Friday, 31 August 2018

Brener and Ollnow winners in Sydney

The Northern Falcons in Australia recently held two WASPA tournament for their juniors. The first one saw Jonty Brener finishing on top of a small league with Olivier Ollnow being runner-up. The second one was held on August 31 with 8 players taking part, including two new players. Oliver Ollnow defeated Phanna Engelhardt (3-1) in the final.
Congratulations to Hermann Kruse for his hard work of promotion with youngsters!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

News from around the world - August 2018

Several small events have been held during the month in many different countries.

First trophy for Richard Ruffolo
In Toronto, Canada there was a turnout of 4 players for the latest TSC tournament with Richard Ruffolo winning the final against local top player Mike Sgro. Dan Santianni and Mike Devey also had some great games and prove to be improving au lot.!

In Scotland, Dundee United had two small events also to prepare the trip to the world cup. Steve Bennett won both event with Andy Beskaby being runner-up int he first event, David Baxter taking the second place of the second tournament.

In Australia, the Brisbane club organized a tournament under the theme of the world cup. Gus Gillespie defeated Gerry Vickers in the final to claim the honors.

In England, the Bristol club held a pre-season tournament with a small turnout of four players competing in a league format with home and away games. Simon Donadel took the honors while Bob Fairbrother was runner-up. Adam Fraser and Tim Mourant also managed to win some games!

Big game between Arudyo and Winaldo

Steve Dettre (left) in action
We have been glad to see some action in Indonesia after a long hiatus. During Steve Dettre's visit in Jakarta, the FISTF president managed to play a small tournament with Arudyu Putro Rudy and Winaldo Swastia Artaraya. Steve won the event but more importantly it was a good time to meet and discuss and the future of the game in the country.

The "Sporting Club 18", part of the "Podjistan Subbuteo Association", a new club based in Northern Ireland, held a first tournament last week. Martinog Bradley took the best on local organizer Simon Stewart and Lawrence Watson. There should be more events to come in the near future.
See the club's Facebook page here:

Players in Vreese
In Belgium, the club of Semois SC based in Vresse had a preseason event with four players. Pascal Droeven finished on top of a group format with Grégory Berte as runner-up, Philippe Thys being 3rd and Marc De Vos also playing some good games.

In Spain, the latest promotional tournament in Javea had a small field of 3 players with Pasquale Carrassi taking the best on Bill Dunham and Lisa Carrassi. It was a good way for Lisa to prepare for the forthcoming world cup in Gibraltar where she will proudly represent her club of Marina Citerior!

Finally, Knighton TFC in Wales had a promotional event last Friday with 5 players taking part. Dan Nicholls took the honors with Tom Taylor being 2nd. Rory Gittoes, Matt Booth and Kenny Evans confirm they are very motivated for the new season and the Knighton club will continue to grow in the future!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Walter Attard winner in Malta

Last week-end there was action in Attard, Malta where the club of Attard was organizing a tournament for their members. After the group stage and the quarter-finals, Walter Attard and Joseph Agius managed to qualify for the final. Attard took the honors after a close win against Agius (2-1). Claude Cuschieri won the game for the third place against Brian Aquilina (4-0). it was goodf to see thre players competing in their very first WASPA tournament. There are already plans to hold another WASPA tournament on Friday 21st September 2018 during Indipendence Day National Holiday.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Two international guests in Templeuve

Players in templeuve
Paul and Vincent
Last week the Belgian club of Templeuve United had the visit of two international friends.

On Tuesday Paul mercer from Australia was visiting during his european trip in order to prepare for the forthcoming FISTF World Cup to be played in Gibraltar. A WASPA tournament in Swiss system was organized and 8 players were taking part. Geoffrey Marain won the evening with no surprise as he won his four games.

It was very hard to decide who would take the third place but in the end Matthias Averlant managed to score more goals to finish on the podium.

In the end of the evening, Paul Mercer offer a shirt of the the Australian national team (with signatures of the top Australian players) to local organizer Vincent Coppenolle as a sign of thanks for the work into WASPA over the last couple of years, a much appreciated gift.

