Sunday 30 June 2013

Home win for Mark Farrell

Mark Farrell won the Kildare Open, topping a 5-player league with maximum points. His victory also secured the 2012/13 Irish Circuit Championship, as he can no longer be caught with only one event remaining. Two 1-0 victories over Runner-up, Kenny Beggs, made the difference in Kildare, while the other players battled for 3rd place. Ernie Bickerstaff, who has been playing for about a year, had a notable win and draw against the experienced John Moore but John just pipped him into 3rd place. Unfortunately, England's Colin Tarry had to drop out at the last minute due to illness. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Final table:
1. Mark Farrell (ROI) 24 pts
2. Kenny Beggs (NIR) 18 pts
3. John Moore (ROI) 7 pts
4. E.Bickerstaff (NIR) 5 pts
5. Nicky Moore (ROI) 4 pts
The tournament was played under the WASPA Banner in Celbridge Mill which, as usual, was a great venue.

(report by Kenny Beggs)

First trophy for Brodyn Sexton

Eight players attended the Hamilton tournament played on June 22. The top players qualified for the semis and the final was a family affair between father and son. Brodyn Sexton finally beat Daddy Peter on shots after a close final (1-1).

Saturday 29 June 2013

Short news from England, Italy, Malta and Switzerland

The Lincoln tournament scheduled on saturday has been postponed due to local organizer John Devaney being ill. We wish John a quick recovery!

The event in Sforzacosta (Italy) has also been postponed. Some games of the tournament with old rules were supposed to take place outside during a big outdoor exhibition but the whole event was cancelled because of the extreme bad weather in the area. We are sure Alberto Gagliardi's group will find more opportunities to promote the game.

George Ebejer won the Attard tournament on saturday. More details and pictures will be added in the next few days.

In Switzerland, Brian Butterworth ahas just launched his website at
We wish him all the best as he's doing some great work to make superb kits.

Details and resutls of the tournaments in Kildare (Ireland) and Melbourne (Australia) should be announced soon. Stay tuned.

First tournament in Colorado

Three players attended the "Tucker Semi-International Open" held in Denver, Colorado on friday evening. Players played each other twice and the top two players qualified for the final. Zach Walker beat Simone Di Pierro from Italy in the final to win the title while Tory Reed took the third place. Well done Zach. Hopefully there will be a growing interest for the game in Colorado in the future.
Simone vs Tory

Simone and Zach

Action between Tory and Simone

Thursday 27 June 2013

Small international tournament in Tampa

Four players attended the tournament held in Tampa, Florida last sunday The event was small but it was something special with the visit of Tony McCann from England. The tournament was a big group stage where all players played each other twice. Alex Batacchi won all six games to win the title while Tony Mccann was second, Daniel Louis was third and Steve Husley was fourth. It is good to know subbuteo is alive and flicking in Florida. Hopefully more events with more players will be held over there in the future.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Colciago ETF Cup in Lurago d'Erba

On monday, the Colciago ETF Cup was held in Lurago d'Erba (Italy). There were 5 players, including Daniele Lopresto, a player who used to compete with the great Stefano Beverini in the italian national team in the 70's. Every player played four games and at the end, Roberto Cavallo won the tournament with three wins and a better goal-difference than Fabrizio Olla. Alberto Grazioli was third, Daniele Lopresto fourth and Luca Rajna fifth.
Action during the games

Group picture

New poster for the Sliders Tour

After the success of the second tournaments, evenrything is getting prepared for the next event to be played on August 17 in Manchester!

Monday 24 June 2013

Subbuteo official sets for Arsenal and Tottenham

Our partner Mad About Games has just announce dthe new kits for Arsenal and Tottenham are available. Collectors will definately love the brand new kits. Links:

Report of the third NETFA tournament in Thornaby

This meeting saw two new players to the club. Mark Parkin is a local player from the venue we hold our meetings in. But Jeff Parsons is an old time Table Soccer player who is spending some time in our area and was very welcome at the club. There was never any doubt about who would win the event, David Russell was on fine form all night and it was a race for second place. As often happens, it was a battle between Mike Parnaby and Neil Youngson for this place and Mike had the better goal difference. Jeff came 4th in his first WASPA event. All the other players picked up valuable ranking points and valuable experience.

Date of next NETFA Teesside WASPA tournament will be 19th August 2013

(report by Mike Parnaby)
Chris Kaberry defends against Neil Youngson

Geoffrey Marain beats Paulo Gouveia in Templeuve

14 players were present on sunday at the Templeuve tournament and there were many interesting games and it was really an international event with 6 nationalities in the starting line as four players had travelled from the UK to meet the Belgians and 2 French players. In the first round, players were dropped in two groups of seven. The top four players qualified for the next round. In the quarter-finals, there were some surprises as Gerald Brightwell beat Kevin Cordell while Grégory Puissant beat Rudi Peterschinigg. The closest quarter-final ended on shots when Paulo Gouveia beat Jos Ceulemans. In the semis, Geoffrey Marain took it easy again Gerald Brightwell (5-0) while Paulo Gouveia managed to beat Grégory Puissant (2-1). The final was very close with still the score of 2-2 after the sudden death. On shots, Geoffrey Marain managed to beat the Portuguese to claim the title. Jean-Luc Platiaux won the Plate. It was a very good day and the Templeuve Unied club would like to thank again those who travelled to play the tournament!

