Thursday, 29 September 2022

Preparing the September rankings

Please note September results are due to be sent by October 4 so that we can finalize the new rankings ASAP. For the moments we have received results from 21 regional tournaments, 3 tournaments with the old rules and 2 promotional events.

The most active nation is England with 11 regional events (+ 1 promotional tournament), Australia had 3, Italy 3 (+ 3 old rules events). Other nations had 1: Belgium (+ 1 promotional tournament), Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and Switzerland.

If you have questions regarding the WASPA circuit, we remain at your disposal. Don't be scared to join :)

Please send your results to

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Michael Choong wins to go joint Top!

The September session of the 2022 TFAS SG League took place on September 11 at The Sports Hub Library without 'mask-wearing' for the first time in almost 3 years! A total of 5 players were in attendance for a full round-robin format. Each player gets a total of 4 games.

National Champion Michael Choong staked his claim for the SG League to go joint-top with long-standing leader Anas Rahamat (who was absent). Congratulations Michael! Another notable highlight is the performance of Enzo Fornaro - who followed up his outstanding performance in his last League outing - by beating Vikas Chandiramani 3-2 in a thrilling game to clinch 3rd place. Well done, Enzo!

(Report by Bernard Lim)

Friday, 23 September 2022

Weekly results from England - Inaugural Dewsbury Moor TFC tournament

This week was another busy week for English Subbuteo as several tournaments took place under WASPA banner.

Craig Heward wins Dewsbury Moor TFC tournament

Cracking first Subbuteo club night this evening at Dewsbury Moor Sports Club - plenty of players in attendance, both new and returning. Craig Heward won the main event by one goal in a three way tie at the top of the table, from Tony McCann and Paul Lawrenson. 

Martin Blanchard made a surprise visit and was in friendly action with newcomer Neil Kimpton. Plenty of interest also on a busy night in the sports club which enabled several people to try the game out on the demo table. 

Next club meet Thursday 13th October - get in touch if you fancy trying your hand (report by Paul Lawrenson)

Dewsbury Moor TFC Final Table:

1. Craig Heward (Yorkshire Phoenix) 10pts
2. Tony McCann (Yorkshire Phoenix) 10pts
3. Paul Lawrenson (Yorkshire Phoenix) 10pts
4. Shaun Dunne (Manchester) 7pts
5. Brian Kinrade (Moralzarzal) 4pts
6. Kevin Adderley (Yorkshire Phoenix) 1pt

Dan Nicholls winner in Morecambe Bay

The Morecambe Bay club had a great tournament with a nice turnout of 8 players so they had 2 groups of four and knock-out games. In the end, there was a surprising winner as Dan Nicholls (London Road) defeated Shaun Dunne (Manchester) in the final. Shaun Dunne had a great game in the semi to beat Brian Daley on shots! Luca Lanzani defeated Andy Grundy in the consolation final.

Shaun Allison wins Worthing tournament

Worthing TFC had a smaller turnout of 5 players. Shaun Allison was undefeated and won the tournament. Congratulations Shaun!

Final table (all worthing players):

1. Shaun Allison
2. Steve Taylor
3. Nigel Pestelle
4. Ian Maskell
5. Joe Currey

Tom Heslop winner in North Shields

Earlier this week, the North Shields clubs had a small event with three players. This time Tom Heslop took the honors but all games were very close. 

Final table (all North Shields players)

1. Tom Heslop
2. Chris Kaberry
3. Nigel Lamond

Haverhill Rovers are back - Marco Barqueiro on fire

Well, after a quiet summer re numbers what with business and holiday commitments it was great to have 7 of us play tonight.

Buoyed by watching the World Cup we all were eager to play and it was great having some very close games.

With three tables out in the bar area and an under 18 game in progress we had a few people pop in for a chat.

Fortunately they had our very own Peter Holmes on hand to talk them through the nuance’s of the game. Hopefully will see a few more new faces in the future. (report by Gerry Harrington)

Final table

1. Marco Barqueiro (Haverhill)
2. Martin Bellefontaine (Cardiff)
3. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)
4. Peter Holmes (Haverhill)
5. Gerry Harrington (Haverhill)
6. Mike Williams (Haverhill)
7. Jason Mitchell (Haverhill)

Friday, 16 September 2022

Western Sydney 2022 September Cup

The September Cup has returned after two years of COVID cancellations! 6 players came along for dinner before the big event, with a 7th joining them in time for flick-off. The September Cup is famous for its 'Subbuteo only' policy - all games played on cotton and nylon pitches, all bases original Subbuteo, plastic goals and tiny little Subbuteo goalkeepers! With different base styles used as a handicap, and the unfamiliarity of how to use them, kept things open across the tournament.

