Project "Brazil 2014"

We will publish here pictures and stories of any subbuteo item related to the "FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014". If your club is planning to host a tournament where every player take the name of a national football team, if you have painted the kit of your favorite national football team on subbuteo figures, if you play subbuteo games wearing the shirt of your favorite football team, then drop a line to and we will be pleased to publish it!

Please remember there are so many ways to promote the game. Sometimes a bit of originality helps to get the attention of the medias and potential players.

Best moments of the first round

Luis Suarez celebrates after the game against England (by Terry Lee)

World cup theme painted teams by Westwood table soccer

Well done Nick Oldham

Nick Oldham's picture for the opening day of the world cup

Subbuteo world cup project in Pretoria, South Africa

A fantastic picture by Nick Oldham

Spain ready for the cup?
At least Table Soccer USA has produced a beautiful kit for the summer.

"World cup tournament" in Singapore
Singapore will have a world cup event on June 28 and 29. More details can be found on the TFAS website or on the tournament Facebook page.

Need a ball?
To play, you need balls and Subbuteo Next has big plans

(Last updated on June 20, 2014)

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