Sunday, 30 June 2013

Home win for Mark Farrell

Mark Farrell won the Kildare Open, topping a 5-player league with maximum points. His victory also secured the 2012/13 Irish Circuit Championship, as he can no longer be caught with only one event remaining. Two 1-0 victories over Runner-up, Kenny Beggs, made the difference in Kildare, while the other players battled for 3rd place. Ernie Bickerstaff, who has been playing for about a year, had a notable win and draw against the experienced John Moore but John just pipped him into 3rd place. Unfortunately, England's Colin Tarry had to drop out at the last minute due to illness. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Final table:
1. Mark Farrell (ROI) 24 pts
2. Kenny Beggs (NIR) 18 pts
3. John Moore (ROI) 7 pts
4. E.Bickerstaff (NIR) 5 pts
5. Nicky Moore (ROI) 4 pts
The tournament was played under the WASPA Banner in Celbridge Mill which, as usual, was a great venue.

(report by Kenny Beggs)

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