Top 3 of the evening
Standings of the WASPA tournament:
1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United)
3. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
4. Benoit Lagneau (AS Hennuyer)
5. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai)
6t Paul Mercer (Northern Phoenix, Australia)
6t Jean-Luc Canfin (Magic Team Tournai)
8. Florian Renaut (Templeuve United)

Matthias and Cezar

Vincent and Cezar
On Wednesday, Romania's Cezar Stoilescu was visiting. during his business trip in brussels, Cezar was glad to take the train to Tournai to discover the Templeuve club and he played 2 test-matches against Vincent Coppenolle (0-2) and Matthias Averlant (1-2). The player from Bucharest showed he has a very good level thanks to his regular games against local opponent Massimo DalPrá. The evening ended in a good spirit around a pizza with the hope Cezar could make another visit in the near future.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Stanton Nortjie wins the 2018 League 2 Cup

Saturday 25 August 2018, Pretoria, South Africa
During the 2017 edition of this event, it was Stanton Nortjie who was the only player to push the eventual 2017 winner (Bevin Reed) all the way as Stanton had to settle for 2nd place due to an inferior goal difference over Bevin.
When Sherwin Reed won his opening match over another pre-event favourite Osvaldo van Niekerk, it was Sherwin who topped the standings as Stanton had drawn the "bye" for Round 1. Then the defining moment arrived in Match 3 as Stanton's first match-up pitted him against Sherwin - an exciting and open ended match played out with Stanton claiming the victory by 1-0! Osvaldo was battling all day, struggling to find the control and touch on his flicks - probably due to his own inactivity from the game over the past few months?
Imtiaz Ahmed had another satisfying day - only suffering one loss in Match 10 to Sherwin, the result confirming Sherwin as runner-up to Stanton by only 1 point in the end. Neilon Waterson, still in celebratory mood from his birthday two days prior to this event, could only muster 1 point on the day - thanks to a 0-0 draw against Imtiaz in Match 2. In the end, Stanton posted an undefeated run on the day - just as he did during the same event in 2017. This time however, Stanton was rewarded with the title of 2018 League 2 Champion - which eases the agony of missig out on the same title a year ago!

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

As always…..a big thank you to all who participated and especially to the non participants (League 1 players) for their support on the day!

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at :

Friday, 24 August 2018

Daniel Cranston winner in Virginia

Gregg Deinhart of the Washington Tuesday Subbuteo League and Bryan Arnold of NoVA Union Subbuteo Club were very glad to host their first combined effort in hosting the inaugural 2018 Virginia Heatwave tournament, which was held in Alexandria, Virginia USA. It was an awesome friendly and competitive tournament ending with a proficient display by Daniel Cranston to win the title against his foe, Paul Eyes. Congratulations to Austin Reinhart for winning the barrage bracket final against runner up Braden Reinhart! And a big greeting to Rick Wilcox for returning to the game after several years away. Gregg and Bryan hope this tournament is just the first of many!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Richard Stock wins London Road tournament

A good field of 13 players with three players travelling from Wolverhampton to play

Richard gets trophy from local
star junior player Ruby Matthews
Last Sunday London Road Subbuteo Club had another great tournament with 13 players. the event was held at the usual venue, the Parrot in Drury, North Wales. Players were dropped into two big groups of 7 and 6 players, giving a lot of games to everyone. Group A saw Brian Daley finishing on top with 5 wins and a draw while Martin Blanchard also qualified for the semis. Group B saw Mick Hammonds from the Wolverhampton club finishing in first place while Richard Stock took the second place. In the semis, Blanchard and Stock managed to surprise the group winners to qualify for the final. In the last game of the day Richard Stock took the honors after winning by a single goal (1-0). Danny Bird won the plate tournament after beating Justin Scott in the final game.

LRSC will have a big tournament on September 15 and 16 with the individual tournament on Saturday (limited to 24 players) and a team event on Sunday.

Congratulations to LRSC and thanks to Cayne for putting so much energy to get people playing together and making the game popular again in North Wales.