The final table:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Paulo Gouveia
3. Grégory Puissant
4. Gerald Brightwell
5. Jos Ceulemans
6. Kevin Cordell
7. Renald Deloose
8. Rudi Peterschinigg
9. Jean-Luc Platiaux
10. Vincent Coppenolle
11. Maxime Hoguet and Cyprien Godart
13. Dirk Vekemans
14. Philippe Godart
Grégory Puissant vs Rudi Peterschinigg

Gerald Brightwell reached the semis

The final beatween Marain and Gouveia

The final four: Puissant, Gouveia, Marain and Brightwell

Players during the presentation of the prizes

Sunday 23 June 2013

Justin Finch wins the second stage of the Sliders Tour

24 players competed in the second stage of the Sliders Tour on saturday in Heckmondwike (England). The tournament was played under swiss format with every player playing five games. Justin Finch ended as the tournament winner with 15 points while Alan Collins, the Honorary President of FISTF, was second with 12 points and a better goal difference than Mike Parnaby. Richard Stock, was 4th, Paul Lawrenson 5th, Colin Fletcher 6th,...
From left to right: Paul Lawrenson, Mike Parnaby, Justin Finch, Alan Collins and Danny Lilley

Saturday 22 June 2013

Ralf Grégoire wins in Jambes

There was a small turnout of 4 players on friday evening in Jambes but there were many close games. Ralf Grégoire won his very first WASPA tournament, ending with 7 points, while Vincent Guyaux had 6 points and Kevin Sorlin had 4. Dany Timmerman, who returned to the game after a long break of 5 years, gained experienced and will be a good player for the future. Hopefully there will be a bigger turnout next time in Jambes.
Ralf Grégoire,  winner of the tournament in Jambes. 

Friends Cup in Singapore

Rudy Hesty won the "Friends Cup" on friday in Singapore. The tournament was added in the calendar as some foreign players travelled for this sunday's FISTF Open. The "Friends Cup" was played as a group stage with local player Anas finishing second and Stéphane Lambert from Belgium was third.
Group picture


Rudy Hesty and Stéphane Lambert

Thursday 20 June 2013

Lazio: the honors for Lazzaretti & Del Brocco

On June 19, the 9th and last leg of the WASPA Lazio League 2012/2103 in the premises of SS Lazio, the famous club from Rome (Italy). There were eight participants in the kick-off for the planned five rounds of play in the Swiss formula. At the end, Patrizio Lazzaretti won with 12 points, repeating the success of the 8th event, in front of Gianmarco Del Brocco, who collects 11 points and won the title of champion in the "WASPA Lazio League 2013", and Simone Trivelli whith 8 points. Matteo Del Brocco and Paul Barone finish with 7 points while Stefano Tagliaferri and Claudio Paolino collected 6 points. Luigi Aniballi finishes in the 8th position.
The General Classification sees the triumph of Gianmarco Del Brocco (154) in front of Simone Trivelli (153) and Mattheo Del Brocco (142).
Gianmarco Del Brocco is the season winner!

Patrizio Lazzaretti won another tournament on wedesday!

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Friends cup in Singapore

A last minute tournament has been added in Singapore and will be held at Jurong Community Center on June 21 as the local players will play with Stéphane Lambert from Belgium and Antonio Carabillo from Hong Kong. Good luck everyone!

Time for the Subbuteo Challenge cup

With the relaunch of Subbuteo, there is a lot of enthusiasm going on in the UK to develop the game. Subbuteo will organize four tournaments in different cities this summer. Players will play with subbuteo material only (old or new) and with the advanced rules. There will be a junior section and a senior tournament.

The events will be in:
- Glasgow (Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum) on July 13 & 14;
- London (Chelsea Football Club, Stanford Bridge) on August 3;
- Leeds (Leeds United FC, Elland Road) on August 11;
- Manchester for the national finals (National Football Museum) on October 19.

Details can be found here:

Tuesday 18 June 2013

15 players for the first tournament in Firenze

The first tournament under WASPA banner held in Firenze was held on monday, June 17th with 15 players taking part. The event was played in swiss system in the first part of the evening with every player playing four games. After the swiss stage, finals were played and Luca Pini defeated Matteo Cherici (3-2) to win the title while Marco Bonciani won the final for the third place against Emanuele Cattani. Mirko Masini was 5th, Giammarco Riccioni 6th. Congratulations to the team of Marco Bonciani for the excellent work to promote subbuteo in Firenze.
The final

A superb venue for the tournament

12 players at the first Tolentino tournament

Last saturday 12 players attended the tournament held with the old rules in Tolentino and organized by UNITED SUBBUTEO CLUB MACERATA. Players were dropped in three groups of four and there were many good games. In the final, Augusto Vagnoni won over Alberto Gagliardi on golden goal (1-0).

