Thursday, 29 May 2014

WASPA tournament at the Major of Bologna

There are more and more good signs of collaboration between FISTF and WASPA. This week-end's FISTF Major of Bologna (Italy) will see a huge of international players from many countries playing for official titles but besides the big event, there will be a "vintage tournament" on saturday. The event will of course be played with the old rules and count for the WASPA circuit.

Special thanks to Riccardo Marinucci, the big boss of the Bologna Tigers, for accepting the offer. Rudi Peterschinigg and Alberto Gagliardi will be the WASPA delegates for the tournament. Good luck to everyone.

Details about the Major at
List of entries for the event at

Malaysia is now part of the subbuteo family

Nothing more needed to realize Subbuteo was part of the show
Awesome presentation for the subbuteo demo
The Hartamas Tigers club in Malaysia was in action last week-end at the Putrujaya festival. Everything was about soccer and there were thousands of spectators to discover Subbuteo. Jamie Kong and his clubmates had the chance to get help from Kaspar Bennett, the former FISTF World Cup finalist, who spend a lot of time and energy to explain the game to newbies.
Kaspar Bennett (right) spent a lot of time and energy to explain the game to newbies

Kaspar gave the trophies to the winners

Besides the exhibitions, two small tournaments were held under WASPA banner. On saturday, the "promotional event" was organized for younger players and Muhammad Farihin (15) beat Muhammad Hanif (11) in the final (1-0). On sunday, the Open tournament counted as "WASPA regional" and Zafar Zawawi (29) beat Azmat Bade (30) in the final to win the trophy.
Presentation of the trophies for the Open tournament

Beautiful trophies were offered by the Minister of sports

To finish on a very positive note, many contacts have been made during the festival and there big plans to have more exhibitions and tournaments in June.
Mike Dent's table was used and decorated with flags of the nations taking part to the forthcoming football world cup

Souvenir postcard of the festival

2014 Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship

On Sunday, May 25, 2014, seven players competed for the first Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship. The players were placed in two groups, a group of four players and a group of three players. The top two finishers in each group would compete for the Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship while the remaining three would play in the consolation round, the Mushroom Bowl. The player with the highest points average would get a bye into the championship of the Mushroom Bowl.

In group A, Paul Eyes and Neil Rivera qualify for the Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship; Adolfo Colindres receives a bye to the Mushroom Bowl final with a 1.333 points average while Andrew Zunino will participate in the play-in game for the Mushroom Bowl Final.

In group B, Daniel Cranston and Matthew Steinmuller qualify for the Pennsylvania Championship while Jamie Zacharda will participate in the play-in game for the Mushroom Bowl Final.

The Mushroom Bowl - Play-in Game:
Andrew Zunino defeated Jamie Zacharda 2-0

The Mushroom Bowl Final:
Adolfo Colindres defeated Andrew Zunino 1-0 to win the Mushroom Bowl
Adolfo Colindres (right) gets his trophy from Andrew Zunino

The Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship - Semi-Finals:
Paul Eyes defeated Matthew Steinmuller 2-0
Daniel Cranston defeated Neil Rivera 3-0

The Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship:
Daniel Cranston captured the Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship by defeating Paul Eyes 3-2.
Daniel Cranston

Final Standings
1. Daniel Cranston
2. Paul Eyes
3. Neil Rivera
4. Matthew Steinmuller
5. Adolfo Colindres
6. Andrew Zunino
7. Jamie Zacharda

(Report by Andrew Zunino)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Ouabi Rouis captures WASPA title at the Stadium de Imagio Open

In conjunction with the opening of the latest table football venue in Singapore, Stadium de Imagio, host and veteran player Michael Choong welcomed nine other players for a World Cup-themed WASPA tournament.
Back Row (L to R): Bernard, Azhar, Fadhly, Fauzi, Ouabi
Front Row (L to R): Rudy, Anas, Michael, Nic, Vikas 

Format of Competition

The 10 players were randomly drawn into two groups of five players each, and competed on a round-robin basis. The top two players advanced to the knockout semi-finals (group winner vs. the other group’s runner-up) with the subsequent winners meeting in the final. Concurrently, there were also placing matches between the corresponding eliminated group members to determine final standings (e.g. 3rd-placed players in each group would play each other and so on). Games were played over 20 minutes without a halftime break.