Nikolaos Skordas winner in Thessaloniki

8 players from various clubs competed in the 1st WASPA tournament organized by "Subbutera" in Thessaloniki on August 9. Among the guests there were Alfred and Marios Strommer from Austria. Great games were played and the winner was Nikolaos Skordas after a strong final against Marios Strommer. Well donne to Thanasis Giaglis for organizing this event and to all the participants for the great games.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Family affair in Western Sydney

Four in for this month's WASPA tournament and it was a family affair with recent recruits, Vince and Ray bringing along their dad, Louis. Louis is the owner of possibly the finest subbuteo stadium in Australia and played his first game in 1961!
In the first games, Vince took Adrian all the way, using his 'keeper brilliantly and setting up the odd chance for himself before settling for 0-0. Meanwhile, Ray put two past his dad. In the second round, Louis showed his experience, scoring and then threatening to do a nude run in celebration against Vince. In the end he settled for taking off his jacket. Meanwhile, Ray bore the brunt of Adrian's earlier goalscoring frustrations and conceded 3 unanswered. With all 4 players in with a mathematical chance going into the final game, Ray and Vince cancelled each other out, though Vince's goal was shrouded in controversy. This meant that Adrian's win over Louis gave him the honours for the evening.
The spring league begins next month meaning club nights at Good Games Bella Vista will now be devoted to those games. However, the WASPAs keep coming with the september cup next month, Australia's longest running (uninterrupted) tournament, devoted to all things subbuteo branded. look out for details soon.

Finn Taylor winner in Kent

Finn and Paul

Kent Invicta held another 5 player WASPA on Friday (3/8) night. It was Finn Taylor who ran out as the surprising winner in the Kent League on Friday 3rd August with a last round 1-0 victory over Terry Arnold. With Terry only needing a draw in the last game, Finn scored an early goal and then defended well to hold on for a tight win. Kye Arnold ended up with 4 draws from his 4 games finishing 3rd whilst Paul Frank edged Dave Collier in the last round 1-0 to take 4th place. Again some great games on the night and we look forward to another round on Friday 10th August.

Kye and Dave
1. Finn Taylor (u19) 8pts +2
2. Terry Arnold (Vets) 7pts +4
3. Kye Arnold (u19) 4pts 0
4. Paul Frank (Vets) 4pts -3
5. Dave Collier (Vets) 2pts -3

Friday, 17 August 2018

Earlier this week the blub of Wamme had a fantastic turnout of 20 players for their WASPA tournament held in bande. there were guests from different clubs such as Seraing, Stembert, Temploux, Semois, Rochefort TS and event Issy-les-Moulineaux. Some of them were seriously preparing to play the forthcoming FISTF world cup in Gibraltar. In the end of the evening, there was a big surprise a local player Jean Grosdent took the honors, being the only player to win his four games. Let's hope this successful event will contribute to motivate local players for next season!

Runne-up Sébastien Scheen
and winner Jean Grosdent
Final standings
1. Jean Grosdent (BEL/wam)
2. Sébastien Scheen (BEL/ste)
3. Stéphanie Cécillon (FRA/iss)
4. William Van den Houte (BEL/ste)
5. Antonio Timpano (BEL/ser)
6. Bruno Timpano (BEL/ser)
7. Benoit Massart (BEL/tem)
8. Michaël Hallin (BEL/tem)
9. Michaël Ponthieux (BEL/ser)
10. Basile Magermans (BEL/rts)
11. Geoffrey Kelner BEL/ser)
12. Luc Grosdent (BEL/wam)
13. Mathéo Grégoire (BEL/rts)
14. Salvatore Visconti BEL/ver)
15. Pascal Droeven (BEL/sem)
16. Giulio Bonfanti (BEL/wam)
17. Richard Boulanger (BEL/ser)
18. Aurore Grosdent (BEL/wam)
19. Philippe Thys (BEL/wam)
20. Henri Grosdent (BEL/wam)

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Simon Stewart winner in Derry

Here are the results from the first tournament of Derry City TFC's 3rd season! ‘A Midsummer Nights Flick 2018’ had 6 players who competed in a straight league format, and with a good standard of play on display, it was returning player Simon Stewart who took the honours. This is Simon's first WASPA win with DCTFC.

Final standings:
1. Simon Stewart
2. Martinog Bradley
3. Mark Mc Crossan
4. Brendan Rodgers
5. Lawrence Watson
6. Craig Stewart

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Claudio Murcilli wins two events in Rosario

This weekend the "City of Rosario" cup was celebrated in which 5 players participated with the Round Robin system (Home & Away).
It was a very nice day where almost all were natives of the city plus Mariano Di Luozzo, who traveled more than 300 kilometers to participate in the event against the best in the country and was with the expectation of achieving at least one point.
As expected, Claudio Murcilli won almost all of his matches except one against Sebastian Pesci, who came from a long period of inactivity and found it hard to get into rhythm.
After 10 turns, and a lot of camaraderie Claudio won the tournament and Mariano came back with a triumph in the seventh match played (when he convitió his only goal in the contest).
After the dinner Claudio Murcilli, Gonzalo Gómez and Mariano Di Luozzo played the "Gustavo Cerati" Cup (in honor of the deceased musician who had turned 8/11) with the same format as the previous tournament and again Claudio took the victory.
The day began at noon and ended exactly 12 hours later, being a true day of Subbuteo.

