Monday, 24 June 2013

Geoffrey Marain beats Paulo Gouveia in Templeuve

14 players were present on sunday at the Templeuve tournament and there were many interesting games and it was really an international event with 6 nationalities in the starting line as four players had travelled from the UK to meet the Belgians and 2 French players. In the first round, players were dropped in two groups of seven. The top four players qualified for the next round. In the quarter-finals, there were some surprises as Gerald Brightwell beat Kevin Cordell while Grégory Puissant beat Rudi Peterschinigg. The closest quarter-final ended on shots when Paulo Gouveia beat Jos Ceulemans. In the semis, Geoffrey Marain took it easy again Gerald Brightwell (5-0) while Paulo Gouveia managed to beat Grégory Puissant (2-1). The final was very close with still the score of 2-2 after the sudden death. On shots, Geoffrey Marain managed to beat the Portuguese to claim the title. Jean-Luc Platiaux won the Plate. It was a very good day and the Templeuve Unied club would like to thank again those who travelled to play the tournament!

The final table:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Paulo Gouveia
3. Grégory Puissant
4. Gerald Brightwell
5. Jos Ceulemans
6. Kevin Cordell
7. Renald Deloose
8. Rudi Peterschinigg
9. Jean-Luc Platiaux
10. Vincent Coppenolle
11. Maxime Hoguet and Cyprien Godart
13. Dirk Vekemans
14. Philippe Godart
Grégory Puissant vs Rudi Peterschinigg

Gerald Brightwell reached the semis

The final beatween Marain and Gouveia

The final four: Puissant, Gouveia, Marain and Brightwell

Players during the presentation of the prizes

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