Thursday, 15 September 2022

Success for Luca Zambello in Borgo Vercelli

Luca Zambello receiving his trophy

Last week-end was a special day for the 69ers club in Borgo Vercelli. For their first tournament of the season, Andrea Lessona and his crew had an amazing turnout of 21 players. The Open category had 15 competitors and some of them were world class players. Luca Zambello (Reggio Emilia) proved to be part of the world's elite by winning the event very easily. Zambello defeated Luca Bisio (TSC Stella Artois Milano) in the final while semi-finalists were Claudio Colpani (Papata Group Ponticino) and Vittorio de Pascale (Ligures Genova). The consolation tournament was won by Ligures Genova's Enrico Frisone who defeated clubmate Giancarlo Riva in the final.
Presentation of the trophy for Angelo Bisio

The junior tournament was disputed by 7 players from 3 different clubs. Angelo Bisio (TSC Stella Artois Milano) was really on fire and defeated Samuele Bignardi (Club Rebels Genova) in the final. Alessandro Gandin (Club Rebels Genova) and Gabriele Saveriano (TSC 69ers) made it to the semi-finals.

Huge thanks to the organizers for a great tournament and for their great efforts of promotions.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck to those who attended the tournament and will also attend the FISTF world cup next week-end in Rome.

See more about TSC 69ers here:

Gianpaolo Abagnale winner in Angri

In Angri, Gianpolo Abagnale organized a tournament this week-end with an amazing number of 30 players. In the final, Gianpaolo Abagnale defeated Francesco De Vergori (3-0) to win the title. The final standings were as follows:

1. Gianpaolo Abagnale
2. Francesco De Vergori
3. Luigi Desiderio
4. Pasquale Ceglia
5. Luigi Ostrica
6. Giovanni Scarpato
7. Nicola Cavallaro
8. Francesco D'Aniello
9. Luigi Fusco
10. Giovanni De Vivo
11. Giovanni Esposito
12. Salvatore Esposito
13. Luigi Francese
14. Francesco Grimaldi
15. Nicola Grimaldi
16. Francesco Prezioso
17. Luigi Carraturo
18. Pasquale Montella
19. Luigi Montella
20. Francesco De Simone
21. Antonio D'Amaro
22. Luigi D'Antonio
23. Luca Attianese
24. Francesco Attianese
25. Giovanni Attianese
26. Pasquale Romano
27. Luigi Langella
28. Luigi Nocera
29. Nicola Elefante
30. Luigi Auletta

New season starts in Terni

Finally, the Perotti family held the first 2 tournaments of SC Terni 2014. Like last season, these "old rules" tournaments were small events with 3 players but players had great fun and were happy to play under WASPA banner.

Table of September 1:
1. Marco Perotti
2. Emanuele Perotti
3. Volfango Perotti

Table of September 12:
1. Marco Perotti
2. Volfango Perotti
3. Emanuele Perotti

More about Subbuteo in Terni:

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