In addition, in line with the upcoming FIFA World Cup, each player also adopted a country to represent to give the tournament a nationalistic feel.
The national teams taking part

Group Stage

Group A consisted of Ouabi Rouis (France), Michael Choong (Italy), Muhd Fadhly Fahmi (Holland), Mohd Fauzi (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Nic Tan (Russia), while Group B consisted of Rudy Hesty Roselan (Argentina), Bernard Lim (England), Muhammad Azhar Yusri (USA), Vikas K Chandiramani (India), and Anas Bin Rahamat (Germany).
Caption—Group games underway in the new Stadium De Imagio

Caption—Michael (Italy), Fauzi (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Rudy (Argentina)

As expected, Ouabi (France) breezed through his group games, winning all of his games convincingly without conceding a goal. Thus, the other members of Group A had to manage their games against one another carefully. By virtue of some drawn games between the other players, Nic Tan (Russia) managed to eke into the semi-finals as his two wins proved sufficient despite two defeats and an overall negative goal difference.
Fauzi (Bosnia and Herzegovina) vs. Fadhly (Holland) in the opening fixtures for Group A

Ouabi (France) vs. Michael (Italy) in the other opening fixture for Group A

Group B also started out cautiously but it was not long before it was clear the Rudy (Argentina) was the favourite to win the group. He ended with three victories and a draw, and similar to Group A’s winner, Ouabi (France), he did not concede a goal as well. The race for runner-up was a tight one as well, where Bernard (England), as a spectator, had to endure a nail-biting final group game between Vikas (India) and Azhar (USA) with his fate out of his hands. In the end, Vikas (India) could not get the required level of victory that he needed and Bernard (England) proceeded to the semi-finals on goal difference, continuing his fine form from his victory at the Leste Aquila SC Futures WASPA tournament earlier in the month.
Bernard (England) vs. Vikas (India) in a Group B encounter


2 Ouabi (France) – Bernard (England) 0
1 Rudy (Argentina) – Nic (Russia) 1* (1-1 ft, 1-1 aet, 0-1 sudden death shots)

Bernard’s (England) performance was rewarded with a semi-final with Ouabi (France), but Ouabi (France) once again proved his mettle with a convincing 2-0 victory. The other semi-final proved to be a tighter affair. Rudy’s (Argentina) renowned attacking prowess was on full display and Nic (Russia) had to shore up his defence and rely on counter-attacks. Rudy (Argentina) took a 1-0 lead with superb chip shot into the corner, but Nic (France) managed to equalise off a shot from a rolling corner kick that barely crossed the line. Seven minutes of extra time could not separate the two of them so the game went to a sudden death shootout (the only shootout as it turned out in the competition). Both players had their first shots saved. After Nic (Russia) made his second shot count with a chip, he followed it up with a save and thus, a surprising place in the final.


3 Ouabi (France) – Nic (Russia) 0

After his 2-0 defeat to Ouabi (France) in the earlier group game, could Nic (Russia) turn the tables on Ouabi (France) in when it mattered most? Unfortunately for him, Ouabi (France) turned up his form in a similar manner and took a quick lead within a minute with his trademark chip into the top corner. He resumed his domination for much of the game with Nic (Russia) reduced to trying to soak-and-strike. After enduring several close saves from Nic (Russia), Ouabi (France) got the critical second goal late in the game after dragging Nic’s (Russia) hounding defence one side and then slipping through the middle to place a shot home. There was even time for Ouabi (France) to score one more goal just before time ended after a wild foray by Nic’s (Russia) flicking goalkeeper resulted in lost possession and an open goal for Ouabi (France). 3-0 to Ouabi and 3-0 to France, reminiscent of their FIFA World Cup victory in 1998. Congratulations, Ouabi (France) for continuing his dominance on the local table football scene in Singapore!
The winners: Bernard (England) – 4th, Ouabi (France) – 1st, Nic (Russia) – 2nd, Michael (host of Stadium de Imagio), and Rudy (Argentina) – 4th 
(Report by Nic Tan)