(Report by Mariano Di Luozzo)

Results "Ciudad de Rosario" Cup:

Mariano Di Luozzo - Renato Murcilli     0-1/0-2
Sebastián Pesci - Gonzalo Gómez    0-3/1-1
Claudio Murcilli - Mariano Di Luozzo    3-0/3-0
Gonzalo Gómez - Renato Murcilli    0-1/1-0
Gonzalo Gómez - Claudio Murcilli    0-2/1-2
Renato Murcilli - Sebastián Pesci    0-1/0-2
Mariano Di Luozzo - Gonzalo Gómez    0-1/1-0
Sebastián Pesci - Claudio Murcilli    1-0/0-1
Claudio Murcilli - Renato Murcilli    9-0/3-0
Sebastián Pesci  - Mariano Di Luozzo    2-0/2-0

Claudio Murcilli     21 pts
Sebastian Pesci        16 pts
Gonzalo Gómez        10 pts
Renato Murcilli        9 pts
Mariano Di Luozzo    3 pts

Results "Gustavo Cerati" Cup
Gonzalo Gómez - Mariano Di Luozzo    2-0/1-0
Mariano Di Luozzo - Claudio Murcilli    1-1/0-1
Claudio Murcilli - Gonzalo Gómez     3-0/0-0

Claudio Murcilli        8 pts
Gonzalo Gómez        7 pts
Mariano Di Luozzo    1 pts

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Cape Town Mid-Year Event

Sunday the 12th August saw a small but enthusiastic group engage in a mid-year tournament in Cape Town. After a great start, Mike struggled to adapt his shooting to the ultra-low profile bases he was using, hitting the cross-bar time and again, and skying many others in a way that would have made a rugby kicker proud. Recent newcomer to the game Lee did exceptionally well against his more experienced competitors, notching up two wins and a draw. The games between John and Clinton were of their usual exciting, high energy, end-to-end nature.

Mike v Clinton 2-1 0-1
Lee v John 0-1 0-1
Mike v John 0-1 0-2
Clinton v Lee 2-1 1-1
Clinton v John 2-1 1-0
Lee v Mike 1-0 1-0

Clinton Gahwiler 13
John Fishlock 12
Lee Crumpton 7
Mike Ryder 3

Monday, 13 August 2018

Altona Cup 2018 for Carl Young

Western Flickers Table Football Club - Subbuteo Melbourne
Altona Cup 2018

The largest and longest running Western Flickers’ event went back to its roots this year at the Laverton Bowls Club as part of the Altona Board Gaming Festival organised by Western Flickers’ own Adam Deverell.

Eight players players contested this years’ event. Western Flickers outgoing President and current WASPA World No. 2 Benny Ng was the top seed and hoped to take out his first Altona Cup. Current FISTF Asian champion Carl Young’s lack of WASPA action meant he was unseeded for his favourite event on the WASPA calendar. The second see was Luke Radziminski who has been in the rise in 2018.
Luke drew Carl, Beth and Kevin in his group; whilst Benny drew his bogey man Adam Deverell, Adrian Connolly and Fauzi Rahman.

The drama began early in the opening round. Luke went to a 2-0 lead over Carl, before the clash ended 2-2. These would be Carl’s last goals conceded on the day. Meanwhile, Kevin beat Beth to top the group at this early stage! The shot of the group table is now framed proudly in Kevin’s shed!

In the other group, Benny easily accounted for newcomer Fauzi. Adam Deverell scored a great counter attacking goal on the run to take a 1–0 lead against Adrian before Adrian’s pressure told in the second half. Adrian could not convert more chances and would later rue this with the game ending 1-1.

Kevin then took a shock 1-0 lead into half time against Luke before Luke turned the game around to win 2-1. Carl accounted for Beth 4-0 as he started to blow off the cobwebs.

In the other group Adrian easily accounted for Fauzi, but Benny again couldn’t defeat Adam with a scoreless draw ensuing.