2 unseeded groups were drawn, with Western Sydney Subbuteo's Franck and Adrian drawn with Steve Dettre from Northern Falcons and Antonio Credentino from Sydney TFC, while the other group was an all Western Sydney Subbuteo affair featuring Ben Vickers, Costa and Imojjen.

In Group 1, Franck and Steve battled out an excited 1-1 draw while Adrian managed a solitary goal past Antonio. The second round saw Adrian put two into Franck's plastic goal, while Antonio pipped Steve 2-1. In the final round's battle for places, Antonio eased to a 3-0 victory of Franck while Adrian had another close 1-0 win over Steve to top the group.

In the other half of the draw, draws were the order of the day! As the players battled with the ball changing directions on hitting nylon fluff, Imojjen drew 0-0 with both Costa and Ben, while a solitary goal to Costa in his game against Ben shot him to the top of the table.

In the consolation rounds, Ben struggled against both Franck and Steve, conceding two goals in each game but maintaining his position as using one of the tournaments most attractive teams in their Scottish red socks.

The semi-finals saw Antonio ease past Costa, thanks in no small part to Steve Dettre's unfortunately timed bad dad joke, distracting Costa just as Antonio pulled the trigger for his first goal. On the cotton pitch, Adrian took an early lead against Imojjen and seemed to be cruising until he left a big whole in his defense with 3 minutes to go, Imojjen obliging by marching through it and scoring for the second consecutive competitive match against her father. This time, however, she held on for the draw, forcing the game into shots. Adrian made a complete hash of trying to save Imojjen's first shot and, though tying the scores up midway through the shootout, choked when it counted, with Imojjen burying a crack for her 4th shot, and Adrian following this up with a miss in his final shot to see Imojjen through to her first ever tournament Grand Final.

In the 3rd/4th play-off, Adrian dominated possession but struggled to make any meaningful attempts on goal until late in the game, where he finally found a way past Costa's defense to take a victory.

In the Grand Final, Antonio scored an early goal which gave the impression he would cruise to the title. Imojjen, however, had other ideas and put on a fine display for the rest of the relatively even game. She couldn't, however, fashion any clear chances and Antonio was able to see the game out, reclaiming the title which he last won in 2018.

An excellent evening of Subbuteo, with tight tussles, upset results and frustrations with old equipment being the features of the evening. We now look forward to next year's 20th Anniversary edition of the September Cup.

Original report:

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Success for Luca Zambello in Borgo Vercelli

Luca Zambello receiving his trophy

Last week-end was a special day for the 69ers club in Borgo Vercelli. For their first tournament of the season, Andrea Lessona and his crew had an amazing turnout of 21 players. The Open category had 15 competitors and some of them were world class players. Luca Zambello (Reggio Emilia) proved to be part of the world's elite by winning the event very easily. Zambello defeated Luca Bisio (TSC Stella Artois Milano) in the final while semi-finalists were Claudio Colpani (Papata Group Ponticino) and Vittorio de Pascale (Ligures Genova). The consolation tournament was won by Ligures Genova's Enrico Frisone who defeated clubmate Giancarlo Riva in the final.
Presentation of the trophy for Angelo Bisio

The junior tournament was disputed by 7 players from 3 different clubs. Angelo Bisio (TSC Stella Artois Milano) was really on fire and defeated Samuele Bignardi (Club Rebels Genova) in the final. Alessandro Gandin (Club Rebels Genova) and Gabriele Saveriano (TSC 69ers) made it to the semi-finals.

Huge thanks to the organizers for a great tournament and for their great efforts of promotions.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck to those who attended the tournament and will also attend the FISTF world cup next week-end in Rome.

See more about TSC 69ers here:

Gianpaolo Abagnale winner in Angri

In Angri, Gianpolo Abagnale organized a tournament this week-end with an amazing number of 30 players. In the final, Gianpaolo Abagnale defeated Francesco De Vergori (3-0) to win the title. The final standings were as follows:

1. Gianpaolo Abagnale
2. Francesco De Vergori
3. Luigi Desiderio
4. Pasquale Ceglia
5. Luigi Ostrica
6. Giovanni Scarpato
7. Nicola Cavallaro
8. Francesco D'Aniello
9. Luigi Fusco
10. Giovanni De Vivo
11. Giovanni Esposito
12. Salvatore Esposito
13. Luigi Francese
14. Francesco Grimaldi
15. Nicola Grimaldi
16. Francesco Prezioso
17. Luigi Carraturo
18. Pasquale Montella
19. Luigi Montella
20. Francesco De Simone
21. Antonio D'Amaro
22. Luigi D'Antonio
23. Luca Attianese
24. Francesco Attianese
25. Giovanni Attianese
26. Pasquale Romano
27. Luigi Langella
28. Luigi Nocera
29. Nicola Elefante
30. Luigi Auletta

New season starts in Terni

Finally, the Perotti family held the first 2 tournaments of SC Terni 2014. Like last season, these "old rules" tournaments were small events with 3 players but players had great fun and were happy to play under WASPA banner.

