Friday, 23 September 2022

Weekly results from England - Inaugural Dewsbury Moor TFC tournament

This week was another busy week for English Subbuteo as several tournaments took place under WASPA banner.

Craig Heward wins Dewsbury Moor TFC tournament

Cracking first Subbuteo club night this evening at Dewsbury Moor Sports Club - plenty of players in attendance, both new and returning. Craig Heward won the main event by one goal in a three way tie at the top of the table, from Tony McCann and Paul Lawrenson. 

Martin Blanchard made a surprise visit and was in friendly action with newcomer Neil Kimpton. Plenty of interest also on a busy night in the sports club which enabled several people to try the game out on the demo table. 

Next club meet Thursday 13th October - get in touch if you fancy trying your hand (report by Paul Lawrenson)

Dewsbury Moor TFC Final Table:

1. Craig Heward (Yorkshire Phoenix) 10pts
2. Tony McCann (Yorkshire Phoenix) 10pts
3. Paul Lawrenson (Yorkshire Phoenix) 10pts
4. Shaun Dunne (Manchester) 7pts
5. Brian Kinrade (Moralzarzal) 4pts
6. Kevin Adderley (Yorkshire Phoenix) 1pt

Dan Nicholls winner in Morecambe Bay

The Morecambe Bay club had a great tournament with a nice turnout of 8 players so they had 2 groups of four and knock-out games. In the end, there was a surprising winner as Dan Nicholls (London Road) defeated Shaun Dunne (Manchester) in the final. Shaun Dunne had a great game in the semi to beat Brian Daley on shots! Luca Lanzani defeated Andy Grundy in the consolation final.

Shaun Allison wins Worthing tournament

Worthing TFC had a smaller turnout of 5 players. Shaun Allison was undefeated and won the tournament. Congratulations Shaun!

Final table (all worthing players):

1. Shaun Allison
2. Steve Taylor
3. Nigel Pestelle
4. Ian Maskell
5. Joe Currey

Tom Heslop winner in North Shields

Earlier this week, the North Shields clubs had a small event with three players. This time Tom Heslop took the honors but all games were very close. 

Final table (all North Shields players)

1. Tom Heslop
2. Chris Kaberry
3. Nigel Lamond

Haverhill Rovers are back - Marco Barqueiro on fire

Well, after a quiet summer re numbers what with business and holiday commitments it was great to have 7 of us play tonight.

Buoyed by watching the World Cup we all were eager to play and it was great having some very close games.

With three tables out in the bar area and an under 18 game in progress we had a few people pop in for a chat.

Fortunately they had our very own Peter Holmes on hand to talk them through the nuance’s of the game. Hopefully will see a few more new faces in the future. (report by Gerry Harrington)

Final table

1. Marco Barqueiro (Haverhill)
2. Martin Bellefontaine (Cardiff)
3. Joe Harrington (Haverhill)
4. Peter Holmes (Haverhill)
5. Gerry Harrington (Haverhill)
6. Mike Williams (Haverhill)
7. Jason Mitchell (Haverhill)

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