Third WASPA title for David Baxter

Some news from last week's tournament in Calgary (Canada) where 7 players were present with David Baxter laying the boots to Shane Hoopfer in the final (5-0). Ryad Kadri and Ben Herrel reached the semis. Next even in Calgary will take place in July and is to be announced soon.

Monday 17 June 2013

Posters of the Manoppello tournaments

Here are the great posters for the big tournament in Manoppello on July 13 & 14. Well done to Fabrizio Fedele and his friends for the great work!

Rudi Peterschinigg wins in Pescara

10 players took part in the tournament organized in Pescara by the club of Brasilia Chieti. The local top players did not take part so it was very open for the other players. Rudi Peterschinigg, who had travelled from England to play in 2 tournaments over the week-end, won the group stage in the main category while Maurizio Cavallo won the "under" tournament with 4 young players taking part. Well done.
Rudi Peterschinigg, winner of the tournament

Rudi between two subbuteo legends: Fabrizio Fedele and Andrea Di Vincenzo

Action in Pescara

Action in Pescara

Action in Pescara

Thursday 13 June 2013

First WASPA tournament in Valdivia (Chile)

The small group of subbuteo players in Valdivia met last week-end for a special tournament as Erik Holmström, one of the local players, will be moving back to Stockholm in the near future. There were 3 players taking part and after the group stage, Erik Holmström beat Ignacio López in the final! Well done to Erik who, hopefully, will be able to continue playing in Sweden.
Thanks to this tournament, Chile is bringing the number of nations involved in the WASPA circuit to 32.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

First tournament in Bari

The first tournament in bari will be held on July 1 and will be a "promotional tournament". There will be a limit of 12 players for this tournament played on astropitch. The location is the club's playing ground, Via Falcone 28 in Triggiano (BA). Contact:

Monday 10 June 2013

Welcome Firenze

Subbuteo Club Firenze from Italy has decided to join the WASPA circuit, Marco Bonciani ( is the official contact of the club. Their inaugural tournament will be held on June 17th in the evening. Interested players can contact Marco.

Report of the Singapore tournament

Here's a brief write up on Leste' Aquila Champions League 2013 on 8/8/2013 A total of 9 Singapore players representing 4 clubs including Templeuve United (Belgium) came and battled it out for 6 hours for the coveted Leste’ Aquila Champions League 2013 Gold medal.

Powerhouses Erza was making long overdue return were paired with Mr Elias SC, Rizal T, home grown talent Azhar & newbie Fauzi were drawn in Group A. While home favourites Rudy, Michael and Fadhly were in Group B together with Raising Woodlands SC star, Anas and veteran player Ezan a.k.a Zizou.

As expected, Erza & Rizal T. qualified comfortably to the Semi-Finals of the Main draw. In Group B, Rudy topped the group with 10 points but against all odds,, dark horse Fadhly scrap a 1-0 win against Michael in the group game to finish ahead of Anas and Michael who came in 3rd & 4th respectively. Got to be a heartbreaker for Anas as he just missed out on goal difference.

In the Main draw Semi-Finals, Erza went onto 4th gear and crashed Fadhly 3-0 while Rudy managed to win 1-0 against Rizal courtesy of a defensive blunder by the latter.

The final was a tense affair between old rivalries. Erza and Rudy dished out an ala "Classico" game with Erza scoring in the 1st minute of the game from a counter attack. Rudy eventually managed to equalized after his opponent keeper slipped and the ball manage to bundle into the net. The game ended 1-1 in full and extra time thus the dreaded shootout was required. Rudy eventually manage to win the shoot-out 3-0 and was handed prestigious Champions Cup.

Fadhly manage to secure the Bronze after upsetting Rizal T. 3-1 while Anas emerged as the winner of the Plate draw after overcoming a resilient newcomer Fauzi 1-0.

(report by Fauzi Ghani)
Group picture

The presentation of the trophies

Mohammed Rizal Taib vs Erza Aripin & Erza's son

Saturday 8 June 2013

First tournament in Badalona

The club of "Badalona Juventut Futbol de Table" organized their first tournament under WASPA banner on June 7th with 4 players taking part. Number were low but the excellent weather was probably the reason for the low turnout. Anyway, it is good to see this new club being active and helping new players to get in touch with competitive table football. The tournament was classified as "promotional tournament" and Josep Sobre was the final winner with 7 points and a better goal-difference than Celes Pérez, the only representative of Palomar FT. Xavi Sancho was third and Fede Sánchez was fourth. Well done.