Table of September 1:
1. Marco Perotti
2. Emanuele Perotti
3. Volfango Perotti

Table of September 12:
1. Marco Perotti
2. Volfango Perotti
3. Emanuele Perotti

More about Subbuteo in Terni:

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Eric Lienhardt winner in Birsfelden

Back line: Matthias Stechern, Roman Bernhardsgrütter, Panagiotis Krommydas, Peter Erb, Eric Lienhardt, Renato Parussini, Giovanni Attianese.
Front: John Imbrogiano, Clinton Gähwiler, Martin Wiesmann.

It was with great pleasure that "" of Swiss-Subbuteo organised another Swiss-Cup with some good international participation on September 11. The tournament took place at the Rest. Hard in Birsfelden/Basel. Once again, fair play, fun and friendship were in the foreground.

Group A was won by Clinton Gähwiler (South Africa) from Cape Town City Subbuteo Club ahead of the Swiss crew.

Group B was won by Eric Lienhardt (France) ahead of Renato Parussini (Italy) and Panagiotis Krommydas (Germany) aka "Pana".

In the semi-finals Renato was successful against John Imbrogiano (Switzerland) while Eric defeated Pana. The big winner is Eric Lienhardt who won the final (2-1) against Renato. In the small final Pana won.

More importantly, it was great to have 10 different players from South Africa, Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland taking part in a Subbuteo day all together under WASPA banner.

Special thanks from WASPA to Peter Erb for a great organisation!

Tuesday, 13 September 2022

England: great tournaments in Chesterfield and North Shields

We are pleased to receive reports and pictures of great deays of Subbuteo table football in England.

Elliott Bellefontaine winner in Chesterfield

Chesterfield TFC had an amazing inaugural tournament on sunday with a great field of 20 players competing in swiss system. All players had 5 games and in the end Elliott Bellefontaine was unbeaten to take the tile was Aaron Skinner, who was also unbeaten, was runner-up. Huge thanks to Andrew Forster-Fake and his friends for a great tournament!

More about the club:

Chris Kaberry wins in Darlington 

Due to COVID, the NETFA BRIGANTES  2019-20 season was abandoned and the players player trophy was never awarded. Chairman, Mike Parnaby, suggested that the lads who are still playing from that season compete for it, so that’s what we did that last night.

Chris Kaberry won the night, but at the final bleeper he made a short speech (see on the live recording on Facebook) and announced that Nick Pearson should win be awarded the medal for his hospitality, sportsmanship and general improvement throughout the 2019-20 season.

The night was tightly contested with some great Subbuteo and refereeing.

Again, thanks to Nick for being a first class host.

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Patrick de Jong wins Top of Holland tournament

The Netherlands had a fantastic day of Subbuteo table football on Sunday as 18 players (including 2 from Belgium and 2 from Germany) attended the Top of Holland tournament organized in Hoogezand by the club of GSV de Hyacinth. There were surprises in the first round as the 2 Belgians didn't pass the group stage but in the knock-out stage, there were many close games. In the final, Patrick de Jong defeated Germany's Edin Mulasmajic (2-0) while Henk Landzaat and Rinaldo van Dijk made it to the semi-finals. Congratulations to Jacob Bijlstra and his crew for organising a great event!

Henk Landzaat (3) - Patrick de Jong (1) - Edin Mulasmajic (2)

Final table "Top of Holland Tournament"

1. Patrick de Jong
2. Edin Mulasmajic
3. Henk Landzaat
4. Rinaldo van Dijk
5. Marco de Bruin
6. Nico Marks
7. Ronald Scheffer
8. Fred Elesbao
9. Erwin Smit
10. Ard Lukassen
11. Jacob Bijlstra
12. Martin Scheffer
13. Dave Wouters
14. Jarno Marks
15. Xavier Aret
16. Stéphane Lambert
17. Martijn de Jong
18. Cailim Marks

More about Subbuteo in the Netherlands:

Monday, 5 September 2022

Final WASPA tables for the season 2021-2022

Dear Subbuteo friends,

we are excited to present the final WASPA standings for the season 2021-2022.

