Thursday 7 April 2011

Some more details about WASPA

The philosophy of the WASPA is to make unity between all amateur subbuteo players in the world, to organize tournaments and meetings between players at regional, national and international level.
There will be a world ranking organized.
Players of every country should have the same importance. There should not be difference between players in or outside Europe. Players from small nations should have the same rights and duties as those from bigger countries.

Rules of the game
For the moment, the WASPA events will be played with the same rules of the game as in FISTF tournaments. There will be a handbook released in the near future with all tournaments regulations.

Global community
There will not be several national associations but only one global association organizing the game at international level. Some players will be appointed as "delegates" and will have the right to organize tournaments. The first goal of WASPA is to attract as many players as possible and from as many countries as possible.

The Open circuit
The philosophy of the WASPA will be to organize tournaments based on the skill of players. To make tournaments attractive, every player should be guaranteed to play at least 4 (four) games.

How to become member?
Players become members of the WASPA when they enter a tournament of the "WASPA Tour". The delegate of the tournament will be in charge to collect each player's data so that we can compile the players database.

How to get involved?
All players ranked in the WASPA ranking will have the right to vote during elections.

The WASPA Board
The WASPA Board will consist in 5 (five) members:
- the General Manager
- the treasurer
- the sports director (in charge of the calendar and the world rankings, possibly with the help of some other people)
- the general secretary (in charge of the players database)
- the communication director (in charge of the website and possible newsletter, possibly with the help of some other people)