Next tournament in Pretoria

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

First WASPA tournaments in Malaysia

It is a great honor to announce that the very first WASPA tournaments in Malaysia will take place this week-end in Putrajaya. The event will take place during the "Festival Belia Putrajaya" with thousands of spectators. The Hartamas Tigers, the most active club in the country, will be happy to welcome coach Mike Dent and one of the best subbuteo players in the world, Kaspar Bennett. The event will be played with the partnership of the Sports Ministry of Malaysia and in particular Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, Sports Minister who is a very big fan of the game. On saturday, there will be a U17 tournament counting as a WASPA "promotional tournament" while the Open tournament on sunday will count as a "regional tournament". Congratulations to Mr Jamie Kong and the Hartamas Tigers for a great achievement.
Facebook tournament page:

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Five WASPA titles already for Alberto Gagliardi

There was a tournament played with the old rules last friday in Macerata (Italy). 9 players were taking part and there were many close games. In the semis, Andrea Giammusso beat Stefano Gambella (1-0) while Alberto Gagliardi defeated Marco Cesari (3-1). In the final, Gagliardi beat Giammusso to win his 5th WASPA title. Well done Alberto!

Standings of the evening
1) Alberto Gagliardi (United SC Macerata)
2) Andrea Giammusso (Dynamo Fermo)
3) Marco Cesari (United SC Macerata)
4) Stefano Gambella (United SC Macerata)
5) Moreno Casoni (United SC Macerata)
6) Pietro Mattioli (United SC Macerata)
7) Lorenzo Morresi (United SC Macerata)
8) Alessandro Mattioli (OSC Macerata)
9) Luca Valentini (Dynamo Fermo)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Seventh victory in the WASPA circuit for Mark Farrell

Mark Farrell vs Kenny Beggs
Five players attended the Kildare Open held on saturday. The Irish event had two international guests, Kenneth Beggs from Northern Ireland and Colin Tarry from England. The event was not only a WASPA tournament but also a part of the Irish circuit 2013-2014. Every player met each opponent twice and in the end, Mark Farrell won the event with 7 wins and 1 drw. Kenny Beggs finished second and Colin Tarry was third. For Mark farrell, who was already the winner of the Kildare Open last season, this is already the seventh victory in a WASPA regional tournament.

Final standings of the tournament:
1. Mark Farrell (IRL/Yorkshire Phoenix) - 22
2. Kenny Beggs (NIR/Irish Premier League) - 16
3. Colin Tarry (ENG/London & Essex United) - 14
4. John Moore (IRL/Irish Premier League) - 4
5. Nick Moore (IRL/Irish Premier League) - 1

Sunday, 18 May 2014

David Kugler wins the promotional event in Vienna

The first WASPA tournament held in Vienna (Austria) took place this sunday with a field of six players. It was this time a "promotional" tournament and some of the top players did not take part. Special thanks to Thomas Eppensteiner for the organisation! We hope every player enjoyed it and we look forward to see you lots of you soon again! The winner was David Kugler (TSC Royal 78) who beat Mathias Eppensteiner (2-0) in the final. Congratulations!
Mathias Eppensteiner, David Kugler, Daniel Vranovitz

The group

Jayden van der Merwe wins his first title for 2014

Saturday 17th May 2014, Pretoria, South Africa : Jayden proved simply too strong for the field on the day, posting figures of P6-W5-D1-L0 and conceding only 1 goal (to eventual runner-up, Julian van der Merwe) en route to becoming the 2014 PFC Challenge Cup champion! Chessray Jooste, PFC’s most in form player for 2014 to date, had to settle for a disappointing 4th place. During first round action, Jayden dispatched of Chessray by 2-0 and Jayden went on to repeat that same scoreline during 2nd round matches – thereby breaking Chessray’s dominance in this particular match-up over the past 3 events of 2014. But it was in the 10th match-up of the day when Jayden beat Julian by 1-0 thanks to a long range shot on the stroke of full time, which put Julian’s hope of success on halt, and handed Jayden his first title for 2014! The 12th (and final) match-up of the day , Kegan (1) v (0) Julian , saw Julian concede again on full time, ensuring 3rd place to the 2013 Challenge Cup winner, Kegan van der Merwe.