In the final group games, Carl took top spot of Group 2 on goal difference from Luke after another 4-0 win, this time over Kevin. Benny took top spot in Group 1 with a narrow 1-0 win over Adrian, whilst Fauzi will have been round to have got his first goal of the tournament in his 1-3 loss to Adam.

The semi finals pitted Benny against Luke, with Adam against Carl. Adam continued his strong defensive work and great goalkeeping to go into half time 0-0 before ultimately succumbing 0-3.
Meanwhile there was even more drama in the other semi. A tense game finished 2-2, before Benny took the game with a goal in sudden death extra time.

The final the saw two players who’s performances on the day had some symmetry. Both progressed top of their groups with u points and had showed defensive strength to have only conceded in one game, identical 2-2 draws with Luke. A tight and tense final ensued with Carl on the attack most of the game, but Benny also having some great opportunities on the counter attack.

The game finished scoreless in normal time and it looked set to go to penalties before Carl grabbed the golden goal with less than 2 minutes on the clock in extra time.

Congratulations to Carl on the win. All those that competed appreciated seeing the Asian Champion back in competitive action. Whilst he may have been a little rusty, the performances of several others to push Carl during the event shows how far the game is progressing in Melbourne.

Thanks to all that competed and for Adam Deverell for organising the venue for the Altona Cup to keep it as one of the showpiece events of the Table Football calendar in Melbourne.

Original report here

A first WASPA title for Gary Downs

Saturday 14 July 2018, Pretoria, South Africa:
History was made as Pretoria Flickers Club decided to "spread it's wings" and stage the 2018 League 1 Cup in the city of Kempton Park on the East Rand of our province. This implied that Gary Downs would enjoy true "home ground" advantage, as the event took place in Gary's home suburb of Bonaero Park! The event drew a small crowd of 5 entires, with 4 players from Pretoria making the trip to Bonaero Park.
Highlights from the day:
Round 1 produced a 0-0 draw in the "derby" match of Jayden vd Merwe vs Kegan vd Merwe. Elsewhere, Bevin Reed had to work hard for a 1-0 victory over host
Gary Downs - inflicting Gary's only loss of the day!
Conway Julie took the headlines in Round 2 as he first earned a 1-1 draw against Kegan, and then frustrating Bevin with some sound goalkeeping to survive an onslaught and earn a 0-0 draw.
Round 3 produced a 0-0 stalemate between heavyweights Jayden & Bevin. Gary then recorded his first win on the day - thanks to a great goal for a 1-0 win over Conway.
In Round 4, Gary beat Kegan by 1-0 to temporarily lead the standings. Elsewhere, Conway came from a goal down to force a 1-1 draw against Jayden.
Then, we witnessed one of the best Subbuteo matches in a long while amonst the Pretoria based players - a fast paced, "no quarters given" match unfolded between Kegan and Bevin. With both players throwing caution to the wind, we witnessed an end to end game with Kegan triumphing by 1-0 in a "must win" match for Bevin. The win saw Kegan secure the runner's up spot, but most importantly the result "handed" Gary Downs the 2018 League 1 title ! A fitting end to an exciting day of Subbuteo action.
Well done to Gary for securing his first ever WASPA title !

Finally, a very special thank you to our host on the day, Gary Downs.

The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at:

(report by Julian vd Merwe)

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Farrer Park report - August 2018

We held our monthly WASPA (World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association) tournament on 10 Aug 18 at our clubhouse, the Pek Kio Community Centre. This tournament was also known as the Imagio Cup, named after one of our club sponsors, Totalsoccer Imagio.

Six flickers took part, including guest flicker, Bernard Lim, from the SG Lions Table Football Club. Club junior flicker, Mohamed Bolkiah, also returned for his first flicks at the new venue.

Club captain, Rudy Hesty, made the final after beating Bernard 3-1 in the semi-final. He was joined by Nic Tan, who edged club mate, Vikas Chandiramani, 1-0 in a close semi-final.

In the end, Rudy proved too strong for Nic beating him comfortably 5-1 in the final.

Join us for the next three Fridays in the month of August for friendly flicks! All are welcome!

(Report by Nic Tan)

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

WASPA monthly report of July 2018

Dear friends,
here are the standings of the WASPA circuit after the events held in July.

WASPA Season results 2017-2018
WASPA ranking - July 18

It was another busy months with 34 regional events and 1 promotional tournament added in the records. Hopefully I didn't forget anything. We are waiting for some results from England (Stoke) to be added next month.

