Friday, 10 February 2017

Danish Dynamite in Hamburg

Subbuteo St. Pauli held their very first WASPA-Tournament, the SuSP-Cup, on Saturday the 14th January at their venue “Fanladen” under the grandstand of the Millerntorstadion, home of the 2. Bundesliga-team and former Bayern München-conqueror FC St. Pauli.
With some guests from Berlin and Odense/DK 16 players were taking part. With Daria from Berlin and our Sarah we had 2 Ladys amongst them, who played each other twice during the tournament.
We started with a group-stage of 4 groups.
In the killer-group A in the last match when Thomas had the lead against Marcus, it seemed that Jens and Thomas will be both in the winners knockout by 2-2 goals and 6 points and Marcus will only get to the consolation knockout by 1-1 goals and also 6 points,……….but with only 15 seconds on the clock, Marcus surprisingly did the no longer expected equalizer and so Thomas was out.
In the other 3 groups the danish favourites Kristian, Jesper and Anders won their 3 matches and reached the winners knockout easily.
In group B Sven won much easier as expected against his greatest club rival Marius. In group C young Nico ended very close in front of Daria. In group D the deciding match was Klaus vs. Olli. Klaus was the superior player, who had  such a lot of big chances, which he did not capitalize. So in the end Olli used his only shot for the lucky win.
In the consolidation knockout Thomas had an easy way to 9th place. Philip got an unexpected win against his club mate Marius. Most of the matches were decided by shootout. Daria lost her first 2 matches by shots, but in the end she turned the tables and won her last match against Sarah by shots.
In the quarterfinal of the winners round favourite Marcus needed extratime to beat underdog Olli. In the halffinal the danish players both won against their german opponents, whereat Anders needed extratime and shootout to beat Jens.
In the danish final Anders deafeted Jesper 2-0.
After the end of the tournament Subbuteo St. Pauli and Sparta Spreeathen did a friendly teammatch. After the draw it looked like that match will be a 2-2 draw. And so it comes, because Wilfried won against Marcos and Jens won against Olli for Spreeathen and the 2 St. Pauli winnings were done by Marius, who won against Nico and how it was expected by everyone the second win for St. Pauli was done by Sven, who destroyed Daria……nooooo! What happened in this match was a kind of a nightmare for Sven. Sven had not a good start in this match against Daria, who definitely played here absolutely best match on this day and every time Sven tried to fight back, Daria made some awesome flicks, which breaked his neck. In the end Sven was lucky that it was only a 0-0, but this made Daria the matchwinner for Sparta Spreeathen.
Subbuteo St. Pauli and hopefully their guests too were very satisfied with their first tournament, which had a lot of exciting and funny Subbuteo-action in a friendly atmosphere with some new players and a lot of friends from the good old times. For some of the St. Pauli and Berlin players it all ends with a nice extratime in a turkish restaurant.

(Report by Sven Schilling)

Final standings:
1. Anders Buhl Hansen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
2. Jesper Staal Nielsen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
3. Marcus Tilgner (Sparta Spreeathen)
4. Jens „the Legend“ Röttjer (Sparta Spreeathen)
5. Kristian Staal Nielsen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
6. Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
7. Nico Pretzel (Sparta Spreeathen)
8. Olli Jescho (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
9. Thomas Petersen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
10. Philip Hansen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
11. Klaus Fritz (Sparta Spreeathen)
12. Wilfried Pretzel (Sparta Spreathen)
13. Marius Willhaus (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
14. Marcos Perianes (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
15. Daria Prazynski (Sparta Spreeathen)
16. Sarah Friedrichsen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)

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