Final Standings:
1. Jayden van der Merwe – 11p
2. Julian van der Merwe – 5p
3. Kegan van der Merwe – 4p
4. Chessray Jooste – 4p
The PFC website & facebook page will be updated shortly with photo's & news content at

(Report by Julian van der Merwe)

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Alexander Haas wins in Trumau

The players
This wednesday's WASPA tournament in Trumau was a big success! Like in April we had a good field of ten players from different austrian clubs. To honour the winner of the european song contest, we gave the tournament the name “Conchita Wurst Trophy”.
The final

After some exciting games in the groups an some very close barrages David Busch and Alexander Haas met again in the final. It was a hard fight, David was 2-0 in the lead, some minutes before the end. Two great goals brought Alex back, in the end he was the lucky one winning on shots. Alex was very happy to win the Conchita Wurst Trophy. He tooked the price, a big fat wurst with a smile!
On the left, Alexander Haas is the winner of the evening

Find here pictures and the main results!

Alexander Haas - Heinz Eder 2-0
Horst Deimel - David Busch 1-2

Alexander Haas - David Busch 2-2*

(Report by Thomas Eppensteiner)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Peter Alegi wins in Michigan

Alegi and Gikias in the semi-final
There was a tournament in Grand Rapids, Michigan last saturday with a field of 8 players competing for a lot of points as the event had the double status (FISTF/WASPA) and the host club had the chance to meet players of the Chicago Area Subbuteo Club as well as Erik Haefke who has spent the last few months in France and played in several tournaments in Europe. Haefke made it to the final after defeating Mike Ewer in the semi. In the other semi, Peter Alegi beat Ilias Gikias on shots. The final was very close but Peter Alegi made the difference in the final to beat Erik Haefke in the sudden death.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Coppa D'Abruzzo to come

The "Coppa d'Abruzzo", a tournament played with the Old rules, will take place in Alba Adriatica on June 1. Contact is Salvatore Guida at

First Couldson tournament

Couldson Subbuteo Club in England will have their first WASPA tournament on May 30. Good luck to all the players taking part. Details can be found on the calendar page.

Grégory Spilmont wins in Quévy

There was a very small turnout of 3 for the tournament held in Quévy on monday. There were ill players, working players and people unable to travel due to other reasons so the three players competed in a double round robin. Grégory Spilmont took the honors, won the event with 10 points while Alain Flament had 4 and John Verfaillie had 3. There will hopefully be more players in the next club event on June 9.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Robbert Thoen wins the first WASPA tournament in the Netherlands

Top 3 of the event: Mikey Gerrets (3), Robbert Hoen (winner), Maikel de haas (2)
The very first WASPA tournament in the Netherlands took place this saturday in Hoogezand and was called the "Cobex/Top of Holland tournament". 16 players were taking part and all of them were from the host nation. Players were dropped in four group and then everyone played three more games to define all places. There were some close games in the quarter-finals already and some surprises, for instance the young Mikey Gerrets defeated Marco Leeman. In the semi-finales, Robbert Thoen defeated Mikey Gerrest while Maikel de haas beat Jacob Bijlstra. The final was close but finally Robbert Thoen beat Maikel de haas (1-0) to win the event. Well done to Robbert and congratulations to GSV de Hyacinth for a very good tournament with the presence of the local newspaper and plans to have other events in the future, possibly with foreign players.

The final ranking of the event was as follows:
1. Robbert Thoen
2. Maikel de Haas
3. Mikey Gerrets
4. Jacob Bijlstra
5. Nico Marks
6. Kenney Gerrets
7. Paul Brinker
8. Marco Leeman
9. Casey van Os
10. Derk Steenhuis
11. Jovi Willeijns
12. Martin Bijlstra
13. Erwin Smit
14. Rinaldo van Dijk
15. Ronald Ruiter
16. Rick Hessing

Friday, 9 May 2014

Already 24 wins for Geoffrey Marain

A part of the players at the end of the evening
The Templeuve United club had a good turnout of 15 players for their monthly tournament counting for the WASPA circuit. This time players were dropped in four groups and the only surprise was Eddy Beernaert winning his group. In the knock-out stage, Geoffrey Marain was in a great day to qualify for the final. Renald Deloose had to wait the shots to defeat Eddy Beernaert in the semi.
Shots in the semi between Renald Deloose and Eddy Beernaert

