the veteran players were in.

Group games
Rudy and Nic had an easy expedition and top their groups with comfortable wins, with Yew Seng and Bolkiah following suit to qualify for the next rounds. While in Group C, Anas and Noor Haikal had to see through a sudden death shootout to determine the winner, where the latter prevailed. Group D was more tensed and saw a few “seesaw” games before determining the winner. Ezan topped the group with 3 wins followed by Vikas who had sweat it out before winning Fauzi and Amin to qualify to the next round.

The group stages had 3 under 12 players, namely Akash, who was playing his 1st WASPA tournament, Wei Xuan and Ding Heng. All 3 players had a reasonable good outing with the standout result was Wei Xuan, who had a draw against our club youth Captain, Bolkiah. Wei Xuan also played out the youth plates event and came out victorious beating Ding Heng 1-0 to win the consolation award.

4 Rudy v Bolkiah 0
3 Vikas v Noor Haikal 0
0 Ezan v Anas 0 (Ezan won on shoot-out) 
3 Nic Tan v Yew Seng 0 
Rudy, Vikas and Nic ran riot with high scoring scores while Ezan had to break Anas resilience with a sudden death shoot out win.

3 Rudy v Vikas 0
0 Nic Tan v Ezan 1
Rudy fast pace attacking prowess finally ended Vikas impressive run while Ezan got a solitary goal to win his semi-final encounter against the fast improving Nic.

1 Ezan v Rudy 2 
Ezan and Rudy; Both had an almost style of play where both are known to love attacking rather than defending. For Ezan, he was playing his 1st WASPA club final for the year against Rudy, who had qualify for all the club WASPA final for the year but have lost consecutive finals (June & July).

The final kick-off with both players attacking each other franticly. End to end attacking display was rewarded with Ezan inflicting the 1st blood. A side pass to the center of play was blocked by Rudy’s player however Ezan shot managed to trickle into the left of Rudy’s post. Goal, A soft goal but a vital one. Rudy reacted by going on the full assault and before the halfway mark, Rudy manage to score a disputable goal. A fast attack followed by a shot when over the Ezan’s goalkeeper and into the goal. The referee was unsure and had to consult the linesman before confirming the goal. Game on, 1-1. Rudy continued attacking with Ezan stil maintaining composure and counter attacking the Rudy’s goal but the game was deadlock. With about 2 minutes remaining, Rudy got an indirect free kick from the penalty spot after Ezan goalkeeper was alleged to have save outside the save line. The free kick was put to good use with Rudy scoring a deflected chip into the right side off the goal, Goal…1-2 to Rudy. Ezan tried attacking in the final minutes but it was too late with Rudy being victorious.

Farrell retains title

The players
Mark Farrell won the All-Ireland Championships for the 4th time in five seasons. The four entrants played each other three times in a mini-League. Farrell remained unbeaten throughout to top the table seven points ahead of runner-up, Kenny Beggs.
Mark and Nicky

Kenny and John

Final table:
1. Mark Farrell, 23pts
2. Kenny Beggs, 16pts
3. John Moore, 11pts
4. Nicky Moore, 0pts