Excel file:

PDF file:

London Road Subbuteo Club players did an amazing job and dominated most WASPA tables this season

You will see in the files that there are some surprises. 

The Open ranking has seen unexpected moves in August and the top 2 players, Brian Daley and Alan Lee, finish the season with respectively 521,00 and 520,95 points. Brian Daley also wins the season ranking and his club, the young Ruby Matthews wins the junior ranking and London Road SC is the big winner in the "Top clubs" and "Junior clubs" tables.

In the Development League, Solent SC is the big champion this season while Worthing is runner-up and Terni takes the third place. These three teams are promoted to the "Top clubs" section for next season.

Singapore players still compete on regular base in WASPA events

There is no surprise in the ranking of nations as England is the absolute number 1.

The big news in the rankings is that we added 5 new clubs in the Development league and that Finland is back in the ranking of nations!

As for August, we had an amazing month with 30 regional tournaments, 2 tournaments with the old rules and 1 test-match in the US.

Players at the latest Derry tournament in Northern Ireland

Among the big facts, we can note we had the first events of the Leicester club in England and the Tralee and Munster club in Ireland. The Chasers clubs has also an impressive debut with some new players involved.

The US were back in action with a good event held in Virginia. Thanks to Bryan Arnold for making things happen.

You will see in the results file the details of all these events. Enjoy!

Please note that:

- the season file with a recap of results and statistics will be out as soon as possible;

- the updated list of clubs for the new season will also be updated in the next few days so that the "Top clubs" and "Development league" can clearly be defined;

- The junior category for the new season will be open for players born in 2006 or later.

Players at the Templeuve tournament in Belgium

Don't hesitate to run tournaments under the WASPA banner. It's a great way to promote your club, to attract new players and to create local or regional development and we all agree this is what the game needs nowadays.

All your ideas to make the WASPA circuit more attractive are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send your feedback. We also hope to see more and more clubs running events under the WASPA banner in the future.

We also take to opportunity to thank our partners:

- SubKits at

- Flicks for Kicks at


Action in Dublin, Ireland

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Keep an eye on the WASPA blog at as there are updates almost every day.

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at

We also have a WASPA page here:

Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for new partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each  other), don't hesitate to contact me at or

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Vincent Coppenolle, WASPA organizer

Friday, 2 September 2022

Edin Mulasmajic wins the Pokal Drugova in Hannover

Friendship is about commitment, and the "Pokal Drugova" (meaning, "Friendship Cup" in Serbo-Croatian) proved that when 9 players from different parts of the country showed up in the Lower Saxony Capital for a nice Subbuteo evening.

After 5 rounds in a Swiss system there was a nice surprise. The young national player Leon Schneider won against the experienced Simon Stewart and ended up in 3rd place. Leon has proved that he is fit to represent Germany in the World Cup in Rome this month.

The final was played between the Hanoverian Fred Elesbao and the Wuppertaler Edin Mulasmajic which ended up 1-1 with a very funny equaliser from Edin close to the end of the 1st half. After this result, shoot outs were necessary to decide who would bring the trophy home. Edin won in the end with a 2-0 score.

Congratulations Edin. Well deserved title!

Results after Qualification Rounds:

1° - Edin Mulasmajic (Germania Kaiserau) - 15 points
2° - Fred Elesbao (SG '94 Hannover) - 10 points
3° - Leon Schneider (SC Berlin) - 9 points
4° - Simon Stewart (SG '94 Hannover) - 8 points
5° - Carsten Bock (SC Berlin) - 7 points
6° - Charis Chatziplaton (SG '94 Hannover) - 6 points
7° - Linus von Schultzendorff (SG '94 Hannover) - 1 point
8° - Noah Wulff (SG '94 Hannover) - 0 point
9° - Fisnik Sopa (SG '94 Hannover) - 0 point

Final : Edin Mulasmajic vs. Fred Elesbao (1:1, 2:0 after shoot-out)

Thursday, 1 September 2022

George Papadopoulos winner in Helsinki

A few days ago, there was a small WASPA tournament organized in Helsinki, Finland during the visit of some foreign players. Eliot Kennedy and Robert Green from Australia were joined by George Papadopoulos from Greece and by two players from Finland, Kari Hakkarainen and Kai Grönfors. Papadopulos finished on top of the group stage and later beat Eliot Kennedy in the semi-final and then Robert green in sudden death of the final. More importantly, it was important to see Subbuteo table football action in Finland under WASPA banner. Local players would be happy to hear about other players from Northern Europe as local organizers think there are probably other interested players in neighboring countries such as Sweden, Estonia and possibly Norway. Interested players to join a Scandinavian project can contact us at WASPA so that we can put players in touch together!