In the final, Marain was again the stronger player. Olivier Bodelle, the only french player in the entry list, won the consolation tournament.
Steve Jamotte of the new club Standard SC Liège in his new jersey

Here is the final ranking of the evening.
1. Geoffrey Marain (SC Eugies)
2. Renald Deloose (Templeuve United)
3. Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders)
4. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United)
5. Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy)
6. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve United)
7. Sébastien Devreese (SC Eugies)
8. Kimberley Devreese (SC Eugies)
9. Olivier Bodelle (France, Templeuve United)
10. Jason Delattre (Templeuve United)
11. Steve Jamotte (Standard SC Liège)
12. Laly Ramos (Templeuve United)
13. John Verfaillie (Templeuve United)
14. Jordan Bonte (Templeuve United)
15. Bryan Decock (Dottignies)
Finalists of the evening were Geoffrey Marain and Renald Deloose

Third stage of the Scottish circuit: the honors for Steve Bennett

On May 4th, 11 players took part in the third and final Scottish circuit event of the 2013-14 season. Of the three tournaments, each players' best two event results counted towards their final Scottish Championship points for the season and were also all WASPA events.

Before play began on Sunday, Steve Bennett and Gareth Christie (both Tayside Kickers 91) were tied at the top, both with a win and a second place previously. The remaining positions were all up for grabs so every game had significance.

While numbers were affected by a surprise birthday party the night before for Willie Flemming's 60th birthday (Glasgow TSA), those that made the trip all enjoyed a good days play with many close matches and a relaxed atmosphere.

Congratulations go to Steve Bennett for both winning the tournament and clinching the Scottish title after closely fought key wins. Elsewhere Scott Fleming (TK91) and Dave Gladman (GTSA) earned their highest finishes of the season with 3rd and 4th place respectively, to climb the table.

There were some great matches of note, such as new player Rob Conway stealing a 2-1 victory against training partner Andy Beskaby, with a wonderful deflection shot goal in the dying seconds. Andy, also a recent new player later had his own success coming back from 3-0 down to draw with Ben Staples (NETFA). Baver Bari (HCE) had a tough day, but scored some excellent goals and was unlucky not to win after going 2 down against Martin Phee (GTSA). Tom Burns was disappointed on the day, but retained 3rd place in the Championship and vowed to "split the Tayside two" next season. Tom will undoubtedly be a contender next season after running close in many games.

A note about the venue: This was the first event to be held at the studio space of FlickForKicks, and as such was a trial for hosting the Tayside IO there on 14-15th June. With ample space, good on-site facilities (farm shop and restaurant downstairs, plenty parking) and with a picturesque balcony view across the hills and River Tay estuary, the feedback was positive. With a few tweaks, the IO will go ahead there.

Finally, members of the STFA would like to thank Ben Staples for making the trip from south of the border, and also to wish Willie many happy returns and all the very best!

(Report by Gareth Christie)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jos Ceulemans wins his 7th tournament in Hofstade-Zemst

There was a good field of 9 players taking part in the WASPA tournament held in Hofstade-Zemst on monday. As always, the swiss system was used and there was no surprise as Jos Ceulemans (SC Anfield Hoppers Zürich) won all his games to win his 7th WASPA title. Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux) finished second with 9 points while Bart Van de Vliet had 7 and Rudi De Smet had 6.

The final ranking of the evening was as follows.
1) Jos Ceulemans (SC Anfield Hoppers Zürich)
2) Frank Lannoy (SC Temploux)
3) Bart Van de Vliet (SC Flanders)
4) Rudi De Smet (London and Essex United)
5) Johan Lourdon (SC Flanders)
6) Filip Van Hulle (SC Flanders)
7) Eddy Beernaert (SC Flanders)
8) Bert Feyens (SC Flanders)
9) Steven De Greveleer (SC Flanders)

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Four WASPA titles for Alberto Gagliardi

We are sorry for the delay but we only publish now the results of the tournament held in Villa Potenza three weeks ago by the club of Macerata. It was a tournament with the old rules with 7 players and everyone playing each other twice. Alberto Gagliardi finished on top with 34 points while Stefano Gambella was second and Alessandro Mattioli was third. Well done Alberto!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Richard Stolwijk wins in Bergkamen

