The best pictures of the WASPA blog

The first WASPA tournament ever was held in California

Five nations and great fun for a tournament in Stockholm, Sweden

A big turnout in Singapore
There are always big trophies in Malta
The first tournament ever in Hong Kong
Geoffrey Marain and a "funny face" Stéphane Lambert
Tennis legend Novak Djokovic playing subbuteo with friends in Paris
Subbuteo tournament in the Mega Games shop in Penrith (Australia)
WASPA tournament in Barcelona (Spain)
Irish players (from the North and from the Republic) playing together
Good fun in Michigan!
A nice picture of the Black Rose club in Italy
Hamilton Subbuteo club in action in Canada
Good action in Limassol (Cyprus)
The Harrow Weald Subbuteo club in London
"Live from the Garage" in Calgary (Canada)
East Coast players in action in the USA
The "flying ball" in Templeuve (Belgium)
"Small is beautiful" but at least there is subbuteo action in Montreal, Quebec
Always a good show with the Pretoria Flickers (South Africa)
Subbuteo in Vancouver (Canada)
Outdoor subbuteo in Italy
Players from 6 nations in a tournament in Templeuve (Belgium)
Good job by Bormla Subbuteo Club in Malta

A nice venue for subbuteo in Michigan
Another nice venue from England
NETFA tournament in Thornaby
Group picture in Germany
The first WASPA tournament in Portugal
Serious people in the US
The first tournament in Scotland!
Always brilliant pictures by Luca Rajna
Was it a goal?
Arabona players in Italy
Tournament in Auvelais (Belgium)
Subbuteo in Kent (England)
The first WASPA tournament in Switzerland
Action from the Lisbon Cup in Portugal
Firenze players in Italy
Flickers in Malaysia
Old school session in Italy
Subbuteo played under WASPA banner in Greece thanks to the Flaming Flickers SC

(Last update on February 3, 2014)

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