Northern Phoenix tournament in Melbourne
Thumbs up for Australia as there were 10 events Down Under in July, which is awesome. Welcome to Hobart TFC as the club from Tasmania held a very first tournament a few days ago.

We also had the first tournament in Colorado. The Western States Open was held during the "National week-end" and if we receive the points of the National, they will be added in the records next month.

Good turnouts again in Greece
Singapore has reached the total of 100 regional events since the launch of WASPA. Great job!

England had six tournaments in different places. The events organized by Yorkshire phoenix and NETFA had a good turnout!

We had action in Peru for the second time and that's great to see an emerging nation while, at the same time, Brazil has disappeared of the ranking of nations. Hopefully they will come back soon.

International event in Javea, Spain
There was a very international tournament in Javea, Spain with players from four nations and we are also happy to see some new players in Toronto, Canada.

As the season is almost over, all ideas to start a great season 2018-2019 are welcome. There are plans to organize another "WASPA world cup" in June 2019. There are several possible options but it's not too late to send candidatures to host the week-end (should be June 28 to 30) or maybe earlier.

NETFA tournament in England
Please send all results of the events held in August to my home address at

Well, that's all for now. Please remember you only need 3 players to register your tournament. Don't be scared to join. It's free and tournament requests can be sent by e-mail to

Please invite your friends to join our Facebook group at
We also have a WASPA page here:

Australian visitors in Germany
Keep in mind WASPA is also looking for partners. If you know any company ready to support us (we don’t ask for money but we want some win-win agreements so that we can promote each other), don't hesitate to contact me at

Ideas to develop the WASPA circuit, to get new clubs/nations involved or to make things more attractive are always welcome. We stay at your disposal for more info.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Coppenolle

WFW26 – Club Championships

Western Flickers WASPA 26 – Club Championships
21st July, 2018

Western Flickers’ finest table footballers gathered for our 2nd annual club championship in both Open and Junior categories. Both categories were played in a simple round robin ladder format. Who would emerge victorious and earn the right to have their names engraved on the club championship trophies for all eternity?

In the Open category, Benny was the clear winner finishing top undefeated but Adam Deverell was the surprise package of the day. Coming back from a lengthy break from table football, it was like he was never away and turned in a strong performance to pip Steve Wright for 2nd spot … by a single goal difference!

In the Junior category, the matches were a lot tighter with close exciting games throughout. It’s great to see the kids so close in level which makes for challenging and thrilling contests! In the end, Benjamin emerged as the winner closely followed by the Briffa boys – Alex and Harrison. So continuing from their strong performances at the Japan Grand Prix earlier in the month, father and son duo Benny and Benjamin successfully defended their 2017 titles achieving back-to-back wins. Congrats ! But best of all, the matches were played with fantastic sportsmanship throughout and – true to our Western Flickers values – with lots of FUN & laughter as well ! To close off the day, we went down to the local Altona restaurant Creme Altona for some well-deserved and yummy dinner! Well done to all .. next up .. the oldest ongoing table football tournament in Melbourne … the prestigious Altona Cup ! GO PELICANS !

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Ivan Acuña winner in Catalonia

On August 6, 2018, the "Copa de la República Catalana" (in English: Catalan Republic Cup) has been played in the village of Cardedeu (Catalonia) with the formula of a league between the four players who took part, and then semi-finals and the final to decide the winner. The players were Guillem Alsina, Ivan Acuña, Jordi Geronès, Ferran Borbones.
Ferran and Ivan

Guillem and Jordi
The results of the league:
Guillem 0 - 4 Ivan
Ferran 0 - 1 Jordi
Ivan 1 - 1 Ferran
Jordi 4 - 1 Guillem
Guillem 1 - 1 Ferran
Ivan 1 - 1 Jordi

Classification of the league phase:
Jordi 7 points
Ivan 5 p.
Ferran 2 p.
Guillem 1 p.

Jordi 0 - 0 Guillem (by penalties, 1-3, Guillem classified)
Ivan 4 - 0 Ferran

3rd and 4rt place: Jordi 2 - 0 Ferran
Final: Ivan 2 - 0 Guillem

Champion: Ivan Acuña
2nd: Guillem Alsina
3rd: Jordi Geronès
4th: Ferran Borbones

There are already plans for another event in a couple of months, so probably we will celebrate another tournament in late October or November.