On sunday 13 players attended the WASPA tournament held in Bergkamen with the special vist of two players from the Netherlands, Ron Corsten and Richard Stolwijk, who are new members of the Dortmund club. It was an great event with good atmosphere under the players. All matches was played without referees. After a group stage with 3 groups of three and one group of four the "Eisgekühlter Bommerlundercup" ended up in the knock-out system. In the semis, Thossa Büsing managed to beat Ron Corsten on shots while Richard Stolwijk beat Tom Horn (3-2). The final was not so close as Stolwijk beat Büsing (5-0) to become the first ducth player to win a WASPA tournament.

The final ranking of the tournament is as follows:
1. Richard Stolwijk (TSL Dortmund)
2. Thossa Büsing (TSL Dortmund)
3. Ron Corsten (TSL Dortmund)
4. Tom Horn (Sparta Spreeathen 74/82)
5. Frank Stiller (TSL Dortmund)
6. Uwe Stiller (no club)
7. Pascal Schäfer (SUB Kaiserau)
8. Fabian Mertins (SUB Kaiserau)
9. Alexander Büsing (Borussia Bergkamen)
10. Felix Herrmannsdörfer (TSL Dortmund)
11. Ralf Popp (no club)
12. Edin Mulasmajic (no club)
13. Kati Popp (no club)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

14 players at the Singapore tournament

The Singapore tournament held on friday managed to attract 14 players, where players were placed in 4 groups and as there is no ranking the luck of the draw usually determine players progression to the next stage. The top two players of each group would eventually progress to the knock out stages and the strongest players will eventually meet in the final.

The tournament favorites were Erza Aripin, Bernard Lim & Anas were luckily not to be drawn in the same group. However, the tournament dark horses Fadzly & Fauzi were unlucky to bundled in the group A deemed the group of Death together with Erza & seasoned veteran  Wee Lik. The event also introduced three newcomers to the WASPA circuit were Hashim, Arthur Yeo & Darwis.

Group A: Erza Aripin, Soo Wee Lik, Mohd Fauzi & Muhd Fadhly
Group B: Bernard Lim (Lions SC), Ezan & Hashim (Leste Aquila SC)
Group C: Muhammad Azhar Yusri, Nic Tan, Rizal Tayib & Darwis (Leste Aquila sc)
Group D: Anas, Arthur Yeo (Lions SC) & Aziz (Leste Aquila sc)

Group stages 
The group games did not provide any suprizes with the favorites qualifying comfortably. However group A, 2nd qualifying spot had to detained till the last game where Fauzi required a draw while Fadhly required to win to advance to the next stage. The game was very tensed with Fauzi doing an ala Chelsea & parked a bus at the shooting area with Fadhly struggled furiously to score. In the end the game ended 0-0 with Fauzi advancing.

Quarter Finals 
1 Erza v Ezan 1 *
1 Azhar v Arthur 1*
4 Bernard v Fauzi 2
2 Anas v Nic 0

The quarters provided a few suprizes as favorite Erza and seasoned player Azhar bowed out in the shoot-outs after drawing their games. Fauzi & Bernard dished out an exciting 6 goal triller with the latter winning 2-4while Anas prove to strong for Nic winning 2-0.

0 Arthur v Ezan 4
*1 Bernard v Anas 1

Ezan was gaining in momentum & bring his last win to this game when he demolished Arthur while a shoot-out had to settle the winner between Bernard & Anas after their game ended in a 1-1 draw.

3rd v 4th (winner group)
Anas won by a solitary goal but it was an a great achievement for newcomer Arthur who managed to qualify till semis.

Final (winner Group)
Bernard v Ezan

Could Bernard do a double over Ezan after their recent group meeting ended in a 1-0 win or could Ezan get his revenge? A fast pace & open affair between both players did not disappoint the crowd with several breathtaking flicks, shots & saves. Both had equal share of chances but Bernard managed to prevail with a grounder shot which penetrated pass Ezan stubborn defence. In the end one goal was enough and Bernard finally won a tournament.

(Report by Rudy Hesty)